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21 No-Fail Strategies To Increase Traffic On Your Website

While the exact number of websites varies every moment, there were 1,197,982,359 websites on the web as per Netcraft’s January 2022 Web Server Survey report. It is a bit lower compared to last year but the fact is, it is still well over 1billion. 

Where do you belong?

More websites mean more competition and if there are billions of websites then you can imagine how hard it becomes to grab proper attention and gain real traffic, for almost each of them.

A few achieved success, few are just hobbyists, and all others either quit or just hustled for survival somewhere, without getting proper recognition means traffic. That’s why there is a huge fluctuation in the total number of websites. But if you are here now, reading this blog, the point is where do you belong?

If a marketer or business owner asked to make a business’ wish list, probably “more customers” will be on top of their list, similarly, website owners or digital marketing companies will probably put “More traffic on my website” on the top of their list.

Wherever you belong in this field, you want more traffic on your website, and to be precise, you want more meaningful traffic to your website. As we guessed it accurately, this article is for you.

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Top 21 Ways to Increase Traffic On Your Website


There are many ways you can increase traffic to your website, and in today’s article, we’re going to look at the top 20 of them, including many ways to increase site traffic without paying a penny.

1. What you see is What sells

It was expected, but we are keeping it on top here. There are various ways to advertise your website and business, you can use Paid search, social media advertising, display advertising, paid publication, etc, to attract more and more visitors, increase your brand reach, and give the required exposure to your project. 

Every advertisement channel has its advantages and disadvantages, so think carefully about your objectives (Only traffic, conversion, traffic+conversion), and then create solid paid strategies to meet your goals before reaching for your credit card.

2. Social Media on work

Only creating quality content and hoping that people will find it, is not enough to achieve your goal in between 1billion websites – You need to be proactive. One well-tested way is to use social media platforms to promote your content, which will bring more traffic to your website.

Google+ is buried in the grave, but Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Linkedin, Reddit, and Facebook are still here to help you in increasing traffic on your website.

For B2C product companies, image-heavy social sites especially Instagram and Pinterest work well. However, for B2B companies other social platforms provide the best opportunities to get relevant visitors and traffic.

3. Blend it well

You may have understood well that increasing visitors is not a problem of your mathematics textbook, where you had a predefined formula to get the solution.

Here, you have to play with different strategies, ways, and platforms for generating content marketing success. For this reason, vary the length and format of your content to appeal to different types of readers.

Blend long-form content well with short, news-based blog posts, videos, infographics, and data-driven pieces, for the best possible result.

4. Make compelling headlines

Headlines are the backbone of the structure of content, that’s why headlines are also an integral part of On-page optimization as well as content formats. When the most comprehensive blog post is going unread, you must master the art of headline writing. 

According to some sources, some big websites often write around 20 different headlines before choosing the one. So before crushing the “publish” button think carefully about your title and headlines.

5. On-Page SEO


With on average 9 updates a day, SEO is ever-changing. Optimizing your content for search engines is still a valuable and meaningful practice. You just have to take care of some tiny things such as alt text, title, description, internal links, fair use of keywords, readability, etc. 

These small tasks don’t take too much time and effort, however, these practices help your websites rank higher on SERPs, which ultimately means more organic traffic.

6. Evergreen Long-tail Keywords


If you covered high-intent keywords and popular keywords in your content, then it’s time to target long-tail keywords. Long-tail keywords receive most web searches, which means that if long-tail keywords are not a part of your paid search or SEO efforts, you’re losing some huge opportunities to increase your website traffic.

Find the relevant long-tail keywords and wisely use them throughout your content to attract some specific and high-conversion traffic.

Here is a list of different types of SEO services along with their cost structure in this SEO pricing guide:

7. Guest Posting

Guest Posting

Guest Posting can be really beneficial for your website, publishing a guest post on a reputed, high authority site can not only help you to increase blog traffic to your website but it will also help your website to get a backlink from a higher DA website and can help build your brand into a bargain.

Just keep in mind that the standard of guest posting has changed fundamentally during the last few years, and spammy tactics can result in harsh penalties. Thus, choose the best website and proceed with caution.

8. Allow others to guest post on your website

Guest posting is a two-way tunnel, Along with publishing content on other blogs, allow and invite people from your niche to guest post on your site. They will share and interlink to their guest articles, which will bring new readers to your website.

Just like above, Only allow publishing of high-quality, original content without spam links, as Google is making the path difficult for low-quality guest blogging.

9. Go After Referral Traffic


Instead of trying to convince other sites to link back to you, create content that just begs to be linked to. Learn how you can create such content, Know which types of links send a lot of referral traffic, and how to get them.

Basically, such content is a result of good research, knowledge, statistics, surveys, and much more vital stuff. Additionally, Infor provided on these posts needs to be accurate and verified.

10. Linkedin Publishing Platform

Use Linkedin Platform

Linkedin is not only a platform for finding jobs, but now it is also a publishing platform, which means that you should regularly post content on LinkedIn.

Publishing quality content on LinkedIn, can surely boost traffic to your site, as well as highlighting your profile in your industry. It will provide exposure to your skill, expertise, your website, product/services, and your profile.

