56 Digital Marketing Statistics and Figures That’ll Help You Improve Your Online Presence

Statistics play a very important role in finding the targeted audience and generate the huge revenues which are prime purpose of every business.

The article covers the top 56 statistics every digital marketing companies should know to generate the leads.

Digital Marketing Statistics, You Probably Didn’t Know

Consider These digital marketing Statistics For Huge Profit:

1. Conversion Rate Optimization(CRO)

Conversion Rate Optimization

    • The report by Econsultancy 2016, says that there are only 22% businesses feel satisfied with their Conversion Rates.
    • Furthermore, from every $92 spent on acquiring the customer, only $1 is invested in converting them into customer

Furthermore, from every $92 spent on acquiring the customer, only $1 is invested in converting them into customer

  • According to Advanced Web Ranking, 2015, the business appears on the first position in google search engine has 34.36% clickthrough rates on desktop and 31.35% on mobile

2. Organic Search

    • According to Mashable report 2015, there are more than 100 billion searches on Google in a month
    • Backlinks report 2016 says total 1890 words are covered by Google’s first page results
    • Wordstream report 2016, half of the queries (50%) on the Google search engine are of four words or longer
    • According to HubSpot 2019 report, improving SEO and organic visibility are the main inbound strategy of 61% businesses

Improving SEO and organic visibility are the main inbound strategy of 61% businesses

    • Google 2015 report, generic research is the focus of 71% businesses when they start researching
    • Google report 2014, B2B business put 12 searches before reaching the specific brand’s website
    • Ascend2 report 2015, 72% marketers trust that content creation is one of the effective SEO tactics

3. Blogging

HubSpot 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2017 reports show the clear statistics of blog content creation. The statistics show:

  • 53% digital marketers believe this is the best strategy for inbound marketing
  • 1 out of 10 blog posts increases their organic traffic in a duration of time
  • Compounding blog posts are able to generate 10% of more revenue and 38% more audience
  • Companies posting 16+ blogs per month get 3.5 times more traffic than companies posting only 0-4 monthly posts.

Companies posting 16+ blogs per month get 3.5 times more traffic than companies posting only 0-4 monthly posts

    • B2B companies who post 11+ posts per month earn 3 times more than companies blogging 0-1 per month
    • B2C companies who post 11+ posts per month earn 4 times more than companies posting 4-5 blogs per month
    • Old posts are very useful resource as 75% of views and 90% lead on HubSpot come from old posts
    • Skimming of blog posts is accepted by 43% of companies
    • The 6-13 words long title attracts the highest traffic to the website
    • Pew research center report 2015, around 15% users participate in a discussion forum like Reddit, Slashdot, or Digg and 10% pays more attention to blogging websites

4. Podcasts


    • HubSpot 2017, 11% marketers are interested in adding podcasting as the content strategy in next 12 months.
    • Edison research 2017, the podcast listening has grown 23% in between 2015 and 2016 years and 64% of the traffic to podcasts generated from listening through a smartphone.

64% of the traffic to podcasts generated from listening through a smartphone

  • Edison research 2017, The weekly podcast listeners exhaust five shows per week
  • Pew Research Center 2016, the 12 or older aged people(around 21%) in America say they have listened to a podcast in the past month.

5. Social Media uses

Social media uses stats

    • Aberdeen report 2016, 83% of digital marketers actively perform in social media marketing
    • Pew Research Center 2015, from 2005 to 2015 the social media platform usage increased from 2% to 35%
    • eMarketer report 2016, around 1/3rd people are using social media on the regular basis

using social media

  • Social Media Examiner 2015, approximately 19% marketers spend 20 hours per week on social media marketing

6. Visual Content

visual content stats

    • Buffer report 2014, Visual content is 40 times more shareable on social media than the other types of contents
    • Social Media Examiner report 2015, 71% of the digital marketers prioritize the visual assets in their marketing strategies

Visual Content stats

  • Buzzsumo report 2015, the article with images in between 75-100 words get more share on social media than article with fewer images in it
  • Xerox report 2014, 80% of willingness to read the content is increased by the colored visuals in the article

7. YouTube

youtube stats

    • HubSpot 2017, by the next year 48% of digital marketer plan to add YouTube videos in their marketing strategies
    • YouTube 2016, around a billion people which are 1/3rd of the total internet population uses YouTube
youtube stats
source: viralwoot
  • Google 2016, the number of people watching YouTube on Tv is doubling year by year

8. Clickthrough Rate

Click-Through Rates

    • Ascend 2016, increasing click-through rate is the focus of 54% of marketers for email marketing priority
    • eMarketers 2015, the emails with abandoned carts have a 40.5 % open rate compared to others

Clickthrough Rate stats

    • HubSpot 2015, 11 a.m is the peak time which generates the highest clickthrough rates
    • HubSpot 2014, the more images in an email decreases the click-through rate accordingly

9. Marketing Analytics

Marketing Analytics Stats

    • BrightTALK 2015, around 59% digital marketers depend on lead volume for more revenues
    • HubSpot 2017, 68% of businesses think their inbound marketing is effective in generating the leads and only 61% believe their digital marketing strategies are very effective

Marketing Analytics Stats

  • BrightTALK 2015, 24% businesses are not aware of their marketing strategies resulted in closed-won or not

10. Adblocking

adblocking stats

    • HubSpot 2016 statistics, there are 87% more ads than two years ago
    • PageFair 2015, Ad Blocking costs around $22billion in 2015 alone
    • HubSpot 2016, 77% users accepted that they prefer to add the filter over ad blocker

adblocking stats

  • HubSpot 2016, 64% of people believe ads are annoying and they use ad blocker
  • PageFair 2015, around 419 million people have installed an ad blocker on their smartphones to avoid the ads

11. Blogging

  • 31.7 million in the US will be able to call themselves a blogger by the end of 2020.
  • More than 75% of the websites present on the internet are blogs or have a blog.
  • 23% of the social media posts added by marketers have a promotional link to a blog.
  • 60% of marketers have reported powerful results for blogs written in more than 2000 words.

12. Social Users

  • In 2020, 42% (approx 3.2 billion) of the world population uses social media.
  • 90.4% of social media users belongs to the millennial generation.
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