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Crypto Token Development Services

Traditionally, the term “token” is used to indicate anything from a symbol to a badge or even a feeling.

However, today, if you ask someone what a token is, they’ll probably tell you that it’s a cryptocurrency. This is how popular crypto tokens are today.

Different people have different reasons to develop crypto tokens. Some do it to make money, while others use tokens to create & launch their products or services in the blockchain space.

Whether you’re looking to build your own cryptocurrency token or are just curious to know more about crypto token development services and the cost of token development, you’re at the right place.

    What is Crypto Token Development?

    Crypto token development or tokenization refers to the process of converting regular digital or physical assets into crypto tokens on the blockchain.

    What is Crypto Token Development

    But, what does it mean to convert physical assets?

    Well, as you can imagine, it’s not possible to actually convert a physical asset into a digital entity. What is converted is the associated data such as the ownership information of the said asset, which is digitized and then added to a blockchain. The process is called tokenization.

    Tokenization makes it possible to divide and trade an otherwise indivisible asset like real estate. For example, a house worth $100,000 can be divided into 100,000 tokens, each with a value of $1 and representing about 0.001% ownership in the property.

    Through real estate tokenization development, the owner of a house can sell partial ownership of his property. This is particularly important for high-value assets that are expensive to buy or trade as a single entity and are therefore deemed illiquid. Token development, thus, improves the liquidity of physical assets like real estate.

    Other than multi-party ownership, crypto tokens are also useful for payments and to facilitate peer-to-peer (middleman-free) transactions among participants.

    Transferring ownership of certain physical assets through crypto tokens over the blockchain network is both easy and extremely secure.

    Following are the three types of assets that can be tokenized:

    • Intangibles – digital items and data, including copyrights, patents, ownership
    • Fungible Assets – Assets that can be purchased or sold or exchanged for something equally valuable. Examples include gold and grain
    • Non-fungible assets – things that cannot be divided and/or exchanged, such as artwork and real estate

    Crypto Token Development Company India

    SAG IPL is the best token development services company that provides the best crypto token development services to help businesses & individuals launch their own high-potential tokens for assured success in the market.

    Smart Contract

    The crypto token space has, over the past few years, become extremely crowded, as new tokens are being created and launched every day.

    This can make it difficult for your token launch to stand out from the crowd. Our proficient blockchain token development solutions can make sure that you find assured success in the token business.

    We have expertise in developing high-quality crypto tokens for different purposes, whether it’s an ICO, an IEO, an STO, or a non-fungible token.

    Whether you’re looking to build a token for payments in your business or want to develop the next-gen crypto token for seamless peer-to-peer transfer of ownership and assets, we are the best crypto token development company to help you meet your goals.

    Along with your token, we will create a fully-fledged platform or crypto wallet with all the state-of-the-art features and incomparable security to ensure a wonderful experience for your users.

    If you are looking for the best token-creating & development services, including token wallet development, token transfer, token launch, and token listing on the exchange, contact SAG IPL for the best price.

    Benefits of Crypto Token Development (Tokenization)

    If you are wondering why you need token development or whether tokenization is right for you, here are some of the top benefits of developing your own token:

    Enhanced liquidity: Tokens are divisible entities that can be sold and traded easily over a globally accessible blockchain network. Tokenizing your assets will increase their liquidity and make them easy to trade for cash.

    Supports all assets: Cryptocurrency token development is useful for all types of digital and physical assets, including intangible items such as copyrights and both fungible and non-fungible assets.

    Higher security: Compared to storing your assets in a physical locker, storing them in a crypto wallet is much more secure, as these wallets incorporate high-level security with ease of payments and transfer.

    Trade without middlemen: When trading traditional assets such as real estate, there is a huge middleman cost involved. This can be eliminated through tokenization as there are no intermediaries in a crypto transaction.

    Globally accessible: One of the top benefits of crypto token development is that tokenizing your assets can make them globally accessible and tradable between entities located anywhere in the world. As a business, you can use your tokenized assets to seek investment from global players.

