CIRC of ICAI Mobile App for Jaipur Branch Developed by SAG IPL

SAG IPL has recently developed Android and Iphone application for CIRC of ICAI, Jaipur Branch .Anyone can download this application from Google play store and the iTunes store. We have launched this application for all the latest devices and OS versions. Getting good responses from the users of this application with the huge download numbers.

Introduction regarding the Application

This application provided information for all the CIRC members of Jaipur in one shot. The user can access the details about the other members like DOB, name, address, etc. Here, the member can update their profile with the help of the OTP password and their details are protected by login also.

Main Features

  1. About the Branch information
  2. Member Directory
  3. Notifications/Messages
  4. Newsletters
  5. Gallery
  6. Upcoming Events
  7. Reminder for DOB/DOA
  8. Show member address with Goggle Map

Download Apps

Google Play | Apple iTunes

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