SEO for Food Business: The Recipe for Digital Success

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SEO Services For a Food Business - A Complete Guide

Are you looking to increase traffic & sales or get more customers to your food business? SEO for the food business can help.

There are many types of food businesses, and SEO can increase customers and sales of any kind of food business, including restaurants, food trucks, coffee shops, and others.

Why Do You Need SEO for Your Food Business?

If you are wondering how to get more customers to your food business or what SEO can do for you, here’s how SEO for hotels & restaurants can grow your business:

    Google Search is the primary traffic source for many types of food businesses. In other words, a lot of customers looking for food, recipes, restaurants (in a region), and cooking tips search on Google first before approaching a business or website.

    SEO is a process that can help your website rank higher on search engine result pages for your target keywords.

    Target keywords are the words or queries that people type in Google when searching for something. For example, “the best food truck in [your_region]” would be a target keyword for you if you run a food truck.

    Use SEO to make sure that your restaurant website ranks in the top three or four positions on the first page of Google search for all your target keywords, thereby ensuring top visibility for your business and increased traffic and sales.

    Even if your food business doesn’t have a website or is totally limited to offline, local SEO can help increase your visibility and make your business more accessible to more customers in your service region, which will help you get more customers to your food truck or restaurant as well as improve your online presence and reputation to contribute to the overall business growth.

    Still wondering why you need SEO for the food business? Here are some ways SEO can assist the growth of your food services:

    Benefits of Food SEO

    top 5 benefits of food SEO

    More traffic – One of the key benefits of SEO is generating more traffic to a target business. Whether your business is online or offline, SEO can help increase visibility on search engines, so that more people can find and interact with your business (see your contact details and find you on the map), which might help you get more customers.

    More sales – Higher search engine rankings & more visibility on search result pages will result in more traffic to your restaurant website or food truck, which will increase your business sales in the form of more orders and/or reservations.

    Increased conversions – SEO techniques such as content marketing and on-site optimization can help increase your conversion rate and ensure that more of your website traffic converts into paying customers.

    Improved brand awareness – If your food company’s reach is limited to a particular region, not many people must be aware of your business. SEO can help expand your food business’ reach beyond your region to ensure many more customers in other areas near you know about your brand and can find & reach you if they want to.

    Online exposure – SEO is nothing short of a blessing for online food businesses, as it can help expand the online exposure of your brand not just on Google but on all kinds of online platforms, social media, directories, forums, and more, helping you reach more customers and get more traffic.

    Reputation management – Lastly, SEO can help manage your business reputation online and offline. Many food business customers like to share reviews online on Google and social media about their experiences with different restaurants and food businesses. Reputation Management SEO involves promoting positive feedback from your brand’s loyal customers and handling negative reviews to optimize your brand image.

    Food Company SEO services by SAG IPL

    SEO for a food services business will involve optimizing the online website and/or presence of the business as well as promoting the business across the internet through SEO techniques.

    Because Search Engines ‘reward’ websites that have unique and accurate information, we also use content SEO (content marketing) to promote your business through content that meets user/search intent.

    SEO helps users find you. We make sure that you get the best SEO for your food business.

    Our SEO services for the food business include the following:

    Keyword Analysis

    food SEO keyword research

    Keywords are how Google identifies what a particular business is about. It is an important metric used by search engines to rank websites.

    Keyword Analysis involves researching your target market and using keyword tools to find the most relevant keywords to target in your food business SEO strategy.

    Here’s one way to find the best keywords for your restaurant SEO.

    Think about the possible words or queries people might use when looking for your business, products or services. For example, if you are a pure veg restaurant in Mumbai, then people searching for “the best veg restaurant in Mumbai” might be your target customers.

    Other examples of possible target keywords for this business include

    • Restaurants in Mumbai
    • Best place for lunch in Mumbai
    • Best vegetarian food in Mumbai

    Other than finding exact keywords & phrases to target, you must also focus on finding long-tail keywords for your SEO strategy. These are long queries that people might put in search engines when looking for a similar business. For example, “the best restaurant for vegetarian pizza with home delivery”. Long-tail keywords have low competition and are generally easier to rank for.

    Our Food business SEO strategy is a combination of both exact and long-tail keywords to ensure overall optimization and 100% targeting.

    On-site Optimization (Technical SEO)

    On-site optimization, also called Technical SEO, is all about fixing any technical (code, design, content, etc.) errors that may be holding back a site’s potential to rank well in search engines.

    If your food business has a website that is not ranking in Google, chances are that there are technical errors or limitations on your site, which in most cases are easy to rectify. Here’s how we do SEO for a food services business website.

