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Taxi App Development Company

If you are looking for OLA, Meru, Lyft, Hailo, Easy Taxi, or Uber-like app development. SAG IPL is the best taxi app development company that created 100s of On-demand taxi booking apps for national and international clients.

Online taxi service is one of the most useful and appreciable ideas, which have made everyday commuting easier. The service has become so famous that many people are also willing to provide this service and are asking IT companies to develop a responsive and attractive taxi application.

Keeping the high demand for Taxi App Solutions in mind, we at SAG IPL have decided to elaborate further and cover all the details on our blog. like-

What are the benefits of Taxi booking app development?

How much does it cost to develop a taxi application?

How do I build a real-time location app like Uber?

How to find a taxi app development company?

Where find experienced taxi app developers?

Where find taxi app development services?

Some of the customers want to develop another clone Uber app, whereas some want to upgrade features and technology in their current application.

In both scenarios, we at SAG IPL help to study business competitors, define a business model, provide Taxi Booking App Development Services to find a market niche or essential features and provide the entire development process from beginning to end.

Our company is blessed with a skilled team of taxi app developers for these issues, who already have implemented an array of projects and are completely ready to share their experiences and answer generic questions.

    Top Taxi App Development Company

    Basically, a Taxi/cab Application for Mobile is a set of 3 applications, which include two separate apps for passengers and drivers and an admin dashboard.

    Let us know some more about these applications:

    Passenger Application

    Taxi Passenger Application Development

    As its name suggests, the Passenger application is the application, which will be available at app stores and will be used by the user to book a taxi.

    Let us see the features the Taxi booking application will offer:

    Taxi booking application
    • Register: This feature will allow the user to directly register in the application by using his/her existing social media account, or he/she can create a new one.
    • Taxi Booking: Users can hail a taxi or can book it for later by using this feature. Your app can include both of the options or can have only one of them, just as you need.
    • Payment: This feature will allow the user to make the payment directly from the application.
    • Push Notifications: This feature shows all the details and information of the tour after accepting the ride from the driver. It notifies the user of all the details and information such as model, passenger count, color, the number of the car, and average time of arrival (ETA).
    • Ride History: This feature shows a complete history of your previous trips.
    • Fare Calculator: This feature helps in calculating the total fair of the voyage.
    • Driver’s Review and Rating: This section of the application showcases the customer’s comments and ratings about the driver, his car, and trip safety.

    Advanced Features-

    • Pickup Location: This is the section, in which the user can point his/her exact location without typing the address by using GPS.
    • Split Payments: This allows users to split their payments.
    • Vehicle Selection: This section provides you with an option to choose another driver for the trip.
    • Interactive Map and Taxi Tracking: This feature shows all the available taxis nearby and this also tracks the taxi during the journey.
    • Inbuilt Messenger: This helps in the communication between the driver and the user directly from the application.
    • Gamification: This allows us to boost customer acquisition and retention with special offers, badges, leadership boards, etc.
    • Discount: This provides discount offers for any trip by adding a specific code or digital coupon.
    • Voice Recognition: This feature enables voice commands for taxi-hailing.

    Driver Application

    Taxi Driver Application Development

    This application also features some functions the same as the passenger application such as registration and personal profile editing ( along with an additional option of documents and driver’s license uploading), messenger and push notifications, etc.

    Moreover, this app also includes some unique features let us have a look at them:

    • Status: This shows the availability of a taxi. This tells users if the driver is ready to pick up the ride or not.
    • Order Alert: This notifies about a new trip and also shows payment and road details, moreover, it also allows getting and canceling orders.
    • Navigation: As its name suggests, this shows the best route for the trip to the passengers.
    • Estimation: This part of the application ensures the cost of the trip along with discounts.
    • Reports: This section shows the statistics regarding the trips and earnings of the driver.

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    Admin Dashboard

    The admin panel of your application is basically a web-based software, which helps in storing the database and in managing passengers’ and drivers’ activities.

