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Blockchain Marketing Consultant

What is a blockchain marketing consultant, why do you need it, and how to hire one?

Blockchain is often touted as the new internet. It’s everywhere, and everyone wants to benefit from the astounding decentralization features of blockchain technology. But, it’s easier said than done.

For one, understanding and implementing blockchain technology can be too complex for businesses and individuals with non-technical backgrounds. Moreover, blockchain companies looking to market their products to get more customers and boost sales may often need professional help to achieve the desired results. This is where a blockchain marketing consultant comes in.

A crypto marketing agency like SAG IPL can offer professional advice and support with the planning, preparation and implementation of blockchain marketing campaigns based on your specific requirements and goals.

Whether you’re a blockchain startup seeking professional help to promote your new blockchain project or an established firm looking to integrate blockchain technology to improve your existing systems, we’ve got you covered. Find out here all about what a blockchain marketing consultant is and how he can help your business grow.

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    What is a Blockchain Marketing Consultant and What Does They Do?

    Power of Blockchain Technology

    A consultant is a professional who offers consulting services, including advice, in a particular field. For instance, a marketing consultant specializes in marketing and offers marketing advice to businesses looking to promote their products or services.

    Blockchain marketing refers to the process of promoting a cryptocurrency product to boost sales and popularity. A blockchain marketing consultant or a crypto consultant is someone with expertise in the promotion of blockchain-related products, services and projects. Besides offering their guidance in planning a blockchain marketing campaign and strategy, consultants may also help implement the strategy and track results.

    The job of a marketing consultant primarily involves helping their clients develop effective marketing strategies based on a thorough analysis of their target markets and audiences and tracking the performance of their campaigns to meet the goals.

    Their expertise may cover a variety of things, including research, analysis, planning, strategy building, branding, advertising, performance tracking, and sales growth. Additionally, they may be hired as trainers to coach your in-house marketing teams to help improve their skills and performance.

    It is common for businesses in the blockchain space to hire expert blockchain marketing consultants to help them prepare and implement successful marketing strategies for their crypto products, projects, services, exchanges, tokens, ICO websites, and more.

    Digital marketing has now become an integral part of successful online businesses, and a digital consultant is usually the first person to approach when you need help with blockchain marketing.

    Who Should Hire a Blockchain Marketing Consultant and Why?

    Why Use Blockchain Marketing

    A blockchain consultant can help all kinds of blockchain and cryptocurrency businesses achieve their marketing goals and meet targets.

    Here are some common reasons for blockchain companies, startups and developers to seek the help of a professional marketing consultant:

    • Expand your reach and identify target customers.
    • Understand Your target market and audience.
    • Boost sales for your token (ICO) and meet funding targets.
    • Promote your new cryptocurrency or blockchain product/service to the right audience.
    • Prepare an effective marketing strategy for your specific goals.
    • Generate new leads and sales for your crypto business.
    • Get higher rankings for your ICO website in search engines to boost traffic.
    • Increase your brand value and online reputation.

    There can be various other cases where a blockchain company might need the services of a digital marketing consultant. Contact SAG IPL to consult with a specialist today.

    Types of Crypto Marketing Consultants (Hiring Options)

    In terms of hiring options or cost, the three most common types of marketing consultants are as follows:

    1. Freelance digital consultant
    2. In-house marketing consultant
    3. Digital consulting agency
    Top Crypto Marketing Consultants

    The difference between the above three options is quite straightforward.

    Freelance marketing consultants work on their own schedules, choose their own projects, and are generally hired on a project-to-project basis. They may be cost-effective but are not always very reliable or trustworthy in terms of quality and punctuality.

    The second option is to hire a full-time or in-house blockchain marketing consultant, which is probably the best option if you’re looking for accountability. However, even that does not guarantee quality, and it’s almost always the most expensive option out of the three.

    The third option, hiring an agency or outsourcing, is the overall best option in terms of cost, quality, and dependability. You get the benefit of hiring a consultant on the go at a lower-than-normal hourly rate and can be assured of receiving top-quality services from experienced consultants of a reputable marketing agency with on-time delivery.

