A Detailed Guide to Travel SEO Services 2024

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A Detailed Guide to SEO for Travel Industry - How to do Travel Agency SEO

Are you looking for professional travel SEO services or want to know all about how to do SEO for a travel website or agency? Then, here’s a guide to SEO for the travel industry.

The competition in the travel space has increased manyfold in the past decade or so. SEO can help boost your travel business and help it stand out from the competition.

Why Do You Need Travel SEO Services for Your Business?

If you run a travel business, establishing your digital presence is more crucial now than ever.

The global tourism market is expected to reach $9.6 trillion in 2024, and the travel industry is anticipated to grow at 13.9% this year.

As the travel market grows, more and more travellers are searching for online tour companies for hotel booking, flight ticket booking, travel packages, cab booking, and many more.

According to Google, search engines are among the most common sources travellers use for online planning their trips and/or searching for travel services.

importance of SEO for travel Industry

Because a major portion of the traffic to travel websites comes from Google, optimizing your travel business & website with SEO will help get you on the first page of search engines for your relevant keywords & queries.

Simply put, the higher you rank in SERP (search engine results page), the more traffic and leads you will receive.

Getting in the top 10 Google search results for all your target travel SEO keywords in the travel industry should be one of your major goals if you want your business to succeed online. Travel SEO guide is how you do that.

SEO can also help boost the reputation of your travel agency by encouraging positive feedback and handling negative comments.

Use Experience is a big factor in the success of travel businesses. SEO can help improve user experience by optimizing your travel website and digital presence using high-quality content and marketing.

Travel SEO can enhance your visibility and reach on the internet, including search engines like Google, travel forums and social media, so that more of your potential customers can find and reach you to ultimately buy your travel services.

All in all, SEO strategies can help you get more traffic and leads to your travel business to boost your ROI.

If you’re a beginner having no idea what SEO is or how it works, you can contact us to consult with one of our travel SEO experts to understand the process of travel SEO.

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    In this article, we cover the importance of SEO for travel businesses along with a comprehensive guide to SEO for the travel industry.

    SEO refers to Search Engine Optimization, which is the process of optimizing a website or online business for higher rankings in search engine results (SERP) to get more traffic, leads & ROI for it.

    Travel SEO Services by SAG IPL

    SAG IPL is a premier SEO company that offers digital marketing & SEO services to travel agencies worldwide. Our travel SEO process involves the following three steps:

    1. Keyword Research
    2. Website Optimization
    3. Off-site Optimization

    Travel SEO Service #1: Keyword Research

    This stage of travel website SEO involves finding the best keywords to target for a travel business/website. We perform a thorough market analysis and research your competitors to understand how your business works, who your target customers are, and how people search for your business on Google.

    Keywords are the queries that your customers might be using to search for your services on Google.

    keyword research

    For example, if you provide hotel compare & booking services, your target keywords might include:

    • Online hotel booking
    • Best hotel price in (your area)
    • Compare hotel prices

    This is just an example of how SEO keyword research works. We also use tools such as Ahrefs Keywords Explorer, SEMrush and Google Keyword Planner to figure out your most relevant travel SEO keywords.

    We consider factors like average monthly traffic, competition and keyword difficulty for determining the best keywords that can give you good traffic and are comparatively easier to rank (low/medium competition).

    In addition to your exact match keywords, we also research and use long-tail keywords and exact search queries in our marketing campaigns to ensure overall growth for your business.

    Travel SEO Service #2: Website Optimization

    Once we have a list of your target keywords, we can start the actual SEO process, which starts with on-page optimization.

    On-page optimization refers to optimizing your travel website or landing page to make it friendly both to users and search engines.

    The goal is to make sure that your travel website both looks attractive and is useful for visitors. We achieve this by optimizing the website design and layout for a better user experience in terms of ease of use, navigation, relevant design, high-quality logo & images, fast loading speed, unique & good quality content, and proper interlinking, among other things.

    On-page SEO also includes optimizing or re-writing the website content to make sure it is useful, relevant and contains relevant keywords at appropriate places (avoid over-stuffing).

    website optimization

    Website Optimization for search engines (Google) includes keyword optimization, using sitemaps, optimizing robots.txt, adding unique & relevant meta tags to every page, and using schema markup, among other things.

