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102 Most Effective (Free/Paid) SEO Tools for Google – Complete List (2022 Update)

If you are a digital marketer or involved in the online marketing industry, you must have often heard of SEO Tools. In fact, I believe that many of you are already using a number of tools in your SEO campaigns.

An SEO tool is designed to help users with a certain SEO task or to simplify the process. There are hundreds of applications out there being used by online marketers on a regular basis.

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In this article, we will discuss some of the most useful Search Engine Optimization Tools that can reduce your marketing efforts by as much as half, if not more.

If you are not already using these tools in your SEO campaigns, I recommend you start using them right away.

You will be amazed by how much difference – in terms of reducing time consumption and making the process easier – a good SEO tool can make.

Note: Some of these tools are free, others are paid, while many are freemium (free + paid).

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Top List 102 (Free/Paid) SEO Tools

We will discuss these tools by the category of applications.

Best Web Analytics Tools 2022

1. Google Analytics (Free)

The most widely used SEO platform that gives you complete search insights and web stats for your target campaign/website. Track your site traffic, users, sources, and other performance data through meaningful insights.

Google Analytics

2. YouTube Analytics

A free tool to track the performance of the YouTube channels and videos so that you can improve your strategies and content accordingly.

3. Searchmetrics Website Analyzer

A free/paid website analysis tool that shows you the performance (ranks) of your site in search and social.

4. QuickSprout Website Analyzer

A free/paid website analysis tool that gives you full details of website speed, keywords, links, social stats, tags, competitor, along with SEO optimization.

5. SERPs Rank Checker

Check how your website ranks for certain keywords in search engines like Google and Bing.

SERPs Rank Checker

6. HubSpot (Paid)

An overall internet marketing tool for blogging, SEO, and social media. 30-day free trial.

7. SEO Site Checkup

The tool helps you check the health of your website in terms of SEO and proper optimization.

8. KISSmetrics

Another useful web analytics tool that provides useful data to help you optimize your marketing strategies.

9. Microsoft Free SEO Toolkit

A free online platform that provides a range of SEO tools for website analysis and suggestions.

10. Alexa

Provides useful stats about the website including bounce rate, traffic rank, keywords, geography, and audience sources.

11. Detailed

The tool shows you analysis, including details such as links and social mentions, of the top websites in your niche.

12. Majestic SEO

Check the list of inbound links and other site analysis data for any domain.

13. Quantcast

Helps you find out traffic details of millions of popular websites and mobile apps.

14. Rank Tracker

Available in both free and paid versions, Rank Tracker helps you keep track of your website ranks in more than 300 search engines worldwide.

15. Search latte

A free rank tracking tool that lets you check the rank of any targeted keyword in any of the available 150+ search engines.

16. CuteRank

A popular keyword rank checker tool for the desktop. It supports Google, Bing, and some other popular search engines.

17. SERP Trends

It is a web browser extension that shows how rankings of different sites have changed over time for particular keywords.

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Best On-Page SEO Analysis Tools

18. Google PageSpeed Insights (Free)

A free tool that lets you check the speed, loading time, and performance of your mobile/desktop website, plus provides suggestions to improve.

Google PageSpeed Insights

19. Google Webmaster Tools (Free)

A package of tools by Google that provides useful insights and recommendations regarding the search engine performance of your website.

20. Bing Webmaster Tools (Free)

Bing’s counterpart to Google’s Webmaster Tools, works similar to the later. Provides crucial data about errors and bugs on your website.

21. WebSite Auditor (Free/Paid)

A desktop app that audits your website and provides suggestions for on-page optimization.

22. Ranks NL

A paid on-page SEO analysis tool mainly used for checking keyword density on a webpage.

23. SEOptimer

Gives you a quick overview of the on-page SEO of your website’s content and the issues surrounding the content.

24. Browseo

It will show you exactly how search engines see your website so that you can optimize accordingly.

25. Live Keyword Analysis

This tool will let you find out the keyword density of your content in real-time.

26. Topic (Free/Paid)

It analyses your website content and makes recommendations to improve it by adding related keywords.

27. Pingdom

Helps you analyze the speed and load time of your pages, along with website downtime.

28. WebPageTest

Performs real browser speed tests of your website and recommends optimization ideas.

Best Competitor Research Tools

29. SimilarWeb

In addition to providing helpful site stats, the tool lets you compare any two websites in terms of traffic and links.

30. SEMrush

A paid but really good competitor analysis tool that offers services like keyword research, rank tracking, link analysis, and more.

