Top 7 SEO Strategies for Architects Agencies with FAQs

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SEO for Architects and Architecture Firms

Are you an architect or architecture firm looking for more growth & customers for your business? Then, here’s your complete guide to SEO for architects to get more traffic & generate more leads for your architecture firm website.

SEO or search engine optimization is a digital marketing practice that involves optimizing your website and online business presence to improve your search engine rankings to drive more qualified traffic and leads to your architect’s business.

This article covers everything you need to know about the most effective SEO services to optimize your architecture firm online.

SEO is simple, so you can do it yourself if you have some knowledge or experience in architecture firm SEO. Or, you can just hire a professional architect SEO agency like SAG IPL.

    Why Do You Need SEO for Architect Firms?

    SEO is how you can optimize your architect website and online presence so that you rank well in search engine results and your business is more visible to any users. Here are the top benefits of SEO strategy for architect firms:

    • More traffic: As mentioned before, search results are the #1 source of traffic for many websites, and SEO is the best way for your business to get on the first page of Google search results.
    • Cost-effective: SEO is among the most inexpensive ways to market a business online. In fact, it is practically free apart from the cost of the SEO person. It will produce the highest ROI for your marketing campaign.
    • Qualified leads: The traffic and leads generated by SEO (organic search results) are of very high quality coming from your relevant keywords and terms and, therefore, have a high probability to convert into paying customers.
    • Local business growth: SEO is also helpful for architecture firms looking to get more local customers, as it can help expand your local reach and Google presence to ensure people searching for your business can easily find & reach you.
    • More sales: SEO for architecture firms also involves optimizing their websites for user experience, which helps increase conversion, i.e. make sure you get more paying customers.
    • Competitive advantage: SEO helps highlight the unique advantage & features of your business so that you can stand out from the crowd and rank higher to get more customers than your competitors.

    Major SEO Strategy for Architect Firms

    Top 7 SEO Strategy for Architects

    If you are looking for a comprehensive SEO strategy for architect firms, here’s a complete step-by-step guide to how can plan an SEO campaign and provide SEO services for architects.

    1. Architects Website Auditing

    This is the first step in our strategy of architecture firm SEO, as it helps us determine the current position of your website in terms of Google rankings and online presence. It involves checking where your target keywords are ranking in search results.

    This will also help us understand which of your website pages are the most relevant for particular keywords and how to plan your SEO strategy and what kind of content to create to boost your rankings.

    We use a variety of tools to check or track the current rankings of a website we’re working on. With these tools, you won’t even need to insert keywords, as they will automatically fetch the rankings of your most relevant keywords. Or, you can check directly in Google, whichever option suits you.

    2. Keyword Research & Competitor Analysis

    The next step in the strategy of SEO for architecture firms is to research and find the best keywords to target for your business. We use Google Search, Google Analytics, Keyword Planner and various other keyword research tools to find out keywords and phrases that are the most relevant to your Architecture business and services.

    Then, we filter these keywords based on search volume and competition. We also include long-tail keywords in our SEO strategy, as these terms are easier to rank for and can get you more qualified traffic.

    Other than finding your best keywords to target, we also analyze your competitors for their performance and ranking on Google. To start with, we find out your top 2-3 competitors and then check their rankings in search results.

    We also check for which keywords they are ranking well and whether they’re relevant to your business as well. It might help us understand what keywords to target for better performance and results.

    By now, we are aware of your website’s current rankings in Google and have prepared a list of the keywords that we want your site/business to rank for. The next step is to implement your architecture firm SEO strategy considering your target keywords.

    3. Website Optimization (On-page SEO)

    The main focus of SEO services for architects is to improve your organic rankings or non-paid rankings. On-page SEO is a good starting point to achieve this goal.

    This service focuses on optimizing your architecture business website to improve your search rankings and organic results, though we primarily focus on user experience optimization, which is a good way to tell Google that your website is made for users.

    We start by making sure that there are dedicated pages for all your major services. This helps to rank different pages of your site for specific services and generate as many leads as possible from Google. Content on all pages has to be unique and relevant to the services you provide.

    4. Technical SEO for Architects

    Technical SEO for architects involves finding & rectifying technical errors on your architecture firm’s website to keep your site healthy and running smoothly.

    We start by performing a technical audit of your website to analyze your site’s performance in terms of page speed, mobile-friendliness, and browsing experience and find errors.

