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Fintech Marketing

Boost Your Online Reach and Search Engine Ranking with Professional Fintech Marketing Services by SAG IPL.

With the rising demand and popularity of fintech (financial technology) services, the competition in the fintech industry has increased drastically in the past few years. With so many new players popping up in the market, it has become vital for fintech companies to employ high-quality marketing to stand out from the crowd.

SEO, which stands for search engine optimization, can help a financial services business boost its organic reach and visibility online to capture the attention of its potential users to drive more leads and conversions for their business.

According to research, organic search (Google Search) is one of the major sources of traffic and leads for fintech websites and online businesses. Fintech digital marketing services for fintech companies can help your website/business rank higher in search results to get the most out of organic search traffic.

Whether you want to learn about how fintech marketing can help your fintech business grow online or are looking to understand the step-by-step process of marketing a fintech firm using SEO, this article is for you.

As a top digital marketing company, SAG IPL specializes in creative marketing strategies and solutions for new-age tech companies, including fintech businesses, to boost their visibility and growth.

    SEO Benefits and Importance for Fintech Companies

    Whether you’re a fintech startup looking to boost your online visibility or an established fintech firm aiming for more traffic and conversions for your website or business, a Fintech marketing company can help.

    Search engine optimization refers to the practice of optimizing the online presence of a business or website to improve its rankings in search engine results to drive more traffic, leads, and conversions to it.

    Fintech Business

    The importance of online marketing depends on the fact that search engines like Google are a major source of traffic for a large number of modern businesses. These include fintech companies.

    As a tech-driven industry, fintech depends heavily on the Internet, which is why Internet marketing is crucial for the success of fintech companies.

    Due to the rapidly increasing popularity of fintech services, many new fintech companies and startups have emerged in the past couple of years, leading to an increase in the competition. No matter how good your product or service is, you need fintech marketing if you want to stand out in this highly competitive space.

    It can help your fintech business stand out and thrive by highlighting and promoting your unique features online, capturing the attention of your target audience and generating more qualified leads.

    Fintech marketing services for fintech startups are particularly important because new businesses can find it rather difficult to compete with established businesses, and SEO can give you an edge.

    SEO can make it easy to find and connect with your target audience in the vast online space. It ensures that you approach potential customers at the right time and the right place to boost conversions.

    At the same time, SEO makes it easy for potential customers to find and reach you when looking to buy fintech products or services.

    To sum up, The benefits for a fintech business include:

    • Boost conversions
    • Drive more traffic and leads
    • Grow brand awareness
    • Increase sales and revenue
    • Improve business credibility
    • Easy to track performance & results

    Fintech Marketing Services by SAG IPL

    SAG IPL provides comprehensive fintech business marketing services, which are explained here through a step-by-step process, which anyone can follow to replicate the results for their own business. For a more personalized fintech marketing strategy, please contact SAGIPL to discuss your requirements with a specialist.

    Fintech Keyword Research

    The first step to our fintech marketing services for fintech companies is keyword research.

    Keyword Research

    Our team will perform extensive keyword research for your fintech SEO campaign to determine the best keywords in terms of relevance, average searches, and competition.

    SEO keywords are terms that people type in Google search when looking for something. For instance, when searching for a fintech product or company, they might type something like “the best fintech company,” “top fintech products,” etc. in Google.

    Keyword research is important because it helps us understand how your potential customers are searching for your business, products, or services, and the keywords or terms they’re using in Google Search.

    We use a number of keyword research tools such as Google Keyword Planner and Ahrefs to identify your most relevant keywords based on factors like monthly search volume, competition, etc.

    All the keywords we select are then sorted by demand and complexity. We then use these keywords with a primary focus on keywords with the highest search volume and lowest competition.

    It’s also crucial to filter out keywords that are not relevant to your business or don’t match your ideal audience.

    In addition to exact keywords, we might also include long-tail keywords, such as “best fintech app for Android” in our marketing strategy to rank faster for more specific search terms.

    Competitor Analysis

    SEO competitor analysis for fintech involves researching your major competitors to analyze and understand their keyword profile, SEO strategy, content, and backlinks to improve your own marketing campaign and replicate your competitors’ success.

    Competition analysis

    Understanding your competitors is important if you want to defeat them in search results and make your own product or service stand out.

    There are various tools you can use to research your competitors. But, the first step is to identify your competitors. To do this, just perform a Google search for your primary keyword and select the top 3 or 4 websites. These are your main competitors.