Linkedin is also considered a social media platform for professionals so it provides a better opportunity to make real customers. Meanwhile, you have to take care of the info, and flow of your content.

11. Don’t ignore Schema Microdata

Implementing a schema or any other microdata format does not directly increase traffic on your website, but it makes it easier for search engine crawlers to understand the details of your web pages better and index your pages accordingly. 

One more advantage of using schemas is that it can result in better rich site snippets, which can improve click-through rates (CTRs) from SERPs.

12. Interlinking is essential


The number and quality of backlinks are not the only factors that determine the strength of your link profile, your internal link structure also plays an important role in strengthening your link profile. 

At the time of creating and publishing content, pay attention to seize all the internal link opportunities. This practice not only helps with SEO but also improves the user experience and average duration of page view. These all small factors directly or indirectly help your website to rank higher and get more visitors.

13. Interview Industry Thought Leaders

If you think the interviews are only for the big leagues, then you would be surprised how many people would be willing to talk only if you ask them.

Simply, contact industry leaders and experts using email and request an interview. After getting their response, publish the interviews on your blog.

Only their names will be enough to make people curious and they will definitely visit your website. This will boost your credibility and increase traffic on your website, with the interviewer possibly sharing the content as well, further expanding your reach.

14. Don’t underestimate Email Marketing

Don’t underestimate Email Marketing

At present time, businesses are aiming at social media and advertisements for attracting new customers but in between all, they forget about the more traditional method, Email Marketing.

There was also talk in the air that after the introduction of Push notification email marketing will be dead but, you know the reality. 

Email marketing is still one of the most beneficial marketing strategies, it is also a powerful tool, and by carefully utilizing its power you can increase traffic on your website significantly. Just don’t bombard people with bulk emails about everything. Use it smartly and observe the better result.

15. Responsive Design is a must


Desktop-oriented website designing is an outdated approach, people are using smartphones and tablets featuring different screen sizes.

Make sure your website is accessible and easily viewable across a range of devices including small smartphones.

Also, check and verify all important options and details are loading and working properly on all devices and every screen size.

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16. Make It Super Fast


Nobody likes slow-loading websites, thus make sure your website or web pages loads faster. What can you do to boost the speed of your website?

You have to optimize your websites and you can do that by optimizing image files, minifying HTML, CSS, JS, and reducing the dependability of third-party plugins.

Sometimes you also have to choose a better hosting provider by checking bandwidth, file limit, and processing power before purchasing hosting space.  

17. Foster a sense of community

Foster a sense of community

People love to talk about topics they feel enthusiastic about, so building a community on your site is really a great step to engage more people and start a conversation.

And when people will start to love your platform they will help your site by sharing info and links which will increase traffic on your website.

This process will take time and effort but engagement with your visitors is important and it will also help you to earn some real long-term customers.

18. Don’t skip the Comment Section

While preparing content, or just exploring the web you probably visit a few sites on a regular basis that share the same niche and field. So, don’t skip the comment section and try to start a conversation there.

Just make sure that you are posting something relevant and meaningful to the content. Sometimes people get engaged with the content and then they reach the comment section to find extra information and if your comment seems interesting to them, they will reach your website in no time.

19. Pay attention to Analytics Data

Google Analytics is one of the most valuable sources of data about every conceivable aspect of your site, from your most popular pages to visitor’s interests and regions.

For a long time success and for the purpose of increasing traffic. You should keep a close eye on your Analytics data, and smartly use all the information to shape your promotional and content strategies.

Also, work on pages that are not doing well and also check which posts and pages are USP of your website. Reports will also show you where and when your site traffic is coming from.

20. Host Webinars

Webinars are getting popular day by day, especially the free ones or webinars that are offering something new to learn something new to know.

Promoting the same with effective social promotion campaigns and providing great content will open doors for first-time visitors. Nowadays webinars are a great way to increase traffic on your website. 

By incorporating digital and email marketing, quality content, subscription, and live chat options you can make things even more profitable.

Just focus on the content of the webinar and promotions and let visitors explore all the provided options, deals, and products/services, ultimately it will help you to increase website traffic very quickly, and get lots of leads.

21. Off Page SEO

Currently, in the digital era it is too easy to target your audience despite having so much crowd digitally. Off page SEO is one of the quick ways to reach out to your audience without any hassle. These activities are done away from websites to raise your site rankings such as links, social media strategy, influencer marketing, Guest Content, Local listing, Forum listing  and more. These days every kind of business is adopting these activities to beat their competitors. It is an easy and convenient way to reach out to your customers in no time.


That’s it for today! Above here, we engraved 20 top tactics to increase traffic on your website, there are some more and we will add all of them here.

Most of them don’t require any investment, you just have to put some effort to perform them on your website and your website will be ready to go. Just make sure to keep things authentic and avoid unethical things.

If you are worried about the future of your website, then don’t shy away from contacting SEO and marketing experts. One great company in this field is SAG IPL.

It is a Jaipur-based full-service IT company having 10+ years of experience and a workforce of 300+ industry experts. They will happily guide and help you to increase traffic on your website at a very affordable cost.


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