    The first is making sure that your website is secure. This can be achieved by adding an SSL certificate to your architecture firm’s site, which helps maintain a secure, encrypted connection and protects user data.

    Then, we identify and deal with any crawling or indexing errors to make it easy for search engines to read and index your website pages. This involves creating an up-to-date sitemap and optimizing your robots.txt file.

    Optimizing your website speed is vital for a good user experience. People love websites that are fast. It helps boost conversions and decrease the bounce rate. We use a number of page optimization techniques to boost your page loading speed and provide a better Google page experience.

    Other than that, we find and manage coding errors, 404 pages, canonicals, redirects, and other page errors on your site during our SEO for architecture firms.

    5. Architects Content Marketing

    Content marketing for architects involves creating & using high-quality content to market your business to potential customers online.

    Content marketing helps promote your services to a wider audience and get natural backlinks from many reputable websites in your niche, which will help you rank higher for your keywords.

    As you may know, there are three steps of a marketing funnel and we need to write content for all three steps to target the maximum number of potential customers. This will allow us to target prospects who are just enquiring about architecture firms and those who are ready to hire one soon.

    We do this by creating high-quality content, including blogs, videos, podcasts, and guest articles on topics that your target customers are searching for, such as information about architecture services, hiring an architecture firm, tips, etc.

    6. Link Building for Architecture Website

    Link building is an important aspect of Architecture Firm SEO, as Google considers backlinks as a factor in determining the search rankings of a web page.

    The focus should be on building as many high-quality backlinks from top domains as possible. The more good quality backlinks you have, the higher your website will rank in search results for your keywords.

    7. Local SEO for Your Architects Businesses

    Local SEO is an ideal digital marketing practice for businesses with a brick-and-mortar presence, such as an architecture firm.

    A local SEO for architects will focus on optimizing & improving the search engine presence of your architecture firm to enhance your local reach and get you more customers from your area.

    Since a lot of people looking for architect services search on Google, we make sure that your firm is visible for your local search keywords. We also optimize your Google listing to ensure your potential customers can easily find (your business address), contact (your phone number), and reach (your Maps location) you.

    SEO Service Packages for Architects

    Having more than a decade of experience in architect SEO, we specialize in creating customized SEO packages to include personalized services based on the particular needs of an architecture firm.

    You can hire architectural firm SEO specialists on a project basis or choose from our affordable & customizable SEO packages for architects.

    SEO Service Packages for Architects
    • Basic SEO: If you’re on a tight budget and only need basic SEO services to get your website in search results, choose this pocket-friendly architect SEO package.
    • Advanced SEO: Get more qualified SEO services from a bigger team with dedicated SEO specialists. Most suitable for small & medium businesses.
    • Premium SEO (best value-for-money): Get our complete range of architect SEO services with premium features and options at a fixed, low monthly cost. Guaranteed results.

    Major 5 FAQs on Architects SEO Company

    Q1. How Do I Promote My Architecture Firm?

    There are a number of ways you can promote your architecture firm online and offline using both free and paid methods. You can use SEO for architecture firms to boost your firm’s Google ranking and visibility to get more traffic and leads from search results. In addition, you can promote on social media, through videos on YouTube, podcasts and other content.

    Q2. What is SEO for Architects?

    SEO stands for search engine optimization, which is the practice of optimizing and promoting a business or website online. SEO can help boost your online visibility and reach to get more potential customers for your architect website or local business.

    Q3. How Do I Get More Architectural Clients?

    You have to promote your architecture business online using SEO and social media with a focus on your target customers, i.e. people who are looking to hire architects in your area. Create an amazing website, improve your Google rankings, promote on social media, create content for users, and build a strong personal brand.

    Q4. How to Hire SEO Services for Architects?

    You can contact SAG IPL to hire SEO for architect services. We have the team and resources to offer you the best SEO strategy & results no matter the size of your firm. You can choose from our customizable architect SEO packages or get your own tailored SEO service to fit your particular needs.

    Q5. Does SEO Work for Architects Website?

    Yes, SEO can be beneficial for architects. To attract a huge client base, architects must have a strong online presence to attract potential clients. By optimizing their website with relevant keywords and high-quality content, architects can increase visibility in search engines, driving organic traffic and ultimately, more inquiries and projects.

    Want to Hire Professional SEO Agency for Architects?
    Don’t Worry About It!

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