Law Firm SEO: Result-Driven SEO Strategies for Lawyers

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Law Firm SEO Strategies

SAG IPL is a Legal Marketing Agency that has helped hundreds of lawyers get new cases and leads in no time.

Like every other industry, legal firms are also finding it difficult to get new clients/leads owing to the competition in this space. If you have been in or around this industry, you’ll be able to relate to this problem. So, we regularly get new law firm clients who all ask us the same question.

“How do I get new, good clients for my law firm?”

If you have the same issue, this article is for you.

It’s not a mystery that businesses need to constantly evolve their strategies and do better in order to get clients and achieve results. Law Firm SEO can help.

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    What is Law Firm SEO Marketing?

    It involves marketing your law firm in the online space with the aim to increase the reach of your business and make it easier for potential clients to find and connect with your company.

    However, there is a catch. Unfortunately, you are not the only one who knows the importance of marketing. Your competitors are also using law firm SEO strategies to woo new clients in the same market.

    Get More Clients for Law Firms

    So, what you need to do is find a way to outperform your competitors. And that can only happen with the use of the right SEO for law firm websites.

    This case study will take you through the step-by-step procedure we follow to market a law firm so as to generate new clients and bring leads that convert.

    Let’s get started.

    Our law firm SEO strategy includes both on-page (website optimization) and off-page optimization.

    On-site Optimization for Legal Businesses

    On-site Optimization for Legal Businesses

    On-page or on-site optimization/SEO involves optimizing a web page or website from the SEO point of view.

    The purpose is to improve the website for various factors, including speed, design, content quality and relevancy, mobile responsiveness, navigation, and meta tags, among others in order to make it more friendly to both users and search engines.

    First, we improve/optimize the following aspects of the website.

    Web Design

    We optimize/renovate the website design to make it responsive, user-friendly, SEO-friendly, and easy to use and navigate.

    For Example, Check this screenshot of one of our Client’s Websites:

    Web Design in Law Firm SEO

    This is important to create a lasting impression on the visitors, making them stay longer.

    Website Structure

    Ideally, the structure/layout of a website should be simple with the homepage connected to all the important inner pages. We optimize it accordingly.

    Here is the Screenshot of the Website Structure:

    Web Structure For Law Firm

    Content (We Use Powerful Words To Grab User Attention)

    Content remains one of the most important factors of digital marketing. We improve the existing content on your site and/or add new content which is relevant, highly informative, and rich in keywords, and action-taken words to grab users’ attention.

    Have a Look at how we make the call to action lines in Content with Proper optimization of keywords:

    Interesting Headlines for Law firm Website

    For law businesses, we specifically focus on using & promoting the Firm Name and Lawyers’ name Instead of keywords so as to promote your brand.

    Contact Details (NAP Optimization)

    Contact Details Form

    While optimizing the website, we ensure to add proper and up-to-date information on the NAP (Name, Address, Phone Number) to make it easier for prospects to reach you.

    Then, we add (if not already present) the following sections to the various pages of the website.

    Blog Section

    Law firm Blog Design

    If there isn’t already a blog on your law firm’s website, we will add one in order to provide you with a better way to communicate with your existing and new customers, sharing news, quotes and updates about the company, case studies, and new offers as well as provide answers to users’ comments.

    FAQ Section

    Law websites must also have a FAQ section, providing answers to all the common questions a potential/existing customer may have about the business or services in general.

    Please take a look at how we optimize the faq section for the Law firm:

    Faq Section In Law firm website

    Faq section is very important to rank keywords and clears the client’s confusion.

    Client Testimonials

    Client Testimonials

    We will add a client testimonials/review section or page on your site to offer an easy way for new clients to check the testimonials of your previous clients in the same industry.

    Portfolio (Results)

    A dedicated portfolio page will help your site visitors check your past projects in order to get an idea of your credibility and experience in the law industry.

    We believe in showing 100% results with real proof. Please have a look at the conversions (cases) that we generate through our marketing tactics for our clients;

    Portfolio (Results)

    Call to Action

    Call-to-action is what makes a prospect take the required action. We will install a proper call to action on all the landing pages of your law site to convert leads into sales.

    Here’s a classic example:


    Contact Us

    Introduction Video (By Lawyer)

    We also get an introduction video made with the lead lawyer (owner) detailing the firm’s services, history, etc., and put it on all pages of the site in order to create better interaction with new prospects.

    Here is the screenshot of the Introduction Video:

    Law Firm Introduction Video

    Team & Lawyer Details

    A dedicated team page where the details of individual lawyers/attorneys along with their Experiences, Background, Qualification, Expertise, Practice Areas, Cases won/fought by them, etc. is also created.

    Here is the Screenshot of what How Team Looks like on the website:

    Team Of Lawyers

    Offices (Locations)

    Complete details of your offices along with the locations, addresses & contact details.

