The Future of ICO Marketing: Expert Strategies or a Successful Token Launch in 2023

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The Future of ICO Marketing: Expert Strategies For a Successful Token Launch in 2023

After the pandemic in 2020, the interest people have emerged in cryptocurrency significantly, and therefore the wave of cryptocurrencies has been already looking to approach the market. A strong ICO marketing plan can aid you to get the word out about your project and drag in clients through the thousands. However, marketing an ICO (or maybe any other crypto project ) is quite different from normal projects.

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    Here are all the important aspects of the ICO marketing strategy find out the way to start your project and get more outcomes :

    1. How is Crypto ICO marketing Different From Others? 

    If you understand that marketing is a process that has been applied differently on different platforms. Various characteristics of products from similar industries come with different results. 

    ICO marketing strategies

    The reason behind this is as there are various niches in which have public has certain mindsets and anticipations. And so, on average all motives marketing agencies might face failing to promote your ICO exactly the way you want. The reason is to understand the cryptocurrency market. 

    Additionally, cryptocurrencies are different from the mainstream, and also governments are rolling out some regulations. ICO and Cryptocurrencies marketing has several barriers. 

    ICO Marketing has regulations 

    Apparently, whole marketing barriers related to ICOs are not in favor. The organizations that are introducing ICOs can not utilize Google or Facebook independently to market their projects. They should initially receive confirmations for eligibility but even though they might come under trouble introducing their ads. 

    When it comes to mainstream media, it also has general audiences that actually don’t pay much attention to the crypto market. Also, the outlets have the least understanding of cryptocurrency work and will only get popular when it has some negative news. 

    crypto & ICO Marketing

    2. Who are the cryptocurrency investors? 

    There are generally two types of investors in an ICO: 

    • Institutional investors: When it comes to institutional investors carry financial institutions, crypto hedge funds, retailers, and other organizations. Generally, their number is always less than the private investors however they invest a large amount of money. If we talk about the fact then, institutional investors generally come in a later phase of the cryptocurrency project. 
    • Private investors: Now, private investors are the physical persons, crypto lovers that are determined to invest in a crypto project. 

    Being a crypto investor individuals requires to go through these 5 steps:

    • Words of cryptocurrencies 
    • Determines that investing in them can be beneficial;
    • Look after the most famous cryptocurrencies and invest in them;
    • Look after the ICOs and begin collecting information; 
    • Start investing in new crypto projects in their initial stages 

    This private investor mostly spends fewer amounts however comes in massive numbers. They are the ones that aid tokens and coins to make up vast communities. 

    3. How to Market an ICO?

    Apparently, ICOs have focused on how this ingenious crowdfunding can likely restructure fundraising further. Branding and a well-designed website can create variations when it comes to convincing people to believe in your idea. 

    ICO marketing strategy

    Go Out to Private Investors 

    Private investors involved in your pre-crypto ICO marketing strategy checklist below:

    •  Airdrops 
    • A well-made white paper 
    • Display ads 
    • Community building & Social Media Marketing 
    • Influencer Marketing 
    • Articles on crypto media ( blogs, news websites, and other publications) 
    • Email Marketing 
    • Content Marketing 
    • Press Release campaigns

    Go for Institutional Investors 

    When it is to institutional investors, there has been a lesser communication process which includes more effort: 

    • Networking 
    • Direct Marketing 
    • A well-made whitepaper 
    • Press release 
    • Events and conferences 

    Now, you understand clearly what you require for your ICO marketing. Later on, you may too want to understand how these ICO marketing strategies work.

    4. Put endeavor into your whitepaper 

    White paper improves your ICO marketing efforts in order to make them ineffective. As you know, a whitepaper is known as a well-documented report that aids readers make a knowledgeable decision. 

    ICO whitepaper

    It should be projected as an educational tool that describes how your project works, framing questions such as – 

    • What are the problems you solve for your customers?
    • What is the procedure for solving that problem?
    • How likely is your project to succeed? 
    • How does so far you think you are better than your competition? 
    • What is your tech architecture?
    • How do you settle the potential legality issues? 

    Now, these are some of the questions you can work on to ensure that your whitepaper is relevant to the readers. 

    Provide Appropriate Analysis 

    When it comes to a strong project it examines its market, customers, and competitors. Whereas few general customers might not overlook this knowledge, potential investors surely will. 

    Get assured to indulge in non-biased data in your whitepaper as it will aid you to become unique from the crowd of cryptocurrency projects that required funding. 

    However, legality is known as the other important element of a crypto project. Describe the way to tackle any potential legal statements that might call for more credibility. 

    Be Concise, but explicit 

    Don’t write a lot of content just in case of writing. However, don’t try to skip the interesting part that the readers might be interested in. Describe how your tokens are allocated and the process of technology that works behind them. 

    Make it Reader-Friendly 

    Simply reading a whitepaper might be a burden to the reader, try to use some images to better describe your information, and highlight your most notable information using headings, bold or italics. 

    No matter whether an individual will go through your total whitepaper or take a glance at the content, the intention is that they should be able to get the key information that will assist them in understanding what actually about your project is. 

