All Types of Digital Marketing Explained with Examples

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All Types of Digital Marketing

The digital marketing space has evolved a lot over the last decade or so, thanks to the introduction of cutting-edge technologies such as artificial intelligence and blockchain in marketing. If you’re curious to know the all types of digital marketing that are popular in 2024, this article is for you.

The new digital marketing techniques, methods, and strategies are deeply influenced by the latest technologies, which have kept internet marketing practical and effective even in this growingly competitive world.

One thing you should know about digital marketing strategies is that no single approach can be fit for all projects, businesses, and industries.

The different types of digital marketing are needed for the promotion of different industries, which is why it is crucial to understand the different forms of digital marketing.

With the digital landscape changing a lot very frequently, it has become imperative for digital marketing to evolve using cutting-edge resources to keep up with the shifting market demands and expectations. This article has everything you need to know about all types of digital marketing.

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    What is Digital Marketing and Why is it Important?

    There are many aspects or types of digital marketing, including organic marketing and paid promotion. Organic digital marketing techniques such as SEO (search engine optimization) involve the use of free internet resources to boost the organic reach, visibility, and sales of a business to increase ROI.

    Digital Marketing refers to using digital resources and technologies to promote a business, product, or service to reach and connect with its potential audience and influence their buying decision.

    With the increasing popularity and significance of the Internet in our world, it is now almost impossible to imagine a business without any online presence. The internet and various online resources are wonderful tools for brands to stand out and beat the competition through targeted marketing, so building your online presence is crucial.

    Having a strong online presence for your brand will not only help your business reach and connect with potential customers but also it will make it easy for potential customers to find and reach you when looking to buy your product or service.

    Digital Marketing is the easiest and most effective way to build a strong presence for your brand online.

    Digital Marketing, or internet marketing, involves the use of internet-based resources like search engines, websites, social media, forums, email, advertising, etc. to promote a brand online to help it get more leads and customers.

    But, why digital marketing?

    Because online marketing is easy, simple and extremely effective. Moreover, it is quite extensive, covering all aspects of marketing on the Internet or using Internet-based resources. So, whatever your niche is, you can be certain that digital marketing will work for you.

    Whether you’re looking to expand your business, reach more potential customers, or get more leads or boost sales, internet marketing can help you. It works for everyone and every niche. Even if you have specific goals, there are numerous online marketing strategies you can choose from to achieve the desired targets.

    Why is Digital Marketing Important?

    So, how does it work?

    Online marketing involves first establishing your business online and then strengthening its digital presence and reach to enable more and more potential customers to find and buy from you.

    Based on your niche and target markets, we find the best digital strategy for marketing your brand online. We promote to potential customers on search engines like Google (through SEO and PPC), on social media, and other online platforms and communities to expand your reach and boost traffic and sales.

    Other top digital marketing benefits include:

    • Wider reach globally
    • Measurable results
    • Cost-effective
    • Improved sales and ROI
    • Higher Google presence and ranking
    • Effective targeting
    • Improved branding
    • Increased engagement
    • Boosts Credibility & Trust
    • Strong long-term results
    • Consistent & Qualified Leads

    All Types of Digital Marketing Strategies

    Here are all types of digital marketing based on industries, marketing techniques, platforms, goals, and other factors. If you’re looking for digital marketing services from a professional agency, contact SAG IPL to book a free quote.

    All Types of Digital Marketing Strategies

    Keyword Research

    How do customers find a business online? By searching on Google (or maybe social media).

    Keywords are the words that people type in search engines when searching for something. So, when searching for your business, product, or service, they are using keywords that are relevant to you. For example, if you have a fashion website, customers might search it by using keywords like “best place to buy t-shirts online,” “best price shirts,” “partywear online,” etc.

    In keyword research, we find keywords that your potential customers are using. The more people using a keyword, the more traffic and leads it can fetch for you. However, high-traffic keywords also usually have high competition. The key is to find a balance between demand and competition.

    Check out here how we perform keyword research for a cleaning business.

    Keyword/phraseAvg. Monthly SearchesCompetition
    carpet cleaning100K – 1MHigh
    window cleaning100K – 1MHigh
    house cleaning100K – 1MMedium
    cleaning services100K – 1MMedium

    Once we’ve found your relevant keywords, we use them all over your digital marketing strategy, from on-page optimization to link-building and social promotion.

    Website Optimization

    Digital marketing starts with building your online presence. If you are a business with minimal or zero digital presence, the first step would be to establish your business online either through a new business website or by listing your business on relevant platforms, including Google My Business, where online users can view and access your information, find contact details, and easily reach you to buy your product or service.

    Once you have a business website, you can contact us for on-page SEO for website optimization, which involves improving your site for user experience and search engine ranking. We cover the following elements in our on-page SEO strategy for hotel industries.