    Location address in website

    Free Consultation

    An honest way to make prospect clients contact you. After all, who doesn’t like free services?

    Free Consultation

    Chat Box

    An optional chat box to further increase the website’s usability and convert leads into clients.

    Here is the screenshot of Live chat support in Law Firm SEO:

    Chat Support

    Social Buttons

    We add social links to your website to enable visitors to also connect/follow your business on all the popular social media channels.

    Disclaimer & Privacy Policy

    Separate pages will be created outlining the Disclaimer and Privacy Policy of your site.


    We will add an HTML/XML sitemap to the site (or optimize it if already present), making it easier for search engine crawlers to read and index your website pages.


    This file is added to tell Google about all the website pages that you want to be indexed and the ones that you don’t want to be indexed.

    Individual Pages for Multiple Locations (with practice area)

    Location Wise Website Pages

    It is also a good idea, especially for law firms, to add individual pages for different locations if they provide services in multiple locations. This will enable search engines to rank the specific page for a specific location.

    Off-page Optimization for Law Firms

    Off-page Optimization for Law Firms

    Off-page SEO refers to the process of improving the organic rankings of a web page/site in search engines through techniques such as link building, social media promotion, business listing, content marketing, email marketing, etc.

    However, in recent times, off-page marketing has become more about increasing the leads/sales/ROI of a website rather than just improving its search rankings.

    The Lawyer/Attorney service being a local business needs location-specific marketing strategies such as citations, local business listing, user reviews, social engagement, NAP optimization, etc.

    Thankfully, SAG IPL has great experience in the marketing of local businesses, especially in the law niche.

    Here are all the techniques we employ for off-page optimization, branding, reputation management, and lead generation for law firms and lawyers.

    Local Business Listing (Citation)

    Citation is all about listing your law firm in all the local business directories that are relevant to your industry. This is to make it easier for potential customers to find and connect with you.

    Here is the list of some good Local Citations sites For Law firms:

    Local Business Listing

    Having worked on multiple law projects, we have a ready-made list of 100+ business listing sites specific to the legal industry where we will list your business as well for achieving direct leads and traffic.

    Google Business Listing

    Google Business Listing

    First, we add a new Google listing for your business (if not already added) and then optimize the same from the SEO point of view.

    This includes inserting targeted keywords in the Title and Description, improving the listing category, adding good-quality images, providing valid contact details, and more.

    Lawyer/Attorney Profile Listing

    Lawyer/Attorney Profile Listing

    We have a considerable database of the high-traffic profile listing sites where we will list your lawyer/attorney profiles for increasing their credibility and reputation and generating leads.

    Here is the list of Some Profile Listing Sites where we list our Client’s Profiles:

    Law firm Profile Listings

    Quality Link Building

    Link building involves creating high-quality backlinks from authority sites in a particular niche. For law firm clients, our focus is on getting relevant, quality links only from reputed sites with high DA (Domain Authority).

    Review/Rating Optimization

    Optimizing your user reviews and ratings on social media, Google, on-site and other places throughout the internet.

    Review Rating in Law Firm SEO

    It involves providing adequate solutions to negative reviews, fixing bugs as well as dealing with fake reviews.

    Guest Posting

    Guest posting is a white-hat SEO technique in which we post relevant content about your business and the law industry in general on a number of high-authority blogging sites in your niche.

    Off-site Blogging

    This involves creating and publishing blog posts on a number of good websites in order to reach more customers in the market and bring leads to your website.

    Marketing on Social Media

    Marketing on Social Media

    Social media is primarily used by our marketers to facilitate healthy customer interaction and engagement. Most of your current and potential clients exist on social media.

    We try to connect with them, tell them about your business, solve their queries and make them visit your website through our engaging social media posts.

    Press Release and News

    Media is another time-tested method to generate buzz about a new business, attracting interest and traffic to it.

    We will publish news about your law business on the top Press Release sites to inform potential customers and convince them to try your services.

    Answering User Questions

    We roam around the internet finding and answering questions about law businesses, cases, lawyers, services, etc., helping your potential customers and meanwhile telling them about your law business and services.

    We have made our new way to answer user Questions: Video Faq strategy

    Video FAQ Law strategy


    Doing SEO for law firm websites is a long-term activity. Clients must understand that it takes time to achieve good, lasting results.

    In general, we are able to produce visible results (increase in leads/sales/queries) in one month or so, depending on the initial status of your site.

    We’ve already worked on many Law firm websites and you know how many results our clients got.

    The on-page optimization of the site is as important as off-page marketing. Our only advice to law firm clients is that your ultimate target should be leading, and not just ranks when you hire Law Firm SEO services.

    We always focus on generating convertible leads for the client’s businesses through our proven SEO strategies for law firm.

    If you liked this case study and want to hire us as your Law Firm SEO company, contact us right away.

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