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Developed and Marketed an Ecommerce Project Successfully (With 100% Practical Case Study)

Are you an eCommerce business owner trying to improve traffic and conversions on your shopping website? This case study of how we improved the digital branding, reach, traffic and sales of Wear&Smile – a Sweden-based online clothing store – might just be the inspiration you need right now.

Wear & Smile is an online clothing store that is backed by a physical store located in Stockholm, Sweden. They are known for producing and selling Sustainable Organic Dresses throughout Europe.

In this article, you will get a detailed analysis of how we improved the online visibility and reputation of Wear&Smile and established it as a prominent clothing brand in its market, increasing the website leads, traffic & sales more than ever.

Here’s how we achieved it.

Project Initialization

As you can understand, this is an online shopping store which sells natural and all-organic clothes and provides delivery to Europe and some other countries. Naturally, the competition is very high in the e-commerce space, and we had to consider all the aspects while planning a strong marketing strategy for Wear&Smile.

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Requirement Analysis

Requirement Analysis

We first analyzed the project requirements and scope to get an in-depth idea of the target market and customers in order to better understand the project’s purview.

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marketing Goals

Based on our initial analysis of the project and multiple meetings with the client, we finalized the following goals for the marketing projects:

  • Optimize the online website to increase visibility and make it friendly to users as well as search engines;
  • Increase the leads and sales to the business;
  • Improve the overall business reputation in the industry.

Team Building

Team Building

Initially, the team included a couple of Magento web developers, designers, and marketing professionals, including a dedicated manager to keep the client apprised of the progress. Later on, the team expanded to include more individuals to meet the increasing demands and scope of the project.


Marketing Strategy

Our marketing strategy for Wear&Smile consisted of both on-page and off-page optimization, as follows:

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On-page SEO

On-page SEO
  • Website redesigning/development
  • Quality Content creation & optimisation
  • Keyword research and placement
  • Meta tags optimization
  • Layout optimization (Mobile-friendliness, etc.)
  • Internal & External linking
  • Blog development
  • Loading speed optimization
  • Other elements – images, multimedia, URL, etc.

Off-page SEO

Off-page SEO
  • Content Marketing
    • Blog posting on the website
    • Regular content creation and off-site posting
  • Social media marketing
  • Paid advertisement
  • Email marketing
  • Influencer Marketing
  • News and PR Marketing
  • Video Creation & Posting
  • Questions & Answers Activity

Company Website Development

Company Website Development

As usual, we started with the website (on-page) optimization. The existing (old) website was in no way appealing-enough or optimized from the user’s point of view. After a serious discussion with the client, we decided to renovate/redesign the website from scratch.

A team of our best developers and designers was given the job of creating the best-fit theme layout for the website. As you can see, the layout was designed such that all the important information, including top products, offers, about the company, etc. is added to the homepage itself.

Moreover, easy interlinking has been done to ensure all the pages are easily accessible and the website is easy to navigate through. The top of the homepage provides contact information, making it easy for the users to contact the company.

contact information

Since it is an online shopping website with a focus on fashion products, we included sufficient spaces for images and videos in order to make the website appealing and good-looking.

Once the theme was developed, our developers created strong functionality to match the website design. The contact form, a blog, a shopping cart, payment systems, search option, filters, etc. were added to ensure an overall smooth shopping experience for the end-user.

There is also a user section, which can be accessed after sign-up/sign-in. Here, users can manage their accounts, orders, transactions, returns, etc.


Also, we got the perfect, high-quality content developed for the website pages and placed it at relevant places, providing adequate and up-to-date information about the company, story, ethics & philosophy, fabrics, contact info, among others.

You can see the result now! The website has turned out to be better than we imagined. The client thinks the same.

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Website Optimization (On-Page)

Once the new website for Wear&Smile was developed, we started with the optimization part, which included the following steps:

Keyword research and placement

Keyword research and placement

We used tools like Google Search, Keyword Planner, and KeywordTool.io to find a list of all the best keywords to target for the project. These keywords will be used in both on-page and off-page marketing techniques.

Content Optimization

Content Optimization

New content was created for each of the pages (products, categories, etc.) as well as for the homepage of the website. We placed all the relevant keywords at all the right places in the content to ensure that search engine bots can easily identify them and rank accordingly.