    Many new-age travel companies are driven by technology. Travel service providers are making use of the latest technology solutions to offer better services for an improved user experience. These include online bookings, personalised experiences, the use of AI tools like chatbots, digital payments (cryptocurrencies), and much more. This is one way to improve user experience on your travel website.

    We also strongly recommend adding a blog section to your travel website, where you can share travel tips, news, articles and other relevant content to provide more value to your customers. A blog will also help generate more traffic & leads to your travel site.

    The goal of our on-page travel SEO strategy is to make sure that your website is ready to rock search engines and makes a great impression on all your site visitors to help turn more leads into sales.

    Travel SEO Service #3: Off-site Optimization

    The third step is to establish your travel business as a top authority in your industry through off-page optimization and promotion.

    Off page SEO strategy for travel industry

    Link Building is an SEO strategy that involves creating backlinks to your travel website from high-authority sites, news portals (Forbes, etc.) and blogs in your niche.

    Backlinks are treated as votes by search engines to determine the authority of a web page. The more high-quality links (votes) your website has, the higher it might rank in search results.

    So, how do we create backlinks?

    Well, we use high-quality, informative content to get backlinks from relevant websites in the same niche through techniques such as article writing, blog writing, guest article writing, blog comments, forum discussions, answering user questions on sites like Quora, link exchange, press release submission, and social media posting.

    Content is the undisputed king in the digital marketing space. It is the heart of many online marketing strategies, including SEO. We have dedicated content writers to create high-quality, unique & relevant content for your travel website and for marketing campaigns, including social posting, videos, guest articles, email marketing, and more.

    We always use human-generated content that is written for specific users with a focus on readability and a great reader experience. Content is optimized with relevant keywords, calls to action, etc. to add more value for readers.

    Many SEO companies use AI-generated content, which is not at all efficient in terms of creating a personal impact on readers. We at SAG IPL only use human-created content in all our marketing campaigns.

    Social Media Marketing involves the use of social networking platforms to promote your travel business and services. We use many popular social sites including Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, and others to promote your brand by publishing highly engaging content.

    We have dedicated teams to manage your official social channels, including routine posting and maintaining communication with users (replying to comments, answering DMs, etc.).

    Forum Posting involves participating in relevant discussions on online travel forums with the ultimate aim of promoting your travel services and generating direct traffic from popular forum sites.

    Some popular examples of travel forums include TripAdvisor, TravelFish, Fodor’s Travel Talk, Travellerspoint, and FlyerTalk Forums.

    Video Marketing is all about using video content to promote your travel business. The types of videos we may use include travel guides, tips, unique travel videos, road trip videos, short videos of trips, how-to guides, etc.

    Video marketing for travel businesses works because videos are a great way to engage customers. By offering videos instead of plain text, you make sure that your customers can actually visualize their trips and feel the connection.

    We strongly recommend asking for video reviews from your customers and posting them online on your official social channels.

    Email Marketing is a type of direct marketing that we use to connect with your existing and potential customers for matters related to bookings, support, personalised offers, packages, etc.

    Healthy and friendly communication over email is the key to success in any business.

    Local SEO is helpful for businesses with a local existence or a brick-and-mortar shop. This is a useful travel SEO guide for your business.

    Local SEO involves methods to increase your local presence and reach by using internet technologies. For example, we use Google Business Listing (create & optimize your business page on Google) to make sure that your business, address, contact info, and other details are easy to find for a customer looking for your services.

    local SEO for travel services

    Local SEO is important because over 50% of customers search for a business online before visiting its local address, whether it’s to find out more about that business or to simply find its address or phone number or read user reviews (Google reviews).

    Measuring & Tracking Travel SEO Results

    Tracking the performance of your travel SEO campaign is as important as doing SEO in the first place. This is how you know whether your travel SEO strategy is working or not.

    Travel SEO report and tracking

    We assess SEO results in terms of search engine rankings, traffic, leads, sales, user engagement and behaviour, bounce rate, returning visitors, average time spent on a page, page views, and other matrices.

