Why Need a Legal App Development Company for Lawyers and Law Firm?

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Legal App Development Company

Mobile is no longer a winning solution, but it has already won!!! Yes, it has been proven in the past few years that the entire world has seen a rapid rise in usage and adoption of mobile technology-based solutions across different industry segments.

So, developing mobile-based solutions for customers is a must for every business in contemporary times.

In the legal industry, things are not much different. Over the past few years, legal industry experts have also seen a rapid upsurge in mobile application usage among global law firms.

As per the data, there was a 62% per cent increase in mobile application usage among the global 100 law firms and 200 American law firms from 2012 to 2013.

To heat up things, here is another exuberating stat that will blow up your mind. More than 87 per cent of people around the globe spend the majority of their time using mobile apps in comparison to surfing the internet through a web browser.

Also, over 31 percent of law customers are looking for legal advice and services using their mobile phones.

Legal App Development Services

So after building up this much curiosity, this blog will now help you in finding the role of Mobile Apps for Lawyers in the legal industry and where you can find exceptional legal app development services for your business.

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Why Does Your Legal Business Need A Mobile App?

In the current fast-paced business environment, ‘there is almost an app for everything”. Developing apps for engaging customers and earning high profitability is one of the hottest trends across many industries today.

In the case of the legal industry, it becomes equally important for lawyers and law firms to build a mobile app for fulfilling their business-related needs.

So the obvious question that arises in the mind of law experts or practitioners is why do they need a legal mobile app? Here is the answer to the same question.

Need Legal Mobile App

The development of a mobile app can assist in the completion of a variety of legal tasks starting from scheduling appointments, calculating fees, organizing client data, tracking financial history, converting legal documents and updating news.

A legal mobile app can work wonders for law firms in terms of managing relationships with their clients, sending legal updates, providing remote assistance to clients, promoting their own business, and advertising.

For trivia fans, a prediction has been made by tech experts that by the year 2025, as much as 80 per cent of all customer chat interactions with companies will be without any human involvement and there are grounds to assume that such a prediction will be true in legal domain too. Still, wondering why your law business needs a mobile app?

The use of a mobile app for business has now become a must for legal firms and lawyers to provide legal services to clients at the tip of their fingers with the latest features like chatbots.

Mobile Apps for Lawyers and Law Firms are no longer a Luxury but a Necessity.

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What features should be added to a Legal Mobile App?

There are no predefined criteria to add some particular features in a legal mobile application. This is because the array of features in any legal app can vary depending upon the specific needs of the clients or business area for which the application is developed.

Legal Mobile App Features

Still, here is a list of some significant features that are important to have in a legal mobile application and can effectively improve the ROI your legal business.

Lawyer Panel

  • Access to popular law libraries (i.e. Lexis) and cases
  • Search Functionality (with keyword, cases, and dates)
  • Scanner and Handwritten notes facility
  • CMS
  • Receive Payments

User Panel

  • Sign-up/ Sign-In facility
  • Appointment booking facility
  • Folder creation and management
  • Highlight Notes Feature
  • Lawyers Details and Live Video Consultation
  • Payment Facility

Admin Panel

  • User Management
  • Payment Management
  • Control Panel
  • App marketing

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Where (and How) To Hire A Legal Mobile App Developer?

Here is a list of three popular places which are frequently used by people in the legal industry for legal app development-related services.


The first possible place where any legal firm or lawyer can find a Legal Bar Association App developer or development company is the local or offline market. A vast number of companies are actively engaged in developing mobile and web applications for the legal industry across the globe and in your local market too.

Contacting such companies for developing legal app can be really beneficial as they have vast experience of developing hundreds of mobile apps for almost every industry. However, you should first check their project pages, case studies, own products and study them thoroughly.


LinkedIn, Indeed, Upwork and even Reddit are some of the popular sites in addition to Google where you can search for legal app developers. These sites also help you to quickly go through the real skills, certifications, and even code samples of your preferred mobile app developers.

Hire Legal Mobile App Developer

In the Indian IT space, SAG IPL is one such leading mobile app development and legal marketing company that has completed a vast number of legal app development projects timely with premium quality. The legal app development team at SAG IPL is highly experienced and committed and has delivered proven legal IT solutions for the last ten years to its clients around the globe (detailed description below).


If you are on a tight budget and cannot acquire services from a top mobile app development company you can look out for freelancers. This obviously would be a bit trickier considering your legal space, but can cost you less.

While hiring freelance developers, it is important that you provide the exact details about your project and app that you want. The golden advice here is that hire the ones who have prior experience and are also certified in law firm app development.

Legal Solutions Developed By SAG IPL

As of now, SAG IPL has been able to deliver more than 200 mobile applications for almost every industry and niche, as per the business needs of clients.

For the legal industry, SAG IPL has developed an app like The Bar Association, which has been highly successful and catered the needs of legal customers effectively.

Legal App Development

The Bar Association Jaipur mobile app gives users, as well as the association members, access to the various services provided by the Bar Association Jaipur. The app can be used for accessing the member information as well as to use services like a newsletter, directory, etc. The existing and new members of the bar association can download and use the Bar Association Jaipur app for login to their member accounts, making donations, suggestions, etc.

What Types of Legal IT Services are offered by SAG IPL?

SAG IPL offers an array of law-related IT services to clients in order to keep them ahead to the rivals when it comes to marketing and promotion of their business on the world wide web. Here is a list of key legal services that are offered by SAG IPL to its clients working in the legal domain.

Legal Digital Marketing – SEO, SMO, Blogging, Legal Profile, Legal Business Listing

SAG IPL has been able to deliver full-fledged internet marketing services to businesses operating in the legal industry. Whether it is social media marketing, local marketing, content marketing or blog writing, SAG IPL has delivered them all with top-notch quality to clients without any second thought.

Legal Digital Marketing

Legal Website Development

When it comes to legal web design and app development, SAG IPL has proven experience of 10+ years in the law field, along with an experienced website development team, who is capable of developing responsive and user-friendly legal websites to meet the promotion/marketing needs of legal clients.

Legal App Development and Marketing

Ever since SAG IPL has started in the tech space, it has been delivering trending law management and legal business apps for a range of smart devices. SAG IPL expertise in building apps which cater to the diverse needs of clients like financial management, digital wallet, money transfer, trading and investment.

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Why Choose SAG IPL for Legal App Development?

SAG IPL is a Jaipur-based leading mobile app development and digital marketing company that holds laurels like CMM Level 3 accreditation and proven experience of over 10 years in the IT field. The company is actively engaged in developing top-quality advanced web and mobile app solutions for clients as per their demand and requirements.

SAG IPL for Legal App Development

When it comes to the legal industry as a legal app development company, SAG IPL has also proven its worth among the legal businesses by offering robust and proven marketing solutions catering to the day-to-day needs of lawyers and law firms. SAG IPL is also assisting the legal firms to promote their business on the internet with the help of leading digital marketing techniques like SEO, SMO, SEM, PPC, email marketing, and paid marketing.

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Here are some noteworthy points about SAG IPL that put it on top of the list when it comes to legal application development.

  • Top Legal app development Company in India
  • Experienced and Dedicated Legal App Development team
  • 24X7 Live Chat, and Email Assistance to Clients
  • Timely delivery of Projects
  • High-Quality Products and Services
  • Quality Assurance Guarantee

Have a question or suggestion about the lawyer and law firm app development? You can write the same in the comment section below. If you’d like one of our experts to evaluate your app idea or project, do give us a call right away.

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