A Case Study on Medipedia’s ICO Development and Marketing Project

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ICO Development & Marketing - Medipedia Project Case Study

Medipedia is a blockchain project that was started by a team of entrepreneurs based in South Korea.

This case study examines the key aspects of Medipedia’s ‎Initial Coin Offering development and marketing project, including its tokenomics strategy, the challenges it faced during the fundraising process, and its marketing initiatives. The study also highlights the lessons learned by Medipedia and offers insights for other blockchain-based startups planning to launch an ICO.

The project aims to utilize the power of blockchain, especially the decentralization feature, to build a new kind of healthcare ecosystem where all kinds of medical information generated from various sources including digital media, press, online blogs, and websites can be integrated and managed in a proper way and made accessible to medical consumers who can use this information to research and compare medical services as per their need and budget.

‎Initial Coin Offering Development Case Study For Medipedia

The aim is to enable medical consumers to access objective information about medical service providers and institutions to be able to make the right choice at the right time.

Analysis: The primary analysis of the Medipedia project was conducted by the ICO development services company SAG IPL. The result of the analysis is as below:

  • The project had a nice, in-demand concept with a realistic idea and the potential to succeed.
  • The information in the white paper and website needed improvement.
  • The design of the website needed a complete makeover along with the development of many new features.
  • The ICO marketing had to be started from scratch.


The Medipedia project concept was a result of months of research. Based on the research of the medical market and service industry in South Korea, a concept was created for the development of a platform where medical consumers, especially medical tourists in South Korea, can connect with reliable medical institutions and service providers.

medical market and service industry


When it came to us, the project lacked in various aspects including website design, development, white paper information and design, back-end and functionality, and ICO, among other things.

The ICO goal was to raise — through the sale of MEP tokens.

Solution by SAG IPL (How did we help)

The Medipedia project was assigned to a project manager, who, with the help of a team of designers, developers, marketers, and content writers, worked on improving things for the project and promoting it to the communities of potential investors, users, and participants, both in online and offline spaces.

sag ipl logo

ICO Website Designing

The initial design of the Medipedia website was confusing and disarranged. The information was not presented in a systematic way such that specific users can easily find out about the project and how it can benefit them.

ICO Website DesigningDuring the process of ‎Initial Coin Offering development, We replaced the Medipedia web design with a new, improved design that is not only attractive but also relevant to the theme of the project and presents information in a systematic and non-confusing manner.

Also, the web design is fully responsive and very light and fast in loading. All the important information, along with the project whitepaper, can be found right on the homepage, and users have ample options to contact the Medipedia team via social and other communication channels for any query or question.

The new Medipedia website targets a global community of medical consumers and service providers and is available in four language options.

That ensures that more potential investors can see the website and the white paper and invest in the project easily.

The new website has reportedly resulted in a better user experience and more investment in the project ICO.

The following design changes and improvements have been made by the SAG IPL design team to the website medipedia.io

  • Added an attractive ICO timer to the homepage of the website.
  • Added the list of top ICO listings and media sites where the Medipedia project has been listed.
  • Created and added new designer social media icons on the site.
  • Added a video of the Medipedia CEO (owner) explaining the project, for more authority and trust.
  • Added statistics diagrams throughout the site, for better understanding.
  • Created and added an attractive and easy-to-understand roadmap on the homepage.
  • Optimized the website for Accessibility, Interoperability, Reliability, Comparability, and Security with the purpose to create more trust among the users.
  • ICO details, including the coin sale stages (pre-sale & crowd sale), bonus details, use of funds, and the hard cap and soft cap details added.
  • Added details of Healthcare providers and Institutions who have partnered with Medipedia.
  • Created a blog section on the website which is regularly updated with news and tips on the healthcare industry and ICO investments, for the benefit of Medipedia platform users and investors.
  • Created the website content and white paper in 5 different languages – Japanese, Chinese, Korean, English, and Vietnamese – to ensure that the project reaches the maximum number of users.