Meta Tags Optimization

Meta Tags Optimization

Separate meta tags, including Meta Title, keywords and descriptions, were created (with target keywords) and added to each page on the website to ensure that each page is recognized and ranked for its unique keywords.

Layout Optimization

Layout Optimization

To make sure that the new website of Wear&Smile was as easily accessible on mobile devices as on the desktop, we optimized it to be responsive. The website layout itself is very user-friendly and easy to browse.

mobile friendly

Internal & External Linking

Internal & External Linking

To make it easier for users to browse the content and find products on the site, we interlinked all the important and relevant pages with each other as well as to the homepage. We also added a search option in the header part for optimal user experience.

Blog Optimization

Blog Optimization

The blog on the Wear&Smile website has a similar layout and theme as the main website to give a familiar appearance. The posts are added in a clear and fresh format with words that are easy to read.

Loading Speed Optimization

Loading Speed Optimization

Website speed is an important factor in user experience. Understanding that, we optimized the JavaScript, removed unnecessary elements, plugins, etc. to keep the page speed as fast as possible.

Other Elements

Many other elements on the website, including images and multimedia, website URL, sliders, ad spaces, etc. were optimized to ensure smooth customer experience and improved search visibility.

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Off-Page SEO (Marketing)

After the website development & optimization were done, we moved on to the off-page marketing part. The job was assigned to a team of seasoned digital marketers with expertise in SEO, SMO, content marketing and other off-page things.

Content Marketing (Off-site)

Content Marketing (Off-site)

We created and posted relevant, high-quality articles and blogs across top blogging sites on the internet in order to build a strong presence of the business in the online space, helping those who are looking for information or recommendations for buying natural, organic clothing in Sweden.

We also promoted the project through targeted guest blogging on authority websites in the niche.

Blog Posting On Website

Blog Posting On Website

The website business blog is naturally the best platform to promote products through strategic content. We utilized it in the best way by regularly posting tips, news, updates, and FAQs to help users for shopping on the Wear&Smile website.

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing

As it was a clothing website, social media was one of the best ways to attract new users and tell them about the products & benefits of this brand.

A dedicated team of social media marketers worked to promote the products 24*7 on social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest by publishing product photos, videos, shopping guides, tips and more through the official company accounts. We also took the job of answering users’ queries on social media accounts of Wear&Smile.

Paid Advertisement

We also regularly took the help of paid advertising feature on Facebook and Twitter to extend the reach of specific products/content through a meticulously crafted ad strategy.

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Email Marketing

Through a thorough analysis of the target market and customers, we prepared an email list of all the potential and existing customers of the brand. We used that list for direct marketing of the brand products and offers by sending customized emails and messages to the users.

Influencer Marketing

For the promotion of the business and products on YouTube, we took the help of one or two industry influencers for getting the word out about a new launch or offer through specialized videos.

News and PR Marketing

We regularly published updates about new launches and offers by Wear&Smile on much popular news and PR (press release) sites as well as on the company blog.

Video Creation & Posting

We also created an official YouTube page for the brand and regularly posted videos related to clothing products, sustainability philosophy, manufacturing process, organic fabrics and more to help target users understand and connect with the brand in a more effective way.

Questions & Answers Activity

Questions & Answers Activity

Last but not least, we took to question-answer websites like Quora and Yahoo Answers to resolve the queries of the potential customers and existing users of the brand, while at the same time telling them why they should choose Wear&Smile for shopping eco-friendly/ sustainable clothing.

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In the end, it all comes down to results. So, here are some snapshots of performance analytics and reports of the Wear&Smile marketing project.

As you can see, the traffic, as well as sales, grew to nearly 20 times while we worked on the marketing of the project.

Client’s Review

Naturally, the client is immensely happy with the result and wants to continue working with us to further grow their business. See what she has to say about our team and work are done on the project.

Client’s Review

Click To Check Review here

Now, It’s Your Time To Take Actions

This is just another marketing project that reaffirms our expertise and experience in the field of digital marketing. Our digital marketers and developers did really well with this project, and in the end, we all, including the client, were happy with the results.

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We will continue to work to promote Wear&Smile in the online space, bringing more visitors to the online website as well as to their local store in Sweden.

Finally! We mastered the strategy that will help you get sales from your eCommerce website.

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