Top Real Estate SEO Tips Every Professional Should Know

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seo tips for real estate

Are you a real estate business planning to rank on the first page of Google?

Most real estate agents have one common dream in today’s digital world – get quality leads and traffic to earn high profits and grow their business online.

But most real estate businesses face a similar question “ How to get more leads and traffic online?”

The answer is simply Real Estate SEO.

This SEO guide will provide you with a clear idea about how to optimize your website. Follow top SEO tips and techniques given in this guide to rank your business in the local market, and get quality leads & traffic online.

Let’s jump in.

What is SEO for Real Estate?

In simplest terms, real estate SEO enables you to show up in the top results on search engines whenever someone searches or makes a query about buying or selling a property online.

50% of the house owners were able to find their desired properties online in 2023, as per a reliable research report.

Why is SEO Important for Real Estate Businesses?

SEO Stats For Real Estate

Lead generation is a tough nut to crack in the real estate market.

In today’s internet-driven world, you expect buyers to do extensive research online before purchasing a property.

With a rapid digital boom, online marketers have explored almost all online avenues to generate leads and profits for real estate businesses. That’s why even paid marketing is unable to bring desired results.

The proliferation of smart devices coupled with improved internet access almost everywhere around the globe makes it essential for real estate businesses to have a solid online presence to generate quality leads online.

Best SEO Tips for Real Estate to More Traffic, Leads, and Sales Online

1. Work on Claiming a Google My Business Listing

Google My Business Listing

For local SEO, you as a real estate business should first claim your Google My Business listing. This includes providing your business details like business name, address, phone number, etc. It is also called NAP Name, Address, and Phone Number).

Keeping NAP consistent across all online channels is important for local SEO. Once you do it, your business will start showing in knowledge cards of Google SERP, Google Maps and Google’s 3 Pack.

2. Promote & Create City-Specific Content

For improved local SEO, real estate agents should create city-specific content and publish it online via blogs, articles, videos, etc. It is also closely linked to the concept of E-A-T Expertise, Authority, and Trust. Sites having high EAT rank higher on search engines.

3. Focus on Customer Reviews and Their Velocity

Customer Reviews Tips Of Real Estate

90% of the customers read reviews before trusting a particular real estate business. Out of these, 72% of customers take positive action after reading a positive review.

As a real estate agent, you can establish trust among customers and improve your chance to rank higher as it is a crucial local ranking factor.

4. Perform Targeted Keyword Research

Targeted Keyword Research

Effective keyword research or selection of the right set of keywords is important for real estate businesses to get quality results in their content marketing efforts.

Tips to improve keyword research for real estate SEO:

  • Use the Google search bar for long-tail keywords
  • Check for search queries in Google Analytics and Google Ads
  • Take the help of Ahrefs explorer

5. Trust Long Tail Keywords

Keywords are of two types mainly – Head keywords and Long tail keywords in SEO.

Long Tail Keyword Tips For Real Estate Business

Head keywords are usually short, broad and highly competitive. Beating tons of established, high-authority sites for head keywords is pretty difficult for a beginner.

Instead of focusing heavily on head keywords, go for long-tail keyword optimization. Approx 70% of Google searches are based on long-tail keywords.

6. Optimize On-Page Elements

Here are the tricks to optimize on-page elements:

  • Ensure consistency in business NAP (name, address, and phone number) across all online channels, including Google local listing (as discussed above).
  • In title tags, meta description, etc. use your real-estate business city, state and town names.
  • Make sure all your listings are indexable and have an XML sitemap.

7. Give Priority to Localized Content

The Real estate industry has a stereotypical image of producing fairly lengthy and non-interesting content, which is why it doesn’t attract online readers more!

Break the stereotype! Come up with interesting, user-intended and informative content that educates and engages visitors through the entire customer lifecycle.

8. Create Compelling Headlines for More Clicks

An uninspired copy is the last thing you expect in a piece of quality content available online.

8 out of 10 people read compelling headlines, and only 2 read the rest of your article or content.

For example:

Landing page tip for real estate
Image of Landing Page Example For Real Estate

To save your efforts from being wasted, attractive headlines on your real estate website, and blogs instantly grab the audience’s attention.

9. Use Videos for Your Real Estate Website and Properties

Real estate listings having videos receive 403% more inquiries than those without, according to BoldContent.

Also, 82% of all consumer web traffic will be through video content in 2024, as per the Cisco report. Despite such eye-opener facts, only 2-9% of real estate agents leverage video marketing.

For example

Video Example Of Real Estate

Huge opportunity!

So start using video to market your agency and properties.

10. Optimize Images for Search

image optimization techniques

78% of websites’ on-page issues are due to one reason – poor image optimization.

Adding images and alt-text in real estate listings for image SEO boosts Google image clicks by up to 37%.

Doing property listing, and adding neighborhood photos and stock images to your website is necessary to improve your site rankings in search engines.

11. List Your Properties on Major Platforms

List your properties on popular real-estate platforms like Zillow, Redfin, etc. to increase impressions or views on them.

Top Listing  Websites For Real Estate

With a massive network of retailers, smart technology, and a massive customer database, they are best to highlight your real estate business in front of a massive audience.

12. Go for Guest Posting

Reach out to reputable publishers in the real estate segment and contribute with quality content on their site. Many publishers are looking for quality content that helps their websites grow and save valuable time.

Guest blogging is a great way to do this as well as get quality backlinks links pointing to your real-estate site. Try and publish your content on some of the biggest names in your niche to improve your SEO rankings.

13. Improve Page Load Speed, and Make Your Site Mobile-Friendly

Page Speed and Mobile Responsiveness

89% of new home shoppers use mobile phones to search for their desired properties online.

So, run your site through the mobile-friendly test.

Also, work towards improving your real-estate site page load speed as 53% of visitors leave a website in just 3 seconds before the page fully loads.

Top SEO Tools for Real Estate Agents

Some of the handiest SEO tools or resources that can be used by real-estate businesses include Yoast, search console, Google Lighthouse, UberSuggest, Yext, BrightLocal, Ahrefs, Moz, etc.

Implementing the above-given steps can help you improve the quality of your SEO efforts to build a strong foundation that can help you dominate local search rankings for your business.

You can also consult or hire a professional real-estate SEO Agency Like SAGIPL to help you get faster results.

SAG IPL is the premier SEO Agency that provides a wide range of quality SEO services, customized for real estate businesses to bring high traffic, qualified leads, and sales. Contact SAG IPL to turn your dream into reality.

By Mohsin Qureshi SEO Strategy and Growth Leader

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