31. BuzzSumo (Free/Paid)

It gives you an analysis of what content is working best for a competitor or a keyword.

BuzzSumo (Free/Paid)

32. LinkDiagnosis (Free)

It shows you information such as anchor texts, page rank, and link health about your competitor’s backlinks.

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Best Screen Capture Tools for Windows

33. Lightshot

Free screen capture and search tool for Mac & Windows.

34. Awesome Screenshot

A screen capture tool available in the form of a browser plugin and can be used for screen capture, editing, and sharing.

Best Content Marketing Tools 2022

35. Google Trends

The tool is a blessing for content marketers, as it helps them find the things (or words) trending at a time in search engines.

Google Trends

36. Copyscape

One of the most popular plagiarism checker tools that can test your website/blog content for duplicity.

37. Grammarly

An effective online platform (and a browser plugin) to check your content for grammar and language errors.


A free SEO content analyzer that shows word count, keyword density, and other content checks.

39. AuthoritySpy

The tool lets you find out the top influencers in your industry from all over the internet.

40. GroupHigh

An advanced blog outreach platform through which you can find blogs and bloggers for content marketing.

41. GuestPost Tracker (Paid)

Find the list of blogs/websites that accept guest posts in your niche.

42. JustReachOut (Freemium)

It helps you find the right journalists to reach out for a mention of your website on popular news platforms.

43. Ninja Outreach (Paid)

A popular blogger outreach tool to search influencers in your niche.

44. Ping-O-Matic

A free content ping site that lets you spread the reach of your blog to different search engines.

Best Business Analysis Tools for Startups

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45. Moz Local Listing Score (Free)

Use this tool to check the status and performance of your local business listing on Google and other search engines. Also, try Moz Local for more services.

Moz Local Listing Score (Free)

46. 51 Blocks

A range of SEO business tools

47. Whitespark

Free/Paid tools to manage your local search engine listing and optimize the same for more reach.

Best SEO Keyword Research Tools for Startups

48. Google Keyword Planner (Free)

The most popular tool that recommends the best keywords to choose for your SEO campaigns based on data from Google Search Results.


The tool can give you as many as 700+ keyword ideas (mostly long-tail keywords) based on any word or phrase you enter into it.

50. (without login)

When you open without logging on to your Google account or in incognito mode, you can find insightful keyword opportunities through the auto-fill feature.

51. Ubersuggest

Free keyword suggestion tool that can produce thousands of ideas for any keyword

52. Wordtracker (Paid/ free trial)

Find the best keywords for any search term.

53. LSIGraph (Free)

One of the most popular LSI (Latent Semantic Indexing) Keyword Generation tools. Search LSI keywords/phrases for any number of keywords.


54. Wordstream’s Free Keyword Tools

Find keywords for any of your SEO campaigns as well as for your Adwords campaigns.

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Best Backlink Analysis Tools

55. Open Site Explorer (Free + Paid)

The platform gives a comprehensive analysis of the links inbound to a particular website or page, including the pages with the most links.

Open Site Explorer

56. Find Broken Links

As the name suggests, the application will help you find the broken links (inbound and outbound) on your website.

57. Ahrefs’ Site Explorer (Backlink Checker) (Free/Paid)

A complete website link analysis tool that shows website inbound links, social stats, and referring pages.

Ahrefs’ Site Explorer

58. Check My Links (Free)

A Google Chrome extension that quickly identifies broken links on any webpage.

59. Citation Labs’ Link Prospector (Paid)

A one of a kind link building opportunity finder tool that scans the internet and finds the best link opportunities for your site.

60. DIBZ

Another useful tool for finding link opportunities.


You can use this platform to create a Google-ready file of all spammy links to be disavowed.

62. Linkbird (Paid)

A complete link building, analysis, and keyword research tool that sends alerts for new links to your site.

63. LinkMiner (Free)

A free tool that not only checks your site’s broken links but also shows the inbound links coming to that broken link, for link building opportunities.

64. Marie Haynes’ Disavow Blacklist (Free)

A platform to check whether a link pointing to your website is good or bad.

65. SEO SpyGlass (Free/Paid)

One of the less-known yet very useful desktop SEO link tracking tool for competitor analysis.

66. OpenLinkProfiler

A free tool that analyzes any website for fresh and live backlinks.

67. SEO Weather’s Bulk Metrics Checker

Tells you the PA, IP address, and DA of a bulk list of URLs. Just enter the list of URLs in the box and fetch the details.