ICO Website & Platform Development

1. Created the following platform functionalities for users

  •  Registration
  • Login
  • Forgot password
  • 2FA (Two Factor Authentication)

medipedia login signup

2. Developed the User Panel with the following features/functionalities

  • Add funds in BTC, ETH, LTC, ATB, and EOS coin/token
  • Purchase MEP tokens
  • Check transaction history.
  • Participate in the Medipedia Airdrop program

medipedia dashboard

Add funds

MEP tokens


3. Development of the Admin Panel with the following features/functionalities

  • Manage the platform users and their details
  • Manage the MEP token, sale, and transactions
  • Manage the front-end activities on the website
  • Manage ATB transactions
  • Manage EOS transactions
  • Review and update FAQs
  • Update his (admin) profile details
  • Change the admin dashboard language to – Japanese, Chinese, Korean or English

ICO Marketing

Marketing is an important part of any project that aims to grow its user base and reach to more people.

Our ICO marketing process is aimed at increasing the reach of a new blockchain project to as many people and communities as required to achieve the funding target.

The Medipedia project was still in the development phase when it was outsourced to us.

Besides the website development & design, we took the responsibility to market the project to its potential investors in the health and other related industries and help the project achieve the ICO funding target.

The task was difficult, given that there was little to no buzz about the project in the industry and a limited reach at the time, however, our efficient team of digital marketers made the task possible and achieved the Pre-ICO hard cap target in time.

Here are some of the things we completed during the marketing & promotion of the Medipedia ICO.

1. ICO Listing

We listed the Medipedia project on a number of genuine and popular ICO listing platforms to ensure the highest reach for the project.

ico listing

Contacted all the popular paid listing platforms with a request to submit the Medipedia project to their listing, for free or at a low cost.

Promoted and optimized the Medipedia ICO to achieve the highest rating on almost every listing platform.

Some of the listing platforms, which had initially given a lower rating to the Medipedia ICO, eventually improved the rating, thanks to our consistent and honest marketing efforts.

Some examples of trusted sites are:

  • Icobench
  • Icocrunch
  • Icomarks
  • Icoranker
  • Ico alert
  • Icopulse
  • Icoholder
  • Foundico
  • Ico rating
  • Icobazaar
  • Thetokener
  • Coinhills
  • Cryptonext
  • Fxempire
  • Trackico.io
  • Icohost.io
  • Cryptonea
  • Altcoinera

2. Community Marketing

Community Marketing for Medipedia in popular blockchain communities, forums, and portals, such as bitcointalk.org and others.

Community Marketing

3. Email marketing

Sent emails to targeted users about every important Medipedia ICO event and stage, such as Pre-ICO, crowd sale, Airdrop, Bounty program, Medipedia news, company events, Platform launch, Roadmap, and occasional promotional emails.

Email marketing

4. Content marketing

Promoted the Medipedia project and ICO through genuine content, including articles and blogs, on a number of platforms for better reach, more visibility, and trust score.

Content marketing

5. On-page Optimization

Optimized the Medipedia website according to various SEO factors, as recommended by Google, to make it more user-friendly, easy to navigate, and content-rich to ensure better organic rankings in Search Engines.

6. Visual Marketing

Promoted the project via Visual Content such as Infographics, Images, and Powerpoint Presentations (PPT) to enable potential investors and users to easily understand the Medipedia ICO concept.

7. Blog Posting

Blog posting on popular content sites like Medium and Steemit to keep users updated with the news and updates of the Medipedia ICO.

medium-steemit-profile Our blog posts covered not only updates about Medipedia but also general updates, news, and tips about ICO investments, the blockchain industry, and cryptocurrencies to help users improve their industry knowledge and get a better understanding of this field before they invest.

Promoted the project through Quora answers by telling interested users about the Medipedia project and meanwhile solving their questions about ICO, blockchain, and other related things.

8. Social Media Marketing

Created dedicated pages and profiles for Medipedia on all the leading social networking sites including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumbler, Reddit, Telegram, Pinterest, and others to generate more traffic and buzz in the industry.