    The dashboard also performs multiple tasks such as giving a general overview of all processes, providing the logistics of drivers and trips, and managing all the financial issues.

    Admin Dashboard

    It can also be linked to the Google Analytics tool, which is essential for monitoring marketing activity and can also be proved as the starting point for the revision of the entire business process.

    There is one more thing you should keep in mind before planning or hiring any taxi booking app development company. As per the legislation in some countries, the admin dashboard is strictly required even if it seems to be unnecessary in your project.

    How to Build a Mobile Taxi App

    As an experienced taxi app development company, for satisfactory application performance, we strictly recommend the user go with the native application development.

    In this, we will develop a custom application for every operating system, that will allow us to complete the project with better speed, security, and access to some important inbuilt features of the handset such as maps and geolocation.

    We initiate the development process by developing a minimum viable product, which includes the application for both demand and supply and the dashboard, but with limited features and functionalities.

    For example, the first application of Ola or Uber didn’t include and gamification or cost split feature. But from the very first start, it helped in connecting drivers and passengers and allowed them to make payments directly from the application.

    On-Demand Taxi App Development Services Cost

    The cost of developing a taxi application depends on many factors along with some key features, which are to be implemented. However, there are some parameters and required time for each scope of work, which can be considered and an estimated amount of the project can be calculated.

    Maps and Location

    GPS tracking is an awesome facility to determine the current location, find cars, and track the route. Apart from that, the exact journey tracking also helps in providing fair estimation.

    Maps and Location

    Google Maps are the best option for your taxi application whether you’re looking forward to pinning your location on the map, tracking the car movement, or ensuring the driver with GPS directions. Lastly, we also use Android framework location APIs and iOS framework MapKit for Apple applications.

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    The inbuilt payment option in the application allows the user to make payments directly from the application, multiple times and takes your application to a brand new level of usability. Currently used technologies allow transactions between all of the stakeholders and also offer the security of such deals.

    Payments application

    Your company also needs to satisfy all the requirements called for PCI compliance to store and process all credit card data. If not, you can also use some of the payment gateway providers such as Stripe or Braintree, which can help you in offering safe and convenient payments.

    Notably, Braintree uses PayPal, which allows splitting the fare between passengers. Other payment gateway providers in the market are Google Wallet and Apple Pay mechanisms, but they are currently only available in the United States.

    Login and Profiles

    Login and Profiles

    There are many reasons for which authorization is required, which include online payments and making the option of rating and reviews more personalized.

    This is how it improves customer loyalty and retention. The most convenient way to sign up is via any existing social network like Facebook or via email and phone numbers. Signing up or authentication process is required once during the first log into the application.


    While developing the first MVP, push notifications play a vital role in setting up the connection between demand and supply. For iOS devices, it is provided via Apple Push Notification Service, whereas, in Android, it is done by Android Analog (Google Cloud Messaging Service).


    In the next step of project development, we implement the facility of SMS notifications. Leading Taxi application Uber works with Twilio telecommunication service provider to provide an SMS facility. There are some options also available in the market like Sinch, Plivo, and Nexmo.

    There is another option available to build in a messenger by which the driver could chat with the passenger in the taxi app itself. But this process will take a lot of developer’s time, so, we suggest that you should implement this feature after the project is launched and assemble the core of loyal users.

    If the app doesn’t have a messaging feature, you can usually call the driver directly from the app. This can be useful if you need to provide more detailed instructions or if you need to make a change to your pickup location or destination.


    To initiate work on the application or to hire any developers, you need to clarify some points first:

    • Planning for the business model and market demand for your new application.
    • A total number of stakeholders.
    • A total number of application platforms and desired features.


    SAG IPL – A top taxi app development company can help you build the best taxi app solutions as per your specific business needs. Our taxi mobile app will fit your requirements and help achieve your goals. Our app development cost is the best in the industry, and we have a team of experienced app developers.

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