    SEO strategy for hotel industries

    Local SEO

    Local SEO is a digital marketing technique most helpful for businesses looking to improve their local reach and presence to get more local traffic and sales.

    Brick-and-mortar businesses such as trucking companies or retail stores can benefit from local SEO, which helps expand their digital reach so that potential customers searching for these services can find and reach (map location) these businesses via Google Search.

    Some proven local SEO techniques include:

    Local SEO - A Part of Digital Marketing

    Blockchain/Crypto Marketing

    There could be different types of digital marketing by industries. Different businesses in different industries have different marketing needs and goals, which is why a single digital strategy doesn’t usually work for all kinds of businesses.

    Blockchain is a major industry in which SAG IPL provides professional digital marketing services. Take a look at our comprehensive Blockchain marketing solutions.

    Blockchain/Crypto Marketing Strategies

    A blockchain refers to a decentralized ledger network that facilitates peer-to-peer transactions between parties and maintains a public record of verified transactions in a ledger shared between thousands of distributed nodes worldwide.

    A major subset of the blockchain industry is the crypto market. A crypto or cryptocurrency is a digital currency or asset based on blockchain. This digital token can act as money for payments and transfers or be used to represent other digital assets or features in a blockchain project. Crypto marketing refers to promoting a cryptocurrency to increase its market presence, credibility, and sales.

    The blockchain space is quite vast with many components like cryptocurrencies, NFTs, metaverses, and more, so different digital strategies might be used for promoting different components of a blockchain.

    Crypto Community Building, for instance, refers to the act of promoting a cryptocurrency through communities, which also involves building a dedicated community of loyal followers for the particular cryptocurrency or project to expand its reach and userbase.

    There are numerous other crypto marketing techniques you can use to promote your cryptocurrency or blockchain project. These include Crypto Multi-Level Marketing, crypto ads marketing (paid advertising), crypto social media marketing, and Airdrop Marketing.

    Airdrop Marketing for crypto involves giving away free tokens to anyone who helps promote the project by creating content and videos on social media. It’s a great way to create initial buzz for your new cryptocurrency and find your first investors.

    Check out SAG IPL’s complete suite of token marketing services

    As we mentioned earlier, different blockchain components might need different marketing strategies. Here are the top ones:

    1. Metaverse SEO – Metaverse is a blockchain-based virtual world that runs on NFTs, blockchain, crypto, and other advanced technologies such as AI. Here’s our complete guide to Metaverse SEO.

    2. Web3 Marketing – Web3 refers to the next iteration of the internet, which is largely driven by blockchain-based decentralization and crypto-based economies. Web3 marketing involves promoting your web3 project online through crypto communities, content, and social media.

    3. NFT Marketing – NFTs are non-fungible tokens, which are essentially blockchain tokens commonly used to tokenize or represent valuable or rare assets like art, game assets, etc.

    4. IEO Marketing – IEO or initial exchange offering involves conducting a crypto token sale on an established exchange for added credibility and security. IEO, IDO, and STO, all are practically the same thing. Their marketing involves promoting the token on platforms that crypto fans frequent.

    5. IGO Marketing – The newest form of crypto fundraising mechanism, an IGO stands for initial game offering and is a way to raise funds for a crypto gaming project. Here’s all you need to know about igo-marketing

    6. IDO Marketing – An IDO is the same as ICO, but the IDO sale is conducted on a decentralized exchange or DEX, which is more secure. Contact us for professional IDO marketing services.

    7. ICO Marketing – ICO is the most popular type of crypto token sale. Marketing an ICO involves promoting the underlying token, project, and team through techniques like whitepaper creation, ICO website, social media, content marketing, videos, and more.

    8. Crypto Exchange Marketing involves promoting a cryptocurrency exchange, which is a platform where people can buy, sell, and trade digital assets like cryptocurrencies.

    Here’s a detailed guide to learn about all types of blockchain marketing.

    Types of Blockchain Marketing

    Fintech Marketing

    Fintech refers to financial services provided using advanced technologies to improve user experience and convenience. Examples include mobile payments, peer-to-peer money transfers, digital wallets, etc.

    Fintech marketing involves the use of specific digital strategies to promote a fintech business, product, or service to generate leads, acquire new customers, and drive business growth. Digital marketing is a great way to promote your fintech business and generate qualified leads or boost conversion. Contact SAG IPL to know more.

    KOL Marketing

    KOL, which stands for key opinion leaders, is a digital strategy used for marketing a product or business with the help of expert influencers on social media and other platforms.

    Unlike regular influencers, KOLs are subject matter experts and have in-depth knowledge of their niche, which helps them acquire a dedicated base of loyal and trusted followers.

