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Marketing, regardless of whether it’s traditional or digital, has the potential to boost a business’s sales and profits. To achieve optimal results, it’s important to prioritize the quality of your SEO marketing services over quantity. In the present time, when traditional ways of marketing seem not enough and unable to compete with the digital mode, here we are providing creative marketing ideas that will give your product or service enough exposure and it will also help you boost sales and profits.

It is important to understand that focusing on multiple marketing ideas will be no good for the business; you have to focus on a quality marketing strategy and steady growth.

Smart marketing becomes more important these days for startups or small businesses because they do not have the funds for expensive advertising like already established competitors. They can stay on their level by investing smartly in these creative ideas.

Looking to give your business an edge in the marketplace? Check out our comprehensive list of 70+ Creative Marketing Ideas and Innovative Sales Ideas in 2024! From social media strategies to in-store promotions, we’ve got you covered with innovative approaches to driving revenue and maximizing your bottom line. Don’t miss out on these powerful tactics for taking your business to the next level in the coming year!

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    Fresh Marketing Ideas for 2024

    In this article, we’ve compiled a list of 72 innovative and effective marketing ideas that can help you achieve your business goals. From social media and content marketing to guerrilla and urban marketing, as well as contest promotion, we’ve got you covered. With so many options to choose from, you can find the marketing ideas that work best for your business and apply them to drive positive results.

    Let’s start with some creative guerrilla marketing ideas:

    Guerilla Marketing Ideas

    Guerilla Marketing Ideas

    Guerrilla marketing is the rightful synonym of creative marketing. Brands do this with such creativity that it makes people stop doing everything and talk about the audacity. This way of marketing is proven to spread brand awareness among the masses right away. Guerrilla marketing allows you to focus on strategies to promote products and/or services unconventionally with a small budget.

    #1. Think differently Frame it differently:

    To grab the attention of your potential customers, you need to think differently and make a proper contrast. Just for an example, if you are running a women’s shoe business, then get men in military uniform to sell your sky-high heels! It is an example of a unique and higher-contrast marketing idea.

    Basically, in this way, take in the stereotypes of your industry or business and then break out of their mold. This will provide required and quick exposure to your business.

    #2. Promote it in the right place:

    Find out where your customers spend most of their time and develop a marketing strategy focused on that specific platform. For example, if you are running a stationery business place ads on e-learning platforms or education-related websites. And on social platforms target locations where some biggest educational centers are located.

    #3. Think About The Delivery:

    Many sellers and businesses add a thank you note with a discount coupon inside the package they deliver to their customers. Many choose some unique way to deliver the package, for example, delivery using drones.

    There are also a few companies who work on the packaging more, thus their brand gets the required recognition quickly. You can think about it and come up with something beneficial.

    #4. The odd partnership will not hurt:

    There are many such examples available in history, which show that you will not harm your business if you join with an unusual partner or even a place for the purpose of promotion and publicity. So, think about it and make a wise decision.

    #5. Attract the eyes one more time:

    Work on promotional banners or text and create something unique that encourages your potential customers to look twice at it. It will amaze your customers, and you will get one more chance to showcase your product and services.

    #6. Give them a Preview:

    Let users experience your product or service. With the preview, they can decide whether the product or service is beneficial for them or not. Meanwhile, it will allow more and more people to at least try your product.

    #7. Make Things a Bit Funny:

    Being serious all the time can make your customer bored, be creative and promote your products with some punch lines and funny pictures to bring a smile to their face.

    #8. Pass a message:

    This strategy is also known as the fortune cookie effect. You can keep your audience engaged by putting hidden or fun messages in your promotion banner or text.

    #9. Make it smell:

    You can travel the extra mile to make your customer’s experience top-notch by adding a fragrant-smelling environment through the use of oils or vaporizers.

    #10. Personalize it:

    Use a tagline, a monogram, a picture, and the like to personalize the product or service. This can increase your sales and reach.

    #11. Noticeable Street Art:

    Street art is one of the most popular forms of guerilla marketing. If you know how to be creative with putting your brand icon or logo on a street wall or road, you will not need any expensive endorsements. 

    #12. Show up Where You Don’t Belong:

    Make your presence felt where you can stand out by default. Brands that show up in places where they do not belong are able to grab attention instantly. You can use your creativity to leave a comment on any random social media post. It will drive immense traffic to your account.

    #13. Show the Intention in Fewer Words:

    In guerilla marketing, being a miser with words casts the spell. Just tell people your intentions in a few words and leave the rest to them. You can design your logo in a creative way that explains what problems you are solving.

