Reasons Why WordPress is Best for Your Business

101 Reasons Why WordPress Website Is Perfect for Your Business (2022 Updated)

WordPress is no doubt the most famous and most widely used content management system for building simple yet sophisticated websites for every purpose.

The simple user interface, easy-to-use drag-and-drop builder, unlimited customization options, and a wide range of plugins and themes is some of the things that make WordPress a popular choice of millions of websites on the internet.

There are several reasons why WordPress is the most effective platform that one should choose for web development in the context of the business.

It consists of various plugins, themes, and features to provide ease to its clients. It indeed is used to manage the content management system.

On top of that, most of the existing WordPress themes are fully responsive to ensure the website looks great across all platforms and devices.

So, if you are looking for a nice and easy platform for building your next website, WordPress is your answer.

Not convinced yet? I’m sure these amazing WordPress features will change your mind.


Let’s Dive 101 Meters Down And Find Out Why WordPress is Best For Your Business

1) It is a Universal Platform

Millions of websites across the globe are based on WordPress, It touched this milestone by maintaining the trust, usability, and functionality and up-to-date features helped to reach here.

This is the main reason why most clients and companies prefer WordPress development.

2) Completely Free

Users have to pay for hosting and domain name only, WordPress as a CMS Software is completely free, so you can download and use it without paying anything. 

3) Easy Installation

Hosting Providers having an Admin panel, allow hassle-free WordPress installation, thus WordPress can be installed with just a few clicks.

If they don’t then you just have to extract the download WordPress software in the root directory. 

4) Clean Code

Do you know Google Penalties? If malicious code is spotted by Google, then it could affect your site’s ranking. WordPress on the other hand as an Open-source Software provides very clean code thus it automatically minimizes the risk of malicious code on your site.

5) Beginner Friendly

A person with no technical experience with websites can learn how WordPress operates within a few minutes. 

6) Plugins for everything

WordPress has a large plugin library, it is so huge that a person will get a plugin for almost every need.

7) Ensure security with PHP

While PHP is the base of this Open Source CMS, the combination of the continuous updates, PHP and modifications ensure better security for small business websites. 

8) User Management

WordPress allows a good User Management system, which supports Multiple Users, defining their role, accessibility, and permissions. This one is the best reason why WordPress is perfect for your business.

9) Easy To Set-up

Everything comes out of the bow with WordPress, Just with some minor changes you can start your website and work very easily.

10) Access from anywhere

With WordPress CMS, users can set up a website online on cloud hosting, which gives them access to use WordPress from anywhere.

11) Incredible Support

With millions of active users, developers, and numerous forums, the WordPress community is strong, thriving, and quite helpful if you should have an issue. With so many great blogs dedicated to WordPress.

13) Google Loves WordPress Sites

Google wants optimized content, easy navigation & responsiveness in a website and all three are very easy to achieve with WordPress.

14) Fully Responsive websites

Websites built with WordPress are highly responsive to all screen sizes, which is really hard to achieve with some other CMS Platforms.

15) Responsiveness at the next level

Not just a website built with WordPress the WordPress CMS itself is fully responsive to all types of screen sizes, so you can also use  WordPress from, smartphones, tablets, and any computer.

16) Theme database

wordpress themes

Similar to plugins, WordPress also has a huge themes library, You will find one theme suitable for your website most of the time.

17) Easy to Update

WordPress provides a One-Click update feature for Themes, Plugins and even itself. Thus it also provides next-level security and smoothness.

18) Infinite Customization

WordPress is an open-source platform so we can edit (add, modify, remove) its code. If You need a Unique theme/ design or additional function WordPress is the best platform.

19) Inbuilt Permalink management

WordPress Provide many features out of the box, and Permalink management is one of them, You can set the structure of permanent and make it optimized for Search Engine with just a few clicks.

20) Easy to manage

WordPress provides a very powerful dashboard, which does have even more powerful functions. And everything is very easy to access and manage.

21) SEO Optimized

On-Page SEO work like headings, ALT tag, Title, URL, etc. can be easily managed with the inbuilt functions, for more SEO optimization, there are various plugins available.

22) User-Friendly Interface

WordPress provides a powerful dashboard, but the same actually has a very User-Friendly Interface, Menus and submenus are grouped so well that even a new user will be use-to-it in just a few minutes.

23) Quick Disable and Enable Options For Plugins

Just like the updation function, WordPress also features a very easy control of the Plugins. With just a few clicks you can easily enable or disable the plugin.

24) Theme changing was never been easier

Them changing also feels like an easy task in WordPress, You can install the theme with a few clicks and then apply it with just a click. That gives flexibility to the user.

