App Development & Marketing Case Study: 1000+ Downloads Boosted Like A Rocket

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App Development & Marketing Case Study

The main motive behind the development of the Checkin App was to give users a better and feature-rich platform for socializing, especially while travelling.

In this Mobile app development And Marketing case study, we briefly explain the agile process we followed for designing and developing the check-in app in a user-friendly and interactive manner.

We also share the thing we did for marketing the app to the targeted audience and making it a success in its respective market.

In just three months of launch, Checkin saw a 40% increase in app store ranking, which resulted in 60% more downloads and sign-ups.

But, it’s not just that.

Continue to read the complete Checkin App Development Case Study by SAG IPL.

What is check-in?

Checkin is a complete social media and chatting app which is inspired by Instagram but offers much more services, including location sharing, social media sharing and travel updates.

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With Checkin, we wanted to create an app to enable users to share live updates, from wherever they are, along with their location with their social media followers/friends.

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We developed both iOS and Android app versions for Checkin.


In the beginning, we didn’t have much in the form of project data. What we had was an idea of an app which is very unique from others but, at the same time, provides a much-needed thing to the users – a convenient way to socialize.

Idea Creation of Checkin

The client also didn’t have a very clear idea of the kind of app they were looking to develop, just a social media app of a different kind. We suggested they take inspiration from existing apps like Instagram and then develop something which these apps do not already have.

And we ended up developing what you see today as the check-in app.

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SAGIPL App development and marketing

Mobile App Development

As usual, we developed the Checkin app through our standard app development life cycle, which includes the following stages:

  1. Research & Planning
  2. App Designing
  3. App Development
  4. Testing
  5. Deployment/Launch
App Development Checkin

In the planning stage, we researched the target market and gathered requirement details from the clients.

Based on the available data, we created a realistic plan, outlining the app details, specifications, design, and other things, along with an estimated timeline for development and launch. The same was communicated with the client.

The next stage was designing the app interface (UI), graphics, pages, logo, images and user experience (UX).

>>>>>>>>Design App For Me<<<<<<<<

We made use of the latest design tools & technologies for designing the app wireframes first and then the user interface.

Our expert web designers having amazing skills and experience in the use of Sketch, Adobe XD,, Adobe Photoshop, and other designing tools created an outstanding and user-friendly interface for the Checkin app.

Based on the design prototype, the app development started with a team consisting of 2 expert Android app developers and 3 iOS developers.

We followed an agile-based development process to create the app functionalities and specifications just the way the client wanted.

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While developing the Checkin app, we created each app feature & functionality in great detail. The following features were enabled in the first version of the app.

  • Photo/Text/Video sharing in real time
  • Live video chat
  • Edit & upload photos/videos/collages
  • User profiles
  • Private chat & sharing
  • Location sharing

It took just 7 days to develop the core app, after which the testing was conducted.

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During the app testing phase, we test our apps in both simulator and real-world environments to make sure that there are no bugs.

We did the same for check-in and removed the lags. We also reviewed the app code for any errors and optimized it for the best performance.

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Once the app was ready for deployment, it was sent to the client for a final check. Then, we proceeded with the deployment part. Since there were two different app versions  – Android & iOS, we created accounts and uploaded the apps to both the App Store and the Google Play Store.

We also created the SEO titles & descriptions for the app on both platforms.

App Optimization Stage

App Optimization (App Store Optimization) is the process of making good & short titles, making standard descriptions that describe the app in a simple yet complete way, inserting & optimizing keywords in the description, etc.

app store optimization of Checkin

Know What is App Store Optimization (ASO) and How this would help you to get ranked first in the App Store.

There are many app store optimization factors that need to be considered when you are optimizing the app. Some of these things are:

  • Title
  • Description
  • Icon
  • Screenshots
  • Demo Video
  • User Reviews
  • App Downloads
  • Keyword Optimization
  • Keyword Proximity
  • App size
  • App Localization
  • Updates & Releases
  • Number of installs and uninstalls

We optimized the check-in app for all these factors and some more. As you can see, all these factors are important but not as much as the title, description, demo video and User reviews.

Please Optimize App For Me

We created the Checkin app to be very unique from the other existing apps such that it could solve a real problem of the market/consumers, and it does. The Checkin app helps people to share their photos, and videos, along with the location with their friends in real-time.