    Efficiency: Token development services are in line with the latest technological developments and can help keep your business at the forefront with advanced features and improved efficiency.

    Types of Token Development

    When you’re looking to build your crypto token, you have to select the right type of token based on your needs and goals.

    Let's Get Started with Types of token development

    Here are the major types of crypto tokens:

    Utility Token: A utility token, as the name suggests, is a type of crypto token that is created to serve a specific utility or purpose in a blockchain project or ecosystem.

    For example, a Utility Token can be used as a native token for a crypto project to provide access to a particular product or service. Utility tokens cannot be used as a medium of exchange (currency).

    Security Token: This type of crypto token is created & used to represent a physical or digital asset that can be categorized as a security.

    For example, stock tokens are used to represent physical stocks. Another example is real estate tokens.

    Equity Token: An equity token is created through the tokenization of a company’s shares or assets. It is a type of security token and launched through a security token offering or STO.

    A company in the blockchain space can launch its equity token when looking to go public by offering its shares to investors.

    Reward Token: This type of crypto token is made exclusively to be used for rewards in a blockchain project. A company can use this token to offer loyalty rewards, bonuses and other types of rewards to its platform users and/or investors.

    Non-fungible Token: Non-fungible token or NFT is a special type of crypto token that is created by tokenizing a non-fungible asset like an artwork or a particular house.

    Tokenization of such assets can increase their liquidity and make them seamlessly tradable over the blockchain network.

    Currency Token: Another popular type of crypto token is called currency token or cryptocurrency. This type of token can be used as a medium of exchange, just like fiat currencies, to pay for things and send digital money to others.

    If your blockchain project involves launching a product or service that you’re planning to sell to your customers, you can consider accepting cryptocurrency for payments.

    Irrespective of the type of crypto token development you need, SAG IPL can provide the best services along with a great quality product (token) to help grow your blockchain business. Contact us to know more.

    All Crypto Token Development Services Provided by SAG IPL

    When looking to hire a crypto token development company, you need to choose one that has expertise in creating the particular type of token that you want to build.

    Blockchain development

    As a seasoned blockchain development company with over a decade of experience, SAG IPL has proficiency in building all types of crypto tokens mentioned above.

    Our token developers can build your perfect token with all the cutting-edge features in no time. Moreover, we provide lifetime support for all our token creation services.

    We provide the following crypto token development services:

    Token Creation Services

    We at SAG IPL have experience in building all the standard types of crypto tokens, including Utility tokens, Security tokens, Equity tokens, Reward tokens, Non-fungible tokens, and Currency tokens.

    Hire professional token developers for Utility token development to build the perfect native token for your upcoming blockchain project or platform.

    We also provide security token development services, where our experts can help tokenize your external assets to make them tradable as digital securities.

    If you are looking to sell equities in your blockchain company or project, our equity token development service is the perfect choice for you.

    Reward token development involves building a dedicated token for your blockchain project that can be offered as a reward to your platform users and/or investors. Non-fungible tokens are very popular these days as crypto tokens that are indivisible but can be transferred to others.

    If you are planning to trade rare digital assets such as art or real estate, hire NFT development services today. The simplest type of crypto token is a currency token, which can be used for payments and money transfers. Contact us for the best currency token development service in India.

    Token Platform/Website Development

    We can help you build a flawless platform or website for your crypto token. We make sure that your token website is beautiful and user-friendly and can truly help your business grow by turning visitors into customers (improving ROI) and generating more revenue for you.

    We use a mobile-responsive design/theme and high-quality content as well as optimize your token website from the search engine point of view to ensure a higher ranking on search engines, which generates more traffic and revenue for your crypto business.

    You can hire SAG IPL for the following token platform development services:

    • ICO development – a feature-rich website and blog for your initial coin offering.
    • STO platform development – a highly secure, fully-fledged security token offering website with the ability to sell and trade tokens.
    • IEO development service will involve creating an IEO website as well as creating & optimizing your IEO listing on the exchange. Check out our IEO development service for details.