25) Easy redirection

There are many ways but the easiest one is installing a plugin that allows auto or manual 301/3012/404 redirection, the second method is by adding a simple code in .htaccess file in the WP directory.

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26) RSS Feed

WordPress is packed with an inbuilt RSS feed function, so it avoids the need for an external or paid RSS Feed service or service provider.

27) Supports most of the Media files

WordPress supports most of the media files whether it is a .jpg file or a .webp. Even supports almost all types of video and document files.

28) Gallery and Media Manager

wordpress Gallery and Media Manager

Users can create Galleries very easily from uploaded media. It provides a separate section on the dashboard to add details of media and performing the bulk task.

29) A basic Media editor

If you don’t want to use an offline tool to crop, or resize the uploaded image then WordPress has a very basic but usable media/ image editor. Upload your file, and edit (Resize, crop) the image as per your need.

30) Embedding videos

If you want to fetch videos from most of the popular video websites like YouTube, Dailymotion or Vimeo, WordPress features the easiest method to fetch the video on the website, just paste the link and watch the magic.

31) Less spamming

WordPress has many inbuilt features to fight against spamming, With proper settings, it provides the ability to the user to find spam comments and repair them. It asks the admin/user before publishing the comment.

32) Better Interlinking

The WordPress editor provides an easy way to do interlinking in articles or pages, but it also has an advanced plugin that does the interlinking automatically.

33) Inbuilt Password Generator

WordPress also has a password generator that suggests a very strong password, The generated password has a combination of Lower/ Upper case letters, numbers and special characters that add another level of security.

34) Integration with third-party services

WordPress is very friendly with third-party platforms and services, Even integration with various Payment services is very quick and hassle-free.

35) Power of APIs

Many Platform offers some versatile and unique features through APIs, WordPress have abilities to manage APIs in an easier way, with some dedicated plugins this task can be easier than eating bread. 

Why Go For WordPress Website: Powerful Reason Below 👇🏻

36) Powerful Content Editor

Powerful Content Editor - Best Reason For Your Business

WordPress now features Block editor, but Gutenburg and classic editor is not really died completely. They can be installed back. All of them are very powerful and easy to use, which provides a healthy environment for writers. 

37) Best for Bloggers

WordPress is a versatile CMS Platform but it was built initially for bloggers, static or dynamic blogging, it is suitable for almost all types of bloggers and blogging websites.

37) Better Time Management

WordPress helps to enhance writers’ productivity by providing various Time management options and features. It also features some time management plugins like the WP Project Manager plugin which can help the user to manage the complete project in a timely manner.

38) Cost of Paid Plugins and themes

There are some paid plugins also but almost all the paid plugins are very affordable. Even some of them cost less than the chocolates we ate.

39) Allow Saving incomplete work as a draft

WordPress allows the user to save the work in the draft so he/she can start writing from where he stopped last time.

40) Automatically Saves data to draft

It is like a godsend help for the hobbyist writers or writers/bloggers who hate saving their work at a regular interval. WordPress automatically saves all the typed content automatically with every modification.

41) Distraction-free writing mode

The WordPress editors also have a distraction-free writing mode, which allows a user to focus on the content and avoid all distractions.

42) Easy Content Management

WordPress provides a very user-friendly content management system. Adding a post to quickly edit a number of posts,   It does have very useful user-oriented content management functions which allow us to complete the task related to content very smoothly.

  43) Easiest Duplicate Finder

WordPress Plugin directory features some very useful tools duplicate finder is one of them, Plugins like Fix Duplicates or Delete Duplicate Posts can find duplicate content and fix or remove them very easily.

44) Custom Categories

WordPress User to add custom Categories and also add content on the category page, this function optimizes your website’s category page also.

45) Custom Tags

Similar to Categories, WordPress also allows the user to add and manage custom tags for posts. It also helps users to manage group posts in a better way.

46) WordPress Revisions

It is one of the great features of WordPress, Actually, WordPress saves changes in articles and pages so if the user wanted to see the changes or wants to restore the previous version of the page or article, he/she can, with just a click of the mouse.

47) One-Click Preview

WordPress has a great feature to see the preview of the work before publishing. It gives the opportunity to check how the post will be visible after publishing.

48) One-Click Publishing

After checking the preview and doing all the corrections users can publish the post with just a click, it is so easy.

49) Schedule Publishing

WordPress also allows the user to schedule posts or page publishing. It is a very useful feature of WordPress that allows publishing on holidays.

50) Editing After Publishing

Users can do corrections, modify or update the published article with information. There is no restriction on post-editing after publishing.

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51) Inbuild Blog comment

With WordPress, a user doesn’t have to install an external comment plugin, WordPress provides an inbuilt comment function. Which actually works just fine.