    Content optimization – this involves a thorough inspection of the content all across your website and removing useless, duplicate and low-quality content. If any of your website pages are missing content, we can also add unique, high-quality content.

    Fixing links – Internal links are the links that connect different pages of your site with each other. There is a possibility that some of the links are no longer working if the target pages have been removed. These broken links are fixed by us. Also, we fix any broken backlinks, i.e. the links to your website pages coming from other web pages that either no longer exist or have removed your links.

    Website structure optimization – This involves analyzing the website design from a user point of view and rectifying errors to improve user experience and make your website easy to navigate and use.

    Removing or no-indexing useless pages that add no value to your website visitors and search results. Examples include author archive pages, paginated pages, etc.

    Making your website mobile-friendly – It is crucial that your website is mobile-responsive and works seamlessly on all types of devices. If it isn’t already, we will make your food website design mobile-friendly.

    Meta Tags are a special type of content element that is used by a web page to tell search engines what the page is all about. These include Meta titles and descriptions. Each page on your food site must have a unique title and description that is relevant to the page. The title contains the main heading of the page and the description contains a brief overview of the page content.

    One of the most crucial parts of on-site SEO is adding target keywords in the content, especially headings, meta tags, and URLs.

    There are some other elements of technical SEO, including sitemap, robots.txt, page speed, etc., which are also reviewed and optimized in our food business SEO services.

    Off-page Optimization

    Off-page optimization & marketing are mostly about getting other, preferably high-authority websites, in your niche to link to your restaurant’s website. These are called backlinks.

    Link building is important because it helps establish your website as a leader in your niche, as many other websites link (vote) to it, and helps your site rank higher in search engines for your target keywords.

    The idea is to create natural, high-quality links only from relevant websites (food blogs, forums, directories, etc.) to create an authentic link profile for your food business site. Here are some of the link-building tactics we use for food services SEO:

    Content Marketing is a crucial part of an off-page SEO strategy. We use high-quality, unique and informative content to connect with potential customers and spread positive things about your brand through how-to articles, guides, help content, deals & offers, and more. This also helps us get great-quality links from some really good websites in your industry.

    A typical SEO content link-building strategy will have many parts, including guest posting, blog writing, article submission, directory submission, forum posting, blog commenting, social media posting, etc.

    In addition, we also exclusively promote your business on social media sites, which includes the creation of official social pages for your brand on top social networking sites including Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and others, posting relevant content regularly on social media, and engaging with followers.

    Video marketing is another off-page SEO strategy that we use to promote a food business online and create backlinks to a target website. This involves creating and publishing videos on YouTube to help your customers and generate traffic to your site.

    Influencer marketing is also a great way to promote a food business online. Here we connect with food industry experts, influencers, food bloggers, YouTubers, etc. to promote your brand and services.

    food influencer marketing

    We also try to find and replicate SEO backlinks of your top-ranking competitors by using tools such as Ahrefs, which helps replicate their rankings of Google.

    The number of postings, articles, blogs, guest posts, etc. per day/week/month will depend on the SEO services package you choose (check details below). The average length of a blog is around 500-700 words and that of a guest article is 1000+ words.

    Local SEO

    Because food service is mostly a local business with a physical address or store, it is a must to optimize your food business for Local SEO, which means optimizing for local search.

    What is local search? It refers to the search that people make in Google when looking for a local business like a food truck or a restaurant in a specific area.

    One of the most prominent ways to optimize the local presence of your food business is by creating & optimizing your Google Business Listing.

    If your food services business doesn’t already have a Google business page or map listing, we’ll create one for you. In addition, we make sure that your listing has correct and up-to-date information about your business, including address, contact details, opening hours, etc. so that people searching for your services can easily find and contact you.

    Local SEO strategy also includes listing your restaurant or food business on multiple top online directions in your region or country. Online directories can give significant exposure to your business, as they are used by thousands of people to find relevant businesses.

    Review Optimization

    Reviews are a crucial aspect of the marketing of a restaurant business because they tell any potential customer genuine things about your food business and what makes it good or bad.

    Reviews must always come from real customers. Fake reviews will get you nowhere.

    Here’s how to optimize the online reviews of your food services company:

    1. List your business on review sites like Yelp
    2. Encourage reviews – ask your customers to write their honest reviews/feedback on Google, social media and review sites
    3. Always answer negative reviews in the most friendly way possible. Even if it’s a fake review, do let them know you understand their concern and will do your best to resolve it.
    4. Take your customer reviews sincerely and actually make an effort to rectify the problems or issues that your customers are facing with your business.
    5. (optional) Reward your loyal customers for sharing their reviews by offering special offers, discounts, etc.