    There are many tools, such as Google Analytics and Moz’s Rank Tracker that you can use to effectively measure your travel SEO campaign performance.

    Besides tracking your SEO results, it is also crucial to modify your strategy as and when needed to ensure better results henceforth.

    If you want to hire a travel SEO services provider, contact SAG IPL.

    SAG IPL Travel SEO Services Cost & Package

    As a travel SEO agency with more than 10 years of experience, we are the perfect choice for your travel website/business SEO.

    We offer personalised travel SEO services with tailor-made packages based on your exact requirements and to meet your marketing goals.

    Unlike other travel SEO companies, we do not charge a standard hefty SEO services fee, but our cost will be customised based on your needs. Depending on your preference and budget, you can hire the best travel SEO agency on a monthly or project basis.

    SAG IPL Travel SEO Services Package:

    What is Monthly SEO Pricing?

    Our travel SEO Services Cost starts at only $499/Month and will increase based on the type of services and features you want.

    Many services like Content Quality Check, Keyword URL Mapping, Website Design Review, Content Suggestions, Page Speed Optimization, Custom 404 Page, Blog Schema, Content Marketing, etc. are not included in the basic package ($499 per month). So, you may need to opt for the Advanced or Premium package if you want these services as well.

    We provide SEO services to the following industries:

    Other than SEO for the travel & tourism industry, SAG IPL also provides SEO & Digital Marketing Services in many other industries, including but not limited to:

    SAG IPL provides SEO services to these industries

    SAG IPL’s Proven Results in Travel SEO Services

    You might be wondering about what kind of SEO results and performance to expect from SAG IPL travel SEO company.

    Here’s an example of our SEO services performance; it’s a “Cab Sharing App” project that we’re working on for SEO & Content Marketing.

    Result (after 3 months of SEO): All top 3 keywords ranking on the first page of Google.

    cab sharing Canada2
    carpool sharing app British Columbia4
    cab sharing app British Columbia1

    Customer Reviews & Testimonials

    Reviews are a crucial part of any online business. They tell you about what customers or actual users think about a company, its services, staff and performance.

    customer review and feedback

    Make sure to always read online reviews and customer testimonials (on Google, social media, review sites, etc.) of a company before hiring SEO services for the travel industry.

    Here are testimonials of our prestigious client who use SAG IPL SEO Services –

    “Great experience working with SAG IPL! Very professional, reliable and supportive mobile app development company. The cost of app development with all the functionalities I needed, was very effective. Really appreciate their work!!!” – Williams Paul

    FAQ about Travel Company SEO

    Read answers to some of the frequently asked questions about travel business SEO:

    How to Do SEO for the Travel Industry?

    As we explained in the article, SEO for a travel business involves three major steps – keyword research, on-site optimization, and off-site optimization. In addition, other SEO strategies that will work for travel SEO agencies include content marketing, link building, mobile optimization, social media marketing, landing page optimization, quality link building, user experience optimization, YouTube/Video promotion, and email marketing.

    What is SEO in Travel?

    SEO is Search Engine Optimization, a process to optimize an online business or website for search. SEO in travel is done to increase the search engine rankings of a travel website to generate more leads & traffic to it. It includes creating & optimizing content for target keywords, optimizing the business website for quality and user experience, and creating high-quality backlinks from top sites in the niche.

    How to do SEO for a Travel Blog?

    There are many travel blogs out there and if you want your travel blog to stand out from the crowd, you need SEO services for travel blogs. SEO for travel includes creating/optimizing your travel blog for keywords and UI, promoting your blog on social media, travel forums, etc., and achieving higher rankings on search engines like Google for your target keywords through quality link building to generate more traffic to your blog.

    What is the Importance of SEO for Travel Agencies?

    A lot of travellers search online when booking a travel service like hotel booking, cab booking, flight booking and travel packages. If your travel business is not online or your website is not ranking on Google, you might be missing out on a lot of potential customers. SEO can help increase your travel website ranking and visibility on Google, which in turn will generate more traffic and leads to your site, which you can turn into sales through effective on-page optimization.

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