    KOL marketing can work for crypto and many other industries. Here’s all you need to know about KOL marketing for crypto projects.

    What are KOLs

    Crowdfunding Marketing

    Crowdfunding marketing involves promoting a crowdfunding (fundraising) campaign to attract more investors and help a project or startup raise investment through various digital marketing channels and techniques including content marketing, social media marketing, email marketing, community building, and more. Check out this complete guide to crowdfunding marketing.

    Software Marketing

    A software product needs marketing as much as any other product or service to acquire more customers and boost credibility. Software marketing is different as it involves highlighting and promoting the specific features of a software application and targeting a particular audience who might be interested in purchasing that software. Here’s all you need to know about software marketing and how it works.

    YouTube Marketing

    YouTube is the most popular video-sharing and hosting website that anyone can use to organically promote their product, service, or content by creating useful videos for their community.

    The key to success in YouTube marketing is to understand your target audience’s expectations and needs and create content to help them. SAG IPL provides comprehensive video creation and YouTube marketing services. Get them today!

    YouTube Marketing

    App Store Optimization

    This type of digital marketing relates to the promotion of mobile applications to boost their rankings, visibility, and downloads in their respective app stores like Google’s Play Store or the Apple Store.

    App Store optimization involves optimizing or improving the app’s store page in terms of design, content, and user experience to improve its reach and popularity to attract more downloads.

    Looking to hire an ASO company? Check out this list of top ASO Companies.

    App store optimization is a brilliant technique for Move To Earn (M2E) Game App Marketing. These digital games are quite popular in the crypto space and involve rewarding players for physical activities while playing the game.

    AI Product Marketing

    With the evolution of artificial intelligence, the number of AI-based products and services has increased drastically over the last few years. AI product marketing involves promoting these AI-based products with specific digital strategies to target AI enthusiasts and users.

    SEO for the AI industry focuses on promoting an AI website or platform across the internet, through high-quality content, on social media, forums, and other relevant platforms to improve its search engine rankings to generate more traffic, leads, and sales for the AI website or business.

    Resort Marketing

    It’s the practice of marketing a resort business by establishing and strengthening its online presence to allow more local customers to find and reach the resort for a fantastic getaway.

    SAG IPL resort marketing company can help enhance your resort’s online reach, exposure, and credibility and improve its Google rankings so that more potential customers see your resort when searching for a nice place to stay during a weekend or leisure trip. We can make your resort business stand out. Contact us to know more.

    Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

    Search Engine Optimization is the practice of optimizing and promoting a business or website to improve its search engine visibility and rankings to allow potential customers to find it easily when looking to buy a product or service. SEO is a wonderful way to organically grow a business without expensive advertising or influencer promotion.

    Unlike desktop SEO, mobile SEO focuses on promoting a website or business specifically to attract mobile visitors and improve their experience on mobile devices. As you may know, a major part of all search engine queries originate from mobile devices, so it’s crucial to also optimize your website for mobile to get the best out of both worlds. Check out this guide to Mobile SEO Vs. Desktop SEO.

    Businesses in all industries might need SEO services to boost their organic search rankings and generate more traffic, which is why we at SAG IPL provide SEO services for many industries, as follows:

    Interior design SEO is the practice of search engine optimization for interior designers and architects to make your website stand out in search results so that it receives more relevant and qualified traffic to boost your business sales.

    SEO for the finance industry involves optimizing the online presence and exposure of a finance business or website through SEO techniques such as on-site optimization, technical SEO, content marketing, and link building to help increase organic traffic and boost conversions.

    SEO for wedding photographers can help your wedding photography business or website rank at the top of Google for your primary keywords, attracting more traffic and leads and getting more orders for you.

    Similarly, SEO can be used by electric vehicle manufacturers and companies to attract more customers and sell more vehicles by expanding their online presence and credibility through an electric vehicle SEO strategy designed for business growth.

    Other than electric vehicle companies, SEO can benefit many other types of renewable energy firms, including manufacturers, dealers, and retailers of renewable energies like solar power. SEO for renewable energy companies can help you reach more customers and sell more renewable energy products online and offline.

    SEO for the mobility industry or automobile companies involves optimizing the website and online presence of the business to improve visibility in search engine results. SEO, including local SEO, is the best way to generate organic traffic for a mobility business. Check out SAG IPL’s SEO services for the mobility industry.

    Seasonal businesses operate or provide services during specific seasons. These businesses can greatly benefit from seasonal business SEO, which involves creating and promoting content relevant to specific seasons or events, capitalizing on particular search trends during peak times to help you get more customers and sales.

    Our SEO services for B2B businesses can help enhance your business’s online visibility and credibility, attracting more targeted leads and building brand authority. As a result, you get increased website traffic, improved conversion rates, and get to connect with potential clients to ensure long-term success.

