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How SAG IPL Developed A Multi Functionality Gen GST Software

Gen GST Software is the next feather in the cap of the SAG IPL family as it brings many added advantages in the progress of the organization with various challenges on the way. Each and every associate in the development of the software gave his skills to make the best out of it.

While Google being honest, always accounts for the top searched and best ranked on its searches made a way for Gen GST on its first page.

In order to find out, exactly how it all happened, we have to further study this with all that has been included in this case study.

What is Gen GST Software?

The Gen GST software is a one-stop solution as considered by thousands of clients owning the software for performing at par with every activity related to Goods and services tax filing, billing and invoice generating.

The Gen GST is available in both desktop (.Net) and online (JAVA) version according to the suitability of taxpayer.

Challenges Faced While Developing the Software

GST is a big movement for the nation and we also took a chance to have some opportunity in facilitating the taxpaying community with this new tax system.

But with every big step, there comes a number of difficulties and challenges:

Complexities of GST compliance: Due to various technical and compliance reforms in the new tax regime, there was a lot of homework we had to accomplish before developing truly remarkable GST software.

Modifications in Govt rules: There were continuous modifications and alterations in the govt forms and due dates which made us left tackling the changes in our software and it’s procedural working most of the time.

Research information

Skilful manpower: As goods and services tax was a totally new subject with the inclusion of technology and finance, we had to merge two fields of the workforce into one to continue our development.


Our chartered accountants and IT teams were profusely working with one another to give shape to a really productive tool for the taxpayer community.

Features of Gen GST Software

  • Import data from other software’s Excel-like Tally, Busy, Govt. Excel & SAG.
  • E-filing GST return forms such as GSTR 1, GSTR2A, GSTR 3B, GSTR 4, GST CMP 08, GSTR 9 and 9C
  • Generation of E-Way Bill Under GST (Goods and Services Tax)
  • JSON file of GSTR-1 can be imported from System.
  • Import data from Tally by simple mapping
  • At the time of importing data, existing data will be compared and a mismatch error report will be generated.
  • Export data into Excel of Govt. GST Portal & Gen GST.
  • Export data in Govt. GST Portal Offline Tool.
  • Export Client Billing Data into Tally
  • Export GSTR-2A data in Excel.
  • Export GSTR-1/3B filing details in Excel.
  • Export received data in Excel.
  • Prepare Invoice of Purchase/Expense from Unregistered dealers under RCM
  • Taxpayers can E-mail Invoices to the customers.
  • Users can digitally Sign the Invoices.
  • Enter GSTIN and get the receiver details from the Portal.
  • Enter GSTIN and get the client details from the Portal while creating.
  • Get tax data of GSTR-2A from GST Portal in bulk.
  • Get the Filing Status of GSTR 1, and GSTR 3B in Bulk.
  • Get GSTR-1 data from Portal and compare our GST software data.
  • Resolve Errors Before Final Uploading based upon GSTIN, POS & Inter-Intra, match-mismatch with schema validation along with Error Report (Zip) file.
  • The taxpayer can fill blank or 2 to 4-digit HSN code.
  • Directly upload data on the GST Portal without using GSP services.

Take a look at the GST software demo –

Types of Gen GST Software Platforms


The desktop version of Gen GST software is based on .Net and is highly sophisticated and matched with the features required for filing returns and performing billing of GST. The desktop version is totally cluttered-free and includes multiple productive features.

Gen GST software India

The software will also help to save money incurred on API usage as it will bypass the GSP ASP services directly to the GST portal government. The software is smart enough to save the data and able to extract the saved data at the time of filing the returns through its amazing feature of “Masters Data”.

A desktop variant of Gen GST saves a lot of time for taxpayers and provides customized billing, a specific list under RCM, reports on debit/credit notes, maintains refund timeline, advance receipt, shipping bill for complete sales, one-click e-way bill generation, invoices with a digital signature, and automatically emails to the clients regarding generated invoices.

Apart from this, the desktop version is also capable enough for e-filing, import-export facility, advanced security, e-payments, automatic ITC calculation, and auto error identification. The desktop version of Gen GST software is for Windows only.


Gen GST software is also available in the form of a mobile app for GST return filing and billing. The mobile is quite user-friendly and developed on a highly secured platform of JAVA development language.

With the Gen GST mobile app, users are updated with the latest reports about GST which help in e-filing according to the guidelines of GST.