    And in font cases, there’s nothing that ruins badly rather than bad font ( bad font pairing). Therefore, you need to make sure that your whitepaper looks professional and specific but at the same moment readable. 

    Here are some typography pairings that you can utilize: 

    • Bebas Neue & Montserrat 
    • Lato Bold & Lato Light 
    • Playfair Display & Source Sans Pro 
    • Raleway Heavy & Roboto Condensed 

    Making a table of contents will aid your users instantly to find the information they’re searching for. Also, don’t forget to include hyperlinks from the table of contents in every chapter and also in the subchapter of your whitepaper for smooth navigation. 

    ico marketing process

    Build a Suitable Roadmap 

    A roadmap that easily explains your project’s history is considered a bad roadmap. You need substantial actions and Smart goals that you have to think about for the future, instead of normally stating that you successfully introduced your token in May 2021. This will only showcase that you are on your way to success, but also that you are sufficient for an effective strategy. 

    5. Create a Strong Community 

    In order to advertise in the best way, a strong community is required. If anyone researching a product their first source of information is always the people who brought and used the product. 

    If you make your separate community, then you can directly involve the people who are interested in or use your product. Also gives you important information that causes your project to succeed. 

    crypto community marketing

    • As per the top findings, we came to the conclusion that there are top 5 communication channels that were used Twitter (92.8%), Facebook (73%), Telegram (67.9%), Linkedin (42.1%), and Medium ( 41. 2%).
    • Generally, crypto projects have 5 communications channels;
    • Channels like LINE, VK, BiYong, Weibo, and WeChat are very famous in the Asian markets.

    airdrop process

    6. Airdrops Yet Bring Impact to ICO Marketing 

    There are most successful marketing advertisement campaigns that provide freebies to prospective customers/ investors. However, crypto airdrops are made on the same basis. During an ICO space, an airdrop is supposed to occur once a blockchain-based startup reaches out to its potential consumers. 

    Many businesses in the past successfully airdropped their tokens; some of the main airdrops were accomplished by Aktie Social, Eligma, and Bunny Token.

    The scoop on most airdropped tokens is sometimes described to the targeted audiences through social media posts and famous forums like 

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    7. Promote Your ICO with Paid Advertising 

    If you seeking the fastest way to build a network of followers for your ICO then paid advertising is the best prominent way. 

    The various crypto advertising platforms such as Coinzilla can assist you to promote your project and get toward your target audience via several types of advertising like display or native. 

    ICO paid marketing strategy

    The Size of its Publisher Network 

    The more ad network and publishers have the more exceed potential you will get. Although, you need to get assured to not pay attention to only the size of the network, also the grade of the publishers.

    8. A well-planned Crypto PR Campaign Will Enhance Your ICOs Reach 

    Press releases can aid you to start brand awareness and upgrade your brand image by merging yourself with high-profile publications. 

    crypto pr

    However, getting a massive crypto publication to discuss your trade might need to be quite the investment. So, prior to investing, take some time to research. Take a note while viewing some of the similar projects introduced their project : 

    • What websites did they use?
    •  Did they emerge with sufficient funds to back their project?  In case the answer is yes then, how fast? 
    • Aren’t they hitting their hard cap?

    Furthermore, go through the market and look at what USP (Unique Seling Point) you should promote to have more probability of transforming new audiences into customers.

    9. Content Marketing for ICOs 

    As you know, Facebook, Google, and other major networks don’t allow you to promote ads on their certain platform. Meanwhile, content marketing is a powerful tool that you can utilize to upgrade your business and collect leads. 

    content marketing services agency

    Facebook is a platform that doesn’t permit cryptocurrency token sale ads, it accesses the promotion of events, news related to cryptocurrencies, education along with blockchain technology-related information. It also enables the promotion of crypto trading platforms, hardware/ software for crypto mining, and cryptocurrencies although only if you get permission. 

    10. Videos – Some information is best described visually

    The acceptance of video content has been coming for many years. When it comes to Facebook, videos impact far more than any other kind of post, as it is naturally involved. Moreso, 54% of consumers explained that they go to see more relevant video content from the business and brands they look after. 

    11. Stay connected with your customers through Email Marketing 

    Email Marketing is referred to as one of the most powerful tools that you can utilize during your campaign. However, only once it is accomplished properly. 

    email marketing services

    Here are some of the steps you should focus on for making your email marketing successful – 

    • Plan across your goal 
    • Provide bounty in return for their subscription 
    • Stay relevant 

    12. Tracking & Optimization 

    If you think that after the campaign turns to life your job is done then, you are wrong. You need to always measure your success and adapt your campaign along with strategy as per the data. It is important to evaluate everything because that will let you know whether your expenses are worth it or going down the drain. 

    tracking & OptimizationGoogle Analytics is recommended as the best tool for tracking your website. Therefore, if it sets properly, it will aid you to find out how effective are each of your traffic sources, which causes more revenues can be earned. 

    13. The Bottom Line 

    Marketing an ICO can be a bit tougher but not impossible. Through, putting in the best strategy, upgrading your efforts, and investing in the correct place cause the case study successful. 

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    Many factors are still important in ICO marketing.
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