How Golf Club App Developer can Help your Golf Course to Manage Effectively?

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Golf Club App Developers

Mobile apps are now being widely used as a gateway to the lucrative world of mobile browsing where accessing various services and doing various tasks have become quite easier than it was before.

As of 2018, more than 90% of people prefer mobile apps to access a business or service rather than a mobile/website.

This fact alone should be more than sufficient to acknowledge the importance of mobile applications and the role they are playing in today’s technology-driven world. If that’s not enough, here’s another interesting fact about the popularity of mobile apps.

In 2016, the app revenue generated by different mobile apps was 61.9 billion dollars, which is expected to go more than double (to approx $139 billion) by 2021.

Mobile app development involves the designing and development of a mobile application for a particular purpose, such as e-commerce, gaming, entertainment, etc. In this article, we will talk about mobile app development in the context of Golf Courses by Golf Club App Developers.

A Golf Course or Club is an institution that allows people to come together and enjoy the game of golf on a private Golf ground (course). A dedicated golf course/club mobile app can help your institution effectively manage its members, better showcase and promote your brand services, engage with members in a more interactive way and increase the overall revenue of your business. Here’s how.

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Why Does Your Golf Club Need A Mobile App?

Now, more than ever, it is becoming crucial for businesses to manage healthy interactions with their clients and members. This is where a mobile app can help you. Through a dedicated mobile app for your golf club, you can interact, serve and connect with your members in a better way. Here are some other reasons why your Golf Club might need its own mobile app.

Golf App to Grow Business

An App will allow Your Club to Be More Visible and Accessible to Your Members

Statistics confirm that on average people spend more than three hours a day on their mobile devices. By creating a mobile app for the Club, you can effectively increase the visibility and value of your business.

More Accessible Business Services

Through your mobile app, your club members would be able to access your services and information at all times and be in touch with the Club whenever required.

Direct Message, Invites and Notifications for Events

One of the benefits a mobile app can give to your Golf business is a direct way of connecting and communicating with the members. You can send event invitations, messages about tournaments, and more directly from the app.

Member Exclusive Offers

Your business app will enable you to connect with and share exclusive offers with any particular member. Emails or text messages are not as visible as app notifications. This way you can be assured that your messages are reaching the target members.

Build a Better Brand Image

A mobile app can greatly help your Club build better awareness and brand image in the target market. The best thing about an app is that you can customize it in any way to make it well-branded and impressive. Moreover, the more new people know about your Club app, the more they will be inclined to join and try your Golf Club services.

Build Brand Awareness

Other than the above benefits, an exclusive mobile app for your club can effectively help you thin out the competition and make your business more appealing to its target customers while, at the same time, giving existing members more and better opportunities to engage with the business.

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What features should be added to The Golf Club Mobile App?

Our expert golf club app developers can help you build a customized Golf Club app to your specific needs, giving you the freedom of choosing whatever features and functionalities you want in your app. Here are some of the common features a good Golf Club Mobile App should have.

About Club: Information about the Club, including opening/closing hours, location, address, contact details, etc.

Members Panel: An Exclusive member dashboard with features like booking details, upcoming events, offers, etc.

Golf Course Details: The complete details about the Golf Courses, including detailed maps and the facility to choose from.

GPS Location: This feature enables your clients to know their live location and distance from the hole.

Weather Data: Provides an up to date data on weather allowing your clients to set their game schedule accordingly.

Scorecard: A digital scorecard which will be updated instantly during and after each Golf game on your course.

Tee Booking: Allow your members to make bookings in advance in an easy and quick way through the app.

Events: An event page in your app where all the ongoing and upcoming events are updated regularly.

Gallery: Collection of photos and achievements, including the Hall of Fame, of your Club members.

Social Networking: Let your members connect with friends and invite them to play while promoting your app.

In-App Payment: Allow your club members to pay for bookings and other Club services in a cashless manner.