 52) Content Syndication

WordPress with plugins like RSS Aggregator or Category Specific RSS feed Subscription can convert posts of other blogs into RSS feeds. Thus you can show posts of other blogs on your blogs.

53) Social Media Integration

WordPress is so easy to integrate with social media platforms. Available Plugin or just code, you can any method to integrate with social media. You can even fetch Social media data on your website.

54) Sharing buttons

Sharing an article on Social media is so easy with WordPress there are various sharing buttons and customization available for WordPress.

55) Automate Social Sharing

WordPress also allows the user to automate the social sharing plugins like Jetpack, and Social Media Auto Publish providing the capability of auto-social sharing after Publishing the article.

56) Schedule Social Sharing

Just Like Buffer users can schedule the sharing of one or many articles, In this way you can also revive old posts.

57) Fetching Data from Social Profile

Whether it is the Instagram feed or Facebook Page data, With some dedicated plugins Fetching data from Social Media is possible on WordPress.

58) Fillup Data for Sharing

Social Sharing Plugins Pick Meta-data of Article so it makes the social sharing very easy and tension free.

Web development company

59) One-Click for Multiple Social Platforms

Users can share one Article on many Social Media Platforms with just a few clicks. A plugin like Blog2Social provides the facility to share work on multiple platforms.

60) Social Engagement

WordPress has many features and plugins which can keep your followers engaged. There is some plugin to allow the user to comment through their social profile.

61) Push Notification

There are some very excellent Push Notification services available for WordPress. Push Notification services like Onesignal can boost the number of visitors very easily.

62) E-Mail Marketing

Email Marketing is an evergreen technique to grow the number of real customers. With Service providers like Mail Chimp and Mailster, you can easily dominate the market.

63) Automatic Image Optimization

A plugin like Short Pixels or WP Smush Optimizes the images automatically after uploading. Image optimizers not only boost the page load time but also save a little bit of space.

64) CSS, HTML, JS Compressor

There are various plugins or services which add a superpower to WordPress to compress all the codes whether it is CSS, HTML or JS. They will take care of all.

65) Better Cache Management

With WordPress, there is no headache with cache Management either. Plugins and services like W3 Total Cache are very reputed to manage cache and are easily available for WordPress.

66) Suitable for static and dynamic website

WordPress is suitable for Static as well as the dynamic websites, WordPress can handle all the work hassle-free without any complaint.

67) Translation Ready

Websites built on WordPress are always translation ready. So You don’t have to worry about the different languages anymore.

68) One login for multiple WordPress Website

If you want to start many websites and are worried about multiple logins, then WordPress also has the solution. By creating an account on and connecting all the websites you can manage all the portals with a single login.

69) Widgets

WordPress Support Widgets according to the theme but actually we can also add custom widgets. There are also some plugins which add more widgets or widget areas on websites.

70) Pingback

WordPress also lets you know about the pingback on each post. So if your Content gets copied and published somewhere or you got a link from some other blog you will know easily.

71) Sitemap


Managing Sitemap is also very easy with WordPress some SEO Plugins to create and manage these plugins automatically but for something extra, there are some dedicated plugins available.

72) Analytics data on Dashboard

Analytics Data on Dashboard

After linking your website with Google Analytics, You can use the plugin to fetch important data on the WordPress dashboard itself. Thus You will never miss anything.

73) Free upgrades always

Free Upgrade

When a new version of WordPress got released, You can upgrade the WordPress by yourself. It will not cost you more.

74) SEO Optimization

SEO Optimization-Best For Your Business

Plugins like Yoast SEO and All in One SEO tools are very reputed to manage all the SEO Work. And Both are WordPress Plugins. These plugins provide a good SEO solution.

75) Manage .htaccess and Robot.txt files

To do some minor changes in your website’s .htaccess or robot.txt file you don’t have to use FTP or also not have to log in to your hosting’s Cpanel, There are various tools that allow the user to do the changes from the dashboard itself.

76) Bulk Editing

Bulk Editing

It is one of the coolest features of WordPress, If you are a small business and have just limited employees then with WordPress you can do editing in bulk Posts, pages, categories, or tags very easily.

77) Scalability

Even when you are scaling up your services and website, WordPress is the most suitable platform because from online scope to adding more sites there are infinite possibilities of Scalability.

78) Cost-effective

WordPress provides a very cost-effective solution for website management. If you have some basic knowledge then you don’t have to pay for using, installing and updating as well as for maintaining and upgrading. You can do all the tasks very easily. Well for budget concerns, Consider this point as the best reason why WordPress is best for your business.

79) E-commerce

Ecommerce Plugin - Best Reason Why Wordress is perfect for your business

WordPress is backed with Woo-Commerce for converting your website into an online store. Woocommerce is one of the best eCommerce CMS and it has features for every need. If you are an eCommerce business owner, then consider it as the best reason why WordPress is best for your business.

