Scrolling in Style: Parallax Web Design Inspiration for Single Page Websites

Scrolling in Style: Parallax Web Design Inspiration for Single Page Websites

Designing is an important part of any website, There are lots of factors to focus on customer’s first impression of your site. Nowadays Parallax web design (known as a one-page website, or single-page scrolling website) has been growing in popularity. And this has become the most trending design many users have already built a website through a parallax website design company.

Let’s get into the topic if this is worth it or not…

Parallax is one of the most emerging and most loved design trends of the current era. Most developers are using parallax as the main feature of their themes and designs nowadays. Maybe parallax increases the awesomeness of any website, still, it is not a silver bullet that fixes everything. So it can not be used on every web platform.

Parallax basically means that the elements on your screen are allowed to move freely, in other words, we also can say that giving a 3D feel to a 2D plane is known as Parallax.

Parallax Web Design The Next “Big“ Thing

In terms of design, parallax website design can be used in many ways:

  • Raster Parallax: It is mostly used to provide an optical illusion of movement.

    Parallax Web Design
    Source: rocketshipgames
  • Repeat Pattern: It uses scrolling displays upon a repeated background
  • Layered Parallax: both the foreground and background images or objects move at a different pace

    Layered Parallax design
    Source: The Whispered World
  • Scrolling Animation: Parallax scrolling can be used to create a scrolling animation that gives the illusion of depth and movement. This technique involves animating different layers of content at different speeds to create a 3D effect that draws the user’s eye and creates a memorable visual experience.

scrolling animation

The simple Sprite Method

According to some reports, Parallax web design is getting used in numerous projects nowadays such as portfolios, corporate sites, landing pages, and much more. It is also expected to be the future of web designing because of the following points:

Catchy interface and attractive design of the product-

Catchy interface and attractive design of the product
This is one of the most important and useful features of Parallax designing. The use of this feature makes it easy to advertise your products on the business website. With the help of Parallax, your products can be showcased in 3D formats, which makes the entire presentation more attractive and gain very strong momentum.

The more engaging concept for your business site-

More engaging concept for your business site
The chances of engaging a large audience on your website get a boost after getting your site developed by the Parallax concept. The unique scroll design of Parallax theory helps visitors become in charge of the site and use it in a detailed manner.

This design basically aims in developing more interest among the visitors to the site, so that users can stay busy a bit longer with the content available on the site. In simple words, we can say that this design technique increases and holds the number of visitors to your digital platform.

Low bounce rate-

Low bounce rate
The high amount of bounce rates can affect the overall performance of your website. But, if you are using the Parallax designing concept, then you don’t have to worry about such problems, as this design is a panacea for these types of problems. The Parallax design concept moves around a single page, which decreases the bounce rates to their lowest point.

But before going further with this web design trend, we must keep some points in mind, which can affect our web platform:

SEO can be affected a bit, as websites with a single page only include one effective h1 tag, one set of meta descriptions, and just a single URL.
A lot of images along with information on a single page can cause slow loading time, which can make the visitors frustrated and leave the page before even loading it completely.

This design is not compatible with responsive and mobile design.
There’s no internal page linking throughout the website.

For this, SAG IPL “Parallax Web Design Company” has made some ways, whose implementation can slice out the maximum loss of your website. Our Parallax implementation process includes:

  • We don’t believe in overdoing it, which mostly causes increased complications of a site.
  • We use it to tell a visual story
  • We make it fun and engaging with depth using layering
    We emphasize calls to action while directing the visitor through the site


We at SAG IPL are providing parallax web design services for 17 years of a time period and have gained a strong database of completely satisfied customers. Parallax designing has many negative points, but it can prove to be very much useful if implemented in the correct way. We are blessed with skilled and experienced parallax website designers, who are completely aware of the current trend and can offer you a very beautiful and attractive Parallax web platform.

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