    Now, to analyze a competitor, put their website in any competitor analysis tool, which will give you a detailed record of the keywords your competitor is ranking for, their content highlights, meta descriptions, and backlink profile, among other things.

    Use these data to understand what your competitor is doing better and how you can replicate this in your own SEO campaign to achieve similar success.

    Most importantly, analyzing your competitors’ backlinks can offer you some really good link-building opportunities from multiple high-authority sites in your niche.

    Make sure to only optimize for keywords that are strictly relevant to your business. Avoid using irrelevant keywords even if your competitors are using them.

    Fintech Website (On-site) Optimization

    On-site optimization or technical SEO, involves optimizing the target website for various on-page techniques such as quality content, user-friendly design, and speed.

    While the primary goal of our fintech marketing is to boost your organic search ranking and traffic, we also make sure that your website is ready to entertain the leads coming its way and is optimized to convert most of them. This is where on-site SEO comes in.

    On-Page Optimization

    So, on-site optimization involves improving the overall user experience of your site, which is achieved by optimizing its look (design) and quality (content), website layout, speed, mobile responsiveness, technical errors, URLs, keywords, and more.

    Remember the keywords that we found in the first stage? We use these keywords here to optimize your site content to make it more relevant and meaningful. If your content is not very good in the first place or doesn’t offer quality to your visitors, we might consider replacing it with fresh, high-quality content.

    Other than that, we improve your website design and layout to ensure a better user experience and enhance conversion rate, optimize meta tags with relevant keywords, identify and address technical errors such as “page not found,” ensure your website is mobile responsive, and increase the website speed for a better browsing experience.

    If you’re looking to revamp your FinTech website from the SEO point of view or want a fully SEO-optimized website from scratch, contact SAG IPL to connect with our awesome website development team today.

    Link Building & Outreach

    Another crucial component of a Fintech marketing strategy is link building, which involves creating high-quality backlinks from relevant websites or pages to your Fintect site.

    SEO Link Building

    Backlinks are important because search engines like Google consider them an indicator of a webpage’s quality and credibility and might use them as a factor when determining the page’s search engine rankings.

    In short, the more good quality backlinks you have, the higher you might rank in search results for your target keywords.

    It’s also worth noting that backlinks aren’t the only factor used by search engines to determine rankings, but it’s still an important factor and shouldn’t be ignored.

    So, how do you make good quality backlinks to your fintech website?

    Well, it’s going to take effort. It’s easy to make backlinks in general. There are numerous low-quality websites you can get backlinks from. But, what you need are good, high-quality links from relevant sites, i.e. websites in your niche.

    As a fintech website, you can get backlinks from websites related to the finance industry and technology websites, among others. Common websites like news portals, forums, etc. that are not particular to any one industry can also be good sources for backlinks.

    Content is generally the primary tool we use to build or get backlinks that seem natural. Content strategies like guest blogging and onsite blogging are some of the best ways to build good backlinks (more details in the content marketing section).

    We may also partner with fintech influencers online to promote your brand and products/services by generating valuable content for their followers and audience or posting relevant advertisements on their websites or channels.

    Social Media Marketing for Fintech

    We also use social media to promote our clients and their businesses because this is where everyone apparently is these days.

    Jokes aside, some of the popular social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter witness monthly active users in billions. The point worth noting is that most of these are your everyday consumers, who are probably looking for ideas and product recommendations on social media.

    Social Media Marketing

    So, if you are searching for the best place to find and connect with your potential customers in the fintech space, social media is most likely it.

    Make sure that you have official pages, channels, or profiles on all top social networking platforms, especially ones that fintech enthusiasts and users frequent.

    Consider joining relevant finance groups or communities on social media where you can connect with your target audience and influencers and share your knowledge to build your authority.

    Promote your products or services wisely and not too extensively on social media. First, focus on building your reputation and credibility, and then, once you have a following, recommend your fintech business to them.

    Encourage your customers and followers to share their feedback. Always respond to their comments and take necessary actions on their feedback when needed.

    Regularly share engaging social media posts and relevant content to build interaction. Share different types of content, like product updates, polls, contests, questionnaires, AMAs (ask me anything), etc. to maintain user interest and boost engagement.

    Fintech Content Marketing

    Content marketing will forever remain one of the best digital marketing techniques to grow a brand’s online reputation and credibility. This is because everything is content, and content is everything.

    Content Marketing, in simple words, involves the use of content to market or promote something.

    content markeitng

    Content is how we connect with your potential customers to influence their buying decisions. When promoting your fintech business through SEO, we use content to tell your target audience about your unique offering, features and benefits, and what makes your product or service so great.

