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The blockchain space has experienced a lot of changes in the past many years, especially in terms of marketing and PR. Every method of fundraising includes strategies that fit. While this article will lead you to know about IDO marketing and PR, how to launch an IDO campaign, setting your IDO marketing budget the right way, where you should focus your energy when it comes to IDO Marketing PR, and what makes the company stand out with its marketing campaign. 

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    What is an IDO (Initial DEX Offering)? 

    IDO stands for Initial Decentralized Exchange Offering. That signifies the project introductions and its fundraising campaign on Decentralized Exchange, and the exchange itself maintains the whole fundraising. They are considered because of better liquidity and faster trading characteristics under the crypto markets.

    This aids to lowers the price of a listing a token and eliminates the requirement of mediators by depending on effective liquidity pools on exchange. This is the same in terms of IEO which is since a project registers its token sale on a centralized exchange. Instant trading can cause an attractive outcome. 

    IDOs are a great opportunity for projects, like most exchanges to take major precautions for controlling scams however, if you get selected you will have to cross through some major strict norms. Also, you might get restricted from listing your projects on any other exchanges also.

    Ultimately, you have to agree with the point that token sale functionalities are most probably away from your reach. Several projects find that the advantage of using an IDO has way more obstacles in registering. 

    What is IDO Marketing? 

    IDO Marketing stands for (Initial Decentralized Exchange Offering Marketing) which looks toward making authority and credibility behind the projects of blockchain in crypto communities across the web. 

    When it comes ICOs there are projects who work to attract investors by building hype, whereas in terms of IDO Marketing campaigns focus on getting investors by creating a strong community with active members that support the projects in various ways. 

    What is IDO Marketing PR? 

    IDO PR ( Initial Decentralized Exchange Offering Public Relations) works with the motive of spreading the word about the IDO project along with showcasing the actual project is creating.

    Also, it drags all the points that can attract fresh community members, as the strength of an IDO lies in the quality of the community. Creating a PR campaign is essential for an IDO or token sale since it creates a community and encourages people to participate in these sales. 

    What are the Differences Between IDO, ICO, IEO, and STO? 

    In the past few years down, when blockchain marketing was around, then blockchain marketing companies had used different fundraising processes. Where each of them holds a specific approach, But soon before we get detailed about it, let’s first understand the difference between IDO to other furnishing processes. 

    IDO (Initial Decentralized Exchanged Offering) 

    It has been already mentioned that an IDO is considered a token offering that’s been hosted on a Decentralized Exchange, as opposed to a centralized exchange, or even can be hosted by the project on its own. This signifies that an extremely experienced group can manage the token sale with other advantages.

    These are the best liquidity on DEX, quick trading, and at the point where real costs involved throughout the listing are comparatively minor. It is quite challenging to launch your token on an exchange despite doing it on your own. However, the outcome you will receive will probably be much better. 

    ICO (Initial Coin Offering) 

    The initial method behind raising funds for blockchain projects has been around for some time. This is a place where the project will introduce its own token sale and is also liable for the whole workings of the token sale.

    While these tokens can be provided to potential investors in return for currencies, flat or other cryptocurrencies. A lot of attempts have been done to improvements to the ICO model. The reason why the prevalence of scams continues cropping. 

    IEO (Initial Exchange Offering) 

    An Initial Exchange Offering (IEO) was the most difficult fundraising procedure to promote. In the beginning, IEO started because of the deficiency of trust investors, organizations and governments had in ICOs. And IEO turns it to be possible to utilize a certain exchange’s reputation as a type of ensuring that a firm that runs the IEO is legit. Due to the deficiency of trust ICOs have been made because of several scams of ICOs 

    Another difficulty that the company faced in the IEO marketing and PR campaign was the restrictions of Facebook, Google, and other major social media for crypto-based ads. It pushes IEOs to assign their marketing budget to other places online they were less known. 

    STO (Security Token Offering)

    A Security Token Offering (STO) is a fundraising method used by blockchain-based companies or projects to issue security tokens to investors in exchange for investment. Security tokens are digital tokens that represent an underlying security, such as equity, debt, or real estate, and are subject to securities regulations.

    In an STO, investors are buying a security in the company or project, rather than just a utility token, which is the case with Initial Coin Offerings (ICO) or Initial Exchange Offerings (IEO). Security tokens offer more rights to investors, such as ownership in the company, dividend payouts, or voting rights.

    IDO Marketing and IDO Cost 

    ido marketing cost

    It will be a little difficult for the first time to plan your IDO marketing costs and budget. There are enormous marketing platforms you might think of for your organizations but in reality, there are only a few which are actually worth it and create impact. 

    What are the best marketing platforms for your IDO?

    There are a lot of marketing channels there –  

    As marketing platforms are so many in the market so it becomes quite difficult to train each of them for your IDO. 

    Here is a list of some of the marketing platforms however few of them are irrelevant to crypto, whereas some of them might be useful for the organization. 

    IDO Marketing Channels You Should Use 

    PR for IDO Marketing 

    press release services

    Public Relations campaigns are a must for IDO company as it builds IDO authority and branding along with involving a new audience. The correct way of introducing a PR campaign is by understanding and finalizing the correct budget. Later on, research to check where your target audience is. 