68. Citation Labs

A software package that offers different types of link building tools, recommended for SEO campaigns.

69. Remove’em

A link analysis tool that reviews your link profile for anchor text over-optimization and recommends appropriate action.

Best SEO Tools for Web Browsers

70. Moz toolbar

This is a browser toolbar that can show helpful SEO insights, such as DA, PA, links, etc, within Google search results. Available for Chrome and Firefox.

71. SEO Doctor

Checks your website for SEO issues and recommends possible solutions. Works only on Firefox.

72. WooRank SEO Bar

Provides a complete SEO analysis of any web page including local, desktop, and mobile data and accessibility.

73. Chrome Word Count Tool

Can be used to count the number of characters and words in the text of any webpage.

74. Scraper

A data fetching tool that lets you save data of any webpage to spreadsheets.

75. Print to PDF

The extension lets you convert/save any webpage to PDF format and download it to the local system with just one click.

76. Firebug

Available for Chrome and Firefox, this is a particularly useful extension for web developers. Some of the features include HTML editing, live CSS editing, etc.

77. Grammarly Toolbar

Let’s you check the content of any web page for grammatical errors just like you do on the actual Grammarly platform.

78. ZenMate

A very useful tool for SEO professionals who need to change or hide their IP addresses. Available in both free and premium versions.

Best (Free/Paid) Email Marketing Tools

79. Buzzstream

A perfect tool for streamlining your email outreach campaign with link building.


80. MailShake (Paid)

An email outreach tool that comes with built-in templates for different kinds of emails.

81. GetResponse (Free/Paid)

It lets you create smart automated email marketing campaigns

82. MailTester

Let’s you check the validity of an email address along with technical details about any email account/address.

SEO Project Tools

Recommended for SEO professionals and companies

83. cognitiveSEO

A premium SEO tool package useful for link analysis and reporting, rank tracking, and complete project management.

84. SERPs

An SEO project campaign management tool that can be used to monitor, measure, and track SEO efforts.

85. Moz Pro (Paid)

A kind of complete SEO tool that lets you analyze your website for social, links, search engines, and performance.

86. SEO PowerSuite (Paid)

A desktop SEO suite that offers website analysis, rank tracking, competitor analysis, and other SEO services.

87. SEER SEO Toolbox

An all-in-one SEO tool package that provides various services by obtaining data from a number of sources such as Moz, Social sites, Google Analytics, Majestic SEO, and more.

Other Useful SEO Tools

88. Schema Creator

A scheme creator tool that lets you create and use custom code to change how your reviews, people, and events appear on search pages.

Schema Creator

89. XML Sitemaps

Lets you generate XML sitemaps for your website for free.

90. Robots.txt Generator

A free tool for generating robots/txt file, which is used for guiding search engine robots on how to crawl a website’s pages.

91. Fruition

Lets you analyze your website for Google Penguin and Panda updates as to whether your site has been hit by either.

92. FE International

Another useful Google penalty checker tool for websites.

93. Robots.txt Checker

Let’s you check whether there are any syntax errors in your robots.txt file.

94. Whois Lookup

Tells you everything about a domain, including its owner info, IP address, traffic, rank, keywords, etc.

95. SEOGadget for Excel

Lets you fetch SEO data from Majestic SEO and Moz in an Excel sheet directly to your system.

96. SimilarSites

A tool to find sites similar to or related to the one you are working on. It can also be used to find sites about a topic.

97. SEO Chat Tools

A range of tools offered in one package. Most of the tools are free to use.

98. Google SERP Preview Tool (Free)

Take an exact preview of how your webpage/site will look like in Google’s search engine result pages.

99. Reverse Image Search

A popular Reverse Image Search tool by lets you search for similar images on the internet. Just upload or enter the image URL that you want to search and it will show you more similar images from around the web.

100. Kill Duplicate

This tool will scan the internet to find the websites that are using the same content as yours but ranking better than you. A cool tool for content writers and marketers alike.

101. HeadMasterSEO

A premium SEO validator that checks your website/page for errors like problems in 301 redirects, canonical URLs, robots.txt errors, and more.

The SEO tools mentioned on this page are more than enough you will ever need to ensure the success of your digital marketing campaigns. Did I miss your favorite SEO tool? Feel free to add in the comments below.

102. Diib (Free and Paid)

Diib is different from all it is a combination of 3 tools diib Dashboard, Diib Answer Engine™, and Diib website analytics. Diib provides all the suggestions according to the reports to increase the growth of your website. It even creates a daily based task list which you need to complete to boost your website growth.

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