Food & Beverages: Order food & beverages directly from the app even when you are in the field (course).

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How (and Where) To Hire A Golf Club Mobile App Developer?

Once you’ve decided to get an Exclusive Mobile App developed for your Golf Club, the next thing to do is find a good developer for the job. Depending on your budget and requirements, you can go with any of the following options:

Freelance Developer ($20-$75 Per Hour)

This is a perfect option if you are low on budget. Getting your Golf Course/Club app developed by a freelance app developer will cost you around $1,000 to $10,000. However, you might have to do a lot of management work yourself or need to hire other individuals for designing and other tasks.

Hire a Golf Course App Development Company ($6-$15 Per Hour)

On the other hand, if you choose to hire a professional mobile app development agency like SAG IPL, things will become quite easy and convenient for you. All you have to do is pay, and we will manage the entire project, from research and planning to app designing to development and testing. Moreover, we have dedicated support services to manage after-sales tasks such as app updations and maintenance.

Golf App Development

Case Study: Golf Club Solution Developed By SAG IPL

Before we go into business, it might help you to understand our app development skills and knowledge. This case study of a Golf Club app that we developed recently will help you with that.

Golf app development company

Rambagh Golf Club (Developed by SAG IPL)

Rambagh Golf Club App is the exclusive mobile app of the prestigious Rambagh Golf Club, which happens to be one of the oldest and most popular Golf Clubs in India. The app provides Club members with access to various services of the Rambagh Golf Club, including Club details, timings, online Tee booking, weather updates, events info, payment, member directory, and more. Club members can also make bookings and check upcoming events within the app and can make payments for various services.

The app has been developed for both Android and iOS platforms.

Sports/Gaming IT Services offered by SAG IPL

SAG IPL offers a wide range of sports and gaming-related IT services including web/app development and digital marketing, helping our clients with the latest and modern technology solutions to grow their businesses.

Sports/Gaming Website Development

Besides mobile apps, a website is the second best way to reach and connect with your online business customers. SAG IPL team of talented web developers can help you develop a customized website for your Golf Course/Club. Reach us now with your requirements.

Golf Club (Sports/Gaming) App Development

Creating an exclusive mobile app for your Golf course business would be the best decision you will ever make. Need a reliable app developer for the job? Hire one with SAG IPL. We have a team of 20+ skilled and experience mobile app developers you can choose from and hire at an affordable rate.

Digital Marketing

At SAG IPL, we have been largely engaged in the online marketing of gaming websites and businesses including Golf Courses and Clubs. Need a dedicated Digital Marketing Team for your Golf Course/Club? Hire one with SAG IPL. Our marketing services include SEO, SMO, Blogging, Profile Creating, Business Listing, PPC, and more.

Digital Marketing

Mobile App Marketing

Marketing your Golf Course mobile app is important to let your existing and potential clients know about the new app. Through our App Store promotion and social media exposure, your app will get better reach, ranking and more downloads in less time.

Mobile App Marketing

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Why Choose Golf Club App Developer from SAG IPL

SAG IPL has a legacy of developing the most user-friendly and ROI-based apps in the market. So if that’s what you’re looking for, drop us a message right away. Here’s why we are one of the best agencies for your Golf Course App Development project.

SAG IPL Golf App Developers
  • Over 10 Years of App Development Experience in an array of industries
  • A strong team of talented and highly skilled mobile app developers
  • Hundreds of Apps Developed, many of them exclusively for the gaming and sports industry
  • Commitment to Quality, Security and Service
  • On-time Delivery and after-sales Support
  • The Client is Always First for Us

Did you find the article helpful? What are all the features/things you’d like to have in your own Golf Course/Club app? Discuss your views and suggestions in the comment section below.

If you already have an idea for a mobile app, we would love to discuss the project with you. We offer a free first analysis, where our experts will analyze your project and give you a quote. You can choose to hire our app development services on an hourly or project basis.

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