Top SEO Trends & Techniques To Boost Your Website Ranking in 2022

Just as most of us are preparing for the upcoming holidays, Google is implementing an early Christmas “present” – the December Google core algorithm update. The process to roll it in started on December 3, 2020, and it will take a few more days to complete. This is expected to bring a new series of Top SEO trends for businesses and marketers alike.

A core update just before 2022, will change a lot in the next year i.e. 2022. To avoid any loss, or penalty,  and to maintain your ranking and traffic

You should find and understand the Google search SEO trends & Techniques To Boost Your Website Ranking in 2022

Finding such trends is not a difficult job but its implementation is something where people get normally stuck. 

So to help you in your preparation, we are here with the latest SEO trends that will change a lot of things in the internet world in 2022. But before diving into that let’s take a look at What basically SEO is?

What Is SEO (Search Engine Optimization)?

What is SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It is the process that includes various marketing and optimization techniques and helps websites improve rank on SERPs for all the relevant keywords. 

If you are planning to hire an SEO company or want to do it yourself then the best method to implement the right SEO strategy is to first gain proper and complete knowledge. 

We would like to mention here that Learning SEO is not that hard. You just have to do research and gain up-to-date knowledge about its techniques, process, parts, and methods. 

You can start your journey with the following topics:

  • SEO Analysing
  • Site Audit
  • Keyword Research
  • Off-page SEO especially Link Building
  • Content Marketing
  • Analytics and other SEO Tools

Key Metrics To Leverage Top SEO Trends in 2022

After SEO, here are providing some vital SEO practices that will help you to identify the top SEO (Search Engine Optimization) trends of 2022.

  • Instead of only focusing on Sales Conversions, you also need to focus on other parts, especially on the generation and conversion ratio and factors that are influencing potential customers. It can be fixed with web designing and keyword optimization.
  • Create a fair competition for your competitors. With better and ethical SEO You can do that and you can also get a better rank for the keywords your competitors are ranking for.
  • SEO trends concerning the Profit with SEO will keep you up-to-date with the changes taking place in the industry according to the features and trends. It will help you to increase profit and conversation.

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Top SEO Trends To Rank Your Website For 2022

Here is our list of top SEO Trends & Techniques that would affect your ranking on Google SERPs in 2022.

1. BERT Update

Google BERT Update

BERT is an Acronym for “Bidirectional Encoder Representations from Transformers” and it is rolled out in October 2019. 

Through this update, Google updated its algorithm which now seeks the full context of the words by analyzing the preceding and succeeding words in search queries.

It also focused on the quality of the content, keyword density, content relevancy, and user search intent.

Some expert also believes that Google started to check the overall reputation of the website through two factors i.e. YMYL(Your Money Your Life) and EAT(Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness).

How to Prepare for The BERT Update?

Google BERT update focuses on providing the relevant search results to its users, thus you can simply overcome the BERT update by creating High-Quality Content. 

However, We have a few tips for you:

  • You should focus on Context rather than Keyword Density. Search Engines and Crawlers are all grown-ups and now you can’t fool them by stuffing keywords. Only relevant content is the things that attract them.
  • Create quality content that provides answers to the user’s search queries. Also, make sure that the content is relevant to the main topic and has all the details.
  • BERT checks for content for sentences or phrases, so again make sure that you have relevant content specific to the questions of the searcher.

2. Technical SEO And UI/UX Factors

SEO and UI UX factors

People don’t want to dirty their hands with technical SEO and aspects of their website, they are just happy with the basic SEO.

However, it is a proven fact that avoiding all these small technical aspects of the website can harm your website’s health.

Make sure that your website looks fresh and engaging but also has the best and most ethical UI/UX. Additionally, also make changes keeping the site structure in mind.

How to Implement SEO-Friendly UI/UX in Your Site?

As we stated above Search engines and crawlers have grown up and now along with good content they also consider the UI/UX of the site. 

They check whether your site’s UI/UX design is friendly or not. Google gives priority to fast and user-friendly websites, So make sure that your website meets all the UI/UX standards.

Here Are 4 Tips to Improve UI/UX to Boost Your Ranking

  • Keep an eye on the bounce rate regularly and if the bounce rate is high then find the reasons and try to resolve it. Many experts state that a bounce rate in the range of 26 to 40 is good for the website, but a higher Bounce rate needs a solution as quickly as possible.
  • Monitor the Session duration of your pages, it will tell you how long the visitors last on your page. If there is any problem with the result try A/B Testing. It will give you an idea if page elements are performing well or not.
  • Create headings that create curiosity in the reader. It increases the CTR and also guides readers through your content.
  • Spend time on improving your site’s navigation. Make it easy to assess and easy to navigate. Also, work on menus, and make them simple.

