Unique and Creative Website Design, App Development and Digital Marketing Ideas for Restaurants

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Unique / Creative Website, App and Digital Marketing Ideas for Restaurant

Well, creative marketing ideas for restaurants take your business to new heights of success. Keep reading this blog to get unique website design, mobile app development and online promotional ideas for restaurants.

Having a restaurant business providing good food and effective services is no longer sufficient.

The competition in the restaurant market is increasing with each day, and you’ll need to do much more than simply providing good quality food and services to stand out from your competitors.

Online marketing is one of your best bets to promote your restaurant business in today’s technology-driven world. Let’s see how you can do that.

But first, let’s discuss how internet marketing can benefit your food business and help you get more customers.

  • Online promotion will help your business reach more customers.
  • Millions of foodies are searching the internet for good food and restaurants like yours. Online marketing will help you find and connect with them.
  • SEO lets you analyse your competitors more effectively and implement strategies that work.
  • Search Engines like Google can drive you more traffic than any offline strategy.
  • Social Media is full of people looking to get to know more about your business for good food. Digital marketing can help you reach them.

Other internet marketing service benefits include convenience, low-cost operations, faster service, easy to track results, local and global targeting, 24/7 reach, tech-savvy, among others.

digital marketing

Get A Website for your Restaurant Business

A website is a must if you desire to spread your restaurant business to more than just your local customers.

Having a restaurant website is the same as having a physical shop, only with better and remote reach.

Through your website, your potential customers can not only find out more about your restaurant, the food varieties you offer, the areas you serve, the facility and more, but also they can order online or book an appointment.

restaurant business

With a website, you can reach the global audience and provide your food to a larger customer base.

In simple words, if you want your food business to go beyond local boundaries, you need to get a professional website developed for it.

Having a restaurant business website will also increase the efficiency of your internet marketing campaign.

1. Restaurant Website development

Have no idea how to develop a website for your restaurant business? You need not worry, as there are thousands of professional web development companies out there which will eagerly help you develop one.

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It is important to have your restaurant website developed only by a professional web development firm or team, as they know what it takes to bring customers and retain them on your website.

Web Development

Make sure that the company you’re hiring follow SEO standards for web development so that your restaurant website comes SEO-optimized.

2. Restaurant Website Design

A good, attractive, simple yet professional design is the key to a good website.

For the restaurant industry, it is particularly crucial that your website reflects hospitality and the professional level of your business.

Website Design restaurants

Your website should be like a mirror of your physical restaurant, where users can find all the information in a smooth and non-clustering way and browse through the menus and even order without any glitches.

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Get a professional web design company for your new restaurant website. Do not compromise on quality.

Off-site Marketing

So, you have got a nice and optimized website for your restaurant business. What next? How do you expect to get business through the website or make customers visit your site? How will you get traffic from search engines? This is where digital marketing comes in.

Digital marketing is not just about SEO or paid visitors, it is much vast than that.

If you have no idea how to do that, it is better to hire a professional online marketing agency for the job.

Here are a few points you must consider when hiring an online restaurant marketing firm.

  • They must have some experience in the marketing of restaurant industry businesses
  • They should provide overall marketing services, including paid, social and SEO
  • It must be a reputed and experienced company

Whether you are hiring a professional SEO company or doing the marketing part yourself, you should do it all in order to get the most out of your efforts.

What I mean is only SEO or only PPC is not going to be enough. You must keep a balance between all the popular digital marketing techniques. Here are some tips to help you get the success.

Get A Blog

An official restaurant blog will help you get better connected with your potential and existing clients.

Today, people want more than just your food. They want proper service, in the form of cooking tips, food ideas, offers, etc.

Apart from that, a blog is a nice way to let users know about new things and updates of your restaurant business. It keeps them engaged through comments and sharing.

1. Local Listings

Even with online marketing, local targeting comes first, because restaurants are local businesses.

The best way to reach your local customers is to get listed on popular business listing websites like Yelp, which is amazingly popular for restaurant search.

Yelp is a useful online marketing tool for your restaurant business because people who find your business through Yelp will also probably share reviews about it.

Make sure that your Yelp profile is complete and that you answer to user feedbacks in the most polite manner.

Apart from Yelp, you must create a business account with Google+. A single Google account will get you listed on Google business, Google Maps and other places by Google.

You must have seen the business details on the right side of search results, whenever you search for a business by its name in Google. It is called Knowledge Graph.

Knowledge Graph

You can get one for your business as well by simply listing it on Google+. This will not only drive more traffic to your website but also it will motivate your service users to share reviews.

2. Offers, Contests And Loyalty Programs

Who doesn’t like offers? You can and should regularly conduct interesting offers and contests on your restaurant website and/or social pages to let users engage more with the business while giving them a chance to win free food vouchers and discount coupons.


It is a nice way to beat the competition. You can also partner with online foodie apps to offer customer loyalty programs to your users.

discount coupons

3. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a traditional and very effective type of marketing, which works even better in the online space.

affiliate marketing

You can hire food bloggers and influencers to talk about your business and write nice things in exchange for monetary or other benefits.

App referral is another nice way to get more direct traffic to your restaurant app or website. You can partner with top food apps for that purpose.

Listing on Food apps is particularly beneficial if you provide home delivery of food.

Even if you don’t, you can partner with such apps that will allow users to find and order from your restaurants and will also deliver food to them on your behalf.

4. Leverage The Social Media

Social Media is and will continue to be one of the best ways to find and reach new customers online.

It is also the best way to engages with your business customers. The reason is the immense population of users on these social sites.

Social networking platforms such as Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter can help you find and reach more customers than ever.

Social networking platforms

Create dedicated pages on these sites, get people to like and follow your pages, talk about and share new things, engage with your customers, answer their queries on time and help them connect with you easily.
Post Food Photos

People, who love food, also do not mind photos of food. Another great way to engage with your foodie audience is through sharing of new and amazing food and recipe photos.

The original, the better. Apart from image-sharing sites such as Instagram and Pinterest, feel free to share your food photos on your social pages on Facebook and Twitter.

Also, you can ask people to share their views or visit the recipe page. This creates engagement and helps users in turn.

5. Location-Specific Ads

If you are willing to spend on paid ads, you should rather focus on geo-targeted ads. As I mentioned above, restaurants are location-based businesses.

paid marketing

By promoting your restaurant even in your local area through specific ads, you can achieve great returns on your paid marketing efforts and get more visitors at low cost.

6. Encourage Users To Share Reviews

There are multiple platforms where you can accept reviews from your restaurant customers.

It is important that you ask your customers to share reviews and feedback and make it easy for them to do that.

Reviews are helpful because they tell you what your customers like (or don’t like) about your food and services so that you can work on improving them.

share review

Make sure to reply to each and every user feedback, whether it is good or bad. And promote good user reviews through your blog and social pages.

7. Email Marketing

Email marketing is another great way to promote your business directly to your targeted customers.

Email Marketing

You can send offers, tips, new deals, news and other promotional emails to the customers who have subscribed to receive your newsletters. Just do not overdo it.

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Restaurant Mobile App

Last but not the least, there is not a better way to reach the hands and eyes of your potential customers than a mobile app.

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Besides a website, a mobile restaurant app can help you get more customers easily, especially if you accept food orders online.

You can get a nice and quality app developed by hiring a professional restaurant app development company.

app development

SAG IPL is a reputed mobile and web development company providing services in the development and digital marketing industry for over 10 years now. Hire a professional online marketer for your restaurant business with us.

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