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Increase session Duration

10 Quick & Easy Steps To Increase session Duration on Your Website

Average visit duration’ is the average time spent by users on your website, irrespective of the time spent on individual website pages. You can find out this figure in the Google Analytics account of your website or with any other analytics tool. Low average visit…
Remote work tools

30 Top Remote Work Tools and App for Employees and Organizations

Guess what If your company gives you the freedom to work from home, hurray for you! Isn’t it?? Many job profiles, especially of marketers and content writers, allow you to work anywhere. Communication is most important to gather remote worker in all over the world. Remote work…
Questions to ask a WordPress Developer

Alert !! 20 Questions to ask a WordPress Developer Before Hiring

WordPress is presently the biggest CMS (Content Management System) out there. Approximately 25% of the total websites are based on the WordPress platform. If you are planning to get a new website developed for your business or online shopping store, you should definitely give WordPress…
Logo Design Trends 2017

Fascinating Logo Design Trends 2017 You Can’t Ignore!!!

For a brand or company logos are more important than ever… Like Rachel Zoe said, “Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak.” These outstanding logo design trends 2017 will give you better ideas for new or old company logo……
Top Programming Languages 2017

Top 10 Programming Languages 2017 (It is worth the attention.)

The programming language is the hidden feature behind every software, web and digital application we use these days. There are many top programming languages out there and new ones are emerging constantly. It has always been a matter of competition as to which programming language…