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Live Video Streaming App Development

“Go Live” is the new way to get more business from all around the world. If you don’t know how popular Mobile Live Video Streaming App development these days you are living around a rock. Live Streaming is everywhere…

Mobile Live video streaming application took the world by storm in 2017. Many Merchandisers are making tens of thousands of dollars using live video. According to a study, 77% of Millennials watch live broadcast on a smartphone (56%) or tablet (44%).

Mobile Live Streaming Application Use On Smart Phone and Tablet
Source: Yahoo!

Live Video Streaming Application Development is Taking Mobile App Industry by Strom


Mobile Live Streaming capabilities allow the Android and iOS users to capture and send a live video stream from anywhere with the help of a mobile connection. Mobile broadcasting is getting advanced worldwide with a rapid speed, Today, not only social-networking, but mass-market applications like Periscope have also received major attention.

Live Streaming Stats
Source: Business Insider

The most popular social media apps like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Snapchat, and Twitter has added live-streaming future. A Study says Facebook has gained viewership from 14% to 17%.

Niche applications like G9 Live are targeted to specific professions such as live sporting events, insurance-claim damage reporting, aerial reconnaissance via drones, crime-fighting citizen journalism, and much more. In simple words, we can say that live streaming from mobile devices has now reached to a whole new level and filled up the gap between business and pleasure.

Facebook Live streaming

SAG IPL is an app development company, which also deals in TV and live video streaming application in India and Australia serving clients all over the world. Our company is blessed with skilled and experienced teams of Android and iOS developers, who work in an efficient way to deliver you satisfying results.

We offer complete TV and live streaming application solutions for our clients who need a stalwart video streaming mobile application. By using our application, user will be able to watch various movies, TV shows, documentaries or live videos etc. on their mobile phones.

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SAG IPL offers live TV application along with an amazing array of features for global users. The features that our app includes are:

  • Watch Live– You can go live and watch shows, which are being streamed live.
  • Add Favorites– You are allowed to create your own favorite list by adding preferred shows.
  • Push Notifications– You can also receive notifications regarding their favorite shows or any new show.
  • Social Media Login– Social Media API in the application allows you to sign in via their official account.
  • Wide range of Channels– You will get a variety of options from plenty of content uploaded daily.
  • What’s Trending?– This will deliver you updates about any new show that is being liked by a lot of people.


By using SAG IPL’s live streaming application, Android and iOS users will be able to encode and stream live events in HD from any location to any screen, in real time over Wi-Fi, 4G, or 3G. Users can also control the application from their Apple Watch or Android Wear devices paired with iOS and Android devices. Additional benefits, which can be gained by using this application are:

  • This application also provides you links to the mobile users so that they can download the live streaming directly from the application.
  • You can also share your live streaming video to other social networking platforms like Facebook, Twitter Instagram etc.
  • Music and video streaming app builders at SAG IPL are highly qualified and have in-depth technical expertise that lets them build apps of immense viability and matchless feasibility.
  • You can watch various videos and live streaming event without any hustle in buffering.

SDK (Software Development Kit)

The SAG IPL’s live streaming app SDK makes the app development easier for both Android and iOS by providing a cross-platform API for capturing, encode, and stream live video and audio. Users, who need a live streaming application with different features or a higher level of customization then they can consider the SDK of SAG IPL’s live streaming application. This SDK is the same on which the live streaming application of SAG IPL is built on.

Live Video Streaming Application SDK

The SAG IPL’s live video streaming application SDK offers awesome flexibility for simplified creation and seamless integration of live video streaming functionality for an amazing app experience. Let us see what else you can do with the SDK of it:

  • It offers network bit rate for improved quality of service
  • It offers Camera focus, exposure, and the flashlight/torch features across hardware platforms
  • It offers detailed video and audio encoder settings, which also include support for video resolution up to 4K ultra HD
  • It also connects you to SAG IPL’s live streaming mobile application through a single configuration interface for streaming and authentication settings


SAG IPL is blessed with skilled and experienced developers, who have developed many projects for smart TVs and Mac TVs. Along with the years of experience in the development process, they very beautifully mold ideas of our clients into responsive and attractive projects.

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So, you are just one call away from developing a fine live streaming application, which the help of India’s best application development company.


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