    ERC20 (Ethereum) Token Development

    ERC20 is a token development standard by Ethereum. There are multiple other token standards of Ethereum, including ERC827, ERC223, ERC777, ERC1155, and ERC721. All these standards provide general guidelines for the development of crypto tokens that use Ethereum as their core blockchain technology.

    ERC20 is by far the most popular Ethereum token development standard because of its ease of use and incredible features, including high security. ERC20 tokens are generally compatible with many systems and offer incredible security through the use of smart contracts.

    BEP20 Token Development

    BEP20 is a token development standard of the Binance blockchain. These tokens are built and operate on the Binance Smart Chain. The development standard defines the various protocols and rules that every token must follow.

    BEP-20 is the most popular alternative to Ethereum’s ERC-20, as it offers a more efficient and affordable way to develop a next-gen crypto token that is full of outstanding features. Another reason to develop your token on BEP-20 is low gas fees for payments and cross-chain compatibility.

    If you are looking for BEP20 token development from a credible agency, contact SAG IPL today.

    Metaverse Token Development

    Metaverse is the future of Web3. It refers to a virtual world created using virtual reality and augmented reality technologies. It exists on the internet and can make use of AI, blockchain and other advanced technologies to improve user experience.

    nft metaverse

    A metaverse token is a virtual currency created for use in a metaverse. If your business is looking to venture into the metaverse space, you can benefit from our top metaverse token development solutions, which include developing a cutting-edge metaverse token and digital wallet for seamless payments and transfers.

    NFT Token Development

    NFT is a non-fungible token, which refers to a digital token that is indivisible but can be transferred to others. Many things like a piece of art, a music label, a picture, or a house can be completely unique, which makes them rare and indivisible.

    NFT Token

    Tokenizing these assets can increase liquidity and make them easy to transfer to others when the owner is looking to sell his/her assets. NFTs are based on blockchain and hold the ownership information of the underlying assets. They can be easily accessed and verified on the blockchain to prevent fraud when trading non-fungible assets.

    SAG IPL offers NFT development for all types of non-fungible assets and unique creatives, including but not limited to digital avatars, art, collectibles, photograph, music, games, event tickets, text, and more.

    Defi Token Development

    DeFi token development is a service useful for DeFi projects. A DeFi platform is one that allows peer-to-peer transactions between users without a middleman. It can be a crypto exchange, a finance platform, or any other kind of DeFi platform.

    A DeFi token is used by a DeFi platform as its native utility token to enable seamless transactions between the platform users.

    Use Case of DeFi

    DeFi token development is particularly useful in the finance industry, where a business can use it to allow its customers to perform various financial activities such as lending, borrowing, investing, and token transfer without intermediaries.

    Tron Token Development

    TRON token development refers to the development of a crypto token on TRC20, which is a popular token development standard for the TRON blockchain. In other words, if you are building a project on the TRON blockchain, you’d need a token that is compatible to work with the TRON virtual machine on the TRON blockchain.

    TRON Development Services by SAG IPL

    Our crypto token development team at SAG IPL can build for you the most advanced, feature-rich TRON token that is also compatible with Ethereum’s ERC20 token standard and supports cross-chain operability.

    Contact SAG IPL for customized TRON Token Development at the lowest price.

    Cardano (ADA) Token Development

    Cardano is a popular, open-source, public blockchain platform that supports the development of customized tokens and smart contracts based on Cardano. ADA is the native cryptocurrency of Cardano. Now, you can hire expert token developers from SAG IPL to build a Cardano token for your blockchain project.

    Cardano blockchain uses a proof of stake consensus mechanism and allows dApp development. Hire professional Cardano token developers to build your fully-featured ADA token with support for multiple digital assets and smart contracts.

    Solana Token Development

    Solana is a top blockchain platform that is used by developers and companies to build high-performance dApps and crypto tokens. Now, you can easily tokenize your physical/digital assets on Solana and create fungible or non-fungible tokens (NFTs) seamlessly for your project or to sell and make profits.

