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How Much Does It Cost To Develop An App Like Ola and Uber?

In this post, I am going to show you the cost to develop a taxi app like Ola and Uber. Keep reading.

Driving is one of the most stressful tasks in this era, especially in big cities.

Most of the people always wish secretly for an easy ride in these cities, and taxi services are like godsend help for them.

Most of the well-populated cities have taxi services and OLA and Uber are dominating this field.

People can book a ride from their smartphone, and when the taxi/cab arrives at pickup point they have to sit back and relax.

This service also solves a major issue of parking.

People are enjoying the comfortable and headache-free ride, but the creative minds or businessmen are looking at the scope this field has and want to start their own taxi- service or rideshare service.

It is not an easy task or plan, but it is still not really an impossible task. That’s why in recent times there are tons of competition in this field.

To start a taxi service a company or person need many things such as drivers with taxis, User side app, driver side app, fund, team, experience, petitions and many more things.

Today we are going to talk about the cost to develop an app like Ola and Uber, in detail.

The Question “How much does it cost to develop an app like Ola and Uber?” is really a complicated question itself because its answer will depend on many factors.

Additionally, the cost will vary from company to company and developer to developers.

It also depends on features, platforms, database and time to develop these apps. So by keeping everything in mind, let’s find out How much does it really cost.

Just a single App?

If you are thinking that the app you are using to book a ride is the only app you will need, to run and manage this taxi-service app, then let me tell you that these services need two apps and cloud-based platform, so taxi service is not possible without:

  • One User side app
  • One Driver side app
  • CMS & Support

These apps have different working scenario and features, so before we talk about the Cost, let’s find out how does the app work and what are the various features.

How does the app work?

Driver and User have their app installed on their phone with GPS and Internet connection enabled on both.

When a User books a ride from a location, then the algo running on servers gets the GPS location of the User and then finds the nearby taxis and sends notification to the driver.

If the driver accepts the ride, then the location of the user will be shared with the driver and then the driver will reach to the user.

If in case the driver declines the request then the ride details will be shared with other nearby drivers and then they have to accept or decline the ride.

When the driver accepts the ride, then their location will be also shared with the user so they can track the driver’s location and estimated time of arrival on the map.

The user app also has a payment system that allows cashless payment and the driver will be notified about the payment. In some apps, the ride price is also calculated in advance by considering the distance and time so it is also worth mentioning feature before moving to the features section.

I hope it is also clear that “You don’t just need an app you need an eco-system to run and manage your own taxi service. “ But for now, let’s focus on the cost of app development.

Taxi Apps and Their Features

As we mentioned above that there is a combination of two apps and those two apps have different set of features the list engraved below.

Features of User AppFeatures of Driver App 
1. Registration and login with your mobile number and OTP. Simple Registration, and verification of documents.
2. Select vehicle type, Favorite Location, Repeat Past Rides Accept Ride, Reject Ride
3. Editing User Account, OTP Verification of Rider.
4. Ride Now, Scheduled Ride, and Cancel Ride. Begin Trip, End Trip
5. OTP Verification Get Pickup/ Drop location
6. Ride fare presumption, Trip Information
7. Estimated time of arrival with live location of the driver. See Navigation
8. Notification alerts Edit Driver Profile, Connect with Passenger
9. Book ride for others Upcoming Rides, Ride History
10. Cashless Multiple payment
Track Income, 
11. Promo codes and discounts. Rate Customers,
12. Ratings & Review, Refer & Invite, Help & Support Available Button,
13. SOS Button etc Support & services.

Time is Money: Cost to develop an app like Ola/Uber based on the time taken to develop individual app features

App Developers and Companies estimate the total cost on the basis of the time required to complete the project so let’s find out how much time it will take according to function and feature.

Location, Routing & Coverage

Location, Routing & Coverage

The developers need around 180 hours to integrate Location, Routing and Coverage features in the app.

These features usually make the backbone of the complete project, Without proper integration of Maps, GPS, Routing etc., Data the booking, tracking, and location features of the app will not work.


App payment method

A solid Online payment is required in this business and now the wallet features are also in demand, so a developer needs 50 hours for payment gateway integration and 30 hours for the wallet. So, the overall payment feature will take around 80 hours on an average.

Nowadays estimated cost also get displayed before the ride so this feature is also included in it. Additionally, this part also includes Promo-code, refer and discount features so.

Registration & Profiles

Registration & Profiles

This part of an app takes around 30 Hours. It covers sign-up, verification, login, data and image upload, reviews and rating so it is one of the most important parts of any app development.

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Communication and Notification

Communication and Notification

The signup/login feature has many sub-parts like Mobile number-OTP Registration, Email Registration, Registration via social media accounts. It all happens due to this part of app development.

To keep your customers engaged with your app and service, you need a communication system. This system will be responsible for sending notifications, Email, SMS, in-app offers/ messages, etc. and receive Complain, Call, Emails, and reply etc. and to develop it with full function, a developer needs around 80 hours.


Features and functions are important, but the design and UI of the App are equally important. The exact position of each and every feature and option will be decided in this stage and also the theming process will take a lot of time so you can expect about 100 hours for it.

Additionally, wireframing the app, user interface and User experience will take around 90 hours.

Hence, as per our estimation, an app developer from SAGIPL will need about 500-600 hours to develop an app like Ola or Uber.

Now, as per the industry research and the fee of app developers, which is between $15/ hour to $50/ hour, you can expect the cost to develop an app like Ola and Uber to vary between $8,400 to $28,000.

You should also know that the app developer cost per hour varies on the basis of country, currency, location, features, functions, etc., so it will be a nice idea to check the cost in your location or at the nearby locations first.

We would also like to suggest that before connecting with an app developer or app development company like SAGIPL, make sure to prepare a list of features and functionality with an estimated budget.

If you’re looking to hire a taxi app development company in your budget, feel free to contact us. We can offer you a great price for basic and some advanced features to include in your app like Ola.

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