    Social Media Marketing Ideas

    Social Media Marketing Ideas

    Social media usage has increased significantly in recent years. Content on these channels can influence users to do certain activities. Applying creative social media marketing ideas can add an extra star to your marketing campaign.

    Social media marketing uses the user base and reach of social media websites to increase attention or traffic to your brand.

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    #14. Power of the Social media community:

    You can use your existing social media community to spread your message. It will not only provide you with the required exposure but will also help you to increase your reach, brand reputation, and brand awareness.

    #15. Add your customers to your team:

    If you listen to and engage with your customers, then you are doing a good job to stretch one step further. You can make them feel like they are actually part of your team. It is a great way to promote your brand.

    #16. Get a guest poster:

    Allow the user to post on your social media accounts. If someone is saying something good about your brand or product, promote them and share their post using your official account.
    Don’t miss any opportunity to promote your work and Social Pages
    Don’t hesitate to mention your social handle in your slideshow, videos, banners, etc. You can also mention them on your business card and pamphlets.

    #17. Join in on the trend:

    Keep eye on the ongoing trend and take part if you can. You can build your social media followers by becoming active and creative participants.

    #18. Humanize your Social Profiles:

    Don’t just share products and services on your social media accounts. Make it friendly by adding a picture of an actual person to your social accounts. It will keep your followers connected to your brand.

    #19. Use an Already successful Marketing Strategy:

    If something has already been done for you, use it again, but differently this time. Keep details of your social marketing campaign so you can incorporate the same in the future.

    #20. Take “advantage” of the situation:

    Act fast and wittily and seize all the available opportunities, especially on Twitter. It is an okay-tested strategy that works from time to time for companies.

    #21. Use Memes:

    Memes are trending and have become a new way of entertaining people. You can use creative meme marketing to promote your business, product, and/or services.

    #22. Run a Referral Program:

    Referral programs have become quite normal today. The main reason is- it encourages people to spread the word about the brand. Your customers will unintentionally become your marketers and bring more of them in the process. Make the reward fair enough that people can’t stop talking about it.

    #23. Collab with Influencers:

    After celebrities, influencers have a strong presence on social media. Even some of them are more active and engaged with their followers than big celebrities. You can approach them and share some of your premium products or services in return. It is the best way to reach the maximum number of people with a minimum investment.

    #24. Organise Giveaway Contests:

    Do you know what is that one word that can grab the attention of an audience instantly? “Free”, isn’t it? Giving a surprise to your followers by offering your special or latest product is a good idea. Just tell them to do a certain action and watch your followers grow. 

    #25. Partner with Brands to Make Sponsored Posts:

    There is nothing more creative than two brands talking about each other on their social media handles. You must have seen some posts where the social media handle of a brand commented on another brand’s post. It is the most creative way to grab attention. You can also do something like that by approaching them.

    #26. Show Testimonials of Customers More Often:

    It will be easier for you to build trust among your target audience if you show them testimonials of users who have availed of your service or product. People believe the person who has already witnessed the services. Show the testimony in a creative way that describes the pain point for a large audience.

    #27. Make Holiday and Trend Posts:

    Nothing works better than getting your brand involved in an ongoing trend. It indirectly tells the audience that what is going on outside, is here as well. Making trending memes can be a great move for creative marketing ideas. Similarly, during the holiday or festival season, you can create a wish for your audience by stating your brand’s tagline.

    Urban Marketing Ideas


    These marketing ideas work on promoting your company/ products/ services that urban cities are looking for.

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    #28. Try Old School Methods:

    For a business that is more locally oriented, there are many ways to promote your business and product. Go with some sidewalk chalk writing for your business. Use Small banners and stick them in relevant places.

    #29. Put up a mural:

    Take permission from a prominent building and put up a large mural. It could showcase anything, but it should also promote your business and products.

    #30. Put some effort into your billboard:

    Avoid copying others’ ideas but just learn from them. If you have a digital billboard, make it unique and interactive. Use it to show what your service or product does.

    #31. Make it Realistic:

    Use existing structures in the urban setting to promote your product. Use the real world’s problems, stuff, and items to deliver the message effectively.

    #32. See the surroundings:

    Think in a creative manner to see how you can use the urban environment and commonly available items to make some marketing impact.

    #33. Use Customized Stickers:

    Don’t just slap your logo onto a sticker, prepare or customize your stickers according to the urban location so it can attract more people.

