DCI Ecosystem: A Case Study of What We Have Achieved So Far

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DCI Ecosystem

The DCI Ecosystem project started with an interesting idea of a smart investment platform where both investors and companies/startups (seeking investments) can come together and connect with each other over a secure network.

Moreover, the platform will feature several investment tools and technologies, such as Robo-advisory, AI-based investment analysis, and more, to help investors make and manage their investments in a better and more productive way.

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    You might be wondering what is DCI exactly?

    The aim of DCI is to make:

    Investments are easily accessible and comprehensive for everyone.

    The idea then expanded to move away from the simple “platform” and to create an investment ecosystem where individuals, institutions, and third parties, come together into a world where investors can find the right opportunities and manage their investments, and entrepreneurs can easily expose their project or existing business to the platform to raise capital and finally, third parties such as legal, compliance, notary, marketing and more can come to the ecosystem and offer their services.

    As of today, DCI is being talked about as a revolutionary platform in the fintech space which has the potential to change the way we make and control investments.

    Meet the team behind the success of DCI

    It’s SAG IPL – the leading ICO development & marketing company

    But all that was not achieved in a single day. The team behind DCI (SAGIPL) worked (and is still working) hard to develop an ecosystem that will utilize modern financial technologies to increase the management and productivity of investment products in order to fulfill the expectations of millions of investors around the world.

    Here’s how we achieved it.

    Project Initialization

    The Business Idea for DCI along with the Whitepaper was drafted in the third-fourth quarters of FY2018. During the same period, the founders started networking with potential partners and third parties.

    The core functions were defined as well as the immediate team was created. The company website has now been developed and presented the project is in the marketing phase.

    Company website development

    One of the major milestones was achieved when we successfully developed the DCI website with a user-friendly interface and strictly to-the-point information.

    The sole purpose of the DCI company website is to deliver the right and complete information to potential users and visitors looking to find out more about our project.

    And it does the job well through a very sleek and smooth interface, which is not only easy to browse but also contains all the needed information on the first page itself.

    The website design is super attractive yet minimal to ensure that the website is not too heavy to load and works smoothly even on slow networks. The DCI website design not only builds a favorable impression on the visitors but also makes navigation a breeze.

    We have tried our best to give a complete idea and details of the project on the website itself, without making it too overwhelming.

    As of now, there is no whitepaper provided for the project, as the information and details given on the website are complete and more than adequate for a user to understand the DCI system and for investors to decide whether to become a part of it or not.

    We understand that not all users have the time or patience to read the entire whitepaper in order to get an idea of a project, most of them simply read the information given on the company website and decide accordingly. The website is the DCI whitepaper some of the hidden sections are accessible through registration.

    The information on the DCI website is given in a user-friendly and attractive layout format, including all the crucial details such as

    • The Vision of the DCI project/team,
    • Market analysis & DCI Solutions,
    • DCI benefits and features
    • Investor benefits
    • Architecture & tokenization
    • Initial Token Offering (ITO)
    • Token distribution
    • Token sales
    • Market strategy
    • Roadmap (project timeline)
    • The team details, etc.

    Basically, a user can find everything on the website that he/she may need to know about the DCI ecosystem. For any query or question, one can contact us easily via the contact details given on the website.

    Team Building

    In order to build a dream fintech platform like DCI, a strong and skilled team was required. We started building the team by recruiting experienced and skilled professionals who have knowledge of both (the finance and technology) industries.

    Fortunately, we managed to find amazing people to form a team which is not only helping to realize our dream but also encouraged the project grows with time. The DCI team consists of industry experts.

    CEO & Founder – Mr. Andre Dylan Conte Lanzoni – is a Chartered Banker by profession, having an in-depth knowledge of the banking and asset management industry as well as the skill set for building the next-gen investment solution and a clear process of real asset classes transformation into securitized tokens equivalent. Other team members of DCI are also well-acknowledged and leaders in their respective industries.


    Our content team started the work on preparing the core whitepaper format, which will provide a detailed description of the DCI platform and technology. The work on Technical Whitepaper will be started later.

