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Marketplace Management Services or System is all about managing the various activities of an online/offline marketplace.

Their services include but are not limited to website management, website optimization, performance management, lead tracking and conversion, and marketing strategy and management.

90% Individual online retailers sell through marketplaces.

Do you have a marketplace or an e-commerce website?

Are you looking for reliable marketplace management services for your online/offline store?

Here’s all you need to know about management services for top marketplaces like Amazon, Flipkart, eBay, and Walmart.

Why Marketplace Management Services?

Marketplace Management refers to the process of managing the various tasks and activities of a marketplace store.

While some marketplace owners prefer to do the job themselves or have a dedicated management team for it, many others find it easier and cheaper to outsource the job to a qualified and experienced team of marketplace management company like SAG IPL.


By outsourcing the task, you can be sure that all your store management-related work will be handled efficiently by a team of experts.

Different marketplaces have different marketing needs and strategies depending on their respective customers.

The demands of customers are changing every day, and if your marketplace is unable to deliver on the same, your customers will purchase from somewhere else.

You do not want that. This is why marketplace management is important to ensure that you stay updated on the latest trends and user demands in your industry.

Best Marketplace Management Agency With Agile Methodology

If you are considering hiring professional marketplace management services for a company, you should look out for many things.

At SAG IPL, we provide customized services according to the specific needs of different marketplaces.

Our team understands what it takes for a business to become successful in popular marketplaces like Amazon and Flipkart.

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We aim to increase your business popularity and grow leads that convert into sales.

Our staff consists of expert designers, developers, and marketers who will be there to assist you with every task in the marketplace.

Our eCommerce Marketplace Management Services cover the following marketplaces:

  • Amazon
  • Flipkart
  • eBay
  • Walmart

1. Amazon Marketplace Management

Amazon is one of the world’s most popular and trusted online marketplaces.


It allows retailers from around the world to sell their products online via the Amazon website.

43% percent of teenagers express that Amazon is there one of the favourite websites

Amazon marketplace management is the process of managing and optimizing your Amazon store or product portfolio with the purpose to make it more presentable in order to bring more traffic and customers from the website.

Amazon quotes

If you already have a business/seller account on Amazon, you can hire professional Amazon marketplace management services with us.

Our services include the following works:

  • Redesigning of your Amazon store with a new theme
  • Unique template for each product
  • Product uploading with proper and correct information along with high-quality images
  • Product image editing and optimization
  • Tracking and Reports

2. Flipkart Marketplace Management

Flipkart is India’s most popular eCommerce shopping platforms where thousands of local retailers sell their products to the millions of people of the country.

Flipkart Marketplace

Flipkart accepts new seller registrations for free and even allows sellers to manage their product section and pages to make them more appealing.

Flipkart quotes

If you are new to Flipkart selling, we can help you effectively manage your Flipkart store through our dedicated Flipkart marketplace management services, which cover:

  • Listing of your products on the marketplace
  • Optimization of product pages
  • Product image listing and optimization
  • Marketplace optimization
  • Response to user queries
  • Reviews and rating management

3. eBay Marketplace Management

eBay is another very popular global online shopping marketplace. It gives close competition to Amazon and other e-commerce websites.

eBay Marketplace

eBay also allows retailers to sell their products online through their dedicated stores on the marketplace.

The benefit is that sellers get exposure to millions of potential audience without having to make many efforts on their part.

However, creating a store on eBay is not enough, you also have to manage and market it properly in order to attract more users to buy your products.

eBay quotes

This is exactly what we specialize in. Our eBay marketplace management services aim to:

  • Optimize your eBay store for better reach and more visibility
  • Improve the appearance of your store
  • List products with adequate details and correct information
  • Add and optimize product images
  • Optimize user responses and ratings on your products

4. Walmart Marketplace Management

Walmart, which started its operations as a retail-wholesale chain in the US, is now expanding business in the online space as well.

Walmart Marketplace

Walmart enables local sellers to sell products in bulk through their online website.

The marketplace is now also providing services in many other countries in addition to the US.

Walmart quotes

This enables sellers worldwide to increase the reach of their products in the online market to target millions of consumers at once.

SAG IPL provides efficient Walmart marketplace management services, which cover all aspects of marketplace management and marketing, including:

  • Product listing by categories
  • Product and listing optimization
  • Seller store optimization for better reach
  • Search optimization
  • Promoting the marketplace via relevant content
  • User reviews and response optimization

How Does it Work?

If you are wondering how to do management of your online store on popular websites like Amazon and eBay, you can hire SAG IPL professional Marketplace Management agency for the job.

Here’s how to do that.

  • You can reach us with your requirements and information.
  • We will analyze your project and conduct a free audit of your existing online marketplace accounts.
  • Then, you can select your team and finalize the project terms with us.
  • If you do not have accounts on any marketplace, we will create it for you.
  • Then, we will sort your products by categories and create unique and relevant meta tags, including Title, meta description, image alt tags, etc. for each product and category.
  • We will list your products to your target marketplace, add relevant and informative content for it and optimize the page for the best visibility.
  • We will conduct Keyword Research for your products and online marketplace store and insert keywords at all the right places in the product page content.
  • We will also create backlinks for your product pages from high-quality and relevant websites in your domain.
  • Your online store will also be optimized according to search engine queries.
  • We will also conduct a Competitor Analysis for your business and optimize your store accordingly.
  • Your online marketplace store will be regularly updated with new products, quantities, prices, and offers.
  • We will also provide you regular reporting on your store’s performance, along with suggestions for improvement.
Contact us now to hire a Professional Marketplace Management Services agency in your budget!

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