    Twitter for Initial DEX Offering Marketing 

    twitter marketing strategy

    Twitter is a platform where most crypto influencers are active. It seems like a great platform for building relations with new community members. You can also get to interact with other companies. 

    Blogging for IDO Marketing 

    blogging stategy

    Working in PR is not sufficient. You need to create a blog on your site and have to write some high-quality articles that provide great value to your community and readers. 

    SEO (Search Engine Optimization)


    In the content, putting the right amount of SEO keywords will assist you to get organic traffic in the long perspective. There are most IDO firms that don’t even care about SEO. Fixing keywords in the content can offer a massive advantage for your company. Running SEO and content research and distributing budgets for IDO SEO to create an impact. 

    Discord & Telegram for IDO Marketing

    Discord and Telegram marketing strategy

    Both platforms are probably being utilized in IDO and blockchain projects for building and communicating with your IDO community. Meanwhile, you should keep in mind that you are not buying any fake members in order to keep the group authentic. Your community should be more about the quality you will offer despite being the overloaded quantity. 

    BitcoinTalk for IDO Marketing 

    Bicointalk for ido marketing

    In the first virtual crypto community, BitcoinTalk is yet one of the most crucial platforms for your IDO. Among more than 4 million visitors each month and DA 86, Bitcoin Talk is a prominent place to be mentioned at. These links can aid your site authority and if you will maintain and build high-quality conversation if there it can drive some serious participants in your community. 

    It also cannot be avoided that over the night, Reddit has taken the crypto community by storm and so turn out into the most famous place near blockchain enthusiasts.

    Bitcoin Talk has become the target of airdrop providers and therefore people who sell low-quality marketing services. It is a crucial platform however if you will give priority to your marketing efforts, Reddit is way more important for your IDO PR and marketing campaign. 

    Quora for IDO Marketing

    ido marketing strategy for quora 

    On the platform Quora, generally, people asked questions about their certain concerns. Suppose, if your target audience will ask a question online you can answer them what you want to let them. And you can trust us, this will definitely work. 

    There are millions of questions being flooded on quora so firstly you need to find those questions which you really want to answer should be your first priority. Then, try to answer all the relevant questions each week. Try to attach your company’s link but only on the condition that it naturally fits. Unless don’t try to shill your firm until it’s required. Answer the question.

    Try to put a title in your profile because this will enhance your branding and drive traffic for a long time. And for all that, you require good-quality answers. 

    STEEMit for IDO Marketing 

    Steemit for ido marketing

    This introduced in the year 2016, is a blockchain-based blogging system. With over 7 million monthly page views, Steemit is counted in as an important place for your IDO. The benefit of Steemit is that its users can able to own a blockchain wallet. Users can obtain STEEM for involvement in Steeming making the particular audience they’re quite relevant for your IDO fundraising. 

    Online Display Ads for IDO Marketing 

    Can’t deny the fact that many big tech organizations have banned IDO ads get down. However, there are still many sites where you can run your IDO marketing campaign. Look after some places to find where your target audience is online. You‘ll be surprised to see how many sites let you run an IDO ads campaign. 

    Online Retargeting for IDO Marketing 

    It is also a great tactic for retargeting in your marketing campaign where you can bring a great advantage since you can push your target audience to see your campaign again and again. 

    IDO Marketing PR Tips for Your Campaign 

    Likewise every marketing campaign, there you meet trial and mistake. As the blockchain marketing space is relatively new, you can expect to have more errors than you would normally have if you got to promote a non – blockchain firm.

    In the digital marketing platform, you can normally promote ad campaigns, and run some A/B testing, and as far as this is concerned it enhances always your marketing campaign. And in the IDO marketing campaign, that’s not your cast. 

    The mistake that can happen in blockchain PR and marketing campaigns is that every error costs you money. Time is as always an important factor in every IDO, IEO, and Defi project out there. 

    How Can You Eliminate the Mistakes in Your PR Campaign? 

    In this segment, you would get to know about various mistakes that several IDO firms do. By learning from other organizations’ mistakes, you‘ll save thousands of dollars in your IDO marketing PR campaign. 

    IDO Marketing and PR Diversity 

    What will be more beneficial spending all your fund on posting your blog post on one site or distributing PRs to thousands of websites? In both ways, articles have a permalink directing users toward the IDO or the project. I guess the second is far better. Different sites could be like CoinTelegraph, Investing .com, etc. 

    Search What Triggers Your Target Audience 

    When it comes to attracting the audience, don’t let put the baggage of content that isn’t attracting users to read. Make special care where readers can give time to your blog. Make the title short and crisp and the content easy and understandable. Thus, how it ignites the interest of your audience. 

    Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

    It’s a bit tough to find companies that understand the value of keywords. The blockchain industry has fewer people who really care about it. But in reality, the right amount of SEO will definitely work for attracting new users. 

    Active Tech Team 

    Blockchain enthusiasts are way more technical than stock investors by behavior. For leading across the market there should have a strong technology infrastructure and an online presence is crucial for each project.

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