    The DCI whitepaper has been designed with a focus on technical details but at the same time keeping it easy to understand, well-structured, and good-looking.

    Rather than making the whitepaper too complex or stuffed with information, we only included the details which were required for readers to understand the basic concept and functionality of our project.

    Community Management & Marketing

    Community Marketing

    Currently, the DCI project is in the marketing stage where we are trying to build communities and interest around our project.

    We understand that any new project needs initial marketing and promotion in order to raise curiosity among its potential users. This is what we are working on right now.

    As a part of our crypto marketing efforts, we have built a separate team consisting of marketing and blockchain professionals who not only advise us but also help promote the platform in the target market through high-quality blogging, content creation, PR, communities & forums, social media, emails, and other similar methods.

    We understand that the community is a very important part of any project, especially in the blockchain space. This is why we are genuinely promoting the DCI platform on social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter as well as on other community portals including Quora and Reddit through the company’s official channels (community pages).

    Community Marketing

    We understand that the community is a very important part of any project, especially in the blockchain space. This is why we are genuinely promoting the DCI platform on social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter as well as on other community portals including Quora and Reddit through the company’s official channels (community pages).

    We believe in showing real results to our audience, please check these screenshots:

    STO Listing

    DCI token is a security token developed by SAG IPL which has been listed on a number of popular ICO/STO listing platforms to give the token more exposure and invite a lot of good buzz in the industry. Some of the top websites where DCI token has been listed include ICObench, ICOcrunch, ICOranker, and ICOalert.

    Email Marketing

    Email marketing has been one of the most successful marketing campaigns for DCI, as we managed to reach a lot of potential partners and investors through email and received positive responses in return. We sent emails regarding project info, partnership, offers, etc, in response to which DCI is now a bigger project than ever.


    Content Marketing

    Content marketing, obviously, helped us build a lot of buzz about DCI in the prospect market. We created relevant and informative content including articles, and blogs, and posted it on authority platforms and sites.

    Social Media Marketing

    We not only created the social pages for the DCI company/website but also regularly and genuinely promoted the project on these social platforms attracting a lot of good traffic.

    Social Media Results:

    Influencer Marketing

    We reached out to industry experts and financial professionals through email and social media and managed to get them to write or talk about the DCI project in order to influence more people in the industry.

    News and PR Marketing

    PR marketing is what helped us create the initial interest in the DCI project among the target users and industry. We created and posted regular news and updates about the project on a number of popular news and PR websites to get the buzz going.

    Amazing Video Creation

    According to our clients, the DCI project video was the most amazing part of our marketing campaign. We invested a lot of time and research in preparing that video and it turned out to be exactly what we hoped for, helped us build a solid reputation for our project in the market.

    Questions & Answers Activity

    In order to answer the questions of potential users and tell more people about the DCI project, we actively participated in discussions on top QA sites like Reddit and Quora and frequently answered users’ questions on related subjects.


    Here, you can take a look at all the success we achieved with DCI in terms of the number of users, traffic, and interest.

    Social Media Analytics:

    Website Analytics:


    Thanks to the hard and dedicated efforts of our teams, we have already started seeing positive results in the form of increased curiosity and demand among potential users, queries from potential investors, and a healthy buzz in the industry.

    The future of the DCI project is only going to be brighter. We have already started the development of our ITO token, which will be completely developed before our ITO pre-sale begins in the third quarter of FY19.

    The DCI platform is also in the development phase, the Demo version of which will be released by the end of the second quarter of FY19.

    Meanwhile, we are also engaged in building partnerships with industry leaders and expanding our team including the Advisory Board.

    By Amit Gupta Founder and CEO of SAG IPL

    Amit Gupta, who is the CEO and Founder of SAG IPL, founded this company with the vision to become the #1 provider of quality-driven and cost-effective blockchain marketing and development services in the world. As a Chartered Accountant with a keen interest in software and web development, he manages a team of over 200 professionals, comprising designers, developers, and marketers, committed to delivering top-notch web, software, mobile, and blockchain solutions to clients worldwide. Linkedin


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