Gen GST Billing & e-Filing Software

The application helps in creating a tax liability register, credit ledger, and cash ledger on the basis of data filled and also shows the availability of ITC.

The mobile app encompasses most of the prominent features of other variants such as providing Industry specific billing format, Digital signature of the invoices, invoice generation, debit/credit note, payment voucher, refund voucher, e-way bill generation, shipment bill, advance receipt, and easy synchronous facility.


The online version of Gen GST software uses the highly secured JAVA language platform for safety reasons of tax data. The online variant is OS-independent and works very well on any OS such as Windows/Linux/Mac.

GST Software Online

The synchronous facility is also available which shows exact data after synchronizing the online and the desktop variants regardless of the place of access.

The unique client authentication mechanism is provided to clients and it is possible to manage unlimited clients with separate passwords. The online variant is good enough in customizing themes with new colours, themes, and personal innovations than the desktop variant.

Here is the easy tutorial take a look-

The online variant also has some similar features to desktop variants like customized billing, specific list under RCM, reports on debit/credit notes, maintained refund timeline, advance receipt, shipping bill for complete sales, one-click e-way bill generation, invoices with a digital signature, automatically emails to the clients regarding generated invoices, and it is capable enough for e-filing, import-export facility, advance security, e-payments, automatic ITC calculation, and auto error identification.

How We Ranked Under Top 10 for GST Software Keywords

GST software the viewpoint of a keyword is a very highly approachable term in the search history of Google in the recent past, to be exact from the date of the announcement of the GST rollout.

To be able to rank in the top 10 for the keywords directed on the GST and its related search, we have included almost every trick of SEO with competency aside.

High Competitive Keywords

Some of the highly competitive keywords like:

  • GST Software
  • GST billing software
  • GST software in India
  • GST software free
  • GST software download
  • GST software provider

Now, the aforementioned keywords took high capabilities for any service provider to rank him in the initial pages of Google. The keywords were to be targeted exactly in accordance with the market flow and statistics in order to avail maximum benefit out of the data input.

There are some eligible competitors in the market that are also targeting the same audience and have the ambition to take over most of the customer base. The competitors like Tally, Marg, and ClearTax were some of the prominent ones who were also in the race to stand in the queue and obviously in the first ranking.

First Page Ranking

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We Have Made Some Powerful SEO Strategies

Some of the strategies followed by us to qualify for perfect keyword optimization:

SEO Strategies

Title Tag – The title tag was taken care of both on-page and off-page as it is considered to be the first impression of a product on a search engine.

Links – The linking was also up to date according to the norms, as it was part of link building. Internal links, inbound links, and navigational links all had our top-optimized keywords accordingly.

ContentContent development is also an important part of optimization and ranking as the ground for all the ranking-based strategies originates from the content.

Meta Description – The meta description was also on our strategic list has been kept very straightforward and was deliberately styled according to the market stats.

Image names – In the optimization strategy, image naming also has importance as image searching sometimes makes a way through the actual direction. Image naming with keywords is to be considered equally important while optimizing keywords.

Content Formation:

Content development was the utmost part of the ranking-based game on the search engine, as the content is a vehicle to input and float away targeted keywords within the mainstream online database.

We have included basic strategies for outstanding on the content platform:

Content Formation

Genuine content – The software was described in a simple and elaborative manner but only in the originality of words. The content was fresh and was away from any plagiarism as the defending factor of this is that the GST software made was one and only unique in its origin and thus the content must also be complying with its new incorporation.

Impactful titles – A serious thought was also given to the titles, as they were the most seen and first sight of the content. Each and every title were discussed before finalizing it for publishing.

Knowledge-based content – The world is literally demanding more and more information and if the topic is on GST then the demand is endless. We have tried to provide only knowledgeable and informative content in order to secure genuine readers and professionals.

Content source – The source of content was of important consideration as we always believed in verified sources including government websites and social media pages. This has helped us in boosting confidence and thus we secured a better circulation strategy without any second thought.

Engaging content – The content developed was not only based on facts and information but was also engaging and written in a creative format. Engagement is a factor that anyone can rely upon and thus we, with the help of experienced and skilled writers gathered information and made it engaging till the time we published it.

On-Page SEO

URL Fixing – URLs are one of the most complex data formats and we have tried to make them compact and reasonable with every post in order to maintain visibility as well as the logically understood URL without any need for title check.


According to research, a shorter URL ranks better than a longer one For this page, we used a simple, keyword-rich URL:

Title Fixing – We have again and again discussed the titles and headings of each and every post and their inside para’s in order to include the beneficial part of the engagement and get them suitable for simplicity and keyword orientation.