    Benefits of Hiring a Cryptocurrency Marketing Consultant

    Benefits of Hiring Crypto Marketing Agency

    There are numerous benefits to hiring a professional digital marketing consultant when you need help and guidance with your blockchain marketing campaign.

    #1 They are experts in the crypto industry and know what it takes to make a blockchain project successful.

    #2 They can help prepare tailored strategies based on your particular blockchain marketing goals and needs.

    #3 A marketing consultant can help plan your project or cryptocurrency’s digital strategy to increase brand awareness and expand reach.

    #4 They can also help you efficiently track and analyze your marketing campaign’s performance to identify flaws and improve results.

    #5 A full-service crypto marketing agency like SAG IPL gives you access to all the resources and services you need in one place.

    #6 Hire an ICO marketing consultant at the early stage of your crypto project to reduce long-term costs and losses.

    All Services Offered by a Blockchain Marketing Consultant

    Blockchain Marketing Strategies

    Wondering what services you can get from a blockchain project marketing consultant? SAG IPL is a full-service digital marketing agency with expertise in all types of blockchain marketing and crypto consulting.

    Our blockchain services include project consulting, market research, blockchain marketing strategy development, content creation, social media strategy, blockchain ad campaign development and management, performance tracking, and training and support.

    Blockchain Marketing Consulting

    The primary job of a blockchain marketing consultant is to offer expert advice to a business looking for blockchain marketing services and strategy.

    Hire SAG IPL Blockchain Marketing Consultant, Starts from 499$

    Crypto marketing consultant services may include, but are not limited to, advising a client on various blockchain marketing strategies, initiatives and campaigns to ensure the results meet the client’s goals.

    A blockchain company can seek the help of a marketing consultant when looking to understand its target market, identify its target audience, analyze competitors, develop a results-driven marketing strategy, and track the performance of its marketing campaigns.

    Furthermore, an ICO marketing consultant can help you identify the best digital marketing strategies and techniques specific to your blockchain business or product and marketing goals.

    For instance, you may be looking to market your ICO to attract investors and raise funds, then our consultant will help define the perfect content and social strategy to promote your ICO effectively.

    Or, if you have questions about blockchain technology, marketing, or cryptocurrency, feel free to ask them when discussing your requirements with our blockchain marketing team.

    Market & Audience Research

    ICO Blockchain Projects Market Statistics

    This service covers thorough research of your target market by the blockchain marketing company or consultant to understand your audience and competition and learn about the industry trends. The resultant data is then used to plan a tailored strategy to meet your marketing goals.

    Our marketing consultant will study and analyze customer data, including investor behaviour and trends, to understand what inspires people to invest in a crypto project. They will also study your major competitors to identify what’s working for them, including opportunities to leverage and challenges to overcome.

    Our blockchain marketing consultant will advise you on the next steps based on this detailed analysis and research data.

    Blockchain Marketing Strategy Development

    Top Effective ICO, IEO, IDO, STO, and DeFi Marketing Strategies

    Based on the findings and data from the research, our consultant will help you develop a comprehensive digital marketing strategy for your blockchain/crypto project, outlining the various marketing tactics to implement, steps to follow, platforms to target, and channels to use during the process.

    We ensure that your blockchain marketing strategy is tailored to meet your specific business and marketing goals, whether you’re looking to boost search rankings, traffic, leads and sales or want more exposure or improved reputation for your online brand.

    Other than the online promotion of your cryptocurrency or product through content creation and link building, we also focus extensively on community building through social media and blockchain forums to help expand your reach and attract new investors.

    Content Creation

    Content Creation and Marketing

    A blockchain marketing advisor of SAG IPL can also help you create relevant marketing materials and promotional content, including advertisements, social media posts, email campaigns, articles, videos, and website content, to complement your digital strategy and ensure the efforts meet results.