    #34. Mimic your Products:

    Observe the stuff and things in your environment and see what your product can mimic. It will help your potential customers to know about you quickly.

    #35. Take advantage of the surrounding:

    Convey the message or promote your product using some commonly available object or commonly known places. Just make things attractive and meaningful.

    B2B Creative Marketing Ideas

    B2B Creative Marketing Ideas

    B2B, or business-to-business, marketing may appear similar to other types of marketing. Yet, it requires you to do some homework. Here, creative works, but only if it goes along with expertise.

    #36. Sound Expert with Marketing Content:

    In b2b marketing, you are trying to sell your products to another business. So the above tactics may not work well here. Your creativity in marketing should pop up along with some expertise in your business.

    #37. Take the Leadership:

    LinkedIn is a great platform for businesses like yours to take the initiative to share ideas and thoughts. Giving your industry player some innovative ideas can attract more entities and help them make a deal with you.

    Content Marketing Ideas

    Content Marketing Ideas

    It focuses on the creation and distribution of critical marketing and useful information to attract target audiences and increase the reach of your brand. It will bring customers to your brand.

    #38. Respond to controversy:

    It is a fact that controversial posts and information can help you grab attention. You can reach a wider audience very quickly. However, be careful as any unpleasant step can harm your reputation.

    #39. Acknowledge the effort of other sources:

    Don’t just take data from other sources, create something unique with it, and then acknowledge their effort in your content too. It not only helps you to create some unique and authentic content but also can help you grab some attention from other sources and their customers.

    #40. Interview experts:

    It is one of the most creative marketing ideas, for better reach and exposure you can interview your industry experts. Just set a magnificent set of questions and contact the experts and publish their responses on your website or social profile.

    #41. Prepare “Top Ten” Lists:

    People love these kinds of lists because they find information about more tools, products, and services at once. And with the ranking, they can also choose the best for them. Thus prepare some top ten lists and promote them on your social profile.

    #42. Write eBook:

    Create eBooks and offer the same to your customer at no cost. It will encourage your potential customers to use your product and services.

    #43. Create Online Magazine:

    After eBook, you can also create an engaging magazine, even a virtual magazine. There are many templates available online that will make things easier for you.

    #44. Have a podcast:

    Podcasts are in trend, they can easily become a go-to method of promoting your product or services. There are many online platforms that can help you if you are starting from the bottom.

    #45. Create Branded tools:

    You can create cool and useful tools for your audience. Just make sure that your tool is of quality, these tools will attract more visitors and you can easily convert them into customers.

    #46. Offer Online Course:

    You can also offer online courses depending on your expertise. It will attract a larger audience group who want to gain extra knowledge. While doing that you can promote your own products and services easily.

    #47. Work on Videos:

    Videos are becoming the most effective way to promote a brand, product, or service. People love to watch videos instead of reading content. So start shooting a video for your business.

    #48. Predict the future:

    Make predictions about your industry and make decisions accordingly. It will keep you ahead of your competitors. Just make sure that you make predictions on a solid base of information and knowledge.

    Contest Marketing Ideas

    Contest Marketing Ideas

    The purpose of content marketing is to provide consumers with a positive experience, build a connection with the product you sell, and collect data on shoppers that can help you with other marketing campaigns oriented to sales.

    #49. Host Your own award competition:

    If there is no competition within your industry or you cannot compete in it, then start your own award competition. Companies will not miss any chance to highlight their services and work so they will definitely want to win your award.

    #50. Turn a negative into a positive:

    When something unfortunate happens related to your brand, product, and/or service, turn it into a positive one. However, it really requires a box mindset and creative thinking.

    #51. Ask them to submit a vote:

    Contests or online polls which need a vote get a lot of entries because they are easy to attend. On Twitter, you just have to tap to register your vote. It will be fun, and interactive and also connect more people with your brand.

    #52. Treasure hunting:

    You can create a customized and high-quality treasure hunt to engage your audience. Post clues online to treasures scattered over a community, a city, or even multiple cities.

    Host an event, whether online or offline, to reveal the winner. And it will attract a wide group of audience.

    #53. Get them really engaged:

    Get your audience really engaged with your brand and product by playing some good online games, giving them challenges, and answering their queries.

    #54. Create Guest Posts:

    Conduct extensive research and find out the websites that create content for the industry. Write an informative article and approach these websites to post it. The only requirement is that you write an article that is relevant to their target audience. 

    #55. Create Google Web Stories:

    Recently, Google launched a new venture named “web stories.” Since it is new in the market, people are yet to know about it. But it can drive the maximum number of people to your business. The reason behind this is that there is zero competition. More information in fewer words is the main guideline of Google Web Stories. So creativity is a prerequisite here.

