Hire Mobile App Developer or Learn to Code

Hire Mobile App Developer or Learn to Code A Mobile Application?

In this world full of apps, Everyone is getting into an application’s business. The application is the new way to make business. To build an app first thing is should you hire mobile app developer or learn code?

In the current technological advancement, the development of the mobile application to ease our day to day chorus has gained immense popularity. The growing popularity along with the diverse and endless arena for the App development has led the foundation of ‘Mobile Application‘ development field.

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Today, small businesses to multinational companies are up with their own ‘mobile app’, which is capable of performing all the task that we do on a website. Interestingly, the mobile apps are easier and user-friendly than websites and its instant access on the handset has made it even more relevant and worthy to the users.

In the ongoing scenario of ‘App Development’ representing our business or work, we often get confused that whether we should develop a mobile app with own or to hire a professional mobile app developer to perform the task?

Should You Hire Mobile App Developer or Learn to Code?

It gets complicated as many a time we believe that no one except yourself can understand the nature of our work, and self-developing something based on that would be easy, after learning some basic coding process used in the App development. But, it’s all a myth and in the below blog I will try to clear all your if and but’s related to this issue.

First Thing First – Should I Learn To Code?

Today, almost all apps are developed either based on Android or iOS, and both these platforms require the sound knowledge of Objective-C and Java. This suggests that for anyone without prior coding knowledge, the quickest way is to learn to program. And starting from the scratch, you can expect it to take you more than six months to learn the basics of Objective-C or Java.

Further, to be the master of these two coding languages and to develop real expertise, it is expected to take about 18 months. In my opinion, 18 months is a huge time and it’s better to hire some professional programmer rather than learning all the technicalities.

Should I Learn To Code

For all the people with some basic knowledge of Java and Objective-C, the process can become easier, but will still take three to six months for becoming a pro coder who can develop a mobile app. It must be noted that the professional success of being a coder depends mostly on the interest of the person in the coding field.

The complex code for mobile app development requires a super logical and mathematical brain. There are various online and offline courses available to help you learn to program, choose the best based on your choice and requirement.

Is The Mobile App Development All About Learning Codes?

Many of us think that the App development just requires the proficient knowledge of the programming languages, but the reality is far from this. I do agree that the coding is a very important aspect of the App development, but is not the whole and sole process. There are various other aspects that are associated with the development of reliable mobile apps.

The screen size of the mobiles and smartphones make the user interface design more complicated than that of the web. Do remember, that the design of the app must be attractive and capable of triggering user engagement, as this is the mandatory factor for the success of any mobile or smartphone app.

Apart from these technical aspects, there are various other things that are associated with it – business aspects, validating a customer need, drafting a business model that addresses monetization, and finding the legal and marketing skills are also required to protect and promote your app.

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Further, the marketing of the App is highly required as there are more than one million apps on Google Play and Apple App Store. Hence to make your app visible to your potential client, a vigorous marketing campaign is required in this globalized virtual market.

Now cutting this discussion short, based on the above facts and scenario mentioned above, I would highly recommend you to go with the professionals to get your work done.

Hire someone with the question reputation in the field of app development, make them understand your business or work for which you want to get your app developed. It’s much easier and time-saving, although, you will have to spend some bucks for this but it’s worth, as you get the professional looking app that’s going to boost your business.

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Do remember, SAG IPL, Jaipur based top mobile app development company, can assist you in all possible ways to accomplish your endeavor of App Development. We offer our services at very reasonable prices and also helps in the marketing to increase the visibility of your App. Feel free to contact, we promise you to deliver the best.

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