    Your reviews are not only an indicator of the quality of your business but they may also be used by Google to understand your customer experience and behaviour and determine your rankings.

    Our SEO Packages for Food Businesses

    We offer the following three types of Food business SEO service packages:

    1. Basic
    2. Advanced
    3. Premium

    The Premium package covers all SEO services, including advanced services like Improving SERP Snippets, Website Design Review, Schema Integration & Optimization, Logo Optimization, Guest Posting, Video Creation, and Premium PR Distribution, among others. This is perfect for enterprises and large businesses looking for complete SEO solutions.

    Our Advanced SEO package is suitable for small & mid-sized food businesses. It covers almost all types of SEO services, except a few services (check our website for details). If you have a limited SEO budget and want to get a feel of the Premium package, this one’s for you.

    The Basic SEO package is ideal for food service businesses who are just starting out in the SEO space and want to try things before they’re ready to spend more. This is our least expensive SEO services package and misses some crucial things like Content Quality Check and Keyword URL Mapping.

    Check out below the cost of SEO for the food business.

    The Cost of SEO for Food Services

    The pricing for food business SEO starts at USD 199/month for the basic package here at SAG IPL.

    If you are looking for the best value-for-money SEO for the food business, you don’t have to look any further. We are a top SEO company well-known for offering great quality digital marketing for food business services at the most competitive rates in the market.

    Because we understand that different businesses have different SEO requirements and budgets, we have three SEO packages you can choose from, depending on how much you’re willing to spend on SEO.

    What is Monthly SEO Pricing?

    Cost of SEO services for food companies are as follows:

    • Basic package – USD 199/month
    • Advanced – USD 499/month
    • Premium (all-inclusive) – USD 599/month

    Other factors might affect the cost of SEO services. The SEO pricing will also depend on the number of keywords you’re looking to rank for, the number of posts on-site and offsite each month, the estimated ranking target for 1/2/3-month periods, the estimated traffic you want, and the average length of each blog post.

    All Industries We Serve

    SAG IPL is a full-service SEO company that provides digital marketing, SEO & PPC services to small, medium & enterprise businesses across 20+ industries.

    SAG IPL provides SEO services to following industries

    Our SEO Service Results

    Our work speaks louder than words.

    We have achieved top Google rankings for multiple projects as well as consistently achieved the targets of increased ROI, improved conversion rate, and more traffic and growth for customers’ businesses. If any of this is what you’re looking for, call SAG IPL for a quote right away.

    Here’s an example of one of our latest SEO projects –, for which we achieved 1st rank for all top keywords in just about 2 months.

    KeywordRankSearch Engine
    raw protein (Canada)
    vegan pro (Canada)
    raw magnesium (Canada)
    raw nutrition (Canada)

    Food SEO Company Reviews & Testimonials

    The best way to determine the quality of an SEO company is to check its customer reviews. Read what some of our clients have to say about SAG IPL SEO company, services & team.

    “Thanks to SAG IPL’s SEO services, the business of my food truck has increased significantly in the last few months. A large number of my customers are coming after checking out my business and reading reviews on Google.”

    FAQs about Food SEO

    What Is SEO for a Food Business?

    SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, which is the process of improving the search engine rankings of a website and the online exposure & reach of a business for it to get more traffic and sales. For food businesses like restaurants, food blogs, and food trucks, SEO can help increase online exposure and reach and generate more traffic from search engines. In addition, local SEO can help increase the visibility & reach of offline food businesses to make it easy for potential customers to find and connect with them.

    How Do You Find Keywords for Food SEO?

    We use multiple methods to analyze and find the best keywords to target for a customer’s food business. For one, we use Google search to find your competitors and then do a competitor analysis to figure out the keywords your competitors are ranking for. We also use Keyword Research tools, Ahrefs, etc. to find keywords with good demand but low competition.

    Do You Provide SEO for Food Bloggers?

    Yes, we provide SEO services for all kinds of food businesses and websites, including food blogs. If you have a food blog and want more traffic or are looking to expand your blog’s reach online, we can help.

    How Much Does SEO for Food Cost?

    Our SEO services for the food industry start at USD 199/month, which is our basic package and includes basic SEO services. You can also check out our other Food business SEO packages, which range from USD 199 to USD 599 per month. Alternatively, you can contact us for customized SEO services if you have any specific SEO requirements for your business.

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