How to Get on the First Page of Google in 2024?

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Easy SEO Tips to Rank Your Website on Google’s First Page

Are you looking for a professional SEO company or SEO tips to rank your website on the first page of Google? Then, you’re at the right place.

Everyone knows how beneficial it can be for your website to get on the first page of Google. Getting your space in that most desired place of all marketers is like setting up a big banner in a crowded place. But it is not a cakewalk for anyone.

Even top SEO strategists sometimes fail to appear on the front page. Let’s start discussing how to rank a website on Google’s first page through the best SEO tips (Search Engine Optimization).

Google search results pages are like a tree laden with fruits. For searchers, the sweetest and most ripe fruits are on the first page. Rests are useless to them because the majority of them get their questions answered on the first page.

If you go along with the data and statistics, on average, 75% of searchers get their answers from here only. They barely move to the second page. So it becomes crucial for you to apply some of the best SEO tips to rank your website on the 1st page of Google searches.

    Before showing you some proven SEO Techniques to appear on the first page, let’s explain to you why it is so important.

    Why Your Website Needs to Rank on the 1st Page of Google?

    To know the advantages of appearing on the top 10 search results of Google, you must know these states.

    • There are billions of searches happening on the internet on popular search engines in a single day, and Google dominates them.
    • According to some authentic reports, around 91.9% of searches are done on Google. The rest are done on Bing, Yahoo, Yandex, and Baidu.
    • Being the most preferred search engine worldwide, it performs 8.5 billion searches per day, which is an immense number.
    • On average, every person uses Google search three times a day.
    • According to a survey, 90% of respondents clicked on the first result on the search page.

    These statistics relating to search queries or searchers show that it is important to be the solution people search for.

    With this big data, many people are trying to solve their queries, and they put in their best efforts to stand out in this practice.

    Here are the huge advantages of getting your website on the first page of Google:

    Higher CTR (Click-Through Rate)

    Click Through Rate

    CTR is a term used for measuring the number of clicks received out of all the impressions. In search results, the higher the CTR (click-through rate), the higher the traffic of your website will be, which is the ultimate goal.

    Everyone wants their website to receive as much traffic as possible. However, with pretty hard competition, it is not easy for anyone to do this.

    Ranking blog content or a web page on the first page of Google has the same intention behind it. According to a study, the first results on the first page indicate a higher CTR, which is 36.4%. Whereas the second and third results were 12.5% and 9.5%, respectively.

    The CTR declines as you slow down to the last result on the page. Getting any position in the top 3 results is much more beneficial. However, ranking your website anywhere on the first page of Google is not a waste of time either.

    Chances of Getting Featured Snippets for Google Rank

    Example of Featured Snippets

    You must have seen that whenever you put a query on Google, you find a brief explanation of your answer at the top of search results. It could be a short definition or a list of important points.

    Search engines take it automatically from the website while indexing, considering the best content of that page, and put it at the forefront so everyone can get the answer easily.

    Sometimes the zero ranking position is also used in place of featured snippets because they appear even before the 1st ranking.

    According to a popular SEO blog, Search Engine Land, 8% of total clicks are from featured snippets. So it can boost your click-through rate immensely. The content available in this short column matches the searcher’s query and gives the most relevant answer.

    In the race to get to Google’s first page, you may find yourself at the zero position. 

    Improve Visibility and Brand Authority

    Take, for example, a big banner of a finance business showing a minimum-interest home loan that is placed on the side of a busy road where lots of corporate and other working people pass by.

    People will eventually find out about it. Similarly, around 167 billion searches are done in a month. Getting your website on Google’s first page means making a large audience aware of your business.

    The more searchers are acquainted with your brand, the more likely it is that they will witness your services.

    How to Get on the First Page of Google?

    Before we give you the answer on how to rank a website on the first page of Google, let us educate you that it is not a quick-win game at all. However, as previously stated, we will reveal the guaranteed method for ensuring your presence on the first page of Google search results.

    As you know, Google values quality and relevant content above all else. Forget about all those old-school moves that you may have mastered to rank higher on search results.

    Because Google keeps updating its algorithms from time to time. But it never said that it would compromise the content quality factor. Let’s look at the ways to perform “out of the box” while keeping content quality and relevance as top priorities. Use these SEO tips to rank the website on the first page of Google searches see below.

    Choose the Right Keyword

    Choosing Right Keywords

    Keywords are the fundamental elements upon which SEO begins to act in this process. These are the words or phrases that a searcher types into Google to get an answer.

    You should choose a keyword you want to appear on the first Google page. Make sure that your keyword matches the majority of the searchers’ queries.

    For example, your main keyword is “get on the first page of Google.” Now the queries related to this particular phrase could be “how to get your website on Google’s first page” or “the importance of getting on the first page of Google,” and there can be many like these.

    If you try to answer most of them with the help of targeting the main keyword, your chances of ranking are higher.

    One thing that you should keep in mind from the beginning is to not use the same keywords for your different pages, or else you will end up creating competition with your own web pages.

    Moreover, there are several keyword tools available on the internet that you can use, such as ubersuggest, ahrefs, and semrush.

    Make Finding Keywords Easy for Google

    Google discovers your website by crawling and capturing keywords. After crawling, it indexes the web pages based on their relevance. So when a searcher puts in a query, Google again scans through the indexed pages and then shows them to people.

