#11 Reasons Why You Need a Mobile App for Your Business

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Mobile phones (smartphones) are becoming an integral part of our lives, and so are the mobile apps that we seem to be used for almost every small to big activity.

The use of mobile apps to access a company/business for the purpose of shopping, buying or selling, B2B exchange, trading, online booking, etc. is very common today. In fact, there is an understanding that businesses might be missing a lot by not having their own mobile apps.

Even though your business has a website, a mobile app can make a real difference when it comes to converting leads into sales.

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So, without further ado, I would now be telling the top reasons why you need a mobile app for your business.

1. Expand your reach

The most common and basic reason to have a business mobile app is to give wings to your existing business and help it reach more customers who are on mobile.

According to a CIODive report, over 70% of internet traffic is coming from mobile phones, as of 2019. That number is certain to rise as moves ahead in 2020 and beyond.

Increase User Reach

And that’s only natural given that consumers are now spending over five hours a day using their smartphones, most of which is spent on apps. Do you still need a reason why you need a mobile app for business?

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Do you want these millions of potential users to access your business on their smartphones? Do you want to reach your business reach to mobile devices? Then, you need a mobile application for your business.

2. Promote more effectively

If not for increasing your reach, get a mobile app to boost your business marketing. With every person on the planet now possessing a smartphone, there is no better way to reach them than a mobile app. With a dedicated mobile app, your business can be seen by more of your potential and existing customers, creating an automatic and the most effective market channel for your business.

Promote App by SAG IPL

And the best part is, your app will itself promote your business 24*7 by merely existing on popular app stores. However, you might need to work a lot to make the app popular in the beginning. Consider hiring a good app optimization service provider for help.

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3. Earn with the app

Besides being a wonderful tool for promoting your business, an app is also a great way to add to your business income by using various methods such as in-app advertising, premium subscription, and more. If your primary aim behind app development is to earn money, make sure to convey the same to the app developer so that they can create an app with a lot of monetization opportunities.

Earn with Mobile App

4. Make loyal customers

Customer loyalty is directly related to communication and trust. A mobile app, with multiple communication options like chat, call, notifications and email, is one of the best ways for businesses to maintain healthy communication with the customers, and vice versa.

Besides, you can send them offers and exclusive promotions on the app or through notifications, which will help improve loyalty.

Communication with Customers

This will not help your business get new customers but maintain loyalty among the existing ones.

5. Grow sales

One obvious advantage of having a business mobile app is sales growth. Depending on how large your mobile audience is, you can significantly increase your business sales and profitability through an app. Here’s how.

On a website, you do not usually have much control over whether a visitor shop with you or not. But on an app, you have more control over the user behaviour. For instance, if a user has abandoned his/her shopping cart, you can send regular notifications reminding them or even offer special discounts on shopping. This is a great way to convert leads into sales.

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6. Mobile payments

With everything going digital, not many people now prefer to carry cash in their pockets when they can make payments using a mobile app. Thankfully, your business mobile app can be easily customized to include all the popular digital payment options, including credit/debit cards, UPI and digital wallets, giving your users one more reason to shop with you, especially while on the go.

Easy Mobile Payments

7. Feedbacks

Feedbacks are probably the best thing about mobile apps. With a website, it is not quite easy for a user to leave feedback after using a brand/business, depending on the options available. But mobile apps are the best for accepting and giving instant feedback.

If you care enough about your customers and give them the best, then you should always prompt them to leave feedback (review, suggestion or complaint) after each sale. This not only helps build trust but also gives you a chance to improve things the way your customers want.


8. Show what you can do

An app is the best tool for you to showcase your products and services in the best way possible. It is your playground, you can customize it as and how you want and show it in a way that users absolutely love. Remember, it’s all about convincing the user to make a sale and not giving them a chance to regret it.

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9. Boost Brand Reputation

A mobile app gives your brand more visibility and exposure than a website can ever give. That’s why it is the best way to help create and improve your brand awareness, making your business the first thing customers think of when looking to buy something.

Boost Brand Reputation by Mobile App

However, to be able to become a brand in your industry, you must be able to provide all the interesting features your customers want in an app.

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10. Optimize your business process

Besides having an app for customers, you should also consider creating an app for internal operations of your business, including management of employees, communication between the team, secure storing and exchange of files, keeping performance statistics, etc., which can immensely help improve the performance of your business and reduce costs.

Optimize your business more

So, what’s your take on it? Do you feel the need for a mobile app to help your business grow? If so, make sure to hire a good mobile app development agency or developer for creating your business app. A user-friendly, visually appealing and feature-rich app can make all the difference for your business.

11. Because Mobile Apps are future

As the digital era swings around, there is each and everything that can be accomplished through mobile. People totally rely on mobile phones that even small shops to big markets run through. Either business of any vegetable shop to any kind of mid-level to big business people looks into the phone to search for it. Mobile is a convenient source where any kind of business can be run. This is why mobile apps are important. In the future, its efficiency and use can be seen as the demand is rising day by day. Whether it is about to pay, order online or have to visit, people always first look into mobile.

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