Title Fixing

Fixing section heading – Apart from improving the main title, we have also put our efforts into individual sections and headings for utilizing maximum opportunity even inside the content of the post. Also the subsections, sometimes carry potential place in ranking so fixing section headings do not go unnoticed.

Content management – The first part to do a better SEO is to make engaging content as the reader must be willing to go further in content to where the spot keywords are targeted.

Content Management

We have been profusely working on increasing engagement to the extent of naturally harmonized readable content in advance.

Keyword density – We have actively engaged in revamping and figuring out the perfect keyword density to further make eligible content for search engines to consider our data in almost every capable keyword.

Internal links – We have been ahead of discussing each and every topic on GST and are thus able to interlink numerous articles within the content for every topic.

Link targets – While performing SEO on each and every stage, we have also targeted various platforms to promote and showcase our product, and this too with the relevance of the platform and not intended for everywhere.

Content updation – To actively maintain position on the Google search engine, the foremost rule is to regularly update the content regardless of the keyword hits. The updated content is always praised by the visitors and also helps in making the position even higher than other reputed websites due to the updation.

Off-Page SEO

Relevant link building – We have been getting the most significant and relevant backlinks from the popular news websites, blogs, and review sites in the industry, due to our conscious efforts in our quality content and software reputation.

GST blogs – We have constantly updated our readers with more and more GST-related topics and have been providing them latest blogs and articles to engage them and make them aware of tools and software with the help of SAG Infotech official taxation blog.

Solving queries – We are also in constant touch with the wide base of readers and solving their queries and issues regarding the GST with the help of experienced chartered accountants having full-fledged knowledge of this newly incorporated tax scheme.

Techniques for link building:

We use the following link-building techniques for the promotion of our software:

  • Content Marketing
  • Social Media Promotion
  • Guest Posting
  • Forum and Discussions
  • News Articles
  • Press Release
  • Subsidiary Websites

GST Helpline App

GST App Development- Rate This App

SAG Infotech Pvt. Ltd. offers GST helpline app to resolve all the doubts regarding GST. It is a smart way to be updated with the current happenings of GST and is just a click-away solution. The app is most trusted and recommended by the CA and the CS professionals.

The user-friendly characteristics and the wholesomeness of the one-click destination make it an awesome performer among the competitors.

For more Details Check out GST (Good And Service Tax) Mobile App

The app has so many exciting features that enable the user to feel free to ask queries and know deep about GSTR filings. Some of the features are:

Ask A Question:

This platform helps the user to get the answers to their queries from our professional CA team.

GSTR Due Dates:
Users get updated about GST’s upcoming deadlines as this feature facilitates knowing due dates.

GST Return Filing Guides:
These features provide a complete step-by-step guide to filing GST returns like GSTR-1, GSTR-2, GSTR-3B, and so on.

HSN/SAC Code Finder:
To know the current CESS Rate, GST Rate, and HSN or SAC Code for any products under the new GST Regime, this app is a perfect solution.

GST News Alert:
Users get daily GST news updates, articles, and more, by just tapping the app.

GST Opinion Corner:
This particular section covers the impact of GST on the Indian economy.

Share Your Views On GST:
The section helps the users to express their views on GST implementation.

Know GST Forms:
This feature provides an e-copy of GST forms presented by the government of India and to be filed by every taxpayer in India.

Calculate Tax:
The app automatically calculates the applicable taxes in both CGST and SGST segments according to the latest tax rates.

Important GST Links:
To know all the relevant information from authorized sites, this feature accommodates all kinds of important links.

Simplified FAQs:
The FAQs are covered under this section which helps to resolve common doubts and provide more relevant information regarding GST.

Applicable States:
All states can use the app as GST is rolled out in all states.

Finalised GST Rules:
This section covers the finalized rules after the implementation of GST.

Watch Videos:
This is a hub of the latest YouTube videos published by government personnel and some reputed website owners.

Get On Contact:
The user can easily contact with SAG team on a different social media platform and via phone number & Email ID


Finally, we have concluded that through intense research and intrusive efforts from our team, we have managed to develop a better place on the Google search engine having a considerable approach from the readers and customers alike for our Gen GST software.

Our GST software not only performs all the GST filing and billing-related tasks but also has been optimized to give users a wonderful experience through customizations and support.

By Amit Gupta

Founder and CEO of SAG IPL

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