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    102 Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency Statistics, Facts – You Should Know About!

    It has been over a decade since the first cryptocurrency Bitcoin was founded by an unknown person (or group) with the name Satoshi Nakamoto, and it is still not known who exactly that person or group is.

    Nevertheless, the crypto market has flourished exponentially in the past years, with several new cryptocurrencies introduced by different startups, banks, and organizations. Also, companies worldwide have started realizing the importance and potential of the blockchain, the technology behind Bitcoin, for resolving the ongoing issues of various industries.

    It is time to take a look at some of the Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency statistics reached by a blockchain development company to see how these currencies have managed to dominate the finance market for good.

    102 Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Statistics & Facts That Will Surprise You

    Bitcoin Statistics and Facts:

    1. As of January 2018, Bitcoin amounted 34% of the total cryptocurrency market value.

    2. Bitcoin was founded in 2009 with the idea to decentralize the control of money and any other valuable asset.

    3. The first merchant transaction using Bitcoin was made on 22 May 2010 by Laszlo Hanyecz, who paid 10,000 BTC in exchange for two Papa John’s Pizzas.

    4. As of May 2019, the value of 10,000 BTC is more than $53 million.

    5. As of April 2019, there are a total of 17.6 million Bitcoins in circulation. Not more than 21 million Bitcoins can ever exist at the same time.

    6. The highest price of Bitcoin to date is $20,089 per coin, which was recorded on 17 December 2017.

    7. As of April 2019, the total number of Bitcoin transactions reached over 400 million.

    8. 107 out of 251 countries do not have any regulation regarding the purchase or use of Bitcoins.

    9. As the creator of Bitcoin is still unknown, some people even say that the coin was created by four companies – Samsung, Toshiba, Nakamichi, and Motorola – in collaboration.

    10. According to a TheNextWeb article, 350,000 Bitcoin transactions are performed every day on average.

    11. The richest Bitcoin wallet address had 125,805 BTC ($674,551,479 USD), as on 30 April 2019, which is 0.714% of the total Bitcoins in existence.

    12. Bitcoin is private (as your name/identity is not made public), but Bitcoin transactions are public (as anyone with your wallet address can see your balance & transactions.)

    13. Bitcoins once gone cannot be recovered. If you forget your Bitcoin wallet password or lose your private key, your Bitcoins are gone forever.

    14. As of November 2017, a total of 3.79 million Bitcoins (worth 20,15,52,57,900) is already lost.

    15. According to a 2015 survey of CoinDesk, over 90% of Bitcoin holders/users are male, while only 3% of the users are female.

    16. Unlike paper money, Bitcoins are totally virtual, which means you cannot touch or feel these coins but can still use them for payments.

    17. Unlike fiat currencies, Bitcoins cannot be printed but they have to be mined on a Bitcoin network.

    18. As of November 2017, Bitcoin transactions worth $2 billion were being processed on a daily basis.

    19. As of 2015, 60% of Bitcoin holders were under 35 years of age.

    20. The mining power of the Bitcoin network is nearly 300 times the combined power of the world’s top 5 supercomputers.

    21. The last Bitcoin will be reportedly mined in 2140, after which Bitcoin mining will be closed.

    22. 16 November 2017 was the day when the Bitcoin network witnessed the highest-value transaction of $2.8 billion.

    23. The US dollar and the Japanese yen are the two leading currencies to be exchanged for Bitcoin.

    24. As of now, Bitcoin is accepted by a number of prominent merchants and businesses worldwide, including Starbucks, Virgin Galatic,, Tesla, Peach Airline,, Microsoft,, and Shopify, among others.

    25. As of April 2019, the total market cap of Bitcoin is $95 billion ($95,171,475,804 USD to be exact) and the 24-hour volume is $14 billion.

    26. For those who purchased Bitcoin at the time of launch, the ROI at the time of writing this article is 3,879.56%.

    27. The lowest recorded price of Bitcoin is $65.53, according to coinmarketcap data.

    28. In the last months of 2017, Bitcoin became so popular that 321,775 Bitcoin transactions were being performed on average each day.

    29. Between 2010-2017, 2014 was the only year when the price of Bitcoin dropped by 62% between the beginning and end of the year. This was because of the hack of the MtGox exchange.

    30. As of October 2018, Coinbase (the biggest Bitcoin exchange) had 25 million users, with 25,000 new users signing up every day.

    31. Bitcoin’s price increased by over 2000% between January-December 2017.

    32. Close to 64% of Bitcoin wallets have not been used (called ghost wallets) since their inception.

    33. There was a time when you could mine Bitcoins using any CPU, as the difficulty was just 1.

    34. The value of Bitcoin in early 2010, a year after its launch, was 2 cents per coin.

    35. Bitcoin is not owned or controlled by any single person, as the original founder, Satoshi Nakamoto, never claimed the code ownership.

    36. James Howells is a British man who accidentally threw away his hard drive containing the private keys to his Bitcoin account having 7,500 Bitcoins (worth $39 million today) in mid-2013.

    37. The number of search queries and interest for ‘Bitcoin’ on Google was the highest in December 2017.

    38. The Bitcoin mining difficulty was the lowest at the time of launch and has gradually increased over the years. Between January 2017 and January 2018, the average Bitcoin mining difficulty increased by six times.

    39. Bitcoin has nearly 9,000 mining nodes, while its closest competitor Ethereum has about three times, 25,000 nodes to be exact.

    40. A total of 17,675,979 Bitcoins has been mined as of 01 May 2019, with a total market value of $94,615,984,442.

    41. It took five years (from 2009 to 2014) for Bitcoin price to reach the $1,000 milestone, while it took only one year (from January 2017 to January 2018) for the price to increase by $13,000.

    Interesting Statistics & Facts About Cryptocurrencies in General:

    42. Now that you know every interesting thing there is to know about Bitcoins, let’s get to know about some other, more general cryptocurrency facts and statistics.

    43. As of December 2018, the overall market capitalization of cryptocurrencies was $100 billion, which is more than the GDP of 127 countries.

    44. As of April 2019, total of 2141 cryptocurrencies are listed on the coinmarketcap website, with a total market cap of $175 billion in 18080. Bitcoin dominates 54.2% of the market.

    45. Ethereum is the second most popular and valued cryptocurrency after Bitcoin, with a market cap of $17.1 billion.

    46. Google recently lifted its ongoing ban on cryptocurrency ads in search results, indicating that it might be exploring a future in cryptocurrencies.

    47. Cryptocurrencies are exceptionally volatile in nature. Moreover, their trading on crypto exchanges rather than central exchanges further adds to their volatility.

    48. Cryptocurrencies aren’t controlled or managed by any centralized government or bank and have no tangible parameters for valuation. Basically, it is quite difficult to determine the value of a cryptocurrency.

    49. Mt Gox, an abbreviation for Magic The Gathering Online eXchange, was once a very popular crypto exchange. However, it was originally created as an exchange platform for Magic The Gathering cards.