    Content is also a great way to build high-quality, natural backlinks to your fintech website.

    A content marketing strategy has three parts – content creation, sharing, and analysis.

    The content creation process involves developing high-quality, meaningful content that resonates with your target audience. We create content on fintech-related topics, faqs, guides, videos, and more to help your customers and eventually make them trust your brand enough to buy from you.

    The sharing part involves identifying the best platforms to post your content. These may include forums, guest blogs, and social media sites where your target audience can be found. We also regularly create and publish articles on your website blog to build engagement and drive direct traffic.

    Tracking the performance of your content strategy helps us identify things that are working and ones that are not working so that required changes can be made to improve performance going forward.

    Fintech Marketing Packages and Pricing

    We at SAG IPL specialize in customized and creative marketing solutions tailored to the specific requirements and goals of our clients. So, whatever your SEO needs or objectives are, we have the right package for you.

    Fintech Marketing Cost

    All our fintech marketing services are available in the form of the following three package options. You can choose any package that fits your requirements right now with the flexibility to upgrade or downgrade later on as your needs evolve. In addition, you can also connect with us to hire dedicated fintech marketing experts to work full-time on your fintech project.

    Basic – $499 per month

    Advanced – $999 per month

    Premium – $1499 per month

    Why Choose SAG IPL for Fintech Marketing Solutions

    As a certified and highly reputed fintech marketing company, SAG IPL offers cutting-edge marketing strategy and creative solutions to emerging brands to help them stand out.

    Choose SAG IPL

    Our meticulous fintech marketing approach will help you meet your goals of improved reach and traffic, whether you want more local or global exposure. Our comprehensive fintech marketing strategy covers everything from keyword research and competition analysis to on-site SEO, link building, content marketing, and social media.

    SAG IPL’s highly qualified and skilled team utilizes cutting-edge SEO techniques and methods to help you overcome competition and be seen in search results for your relevant keywords.

    Contrary to what some people might think, SEO is not a one-time thing, it’s constantly evolving, which is why you need a dedicated SEO person to help you stay ahead of the trend with cutting-edge strategies and methods. Our experts keep themselves updated with the latest SEO development and techniques to ensure your success in this highly competitive fintech industry.

    Fintech Marketing Company Testimonials

    Don’t just believe our words, see what some of our customers are saying about SAG IPL’s outstanding fintech marketing services, team, and expertise.

    “Working with the SAG IPL team for my SEO project has been amazing because they so well understand my requirements and work really hard to come up with a marketing strategy that perfectly fits my project. Always up to the challenge and truly passionate about what they do.”

    “SAG IPL took their time to analyze my project, market, and competitors, and it all reflected in their strategy and content, which were outstanding in terms of the value they provided to my campaign to grow my business.”

    FAQs About Fintech Marketing

    Any Queries

    What is fintech SEO?

    Fintech SEO refers to search engine optimization for a fintech (financial technology) website or business, which involves optimizing the website and overall online presence of the fintech company and promoting it across the internet and on social media to boost its credibility and online reach and generate more traffic, leads and sales for the business, particularly from Google Search.

    How does digital marketing for fintech companies work?

    The primary goal of Search Engine Optimization is to boost the search engine ranking (website) and visibility of your fintech business. To do so, we use various marketing techniques like link building and content marketing to promote your services through high-quality content that helps your target audience and drives interest and engagement, which ultimately helps boost your credibility and get you more organic traffic and leads.

    Can your fintech marketing agency help me generate more traffic and sales from Google?

    Yes, this is what SEO does. Our tailored fintech marketing strategy will help systematically boost your online reach and credibility, especially on Google and improve your search rankings to get you more organic traffic and leads from search engines. SEO is the best and probably the most cost-effective way to generate high-quality organic traffic and leads from Google.

    How much do SEO services for fintech cost?

    The cost of professional SEO services for a fintech company depends on factors like project requirements, complexity, project duration, goals, competition level, and current online exposure of the target website or business. For your convenience, we offer multiple SEO service packages with different features and costs, starting at just $499 per month.

    By Mohsin Qureshi SEO Strategy and Growth Leader

    Mohsin Qureshi is a seasoned digital marketer with over 12 years of experience, including 7 years working as a Team Leader in SAG IPL. His expertise lies in SEO, SMO, PPC, influencer marketing, and strategy building with a focus on driving impactful results and growth for businesses. With a keen eye for innovation and a commitment to excellence, Mohsin has been delivering tailored digital marketing strategies and solutions to help businesses excel online. LinkedIn

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