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Law Firm Marketing Strategy Guide for 2023 – Top 5 Steps to Rank Higher in Google

Are you an independent attorney or a Law Firm Marketing Agency, looking to build a strong online presence for your business or for yourself on the web?

Google is definitely the best way to drive more traffic to your online/offline law business.

The bad thing is that most law firms already know this and are already using SEO and other things to make the best out of it.

Getting ranks in Google is not so easy in today’s competitive market, especially in the legal space where the competition is way too high.

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Still, there are some law firm marketing strategies that you can use to achieve improved Search Engine rankings and more traffic to your website.

Best 5 Essential Law Firm Marketing Advertising Strategies to Grow Your Firm

Doing SEO for lawyers is more or less similar to SEO for other industries, except for a few things.

As may already know, organic traffic is still the best source of new clients for most of the legal agencies out there.

More than 90% of people use a search engine when seeking legal advice.

So, you can earn a lot of traffic simply by ranking on Google and other major search engines for your target keywords.

But how to do that?

In general, SEO practice involves two major things – On-page SEO and Off-page SEO.

1. SEO Analysing Search Results for the Law Industry:

Google is continuously making changes to its search results page. You can see suggestions, map suggestions, paid ads, local results, and other things before the actual organic results even start.

Analysing Search Results for the Law Industry

In fact, the organic results have been limited to not more than 50% of the page.

When you are searching for a local business, such as a law firm, you are likely to see directory listings from Yelp, Craigslist, and other aggregator sites at the top of organic results.

Find Lawyer by Listing

Conclusively, there is not more than 25% of organic search results space actually available for you to fit your website in.

How are you going to manage that?

Honestly, it is not going to be easy to rank yourself on the first page of Google, especially for a highly competitive keyword. So, you should also start looking for alternatives.

One solution is to get listed on aggregator websites that are already ranking well in Google. Once you manage to have accounts on the major listing sites, all you need to do is work on your profile to improve its ranking on the website.

If your directory profile is well-optimized, it will automatically rank higher for target keywords, and you are likely to get good traffic from these sources.

Make sure to have a profile on every law directory in your area/country. Some aggregator sites even let you place ads that will appear at the top whenever users search for your business keywords on these sites.

2. Optimizing your law website for local searches:

Even though people are using the internet to search for legal services, they prefer to hire only a local law firm or lawyer for help.

It is because the laws are different in different places, and not every lawyer or firm is licensed to practice in all regions.

The best way to get noticed on the internet as a reputed law business in your local area is to get listed on Google My Business (Google Places).

Visit and log in with your Google Id. Create a listing for your law business providing all the information you can about your business, services, timings, facilities, website, social networks, contact information, etc.

Law Firm Google my Business

These listings appear in Google local search results. So, whenever someone searches for a law firm/service in your area, your listing is likely to appear in the results.

Law Firm Google my Business - 2

However, the rank at which your listing appears will depend on its popularity and rating.

Make sure that you get your Google business listing verified (either via the physical postcard sent by Google to your business address or in any other way).

Other methods for local search optimization include business reviews, local citations, offline promotion, etc.

3. On-Page SEO of Legal Websites:

A good website design plays a big role in sustaining the existing traffic on your site and eventually improving it.

On-page optimization is all about making your site better, for the users and the search engines.

On-page SEO involves the optimization of Website Keywords, Meta Data, Images and JavaScript, Page Speed, Content, Design, Layout, etc.

Keyword Research & Optimization is the most important part of this.

Keyword Research is the process of finding the best-fit keywords (including most searched, less competitive, long-tail keywords, search queries, etc.) and key phrases for your law business.

There are free tools like Google Keyword Planner and others that can help you with the process of finding the right keywords for law firms.

Google Keyword Planner
Understand the difference between different keyword types (transactional, informational, and navigational) and choose accordingly.
Lawyer Keyword Planner

Once you manage to find the best keywords for your law company, the next thing to do is keyword mapping.

Keyword Mapping or optimization is the process of optimizing the content (meta tags, titles, page content, etc.) of your website with the right keywords (in terms of density and placement).

Attorney Keyword Research

Other things you need to optimize are the design and layout of your website, its navigation, website URLs, content, images, etc.

Create a website that you know for sure that everyone would like to visit and explore and which provides easy navigation (including interlinking) throughout the site.

URL optimization:

involves placing the right keywords in the URL (for single service lawyers) or using the brand name (for multiple service law firms), keeping it short, optimizing the URL structure and page redirects, etc.

For example:

URL OptimizationContent optimization is probably the best SEO thing you can do for your law website. Make sure that your website content is informative to users and is loved by search engines.

It should have the right keywords, in the right amount, should be fresh and unique and strictly on the topic (relevant).

4. Off-Page SEO for Lawyers:

The off-page optimization is all about creating high-powered backlinks to your law firm’s website.

Building tons of links are no longer going to help you rank higher in search engines.

Nowadays, it’s all about the quality and power of the links. If you wish to get high ranks in Google, you need to build links that are generated from relevant, trustworthy, and authoritative sites.

Some of the best sources/strategies for building law website backlinks are mentioned below.

  • Social media and forums links to your website blog (Google Plus communities, Quora, etc.)
  • Link outreach to your blog
  • Blog interlinking to money/service pages of the site
  • Paid links to service pages
  • White hat link building (from top websites, news sites, and authoritative blogs in the industry)

Competitor Analysis:

It’s another great off-page SEO technique that can help you overcome your competitors in the same law market.

Competitor Analysis

Other useful off-page optimization techniques for lawyers include Guest Posting, Local press, etc.

5. Start Paid Promotion:

Paid Promotion plays a vital role in Lawyer Marketing, at the present time most companies and businesses are using it to target users and make their products popular among them.

Paid Promotion is not limited to starting advertisements, but also Content writers, SMO experts, and PPC Experts play vital roles in marketing.

So Make a strategy suitable for your business and combine everything in it to give your work a new height.

SEO is a long-term process that takes time to bring results, but it is the best legitimate way to rank your law website high in search engines and to build a solid and long-lasting reputation online.

SAGIPL has been providing professional legal marketing and SEO services for lawyers for the past many years and has established a name in the industry.

Do reach us to discuss your Online Marketing for Law Firms needs with our SEO experts.

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