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Shiftal Case Study: SAG IPL Is Ready To Walk The Extra Mile For Our Customers

SAG IPL is a full-service IT company that has been in the business for more than a decade and provides services to global customers. It is quite fascinating that all of these respected customers came with their own unique ideas and projects. One such project is Shiftal, a globally renowned, fast, and safe P2P cryptocurrency trading exchange, that hired us for digital marketing.

Through this post, we SAG IPL are introducing the case study of the Shiftal project. It quite notes a detailed explanation of our journey. Inside it, we will give you all the steps and steps that we went through, including their results and achievements and not to forget the screenshots. So, if you’re feeling the throes of excitement, keep in touch with us till the end to see the success and how our team of marketers helped you upgrade this project and reach your goal.

Before knowing about what services we have provided and their outcome let’s just take a view at what Shiftal is.

What is Shiftal?

Shiftal is a P2P cryptocurrency trading exchange that aims to make its products available to people around the world, giving them peace of mind. With these ideas in the back of their heads, they plan to take cryptocurrencies to the farthest corners of the world through easy trading.


Shiftal is a global cryptocurrency exchange that provides peer-to-peer crypto trading services to users in over 200 countries. Shiftal is one of the first exchanges to allow buying cryptocurrencies with 70+ payment options including Shiftal Coin. 

The project also features a native token — Shiftcal coin (SFL). When using Shiftal Coin to pay for their orders, merchants will get a fee waiver. The actual discount price and offers will be revealed after the official launch of Shiftal Coin after the sale.

How did we achieve all of Shiftal’s goals?

There is a lot of stuff under the umbrella of Shiftal including, exchange, blog, social media platforms, and token sales. Below we are describing all the steps we have taken to make this project a success and will also share the outcome of our efforts with screenshots of reports.

Project Initialization

The first step, as always, was to understand the concept and create a proper marketing plan. Our first priority was to give the project the exposure it really need to establish itself as a reliable exchange.

To achieve that we first divided the complete into some small parts and allotted the tasks to our responsible team members. Our plan was to make people aware of the project with content and social media marketing.

Website analysis and Auditing

Our experienced SEO team goes through each and every page of the website to make notes that what is missing on the website and what exactly efforts are required for it. We also used premium website auditing tools to find and fix all the technical things. Auditing also helps us to make things really trustworthy and technically perfect for all visitors.

After getting a list of all the issues our SEO experts made the necessary changes to make the website completely ready for indexing.  

Social Media Management

We started to build public pages and profiles on various social media platforms. We also provided all the required details on all these pages and profiles. Social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn and Reddit were at the top of our list.

After completing the profile creation, we started creating banners and captions to make people aware of the Shiftal Project and all its offerings.

These Social media banners were crafted very carefully to deliver an accurate message to the social media users. 

Created communities and Promoted events

We also used the reach of social media to promote bounty events, events, and token sale tours after we made people aware of the project. We also shared all the important updates, developments, achievements and progress with our followers.

With our constant effort, we have not only increased the number of followers but also kept them engaged with projects, products and all the latest happenings.

Our continued efforts and genuine products from Shiftel have attracted a wide audience and we have successfully built a strong community for the project.

Changes in design


We tracked people’s behaviour and the heat graph of the exchange website as well as the blog and made changes accordingly.

We also make several changes to the basic design of the website so that users can have a better user experience on the Exchange website.

It significantly uplifted the number of visitors joining the platform. Additionally, design changes also attracted people and increased the average time they spend on the website.

Content Marketing

When we talk about marketing strategies, here content marketing plays an important role. As you know content is considered the king of marketing. So, here we are good with our words and so we know what to give to our audience that they understand.

The key strategies we use at SAG IPL Content Marketing are: Therefore, we shift to high-quality and relevant content in the form of blogs, articles, FAQs, guest posts, emails, social media content, forums etc. Promote the project.

We also promoted and helped the company run referral and reward programs to promote the project to a wider audience. We started with email marketing and social media, content promoting such programs but later we also used press releases, forum postings, push notifications and more marketing techniques.

Promoting IEO and ICO Sale

Shiftal is a P2P crypto exchange that also has a token called SFL. The coin is doing well now, but it needed solid support from digital marketing when it was initially introduced to the market and for token sales on its website and exchange.

With our experienced content writers, graphic designers, SEO team, and digital marketers we provided all the support we can. With a unique idea and continuous dedicated effort from our experts, the token sales were concluded successfully.

Shiftal is still live

Neither our marketing failed nor did Shiftal ever stop providing its quality services. It is still online and doing well. The project has a wide audience of global users and they are trading, exchanging and performing all crypto-related activities on this unique P2P crypto exchange. Visit the official website to know about the project and hire SAG IPL for all digital marketing needs.

Disclaimer: The SAG IPL team worked on the Shiftal project marketing between February 2021 to October 2021, and all the works and results (data) mentioned above are for that specific period.

For more info: SAGIPL Privacy Policy

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