Before App Marketing, We Define Their Audience & Customer

Checkin App Marketing Case Study

After the app store (on-page) optimization of the Checkin app, we should have started off-page marketing for the promotion of the app in the online world.

But we didn’t.

Want to know why?

As usual, our first step is to find the target audience of the app, i.e. the target customer who will use this app or who can benefit from using this app.

We have one suggestion for you: if you know your target audience very well and your app is problem-solving then there is nothing that can stop you from ranking well on the Google Play Store (and the App Store) and getting the maximum users for your app.

Many people say that there is a fixed number of marketing activities you can do for your app.

But that’s not the truth.

If you know the above two things about your app, then there are infinite techniques for the marketing of your app.

So, we did the same. First, we found out the target audience/users for the Checkin app and then promoted the app via our result-focused marketing techniques.

Our App Marketing Strategy & Techniques To Get Higher Rankings & Leads

Keyword Research

Keyword research is the first and foremost step in the app marketing journey. We did keyword research on the Checkin app to find out the most relevant keywords that users search for in order to find this kind of app.

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Our primary focus was on choosing brand-specific keywords to increase the brand reputation of the app. Then, we started finding all the relevant keywords that describe the app and may be used by the targeted audiences.

Some keyword examples include photo-sharing apps, video-sharing apps, live location apps, etc.

Competitor Research

We did competitor research on the app and managed to find many other apps providing similar kinds of services, that were performing very well in the market. We tried to analyse their strategies and then implemented some of them for promoting our own app in order to reach a wider audience.

An important thing to know here is that we did not follow the strategy of just one competitor, rather, we researched many competitors and analysed their market strategies and then designed our own app marketing strategy based on the findings.

As someone said once,

If you steal from one author, then it’s plagiarism, if you steal from many then it’s research.

Good quote

Do you agree with this statement? If you do, then let us know in the comment section.

App Analysis

We’ve run the app analysis campaign for the check-in app. In this campaign, our developers checked the app carefully by doing A/B testing the app for finding bugs and issues with the app and removing the same.

App analysis of checkin

This helped to ensure that the app runs very smoothly without any bugs and errors.

Keyword Optimization

We optimized the keywords in the description of the app.

Wondering why?

To tell the Google play store search algorithm what our app is about, for what keywords it should be ranked, etc.

Strategic Content Creation

Our content writers did a very good job of creating the best quality and strictly relevant content for the marketing of the Checkin app.

strategic content creation

They clearly understood the target audience/market of the app and prepared optimized marketing copies for the same.

This is the main reason why the Checkin app is ranking at the top of the google play store. And yes, we agree that the “content is king”. If your content has power, has a strong point of view to tell the audience and has the motive to engage the audience, then nobody can stop your app from ranking well on the Google play store.

Wix And Strikingly Blog Creation

We also created a dedicated Wix blog for the Checkin app as a part of our customer engagement strategy, as we know how to engage with our audience in the best possible way.

app blog creation

We also believe that Quality is better than quantity.

Quality vs quantity


checkin blog creation wix

We believe that posting just one high-quality blog is much more beneficial than creating and publishing 10-15 normal or low-quality blogs on a daily basis, as quality content will always win the engagement race.

User Experience & User Interface Improve

This is another very important factor one needs to consider while optimizing and marketing their app. A mobile app should have a really good, friendly and intuitive user interface.

User interface easy

Suppose a user visits your food delivery app but does not find any straightforward option for ordering the food, then what is the meaning of such an app.

That’s why we did not ignore this factor while designing and optimizing the check-in app.

We developed and optimized the Checkin app for the customers and not for the search robots or Google play store search algorithms, as we believe this is something Google loves the most.

Content Readability & Optimization For Voice Search

Content Readability & Optimization For Voice Search

We already optimized our app for voice search while creating its description, as it was written in a very user-friendly manner with a special focus on user intent optimization to rank well for voice search.

Content Promotion & Marketing

We also ran content marketing activities for the app. We contacted many major blogging platforms that accepted content related to photo sharing, location sharing apps, etc., for extensive promotion and link building for the app through high-quality content.

