SEO Friendly Website Design & Development to Increase Leads

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SEO Friendly Website Design and Development

If you are planning to create a website, make sure you have included the basic SEO things to make your website more search engine friendly.

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If you have no idea about SEO friendly website design or what are SEO tips to follow when creating a website, this article can help you with that part.

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    Here are some of the SEO tips you should follow to ensure creating a website that search engines actually like.

    Create SEO Friendly Website Design To Improve Your Business by 50% in 30 Minutes

    Website design is one of the most important stages of a web development project.

    Irrespective of the purpose of the website development, you should focus on SEO friendly website design for the following reasons.

    • Google and other search engines prefer to index websites that are properly optimized from the SEO point of view.
    • An SEO-friendly website design will ease the overall online marketing campaign and ensure better success.
    • A good web design can make a positive impression on the users and provide them with a wonderful site experience.
    • An SEO design is likely to achieve better rankings faster in search engines and get more traffic to your website.
    • It increases the overall reputation of your online business and helps you establish your business as a brand in the market.
    • The cost of an SEO campaign gets reduced when the website design is already well-optimized.
    • A good SEO friendly website development means proper navigation, simple yet attractive layout, and amazing content.

    Now you know the importance of SEO in web design and development, let’s find out how you can create your own SEO-friendly website.

    Tips for Optimizing Your Web Design

    Here are some of the things you can do to increase the SEO friendly website design.

    Optimize Website Navigation

    Optimize Website Navigation

    Easy navigation is the core of a good web design. Here are some tips to create proper navigation and layout on your site.

    • Make proper content categories and assign the right tags and categories to each of your web contents to make it easy for users to find them.
    • Include the most important options (categories, pages, etc.) in the top menu of the website.
    • Add a text links menu in the footer to include other important pages and options.
    • Optimize all the important pages of your website with unique and relevant information.
    • Add interlinks to make it easier for users to move between pages on the site.
    • Keep a unique, simple and relevant template throughout the website.
    • Optimize the page loading speed by optimizing the use of images, JavaScript, flash and other high size data on your website.
    • Avoid pop-ups and complex codes.
    • Use breadcrumb navigation to help users and search engines understand the structure of your site. An alternative is to use sitemaps.
    • Create a unique and wonderful brand logo and put it above the fold along with a tagline or the primary message of your business/company.
    • Use an SEO Website Builder or an SEO plugin to automate the optimization.

    Optimizing Website Content

    Optimizing Website Content

    Content is another very important factor of a website. It tells your users what your website is about and gives them whatever they are looking for.

    • The content should not be too long or too short. It should contain just the right and accurate information in the right amount of words.
    • It must be properly placed within the content area and should not be hidden.
    • Insert 2 or 3 relevant images on every page and add alt text to allow indexing. Search engines do not crawl images or flash elements directly.
    • Do keyword research and include proper keywords at the right places in the allowed density (2-3%) in your web content, but do not stuff.
    • The content should not contain too many keywords.
    • Make use of proper headings (H1 to H6) in the correct sequence.
    • Add the correct and unique meta tags (Title, description, and keywords) to each of your website pages.
    • Use a website creator according to SEO.

    Other SEO Friendly Website Development Tips

    • If you want users to take a certain action after visiting a page on your website, make sure to include an effective call to action on the page.
    • Keep the design simple enough for users to easily navigate and compelling enough to keep users engaged.
    • Give users options to comment, share and interact with the content.
      Include your business’s social media pages on the website to allow users to join them.
    • Use high-definition, relevant, unique and appealing images.
    • If you are planning to use ads on your website, make sure to reserve separate spaces for them. The advertisements should not cover the main content or make it difficult for users to access the content.

    Technical Tips for Making SEO-Friendly Website

    • Avoid using flash as far as possible.
    • Do not use flash in the navigation.
    • Do not use a lot of JavaScript or Ajax code on your website as these things will increase the website size and make it load slowly.
    • Make sure that your website is mobile-friendly and compatible with all platforms and screen sizes.
    • Keep the use of external plugins to a minimum as they might negatively affect the natural working of your site.

    These are all the things you will ever need to create your own SEO-friendly website.

    If you are not comfortable making these changes yourself or still not sure how to develop the website for SEO, you can consider hiring an SEO friendly website development company to help you or using an SEO Website Builder to create your website.

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