    Here you can play smartly by placing your keywords at some important places where it will be easy for Google to scan through them, such as:

    Keyword fixing

    Fix Keyword in Meta Title

    The meta title appears at the top of search results, and searchers click on it. It can also be seen at the top of your web page or blog. Using your main keyword in the meta title is one of the best SEO practices.

    Add Keyword in Meta Description

    When a person browses the search results, whether on the first or second page, a short description of around 150 characters appears below the meta title. This is the meta description. It helps searchers know what they will read if they click on the page.

    So make sure this tiny column contains your main keyword. Don’t force it, but make it more relevant to the searcher’s intent.

    Take Long-Tail Keyword in the URL

    Optimize URL

    The URL mainly represents your domain name. You can include your long-tail keyword in the URL. If you do this, it will help Google recognize what this page is all about.

    On the results page, the URL can be found between the title and meta description. The best placement of keywords in the URL should match neatly with the page title. It will sound trustworthy to users.

    Adding Keywords in Alt Tags

    alt tags in images

    Google prioritizes only text-based content. If your content contains an image, it will only identify it by reading the alt tag. If your alt tag includes keywords, it will be feasible for Google to match the relevancy of the content with the search query. 

    Make a Competition Analysis Report

    Okay, we got it. With quality and relevant content, you are ready to claim your presence on the first page of Google. But are you the only one who wants to appear there? No, there are many people in the same niche, domain, or area of expertise who are well-equipped with the best answers to get their website on Google’s first page.

    How will you get to know what makes you unique and most appropriate? Or what separates you from others? Where do you need to improve to outperform them? Until you can get all these questions answered yourself while creating content, you may fail even before starting. 

    We suggest you take a reasonable amount of time and create a separate analysis report of your competitors’ content. This report may start with the frequency and volume of the main keywords they are using.

    List down all the areas where they are good and where they could have used creativity in content in a better way. You can also include the length of the competitor’s content. Take some time, but try to leave them far behind so you can easily rank your website on the first page of Google.

    Create a Blog/Page & Include All the Keywords

    Appropriate Keyword Density example

    Once you have prepared the competitor’s content analysis report, it will be much easier for you to create better content than theirs. Use keywords smartly in your blog content so they do not break the flow of content throughout the page.

    Most people make the mistake of including more keywords than necessary, which is known as “keyword stuffing.” It can negatively impact the SEO of your web page and end up failing to show your website on Google’s first page of search results. 

    Write for Humans Only

    A popular misconception has been spread that you should write content for machines and humans. It is true at some point but think about it carefully. Why is Google there to read and rank your content?

    The ultimate goal is to show them to searchers. If your answers match the searchers’ queries, who else do you want to lure? There are keywords and other tactics used creatively to grab the machine’s attention (search engine).

    All other efforts, however, will be futile if your content fails to demonstrate your expertise and authority through relevance and the right intention of answering.

    Keep the Searcher’s Intent at Utmost Priority

    With so many stats and keyword complexities in front of you, you may find yourself in the middle of chaos. By fulfilling all the requirements of SEO and other factors, you may miss the main purpose of creating the content.

    The word you need to catch here is “search intent.” It demonstrates the reasons behind entering a search query. Sometimes it can be fulfilled with just a short answer, so why do we need to write a long form of content for that?

    The reason is that searchers’ intent is also defined by the fact that their journey can revolve around an entire topic. Only high-quality content has the potential to meet the intent. Therefore, focus more on creating content that answers all the possible wants of a searcher. 

    Create a Google My Business Account

    GMB profile

    When it comes to ranking higher in search results pages, Google My Business is becoming a more powerful tool. It will help you place your website on Google Maps and in local listings.

    Creating your business profile, which is another name for it, can add more information about your business. So it is a fast and easy way to get your website on the first page of search results.

    Utilise Customer Reviews

    Customer Reviews

    Encourage your visitors to rate their experience with your services or products. It is a powerful tool to let new visitors know about your expertise and what people are saying about you. Google pays attention if people are talking about your business and making reviews about their experiences.

    Some Other Ways to Get on Google’s First Page

    There are endless factors that can impact your ranking in Google search results, but these are the most powerful ones. Below are some other ways through which you can get to the first page of Google.

    Paid Search

    pay-per-clik marketing

    PPC (pay-per-click), Google Ads, search engine marketing, or paid search is not an organic way to get on the first page of Google. That’s why we did not include this on that list. Still, it is the shortest and easiest way you can try it. However, competition exists here as well.

    You must have noticed there are some results shown even before the organic search results; they are the paid searches that also match exactly the keywords. It works differently from the organic results, but the outcomes are no less than those.

    Location Specific Targeting

    You can also get on Google’s first page by using location-specific keywords like “city,” “industry,” or “near me” in your content. Whether you create a separate “contact us” page mentioning all the details or mentioning your business’s operating location, people can visit you or contact you.

    All the potential ways discussed above can be applied using only best practices. You will need a strategy that keeps up with Google’s latest algorithm updates if you want to rank on the first page of Google or at the top of the search results.

    So if you are new to this, you can reach out to SAG IPL SEO expert company, the best online marketing service provider. Allow our skilled professionals to handle the job, and you will see your company thrive. 

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