    Solana Token Development

    Solana token development from SAG IPL blockchain company to digitize your assets like never before and get your hand on a powerful cryptocurrency to launch your own crypto brand or trade and earn like never before.

    Polygon Token Development

    Polygon, previously known as Matic, is a performance-driven blockchain network. If you are looking to build your own crypto token on the Polygon blockchain, now you can hire low-cost Polygon token development services from SAG IPL to get the most feature-rich crypto token for your project with amazing benefits like low transaction cost and support to multiple blockchain networks.

    The power of Polygon combined with our unparalleled token development skills and unmatched support will help boost your crypto business growth to new heights.

    Crypto Coin Development

    SAG IPL is a trusted name in the crypto coin development space. We have experience in building a variety of crypto coins, including currency tokens, utility tokens, security tokens, and many more.

    Each of our crypto coins is protected through high-level cryptography and can be created for minting through your preferred consensus.

    Crypto Coin Development

    Whether you are looking for crypto coin development for PoS consensus or PoW-compatible coins, contact SAG IPL to hire dedicated token developers to build your futuristic cryptocurrency to match your business goals.

    Other related services for token development:

    Digital (Crypto) Wallet Development

    A digital wallet with support for multiple cryptocurrencies is a crucial part of our crypto wallet development process. We make sure that your digital wallet is highly secure and equipped with advanced features like in-wallet swap, transfer and payment, and support for all your selected cryptocurrencies.

    Crypto Wallet Development

    We can also add support to fiat currencies if needed. All digital wallets come with multi-account support, i.e. can be used for creating separate accounts for every user.

    Exchange Listing

    Other than developing the perfect crypto token for your project, we can also help with token listing on the exchange.

    Whether you’re building an IEO token or any other type of cryptocurrency, adding your token to a leading exchange like Binance would help you monetize by enabling your token holders to seamlessly trade and make profits.

    We can help with the token exchange listing process and optimize your IEO to ensure huge traffic and profits.

    Why Hire Token Developers from SAG IPL India?

    When looking to create a customized crypto token for your blockchain company or a new project, you will need to hire professional token developers. Here’s why SAG IPL is a great choice for crypto token development services in India.

    Hire SAG IPL Team

    We specialize in creating tokens that are built to meet the particular requirements & goals of our customers and satisfy their project needs. Unlike other companies, we do not use fixed templates or existing tokens to simply modify and create new tokens. We create tokens from scratch to fit the particular requirements of a client.

    Our extremely friendly and caring team can assist you with everything, from identifying the best token opportunities for you to determining the best type of token for your project and creating a powerful customized token for you.

    As one of the highly experienced and credible token development services companies in India, we offer a diverse range of Token Development Services and provide support for a large variety of tokens, including TRC721, TRC10, TRC20, BEP1155, BEP20, BEP721, ERC1155, ERC721, and ERC777.

    All our token developers are highly experienced and efficient and will do their best to make you feel at home when working with us. You can interview and hire the best crypto developers from our team and retain their services for however long you need. You only have to pay for the services you use depending on your package – hourly or fixed.

    Cost of Token Development Services India

    As we mentioned above, there are different types of crypto tokens out there. As a seasoned blockchain development company with over a decade of experience, we can help with customized and cost-effective token development services for every purpose.

    Cost of Token Development

    Our team will not only help find out the best token type for your project but can also develop your token at a great price with promised on-time delivery of your product. We build all types of tokens and guarantee the best price at any time.

    To enquire about the cost of crypto token development services, contact us with your requirements. Our experts will evaluate your requirements and create a custom quotation for you.

    The standard cost of building a fully-featured, customized crypto token is between $10,000 and $30,000, including the cost of developers, designers and resources cost.

    If you are looking for top-quality, cost-efficient crypto token development services or token developers in India, contact SAG IPL today to hire the best crypto developers in the market.

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