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Web design is something we are going to need for a very very long time. The internet is nothing without websites, and a website is not complete without the right design.

Whether it is about creating that unique image for a campaign, creating graphics for a game, building a customized theme for a website, or any other design thing, a web designer is what we’ll always need.

Although web designing is one of those fields that keep evolving over time, there are some splendid web design trends in 2024 that are never going to get old.

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In this article, we are going to talk about the top web design trends that are popular now in 2024 and will continue to be on-trend in the coming future.

Top Web Design Trends 2024 That Have Dominated this Year and Will Beyond:

Semi-Flat Design:

The traditional flat design that has been a trend for many years has now evolved into a more subtle and attractive semi-flat design.

This kind of design involves the same old flat design along with some improvements aimed at making it look and feel better.

Semi Flat Design
Semi Flat Design

Behance – @ProperColors

The transitions may involve adding some light shadows, a shading depth, and other structural complexities without destroying the underlying flat design.

3D Design:

3D is definitely going to rule the design world in the near future. With so many companies working to develop 3D rendering tools and technologies like VR and AR, it has become easier than ever to create interactive 3D models and designs that not only look attractive but feel live.

3D Design

Behance – @theberd

3D Design

Behance – @tavo_

Landing Pages:

If you are a marketer, you can understand well the importance of well-designed landing pages on a website, especially for marketing purposes.

Almost every aspect of marketing involves the use of landing pages to attract more targeted visitors.

Landing Pages Web Design

by land but

Bold colours:

This is about using perfect, bold colours in your web designs. As you know, colours are probably the most important thing in design.

Using proper colors, you can take your design wherever you want, and make it say whatever you want. Use Google’s color palette to be more specific in your color selections.

Color Palette for Web Designer

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Color Transitions

More and more companies now prefer multi-coloured transitions (combinations) in their logos and website designs to traditional single-coloured designs.

The trend is working well with all the web design elements, including buttons, tables, fonts, backgrounds, and more.

Colour Transitions Web Design

Dribbble – @JEE_Lion

Colour Transitions Web Design

Behance – @tintins

Custom Graphics:

If you have become bored of using the same old stock images, this is the time you should start experimenting with customized digital graphics. These are relatively new design things but they are really amazing.

Custom Graphics

A custom-made illustration will not only make your website design unique but also it makes it very appealing to the users.
From – Behance


The art of storytelling has been combined with real art (design) to make it more significant and meaningful for the users.

People like it more when they can learn the story from the design itself rather than having to read plain text.

Storytelling Designs

From – babel the king

Split Content:

This design trend was introduced with the aim of making better use of the visible screen space.

Split-screen designs let you show more than one important message (image, text, etc.) on a single page (viewing area). It is also perfectly adaptive for responsive sites.

Split Content Design

Dribbble – @divanraj

Videos Everywhere:

Videos are no longer limited to video-sharing sites like YouTube. Users like to see good, high-quality videos on their favorite sites, especially when there is a story behind the website or a particular product/service/company.

It can be a trailer, an introduction, a presentation, or anything that is of interest to the visitors of your website.

Video Designs

From – Fillory

Video Background Designs

From – Media Boom

Hidden Navigation:

The logic behind hiding the menu on a web page is to save space. Although some people find it unnecessary as it certainly makes it difficult for users to find the menu, nevertheless, this trend is here to stay.

Do not hesitate to use it on your page, especially if it makes your design look better.

Hidden Navigation


Cinemagraphs have been in trend for some time now, and they are probably one of the best designs you are going to see on this list.

A Cinemagraph isn’t exactly a gif but a still image in which only one or two elements move. The aim is to bring life to an otherwise still image (scene).



Animations have been a very big thing in the field of design ever since their evolution, and they are expected to keep growing in the future as well.

More and more designs are being introduced with rich animations in the form of gifs videos, SVG, CSS, and more.


Behance – @Jaypleroux

Motion Graphic

Behance – @phamduyminh

Geometric Designs:

The use of Geometry shapes in web design trends is one of the things that is never going to go out of trend.

You can already see hundreds of web designers making use of customized shapes, modern patterns, lines, circles, and other elements to bring uniqueness into their website designs.

Geometric Design. If you want to create a visually stunning website with geometric elements, hire mobile UI designers from SAG IPL to ensure a captivating and innovative design for your web project.

Geometric Design

Behance – @Mireldy @filipgjurin

Innovative Scrolling and Parallax:

Parallax Web Design is somewhat a newer element that is being used by several web designers in their designs.

It involves creating a visual setting in which the object appears moving or appears different when viewed from different angles. This type of design is even possible with video and multi-layered parallax.

Parallax Web Design

by @D.ex Multilayer Parallax

Parallax Web Design

from Pinterest

Mobile Browsing (Responsive Design):

The mobile responsive design has just started gaining some momentum, and it is here to stay.

If your business has visitors coming from smartphones and tablet devices, you should not ignore the importance of mobile responsive web designs.

Even Search Engines like Google have made it clear that they are not going to anymore entertain websites that are not compatible with mobile search.

Responsive Design

Creative Use of Blank Space and Grid:

Gone are the days when web design was limited to organized grids and columns. Modern designs are all about chaos where designers use irregular grids to create ultra-modern designs.

The white (blank) space has gained more importance now than ever.

Grid Web Designs

Behance –  @mustafacelik

Lazy Loading:

Lazy-loading designs are growing in demand because the need for lighter and fast-loading designs is increasing.

Do not get confused. Lazy loading doesn’t exactly mean slow loading.

It refers to a web page design where various design elements appear at the point when they are needed. So, when you move down on a web page, new information is revealed.

Lazy Loading Websites

Full-Screen Forms:

The trend of adding forms on the homepage is also growing lately. Many designers now prefer to place full-screen forms like subscription forms, contact forms, etc right at the homepage of their web designs to make it easier for site visitors to use these functionalities.

Full-Screen Forms Web Design

by tympanus

SEO is Important:

SEO continues to be one of the most important things on a website. Most of the on-page SEO techniques talk about optimizing the design elements of the web page.

This is the reason why many web designers are now getting themselves familiar with the basic SEO techniques to implement the right SEO things into their designs.

Website Speed:

Website speed refers to how quickly a browser can load your web pages. People avoid slow websites and switch to others.

Website speed will be always in trend, Lazy load is good but to make a website really fast, then you also have to care about HTML / CSS / js Compression along with image optimization.

SEO and Web Design

Dribble –  @OleKlaenfoth

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Other little things:

Other than the design aspects we discussed above, there are some things that are relatively smaller but equally important to consider when it comes to making a better web design.

This will include the placement of elements on the page, navigation dots, edges, logos, text, etc.

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