    SEO for niche markets refers to online marketing for niche businesses such as pet food and home security by using tailoring strategies to identify and target specific audiences and generate leads through content creation, precise keyword targeting, and niche-specific link building.

    SEO can help construction companies boost their online reach and get more business by using optimized content with relevant keywords to promote their services to location-specific customers online. Building high-quality backlinks can help improve search engine rankings for construction SEO.

    SAG IPL provides SEO services for stock brokers looking to enhance online visibility and attract potential clients to boost their financial service/product sales. SEO is a brilliant way to establish brand credibility and improve website rankings, which helps generate leads and stay competitive.

    Another type of business that can benefit from SEO is a pest control company looking to get more local customers and wider reach. Pest Control Company SEO strategies such as website optimization, keywords, quality backlinks, and local business listings can help improve online visibility and attract potential customers.

    SEO for e-commerce websites, particularly fashion SEO, can help a business stay ahead of the competition. By optimizing your e-commerce website, product descriptions, images, and meta tags and creating quality content to help customers and build relevant backlinks, you can achieve definite success.

    SEO Services for Different Industires

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    As one of the top SEO companies in India, SAG IPL provides all types of digital marketing with affordable monthly SEO packages. Contact us to book a quote.

    Social Media Marketing

    Social media marketing is a popular and very effective digital marketing strategy for businesses looking to boost their online reach and credibility. Leveraging compelling content and graphics is key to success on social media, as evidenced by social media content marketing statistics, highlighting the impact of engaging visual content on audience reach and conversion rates.

    Social Media Marketing

    Even in the crypto space, crypto social media marketing plays a crucial role in creating brand awareness and fostering community engagement. Furthermore, KOL (Key Opinion Leader) marketing on social media has proven to be extremely effective, especially in the crypto space. KOL marketing for crypto projects involves collaborating with industry leaders to endorse and promote crypto projects, gaining credibility and enhanced reach.

    Instagram Marketing is a social media promotion strategy that involves the use of visually appealing content and storytelling to drive brand awareness. Businesses can use various Instagram features, including stories and IGTV to connect with audiences and boost visibility.

    Content Marketing

    Content marketing is a creative digital marketing technique that involves creating and distributing value-driven, relevant, and meaningful content consistently to attract and engage a target audience on relevant platforms.

    Visual content plays an equal role in a content marketing strategy, as it’s the best way to quickly capture user attention and boost engagement. Leveraging visual content for social media platforms like Instagram, Pinterest, and TikTok, we at SAG IPL help brands boost their reach and credibility among potential customers on social media.

    Content Marketing Packages

    One of the benefits of content marketing is that it’s easy to measure the impact of a campaign using statistics such as engagement rates, likes, click-through rates, and conversion rates.

    Online Branding & Reputation Management

    Online branding and reputation management are critical to maintaining a healthy digital presence of a company or brand. Some most effective online branding strategies include creating and maintaining a consistent brand image across all online platforms by sharing valuable content with followers, fostering brand recognition and relationships with customers, and positively responding to every feedback.

    A reputation management company like SAG IPL can help address challenges like negative feedback, comments, or crises intended to damage your brand reputation. With many years of online marketing and reputation management experience, we understand how to repair a company’s online reputation before the damage becomes irreversible.

    The process involves proactive measures such as responding to concerns or feedback publicly, engaging with customers for a prompt resolution, and showcasing your commitment to customer satisfaction. Using these strategies ensures that you not only maintain a strong online identity for your brand but also protect your business reputation from potential threats.

    Paid Advertising

    Paid advertising is one of the different types of digital marketing strategies where targeted advertisements are used to expand the reach and exposure of a business or product and get prompt results. Successful digital advertising is a result of a strategic combination of the right platforms, efficient targeting, and creative content to reach your target audience and meet goals.

    Crypto Ad Marketing

    An effective Google Ads campaign strategy is a good way to start, which can help your business or ad reach a vast user base across search engines, social media, and all over the internet.

    Advertising techniques such as PPC (pay-per-click) can be used for promoting businesses in all industries, including crypto and blockchain. Crypto ads marketing, which is a popular digital marketing method for cryptocurrencies, offers exciting ways to promote your crypto and reach a wider audience within the blockchain and cryptocurrency space.

    If you’re looking for professional PPC services, contact SAG IPL, which is one of the best PPC companies for crypto and many other industries. We specialize in creating and optimizing tailored ad campaigns for maximum results while efficiently managing budgets and achieving high ROI.


    Whether you’re a small business owner or a global corporation, digital marketing offers a powerful toolkit to achieve your marketing goals.

    Looking for more information on all types of digital marketing or how online marketing can help businesses in different industries? Contact SAG IPL or visit our website to explore our complete suite of digital solutions.

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