80) Suitable for Hosting Giveaways and rewards

People love free stuff and winning a game, WordPress with some quality Giveaway plugins can help you to attract a ton of customers very easily.

81) Allows users to send files

WordPress can also allow users/visitors to share important documents and files. That is a great solution for websites in the medical or legal field.

82) Guest Posting

Guest Posting

WordPress is a versatile platform, Guest blogging is beneficial to increase the reach. WordPress provides various facilities for Guest Blogging, You can provide login details to the user or you can receive the file on WordPress also.

83) Ease of Printing

WordPress Plugins like Print Post and Page or Print-O-Matic provide the facility to allow the visitors to Print pages and post very easily.

84) Dynamic Front Page

Dynamic Front Page

WordPress also allows managing multiple and even a dynamic home page, there are various plugins or themes which can do this task. Dynamic Pages changes with each data updation, time, or location automatically.

85) Availability of 3rd Party Themes and Plugins

WordPress has a Plugin and Theme library but actually, there are even bigger and better 3rd Party Plugin and theme libraries available. Websites like ThemeForest, colorlib, elements.Envato, codecanyon, etc. provide custom-made plugins and themes, and you’re going to love all the work.

86) SSL Integration

SSL Intergration

Almost everywhere websites having an SSL certificate or https:// in the URL are more preferred over normal websites having http:// in their URL. It is like a security standard now. So WordPress provides a very easy solution, get the certificate, paste it into the directory, and redirect all URLs with a simple plugin or code…That’s it.

87) Malware Protection

Sometimes unethical comments, plugins, and even some codes open a gateway for malware. WordPress has a solution for it also. Either you can use a malware protection plugin or simply scan your website and find and remove the malware by yourself with the help of available tools.

88) Easy Backup

Backup a WordPress-based website is so easy you can use the tools provided by the hosting platform or simply install a plugin for this task. These plugins also allow a user to schedule the backup task, even with every update on your website.

89) Restoration is even easier

WordPress, hosting providers and WordPress plugins have various restoration functions, just use the same plugin or method you created the backup before and you are ready to go.

90) Up-to-date CMS/ Plugins/ and themes

Plugins and Themes

WordPress is really an up-to-date CMS, It has almost all the features a user wants and they add patches/ fixes and new functions in their every update. Not just the CMS even the Plugin and Themes get updated with all new releases and trends. It makes things very secure and stable.

91) Developing and designing Cost

For Small businesses saving each penny is important, so hiring a WordPress developer and designer is easy and also cost-effective. Freelancers and permanent employees will cost less compared to developers and designers of other CMS platforms.

92) Changing Hosting Provider

Migrating a WordPress website to a different host is very easy. Some hosting providers also provide services to migrate your website to their servers without charging extra.

93) Compatible with Windows/ Linux hosting

WordPress needs PHP, SQL and apache support then it doesn’t need anything extra. WordPress is compatible with Linux as well as Windows hosting.

94) Advertisement

Customization, Widgets, and plugins also allow the user to include Advertisements on their website which helps the user to monetize their website and make some money through it. So you can think about Adsense, or any Affiliate marketing also.

95) Offline Testing

WordPress can be set up Offline also using XAMPP-like software. So For doing experiments, Learning and testing your work you will have your own space.

96) Open Source

Open Source Software has its own benefits, It will be free, there is no hidden charge, Secure and checked codes and free updates and upgrades. WordPress has all.

97) Managing subdomains with a single login

If you know the subdomain function then there is some plugin that allows WordPress users to not just create but also in maintaining them.

98) Dashboard Modification

WordPress is based on PHP so if people need more functions in its dashboard then either they can or install plugins to add that function. Not just websites but the CMS is also customizable according to the need.

99) Moving to Other CMS

Most of the other CMS provide the function to migrate the complete website, thus if you want to try Magento or other costly and advanced CMS then don’t be worried.

100) Drag and Drop uploading

WordPress allows the user to upload files with the drag and drop function. It makes uploading very easy.

Final Reason Why WordPress is Best For Your Business

101) Fast and optimized CMS

WordPress can be used with slow internet also, Installing does not need more data and time. And all the further work like editing and publishing can also be done with very little data. So the Overall experience will be fast and trustable.

WordPress is ideal for building every type of website, from business sites to personal blogs, photography websites, affiliate sites, news portals, e-commerce websites and more, which is one of the reasons why it is so famous among startups and small businesses looking to build their first website at a low cost. Whatever type of website you are looking to build, there is a WordPress theme out there for you.

To hire a professional WordPress developer or for WordPress consulting, you can contact us!

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