Top Keywords For Cleaning Business – The Ultimate Guide

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A keyword or Keyphrase is the term a person uses to find something on Google. For instance, if you are a cleaning company, people looking for your services through Google will most probably search for things like ‘best cleaning company, ‘commercial cleaning provider,’ etc. All these are targeted keywords for your business.

When looking to get more traffic to your cleaning business website, your aim should be to achieve higher rankings in Google for most, if not all, of your targeted keywords.

Why are Keywords important for Google Ranking?

Keywords important for Google Ranking

If you don’t know how or why keywords are important for Google ranking, you probably are not aware of how search engines work.

So, here it goes.

When a Google crawler or bot visits a website/page looking for new, fresh content to add to its index, it screens the content for keywords in order to understand its relevance. And then, it adds the page to the relevant index for targeted keywords.

Now, whenever a user searches for your targeted keyword in Google, the algorithm looks in the index and extracts the most relevant pages matching the search query, which are then shown in the results.

Got it?

In short, keywords are one of the primary factors used by search engine algorithms to decide Google rankings of a particular web page. So, the more relevant keywords/phrases you have on your web pages, the more likely it is to rank for its targeted keywords.

Where to add keywords on your cleaning business website

keywords on your cleaning business

Once you’ve determined the best, most relevant keywords for your cleaning business, the next thing to do is to integrate them into your web pages. The ideal approach is to use the keywords throughout the content on a website page while avoiding keyword stuffing (adding too many keywords on one page).

Ideally, your page content must not have more than 2-3% of targeted keywords. So, if your content length is 500 words, you can add up to 10-15 keywords to it.

Some of the best places to add keywords on a website include the content Title, Meta Tags, Description, Headings (H1, H2, H3, etc.), Image alt tag, Anchor text (links), and body text, etc.

Another important thing to remember when adding keywords to your website content is that it should not make the content difficult to read or understand. In the end, the page should be user-friendly.

Finding Top Keywords for A Cleaning Business

Whether you’re a cleaning company looking to get hold of the best keywords to improve search rankings & visibility of your business website or an online marketer looking for the best cleaning business keywords to prepare a digital marketing strategy, you’re at the right place.

When trying to find the best keywords for your cleaning business, your aim should be to search for the keywords & phrases that have huge monthly searches but less to moderate competition.

Here’s why.

By getting your cleaning website ranked for keywords that have high monthly searches, you will ensure good traffic/leads for your business website. Now, in general, businesses prefer to use highly competitive keywords, since they obviously have high demand in the market.

However, getting a new, less popular website to rank high for such highly competitive keywords is not very easy. In fact, you may not see any significant results even after months of SEO work. So, the best approach is to start with less competitive, high-demand/search keywords that are easier to rank.

Long-tail keywords, including commonly used search terms, are also a good alternative to add to your keyword strategy. For instance, customers in your industry may often search for things like, ‘how to find a good cleaning company, ‘where to find a reliable commercial cleaner’, ‘best and most affordable cleaning company in Sydney, etc. So, you can try to rank for these as well.

Now, the most important question is: How to find the right/best keywords for a cleaning business?

Unless you’re an online marketing expert or have a dedicated marketing team, you need to find the top cleaning business keywords by yourself. The best method is to use a good Keyword Research tool such as Google Keyword Planner, Ahrefs Keywords Explorer,, etc.

You can use any or all of these tools to prepare a list of the most relevant, less competitive keywords that have a high number of average monthly searches.

To make the job easier for you, here we present our list of the best keywords to target for a cleaning business.

Top SEO Keywords for Cleaning Business (Website & Marketing)

Note: This is just an example of the top cleaning business-related keywords, based on avg. monthly searches, for a global audience. You can modify the search as per your specific requirements, location, target audience, etc.

Keyword/phraseAvg. Monthly SearchesCompetition
carpet cleaning100K – 1MHigh
window cleaning100K – 1MHigh
house cleaning100K – 1MMedium
cleaning services100K – 1MMedium
commercial cleaning service10K – 100KMedium
green clean10K – 100KHigh
office cleaning10K – 100KMedium
commercial cleaning10K – 100KMedium
spring cleaning10K – 100KLow
cleaning company10K – 100KMedium
carpet cleaning Sydney1K – 10KMedium
move out cleaning1K – 10KMedium
cleaning staff1K – 10KLow
hospital cleaning1K – 10KMedium
move-in cleaning1K – 10KMedium
professional cleaners1K – 10KMedium
apartment cleaning1K – 10KMedium
post-construction cleaning1K – 10KMedium
residential cleaning1K – 10KLow
warehouse cleaning100 – 1KMedium
weekly cleaning100 – 1KMedium
rental cleaning100 – 1KMedium
monthly cleaning100 – 1KMedium

Remember, the trick is to select the keywords with a high avg. monthly searches and low to medium competition. For help, you can get in touch with our Keyword Research Experts at SAG IPL.

Once you’re done finding the top keywords for your cleaning business, the next thing, as we previously discussed, is to add these keywords to all the right places in your website content.

You can also use these cleaning business keywords for your online marketing strategy, for example, writing blogs around keywords, creating backlinks with keywords as anchor text, posting on social media, etc. This will further help expand your business reach and visibility on the internet as well as improve your search engine rankings.

Don’t Forget to Use Local Keywords

For a cleaning business covering the nearby areas is very important. So, use the city name in the keywords like “Carpet Cleaning in Sydney”. It will help you to attract new and long-lasting customers from the local areas, and since as a cleaning business you can provide the service or at least inspection instantly to them they will choose you over any other service provider next time.

Is it too much for you? Finding it difficult to come up with the best keywords for your cleaning business? Don’t worry, we’re here to help you

Our SEO services for cleaning business which can help you find and implement the Top Cleaning business Marketing Ideas and keywords in your marketing strategy to achieve desired search engine results in terms of high Google rankings, more leads and sales for your cleaning company.

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