Fascinating Logo Design Trends 2018

Fascinating Logo Design Trends 2022 You Can’t Ignore!!!

For a brand or company logos are more important than ever… Like Rachel Zoe said, “Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak.” These outstanding logo design trends in 2022 will give you better ideas for new or old company logos… Let’s Digg into it!!

Logo Designing is something that involves much use of creativity, and when it comes to creativity, change is inevitable.

The trends of logo designs are changing constantly with new designs emerging rapidly and many old designs coming back with a fresh touch of modernism.

Logo Design Trends

Logos and branding are so important. In a big part of the world, people cannot read French or English but are great in remembering signs ― Karl Lagerfeld

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Since the ideas are limited, we have also seen several new trends inspired by the existing and even old logo designs – which isn’t a bad thing at all. All we need is one perfect design.

Top 12 Logo Design Trends Everything You Need to Know

Let’s take a look at the 12 most popular logo design trends of this year. See if you can find your favourite design among these.

1. Shadow Breaks

Shadow Breaks Logo Design
We are lately seeing a lot of designs that have lines (stripes) closely passing over one another without actually touching or merging, and the gap between them is neatly filled with an abrupt shadow.

The logo of ‘FH’ Monomark shown in the image is one example of this.

2. Broken Letters

Broken Letters Logo
They look beautiful and exciting at the same time. Take the example of the ‘Fuzzie’ brand logo below.

It is a gifting app by Bravo. The letters, as well as the image of the teddy bear, are broken, and the logo looks amazing. Well, Fuzzie isn’t the only company using a broken letterforms logo.

Many startups and businesses including Openly, BDO, Scala, etc. feature broken letters in their brand logos. We think it is going to make the logo design trends in 2022.

3. Minimalist design

Minimalist Designer Logo

Many brands are preferring simple and minimalist logo design over complex and visually-rich logos.

This is to realize the actual purpose of a logo which is to tell your customers what your company actually does. The meaning and ideation of the brand are reflected in the logo itself.

freedom logo design
See above the logo image. It contains a single word ‘freedom’ with a section of ‘m’ removed in the shape of a bird that actually explains the meaning of freedom.

4. Colour Shades

Colors Shades logo
Shades have always been popular for designing purposes. The logo designers keep experimenting with shades to come up with new, more attractive and creative designs.

We have the latest examples of shades of creativity here. It is in the form of rising colour – a single logo featuring different shades of the same colour in a really attractive manner. See the logo below for an example.

5. Hand-drawn Logos

Hand Drawn Logos
Many brands still prefer the simplicity and causality of hand-drawn logo designs. These logos are especially popular among restaurants, pubs and other food industry businesses where fun is an important part of the marketing strategy.

Their logos are designed with the purpose of reflecting the warmth, fun, and credibility promised by the brand. Hand-drawn logos were very popular in 2016 and became, even more, this year. See the example below.

6. Cropping

Cropping Logos
Many companies are experimenting with the concept of cropped designs that involves using only a part of the text actually needed to understand the name.

Take a look at the new cropped logo of Diet Coke that only features a part of the actual brand name yet clearly indicates what (or who) it refers to. Looks unique, doesn’t it?

7. Simple Overlays

Simple Overlays logos
Some unique designs like MasterCard’s new logo and MetLife logo are the perfect example of simple yet complete logo designs.

These constitute two identical geometric figures partly overlapping each other. While the images represent the message of the brand, the text below simply contains the brand name.

The overlapping figures also point to the transparency attribute of the particular organization.

8. Hidden Meaning

Hidden Meaning logos
The logo designs containing a hidden meaning or figure will always be popular, no matter what.

You must have all used FedEx service at one time or another. Ever looked at its logo carefully?

What we normally see is a text logo with the name FedEx Express in coloured letters. But the letters ‘E’ and ‘x’ are placed such that an arrow is formed in the space between them. It represents the express services of the company.

9. Overlapping MultiCentric logos

Overlapping MultiCentric logos

Since stripes have been especially popular in 202, you can’t miss the logos with round stripes, particularly the ones with circles overlapping each other.

This type of logo can be used to show some kind of radiation in the brand and the impact of different things on each other, like waves rising when pebbles are dropped in the water. See the example logo image below.

10. Geometric

Geometric logo

When Geometry meets the design, you get logos that are unique and clearly represent the brand motto in the simplest terms.

See below the logo of Street Kitchen which makes use of geometric shapes to indicate the brand name and what it means. The logo has been designed by Charlie Smith Design.

11. Flexible Logos

Simply put in companies’ words, when it comes to brand logo creation, a one-size-fits-all approach doesn’t work well across various platforms.

Businesses are looking to personalize company logos, and use multiple variations of the same brand logo for a different set of audiences to maintain a unique relationship with each customer segment in 2022.

12. Strong Typography

With every passing year, designers have made bold choices when it comes to choosing fonts for logo design.

In 2022, designers are going all out with in-your-face fonts while creating logos for popular brands.

Multiple strong fonts are available for designers to choose from so they can create a striking logo, that reflects the brand persona very well.

These are the designs we liked the most in 2022. There might be more. So, do not hesitate to add more ideas in the comment section below, we are looking forward to it.


That’s it for today in this article entitled “Logo Design Trends”, normally every brand is opting for a simple logo design that is capable of delivering their business idea.

However, there are some brands such as GoDaddy who opted for the letter-based simple logos, and people on the internet have mixed reactions to the new logo.

Thus make sure to choose an object, type, shape, and colour that fits well for your brand and business idea. Also, make sure that it engages the targeted audience. On this note, we would like to conclude this article.

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