3. Provide Relevant Data For “Audience”

Provide Relevant Data for Audience

You don’t have to impress Machines and crawlers to grow faster; you have to impress all the visitors.

So, create quality and meaningful content and avoid keyword usage or stuffing in the content.

Keyword stuffing also harms the ranking and conversation so keep everything clean.

You can follow these tips to create quality content:

  • Identify your audience first and then start working on your content. While preparing your content try to keep your content natural, meaningful, and ideal for your visitors.
  • Add Keywords at relevant places, such as meta descriptions, meta titles, alt tags, etc.
  • There are 9 types of keywords, pay attention to them too, especially on long-tail keywords.
  • Mix these keywords wisely in your content.

4. Mobile-First Indexing for Small Screen Users

Mobile indexing for small screen users

Mobile-first indexing got popular in 2018, Google welcomed websites along with a good mobile version and it becomes an important factor.

With quality content, AMP compatibility or mobile-friendly design is a must for a website to survive in this highly competitive internet world.

How to perform Mobile SEO

Here are some vital tips to boost your SEO game in 2022.

  • Optimize your website with AMP and also achieve a good mobile page speed score. Work on redirects, browser caching, and minifying codes.
  • Also, provide a good user experience by including HTML 5 effects.
  • Make your website responsive for all major screen sizes.

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5. Page Loading Speed

Page Loading Speed

Page Loading speed has become an important factor these days. Especially some new updates gave headaches to beginners or normal people who are having some slow loading websites.

Google gives priority to the fast-loading websites on SERPs, and this trend will be effective in 2022.

There are various tools that can help you, especially Page Speed Insight. It will tell you the areas where some work is needed to improve the website’s page loading speed.

There are a few things you should look for in the report, and the same are listed below:

  • First Contentful Paint (FCP): It measures how long it takes a browser to fetch the first piece of DOM(Data Object Model) Content when a visitor visits your page.
  • First Meaningful Paint (FMP): It measures when the primary content of the webpage is visible to the user. 
  • Speed Index: It tells you how quickly the content appears to visitors during page loading.
  • First CPU Idle: It measures the time taken by a page to become minimal interactive for the user.
  • Time To Interactive (TTI): TTI represents the time taken by a web page to become completely interactive.
  • First Input Delay (FID): It measures the time from when a user first performs an activity on your site elements and the time when the browser actually responds to that action.

Here are a few tips for improving the Page Loading Speed of your website:

  • Minify or compress the CSS, HTML, and JavaScript files. Compress all files that are 150+ bytes.
  • Reduce redirects. It reduces the waiting time for the user.
  • Leverage browser caching, so the page loads a bit faster.
  • Improve your server response times.
  • Consider the Content Delivery Network (CDN) to manage the content delivery load.
  • Optimize all the images and use the right format of the image.

6. Include Videos To Improve Ranking And Engagement

Include Videos to improve Ranking and engagement

It is one of the trends that affected the site’s ranking in 2020, and it will be in action in 2022. Videos or video content have the power to keep your customer on the webpage. 

Just make sure to use a video that is meaningful for the user and connected with the main topic of the page.

Content with video is more engaging and also has a high ROI. It is also observed that content with videos are ranking higher on SERPs.

People also started preferring videos over long content; it provides them with a clear picture of the product and also saves their time.

7. Voice Search is trending

Voice Search is Trending

Voice search is the latest entry in SEO trends, with powerful artificial intelligence and the prominence of chatbots in the main domain. It is becoming the next big thing on the internet. 

It is due to the introduction of smart gadgets such as Smartphones; smart speakers i.e. Google Home, Apple Homepod, Amazon Alexa; smart TVs, and various other IoT gadgets. 

We are also observing that voice searches have shown massive growth in recent years, so make sure to include it in your strategy.

Tips for optimizing your content for Voice Searches:

  • Start using natural language flavours in your content, provide short answers, and satisfy users’ voice search queries.
  • Include long-tail keywords and practice writing long-form content. It was found that voice search queries are generally longer than those typed.
  • If you want to rank on “near me” searches, include the correct addresses or locations for your local listings with the right structured data.