    This service involves creating high-quality content, including original articles, guides and videos to help your target audience with their queries. Your marketing strategy covers posting content regularly on your social media and company blog to inform and help potential audiences and inspire them to convert.

    Our content strategy will help establish you as an industry leader, increasing your credibility and trust and encouraging potential customers and investors to trust your blockchain product or cryptocurrency.

    Social Media Strategy

    Any blockchain marketing strategy is incomplete without social media because a huge number of crypto users and investors use social media for information, discussion and recommendations.

    Our crypto marketing consultant can analyse your existing social presence and recommend modifications to increase your follower count and boost the overall brand value.

    Depending on your marketing goals, we can prepare a customised social media strategy to promote your cryptocurrency or project to your target audience or the entire crypto community (according to your needs) on selected social platforms.

    Our social media marketing for crypto includes community building, engagement, content creation and sharing, events, Ask Me Anything (AMA), and advertising to promote your cryptocurrency and build a loyal community around your project.

    Blockchain Advertising Campaign

    Crypto Advertising Services

    A marketing consultant of SAG IPL can help you with the development and management of your blockchain advertising campaigns, including everything from selecting the right advertising platforms based on your specific goals to creating an advertising strategy and analyzing performance.

    We at SAG IPL have experience in building crypto advertising strategies for several online platforms, including display advertising (Google Ads), ad campaigns for social media, and pay-per-click advertising.

    The process involves studying your target market to determine the best keywords to use in the ad campaign and the best platform for your goals. Then, we create your first ad and launch with a limited budget to see how it works. We continue to monitor the performance of each ad to determine what’s working and what needs to improve.

    Performance Tracking

    SEO and Marketing Result

    One of the crucial components of a blockchain SEO strategy is performance tracking, which involves continuously measuring the performance of all your marketing campaigns across digital, social and advertising to measure their effectiveness.

    A blockchain SEO consultant can help you effectively track the performance of your marketing strategies by tracking and analyzing data using tools such as Google Analytics, social analytics, and more to see if the end results meet goals.

    If your current strategies are not working according to your goals, we might suggest or make adjustments to these marketing plans based on available data when needed.

    Tracking your blockchain marketing campaigns enables our consultant to make data-driven decisions to improve results and ensure you achieve your goals with high-quality blockchain marketing.

    Training and Support

    Why Choose SAG IPL for your blockchain project

    Lastly, you may consider hiring a blockchain marketing consultant to train your in-house marketing team. This only works if you already have a marketing team that lacks experience in blockchain marketing and can do better with professional training.

    If you already have a marketing team or have been working with a crypto marketing agency but have not yet seen any significant results, it may be time to hire a crypto marketing consultant to train your team or build your digital strategy based on your particular goals.

    With over 10 years of experience in blockchain marketing and a full-time team, including SEOs, content writers, and blockchain experts, SAG IPL provides both crypto marketing consulting and training services to help businesses in the blockchain/crypto space achieve their goals, whether it is to raise more funds, gain more exposure or build brand awareness.

    Cost of Hiring A Blockchain Marketing Consultant or Agency

    Cost of Blockchain Marketing Consultant

    If you want to hire a blockchain marketing consultant, you must also be aware of the costs involved so that you can hire the best specialist in your budget.

    As we’ve already discussed above, there are three common ways to hire a crypto consultant with varying costs and preferences.

    The best option in terms of cost and quality is to hire a blockchain marketing agency that also provides consulting services. This way you can get all the services you need under one roof at a lower-than-usual cost.

    At SAG IPL, we provide comprehensive blockchain marketing consulting, SEO and digital marketing services for projects ranging from ICOs and cryptocurrencies to community projects, NFTs, crypto exchange, blockchain YouTube marketing, content, social media, and more at the most competitive rates in the industry.

    Our crypto marketing and consulting services start at just 499 USD/month. These include project analysis, marketing research, competitor analysis, content writing, strategy, on-page SEO (website optimization), social media optimization, and other standard digital services.

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