Top 5 Changes Made by Google That Will Affect Online Marketing

Top 5 Changes Made by Google That Will Affect Online Marketing in 2019

Google, as we all know has become the spinal cord of Internet, and in this era of enhancing technology, the search engine is also updating itself on a regular basis with new and improved search guidelines. As the rules of Google change, the website holders also have to change themselves according to it, in order to get a rank in the searched list. These changes will affect online marketing also.

In the year 2019, Google has also introduced some changes to all the website holders, which they have to follow to keep themselves updated and uplinked with the leading search engine.

What are these changes? Let’s have a look:


google business chat feature
Source: SERountable

This new feature has not been implemented by the company but is still a great project for users as well as the companies associated with the search engine. The New Chat feature, which the company is going to introduce very soon, will allow business owners to get interacted with their clients directly through a chat process.

By getting this feature, you will be able to get in contact directly with all the business people on your dashboard. This will make things very easy, as there will be no mediator between you and your clients.

The feature is still in the testing process, so only a selected business can check it out. Rest of the people, don’t bother to even try entering the testing program, as you are not allowed to access that. Google will send every business holder, who is selected for the testing program, the rest of the people have to wait a bit for getting it available to everyone.


Now, what exactly Google mean about Mobile Indexing? By this, it simply means that all of your websites running on the internet have to be mobile responsive too. Google from now onwards, will rank the searched results on the basis of your mobile ranking. So if your, website is still not mobile-friendly, you need to hurry up! Because things are going to be very complex for you.

Mobile friendly sites are an essential requirement for an efficient SEO. The number of mobile searches is increasing in a lightning speed from day by day, as the number of smartphone holders or users is also increasing rapidly, so you now have to focus on offering great quality mobile responsive site to get an admirable ranking on the list.

google mobile first index
Source: Mobile-first Indexing

Google crawlers will only end up by crawling the mobile version of your websites, so, if you have used all of your sources to make your website SEO friendly for desktop only, you have to pay some more attention to the mobile version now. Maybe it would be a bad experience for some of the website owners, if some of your content is exclusively available on the desktop version of your website, Google crawlers will not be able to read that and you will not get the deserved or required ranking.


Seeing the unnecessary advertisement Pop-Ups on any website is the most irritating part for any Internet user. To resolve this problem, little boxes were adopted to advertise anything instead of covering up the whole web page. But, that technique also didn’t work out, as the boxes hide some of the content of the page, and if a user tries to close that box, he/she will end up landing on some other page.

These are the common frustrating experience for any user, so now, the search engine giant has taken some steps to sort it out. Here we have a list of things, which will now be considered as intrusive by Google:

The pop-ups, which appears just after the user leaves the search engine and redirect on the desired page, and hide the main content of the page.

The dialog boxes, which have to be closed by the user personally to get the content of the page.
The interstitial, which are in the folded position on the page and hide the real content beneath them.

Source: Google

So, from 10th of January 2018, these changes will take place on the search engine. Tell your SEO to buckle up and make the required changes on the site till then.


Link Building or Backlinking basically is the most important factor in raising your website’s ranking in the searched list of Google. It will increase your organic ranking and will have an effect on your overall ranking. These are different from Outbound links, in Outbound links, the links will direct you from your website to another website, but in Backlinking, you will be directed to a different page on the same website.


Content is and will be the main factor of your Google ranking. Last year, around at the same time, Google introduces its AI RankBrain to the world. By this, the idea of keyword density was eliminated, as its main motive was to understand the related content and to provide the relevant search results to the user.

Keyword stuffing and irrelevant content got trashed out after getting this technology introduced. So, from now all you need to take care is that your content on the site should be fresh and relevant according to your services or business.

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