Pieta Ecosystem: A Case Study Of The Pieta Ecosystem’s Solar-Powered Mining Approach

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Pieta Ecosystem: A Case Study Of The Pieta Ecosystem's Solar-Powered Mining Approach

The Pieta Ecosystem project started with an interesting and perfectly feasible idea of a solar-powered mining platform where the mining of cryptocurrencies is not only cost-effective but also friendly to the environment.

As of now, most mining networks rely on fossil fuel energy for powering their mining operation. This type of energy is quite costly as well as detrimental to the environment.

The high cost of energy has made mining activity inaccessible or infeasible for the common people.

Now, you might wonder what Pieta is exactly and what does it do?

    What is Pieta Ecosystem?

    In the simplest terms, Pieta is a solar-powered crypto-mining ecosystem.

    Pieta Ecosystem

    A more detailed definition of Pieta would be – A first-of-its-kind cryptocurrency mining platform that will be completely powered by solar energy derived from the company’s own solar farms located in Africa.

    Yes, Pieta will develop its own solar-powered mining rigs and also its solar farms. We will discuss that in detail in this article. But first thing first.

    The Objectives & Aim of the Pieta Project

    Pieta is developing a mining ecosystem that will be powered by solar energy and utilize the new X20 algorithm for energy-efficient mining.

    The Objectives & Aim of Pieta Project

    The core aim of Pieta is to increase profits for miners and investors by making crypto mining more affordable and eco-friendly and reducing energy consumption and cost.

    Meet the Team Behind the Pieta Ecosystem Success

    Yes, Pieta is still in the development phase, but we have already started seeing the signs of sure success. For instance, Pieta ICO is getting more investors and interest than any other ICO out there. The first sales of the ICO were immensely successful.

    All this success and everything which has been achieved until now was made possible by our team (SAGIPL) consisting of hardworking and expert web developers & designers, blockchain developers, and online marketers who are consistently working to improve the project, market it to more people, form partnerships and develop the ecosystem as a whole.

    Here’s How We Build the Pieta Ecosystem From Scratch

    Project Initialization

    The first phase was, as always, the planning. We formulated detailed plans for the development of the Pieta ICO platform, digital wallet, mining equipment, coin, exchange, etc.

    Following that, we started recruiting the team. The ICO platform along with the official project website was released in mid-2018 in the initial phase. After that, we released the project whitepaper. Here’s how it all happened.

    Project Website Design/Development

    The development of the Pieta website was a very crucial task. The initial website was already developed by the time we started with the project, so we just had to analyze it and make it better in terms of design, content, etc. We did our best with our knowledge and skills.

    A dedicated team of designers, developers, and content writers was assigned for creating a relevant, optimized, and content-rich website for the Pieta project.

    Our focus was on creating a simple and good-looking website that is easy to navigate and provides all the crucial information for a potential investor to make a decision about the project.

    We achieved that success as you can see on the website Pieta. Network. The core areas of the website which we changed/improved are:

    • Website design – installed a clean and beautiful website theme, optimized the website navigation and speed, added and optimized pages, etc.
    • Blog: Created an official blog for the Pieta website to provide regular project updates and news about Pieta.
    • Content optimization: Got almost the entire content on the website re-written in a more relevant, investor-focused manner, specifying the benefits for investors and the actual concept of Pieta. The following information has been added to the website:
      • Project Introduction
      • Pieta Mission
      • Introduction Video
      • Investor benefits
      • Pieta solutions
      • ICO sale
      • Token Distribution
      • ICO Fund Distribution
      • Team/Advisors
      • Project Roadmap
      • Mining Partners
      • Blog Updates

    In short, the Pieta website is now a brief image of the project concept, giving a clear idea of what Pieta actually is and why one should invest in it.

    Team Building

    Team Building

    The next step was building a strong team of the right people. Besides our own team of designers, developers, content writers, and marketers, we formed partnerships with several third-party advisors (legal & business) and influencers for the betterment of the project.