    #56. Play the Photo caption Game:

    Upload a Photo on your social media page and ask users to submit their preferred caption. The result will be fun all around and people will know you more.

    #57. Provide Product or service as Prize:

    Host a competition online and the winner of the competition will get your product or service as a prize. In between all, you can also promote that product or your services.

    Contest Promotion Marketing Ideas

    It is linked to content marketing. After starting a contest, you also have to promote it. Below, ideas will tell you how to promote the contest easily.

    #58. Give rewards to people who share:

    You can provide users with the ability to earn bonus points by sharing the contest via social media, with this trick users will most likely share the competition, which will provide you with more participation and more visitors.

    #59. Collaborate with deal sites:

    It has been observed that people in search of free stuff, offers and deals often visit deal sites as well as forums. You can promote your content on these websites and gain some quality visitors.

    #60. Include trending hashtag:

    Include relevant and trending hashtags for your competition. This makes it convenient for you to track and organize and organize entries.

    #61. Make the Contest Shareable:

    Give the option to share the contest easily. It will encourage the users to share the contest with their family and friends. The more they share, the more your business will get. It will help you to grow faster.

    Other Creative Marketing Ideas

    We cannot classify these marketing ideas under any previous marketing ideas, but they are good and creative, thus they are worth mentioning here.

    #62. Use technological advancement:

    Technology has a huge impact on people’s lives, you can use gadgets to provide some extra services. It will encourage new customers to use your services more.

    For example, install a big monitor and show details and recipes in the grocery section of your shopping complex.

    #63. Box subscriptions:

    You can also consider box subscriptions to promote your brand, product, or services. Under this model, the company promises to send a box of goods each month for a specific time period. This model also works for services, so think about it once.

    #64. Adopt a road or a community:

    If there are people who need help or a place where some effort is required, then go ahead and adopt them. People prefer companies that are doing good for the people and community.

    #65. Start a pop-up store:

    These are temporary shops, which are easy to set up and close. With a Pop-up store, you can bring yourself to your customers. With these stores, you can increase your reach very quickly and can also work on a mouth publicity strategy.

    #66. Become helpful and interesting:

    Try to show people that you are helpful, but also interesting. Solve their problems, and answer their queries but at the same time bring in something interesting or even funny in between the conversation.

    #67. Incorporate your product into people’s lives:

    Show them where your product or service fits in their life, and how beneficial it can be, and let them decide whether they want to buy it or not.

    #68. Smaller versions can do wonders:

    Work on making mini or smaller versions of your product and/or service and offer it at a discount. This will attract new or existing consumers who can bring long-term business relationships.

    #69. Join charity auctions:

    Think about donating your product or services to a charity auction. It is not only a fantastic way to help others, but you can also meet potential customers, and increase your local profile.

    #70. Advertise on your blogs:

    If you are running a blog or website then use it to promote your product or services. You can also contact relevant and high-authority blogs and sites to place your ads on them.

    #71. Encourage repeat business through rewards:

    If an existing customer is helping your business in any way, reward them by using a discount, freebie, or some kind of loyalty. It will encourage customers like them to use your services and others will also follow them.

    #72. Publicize milestones:

    Find reasons and celebrate milestones and success, even smaller ones. You can also host an event centering around it.

    #73. Offer free consultations:

    These can be great ways to showcase your expertise and get even more people as a client, especially if you run a service-oriented business.

    #74. Take advantage of the seasons:

    It is a popular way of promotion to offer discounts during special times of the year. Offer discounts on your products or services, whether it is a summer deal or winter savings, and people will love it.

    #75. Have a community day:

    Provide your goods or services to the local community for free or at a reduced price during Community Day. On one hand, it will give back to your community and allow other consumers to find you.

    #76. Go beyond being a philanthropic business:

    Making a donation and sponsoring a nonprofit will create a good image of your brand, but you can go one step further. You can offer your product or services free of cost for a limited time to everyone so they can try your product and services.

    Keep the Creative Juices Flow with SAG IPL Marketing

    That concludes our presentation on 76 creative marketing and sales ideas for today. We’ll continue to update our list with the latest and most popular marketing ideas. However, we advise against using multiple strategies simultaneously. Instead, select a marketing idea that suits your specific needs and is relevant to your business. Focus on executing it to the best of your ability, as quality marketing efforts are more effective than attempting to implement numerous strategies at once.

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