We also used Google preferred Post/Title formats such as Top 5 apps, etc. while writing content for the Checkin app. Our content marketing strategy greatly helped in reaching our app to the top of the Google play store.

Amazing Images Graphics Creation

Checkin image graphics

Again, we want to say that “quality matters”. Our expert designing team created the best quality images/graphics both for app promotion and on-page, helping guide the targeted audience more clearly about our app.

graphics checking

We’ve made different types of graphics that help to convey the app’s message to the audience.

Social Media Handling

We also handled the social media accounts of the check-in app. With this particular marketing strategy, our focus was on creating and maintaining healthy user engagement for the app.

social media handling

We regularly shared updates about the app on the Facebook group/pages, replied to user reviews/comments, etc.

We Believe In Download Results First And Then App Ranking Results

Our App Marketing Strategy To Get Downloads & Installs

App Marketing: As discussed above.

Social Media Strategy

We created multiple groups and communities on a number of popular social media sites, including Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, for promoting the Checkin app, gathering the opinions of the audience for your app and spreading the word around.

This also helped us know about some app issues being faced by the users. We resolved these issues immediately. There are many ways to promote your app on Social Media:

We created multiple groups and communities on a number of popular social media sites, including Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, for promoting the Checkin app, gathering the opinions of the audience for your app and spreading the word around.

This also helped us know about some app issues being faced by the users. We resolved these issues immediately.

App Submission

We submitted the check-in app on various famous platforms. We first researched and found a number of relevant app submission sites, both types paid and free, and then submitted the app there.

app submission checkin

The app has already gained many users from those sites.

Review Submission

Besides encouraging the users to share their reviews, we regularly reply to the user reviews and solve their issues at the earliest in order to build happy clients and engage with our audience.

taking reviews

This is something that the Google play store algorithm likes.

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Questions And Answers

We provided answers to the users’ questions regarding the check-in app on various popular platforms such as Quora and Yahoo Answers.

This helped us spread the word about our app while solving user issues at the same time.

quora answers

We answered many app-related questions like

  • What is Checkin App?
  • What are the benefits of using the check-in app?
  • Is Checkin app the best photo-sharing app now?

Relevant Content Marketing

relevant blogs

We published articles and blogs related to the Checkin app on some of the most famous platforms that are related to entertainment, young people, design platforms, etc.

This was our game-changing marketing strategy which gave relevant users to the app.

Now It’s Time For Results:

Keywords Rankings:

You must now be wondering about the app ranking results of check-in. As we said, we believe in showing real results with 100% proof and screenshots. You must now be wondering about the app ranking results of check-in. As we said, we believe in showing real results with 100% proof and screenshots.

keywords ranking checkin

There are many keywords for which the Checkin app is currently ranking well, including Checkin app, location sharing app, photo sharing app Checkin, etc. You can check the screenshots for details:

But it took some time to see significant results and reach the thousand install milestone. In the first month, the Checkin app received not many installs but after some time and effort, the app got boosted in ranking and download volume.

Installation Report: The Checkin app received hundreds of downloads and installs in just a few months of the app launch, thanks to the effort of our app development & marketing teams.

The installs of the app are now coming at rocket speed like there is no tomorrow.

Someone said very right that “Slow and steady wins the race.”

We did not give up, as we were constantly improving our strategy and the app. We were regularly doing our app marketing activities.

Slow and study win the race

And then the results started appearing like magic.

Do you agree with the above statement? If you do, then please let us know in the comments.


So, this is the complete story of the Checkin app development and marketing by SAG IPL. As you see, we believe in continuously improving our app and market strategy to fit the targeted user needs.

And because continuous improvement is the key.

Continous Improvement is the key

The readers are welcome to try these techniques and strategies to market their own apps. With our app marketing techniques, your app will definitely become famous in no time.

If you do not have the time to market your app, then you should hire a good app marketing company like SAG IPL which can understand your app business model and market your products/services efficiently.

Client Review:

“To be honest, I had never expected that my app will turn out to be so good. I was quite impressed with the first version itself and instantly decided to hire them for the marketing of my app. And I must say, they did a very good job. As you can see the results, my app now has more users than some of the most popular apps in the industry. I greatly appreciate the dedication and commitment the SAG IPL team has shown towards my project and would love to work with them, again and again.”

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