Social Media Marketing

Promoted the project by regularly creating and publishing new posts on all social sites, pages, ICO groups, and communities to reach more potential users and investors.

Created and managed the Medipedia Telegram Channel and Group from scratch.

This includes new posts on regular basis, frequent interaction with the community, listening to the users and providing timely resolution to their queries, and spreading more information about the project.

9. Airdrop and Bounty Campaigns

Created and run successful Airdrop and Bounty programs for Medipedia and managed to create a huge user base for the project even before the ICO began.

Listed the Medipedia Airdrop and Bounty Campaigns on a number of listing sites.

The first airdrop was successfully completed in just three days, and the second airdrop took only six days to reach the target.

The success of Medipedia

Medipedia has conducted three events yet.

  • 1. Airdrop program
  • 2. Bounty program
  • 3. Presale

They have got huge success in all these programs and events.

1. Airdrop Program Overview

  • Achieved target in just 3 days which was set for this event.
  • Telegram group (Above 10k members)
  • Twitter followers ( Above 10k)

2. Bounty Program Overview

  • Achieved target in just 6 days which was set for this event
  • Telegram official channel ( Around 30k members)
  • Telegram official news channel ( Around 17k members)
  • Youtube subscribers (Around 12k)

3. Presale Overview

  • Soft cap- USD $500,000
  • Hard cap- USD $2 Million

Result – Hit hard cap in presale duration.

4. ICO Sale Overview

  • Soft cap- USD $1 Million
  • Hard cap- USD $10 Million

Result – Hard cap target is almost completed.

Medipedia listed on Popular airdrop and bounty sites like:

  • airdropalert
  • airdrops.io
  • airdropster
  • airdrops.me
  • bountyairdroptoken
  • icobountyhunt
  • bountiesalert
  • airdropsmob
  • theairdrops

10. Video Marketing

Promoted the Medipedia campaign on Youtube and various social sites by creating and sharing interactive videos related to project introduction, marketing, how-to video, tips, investment guidance and more.

11. Influencer Marketing

Took the help of many trusted ICO resources and influencers for better promotion of Medipedia on platforms of their expertise. Got Medipedia news and articles published on a number of top media portals through appropriate influencer marketing.


  • cryptoconsulting.info
  • investfeed
  • coins.newbium
  • cryptocoinpravda
  • icospotters
  • coinidea.co
  • yourstory
  • coincrunch

12. News and PR Marketing

Increased the reach, popularity, and influence of the Medipedia project in its target industry with the help of efficient PR Marketing.

News and PR Marketing

Created and published Press Releases about Medipedia on top news portals to strengthen public relations and get more investors for the project.

How Did We Acquire Users In 3 Months?

Highest traffic from Thailand (23.64%), followed by Vietnam (17.63%), the United States (6.09%), India (4.96%), South Korea (4.91%), Nigeria (4.40%), Indonesia (4.31%), Russia (3.32%), Ukraine (2.43%), Japan (2.06%)

  • Direct Traffic (51.58%)
  • Referral Traffic (40.55%)
  • Organic (3.14%)
  • Social (3.36%)
  • Other (1.36%) take a major share.

Social traffic majorly from:

  • VKontakte (19.36%)
  • Twitter (17.82%)
  • Facebook (17.44%)
  • Youtube (15.51%)
  • Linkedin (6.64%)
  • Reddit (10.13%)

Top Referral Visit sites:

  • cryptonext
  • airdropalert
  • findico.io
  • airdrops.io
  • icopulse
  • medium
  • steemit
  • tokenmarket.net
  • bitcointalk.org

Medipedia is on the path to success with its 1st ICOsale.


To conclude, the Medipedia project has been quite successful, both in terms of popularity and ICO fund cap.

The project was successful for the Medipedia team as they managed to raise more than the desired funds.

It was also quite successful for us (SAG IPL) because our hard work finally paid off and we managed to create a healthy market and user base for the project.

As you can see, the development and marketing of Medipedia have covered almost every major and minor aspect of digital marketing as well as web development. The same goes for every other ICO project that is assigned to us (SAG IPL).

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