    Documentation (Whitepaper)

    Pieta’s whitepaper consisting of the project details, objectives, market analysis, team details, ICO, project structure, roadmap, benefits & features, etc., was released in January 2019.


    We also update the Pieta whitepaper on a regular basis with more information as and when needed.

    ICO Development & Marketing

    The development of the Pieta ICO platform was a crucial phase. We understand that an ICO platform must be secure and functional at the same time.

    Pieta ICO website does the job in the most perfect way. It accepts a number of payment methods and has an associated digital wallet.

    After the ICO development, the ICO marketing phase began, which consisted of the following stages:

    1. ICO Listing

    First of all, we listed the Pieta ICO on a number of top ICO listing platforms, including the likes of ICObench, FindICO, ICOholder, etc., to give the project more exposure and reach more potential investors.

    2. Community Management & Marketing

    Community is an important part of any ICO project, which is why we primarily focused on building specific user communities in Pieta’s target market. This includes user communities, investor forums, etc.

    In addition to participating in popular discussion boards, we created our own social communities for potential users.

    3. Email Marketing

    Email outreach proved to be a very successful campaign for Pieta, as we successfully managed to reach a lot of target audiences via our marketing & project emails.

    We also used a few paid and unpaid email marketing tools for this purpose.

    4. Content Marketing

    Content is an important part of our crypto marketing strategies here at SAG IPL. We promoted the Pieta project through high-quality and strictly relevant content in the form of blogs, guest posting, articles, social media content, emails, forums, and more.

    5. Social Media Marketing

    We dedicated hours on social sites analyzing potential audiences and promoting the Pieta concept and ICO to them.

    Social Media Marketing

    Our efforts were not in vain, as we managed to receive a huge response from social media users who are now a part of Pieta.

    6. Influencer Marketing

    This is a special marketing strategy in which we reach out to influencers in the target industry and get them to talk about our project.

    For Pieta, we got in touch with some of the most influential personalities in the blockchain mining space and convinced them to talk or write about our project. It was a job well done.

    For Pieta, we got in touch with some of the most influential personalities in the blockchain mining space and convinced them to talk or write about our project. It was a job well done.

    7. News & PR Marketing

    News & Media is important for new projects in order to gather a user base and inform more people about the project.

    PR Marketing

    We extensively promoted the Pieta project by publishing the latest project updates in the form of press releases, news articles, and media content on top sites to build a strong base of users.

    8. Video Creation & Marketing

    We know that videos are fastly becoming the content of choice for millions of consumers out there, this is why we regularly create and publish videos about the Pieta project, what it is, how it works, how investors can benefit, and other related topics to inform the target audience.

    9. Questions & Answers Activity

    Questions & Answers Activity

    In order to extend the reach of Pieta and let more potential users know about this project and its benefits, we participated in discussions on sites like Quora and Reddit, answering the questions of users and telling them about the Pieta ecosystem.

    Pieta – Performance & Analytics

    The result of our development & marketing efforts can be clearly seen from the following analytics.

    Pieta - Performance & Analytics

    Pieta is now trending in the top ICOs of the year and has become one of the most talked-about projects of our decade.


    To be honest, it was not very easy to develop the Pieta ecosystem the way we did, convince potential investors to invest in a mere idea, and market the project to create a healthy buzz. But our hard work and consistency finally paid off, and Pieta has today become one of the most successful ICOs of the year.

    Wondering what the future holds for Pieta? It is mostly clear with the project roadmap. As soon as the Pieta ICO ends in November 2019, Pieta digital wallet will be launched, allowing token holders to hold and exchange their tokens securely.

    The Pieta coin will be subsequently listed on a number of exchange platforms where it can be traded for bitcoins and dollars. 20% of the ICO funds will be spent on developing Pieta mining rigs along with solar farms in Africa. These are expected to be launched by the next year, following which Pieta coin mining will start officially.

    We advise everyone to visit the Pieta website and official blog for regular project updates.

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