8. Rich Content For The Snippet

Rich content for the snippet

If you want your content in the first position then there are a few things you need to take care of.

You also need to set a defined pattern which Search Engines and their crawlers can follow.

Tips for Optimizing your content for the Snippet

  • Make sure that the headings are relevant, and match with the content and SEO title.
  • Configure the structure data to the appropriate standard
  • Stay up to date with the latest Google updates
  • Use proper keywords wisely
  • Create a Good Meta Description
  • Add your Brand in the SEO title
  • Carefully follow the Guidelines of Search Engines
  • Follow the Structured Markup and the standards

9. Link Building

SEO link building

Link Building is the key factor to ranking higher on SERPs, not just in 2022 it is in trend for the last 5-6 years.

It is a very important technique that helps your website to rank higher and get more traffic. 

It is also observed that without a proper link-building strategy other SEO trends and work will be not that effective.

Mainly, Link building/ links are useful for Search Engines to uncover new web pages and also determine their position on the SERPs. 

You Might be aware of the fact that Link Building can be done in two ways i.e. External Link Building and Internal Link Building.

External Link Building: When you want other websites to link back to your website, it comes under External link building.

It is a time taking work and requires a lot of effort. There are a few tips for building external links in 2022:

  • Create meaningful, trending, and quality content so people want to refer to it. 
  • Connect with influencers in your story mentions and reviews of your product and services.
  • Connect or communicate with people you know and who are having relevant content or work and try to get a backlink from them.
  • Free Guest post is another efficient way to get backlinks.

Internal Link Building: Just opposite of the first one. It is neither time-taking nor needs more effort.

It is something linking to other content that exists in your own domain.

Here are tips to boost your internal linking game in 2022:

  • Use correct Anchor Text.
  • Choose the page and part of it wisely.
  • Ensure the quality of content on the linking page.

10. The Evolving SERPs

Evolving SERPs

SERPs stands for Search Engine Result Pages, and in the last few years, it has undergone various changes. 

Some easily Noticeable differences are like:

  • Inclusion of Featured snippet
  • The Percentage of ad share has increased.
  • The percentage of answer boxes has increased.
  • The ”People Have Also Asked” section and “FAQs” are getting more attention.
  • Inclusion of Video Result, Top Stories, and Q&A on Google.

These features are good for searchers but not that beneficial for a small blogs or website owners, as people will get details from SERPs without opening their websites. Thus, gaining organic clicks will be much harder in 2022.

What you can do?

  • Focus on the Quality of content.
  • Follow all the Search Engine guidelines.
  • Focus on Voice Search Query.
  • Keep your strategies and content highly flexible

11. Social Listening And SEO

Social Listening and SEO

It is a process to handle all the social activity of your brand’s social media handler. It involves tracing custom feedback, mentions, discussion, and comment.

It plays an important part in increasing brand awareness and increasing your reach. 

There are a few things you can do to Step up your Social Listening and SEO Game in 2022:

  • Look for Brand Mentions
  • Use Awario, Brandwatch, and Talkwalker tools.
  • Search For Guest Posting Opportunities
  • Learn From Your Competitors
  • Be active and promote your product and services frequently.

12. Work on Core Web Vitals

Core Web Vitals are three metrics that score a user’s experience loading a webpage. These metrics score how quickly page content loads, how quickly a browser loading a webpage can respond to a user’s input, and how unstable the content is as it loads in the browser. These three metrics are going to be bundled alongside Mobile Friendliness, Safe Browsing, HTTPS and Intrusive Interstitials into a signal Google is calling the “Page Experience Signal”. This is the reason website owners have to look into and try to upgrade the website accordingly.

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Top SEO Trends & Techniques 2022, And You

So, above are just 12 Top SEO trends to rank your website for 2022, and the summary of these trends is that:

  • Maintain quality in your content
  • Prepare natural content for users not for bots.
  • Follow all the Search Engine Guidelines.
  • Work on link strategy.
  • Increase Brand awareness and reputation
  • And Avoid unethical SEO tactics such as keyword stuffing.
  • Focus on Voice Searches.

So, continue doing good work in an ethical way and get rid of all the black hat or grey hat SEO things as Crawlers, bots, and search engines are getting smarter day by day.

And just stay up-to-date with the latest SEO trends, it will guide you throughout the year. Thank you for your time and Have a great year ahead.

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