SEO for Construction Companies to Attract New Clients

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SEO for Construction Companies

Is your construction company struggling to get new leads or customers? Do you want to sell more properties? Our SEO for Construction Companies might just be what you need.

The construction industry is constantly growing, but not all companies experience the same growth, mainly due to the difference between their marketing strategies. A meticulous marketing campaign can help put you miles ahead of your competitors. This is why you need a professional SEO agency.

To grow your construction business and get more leads and clients, you may need your business and/or website to appear at the top of search engine results for your primary keywords so potential customers can find and reach you easily.

SEO can help boost your construction website’s Google ranking, visibility, and overall online reach to get you more customers and increase ROI.

In this article, we’ll talk about the importance of construction company SEO and the different SEO services offered by SAG IPL to a construction industry business. Additionally, we discuss the cost of SEO for the construction industry and important FAQs.

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    If you’re still wondering how SEO can benefit your construction business, read next about the top benefits of construction SEO.

    Why Need SEO for Construction Companies or Websites?

    For those who don’t know, SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation, which improves a website’s search engine ranking and visibility for its target keywords to get more traffic and leads to the associated business.

    SEO involves optimizing your construction website and overall online and local business presence to help boost your search rankings.

    The higher you rank in search engine results for your target keywords, the more traffic and leads your website will likely get.

    According to a study, the top three results in SERP receive almost 55% of all clicks.

    Since over 80% of consumers search online while making a purchase, your construction company must have a strong and positive online presence.

    seo for construction companies

    Our construction business SEO process involves making your website design more user-friendly & appealing, placing your target keywords in your website content, creating fresh content to help potential customers, building high-quality backlinks, and local SEO optimization.

    There are multiple ways for people to learn about a business – referrals, advertisements, search engines, social media, etc. Our SEO strategy for construction companies targets most of these points.

    We can help bridge the gap between your business and your target audience through positive word-of-mouth and digital marketing for your business.

    With so many construction companies, it can be exhausting for the customer to choose the right company based on their needs. We can create valuable content to help guide your potential customers to the best choice.

    Moreover, the best SEO for construction companies involves getting backlinks from top websites in your niche and writing & sharing high-quality content to establish you as a leader in your industry, which will help you rank higher in search results and get more leads for your business.

    SEO is also one of the most cost-effective ways to market your construction business online. So, if you’re worried about construction SEO rates, don’t! We offer the most affordable and comprehensive SEO solutions for construction companies. Contact us to know more.

    Construction Company SEO Services by SAG IPL

    As a full-service digital marketing company, SAG IPL offers a comprehensive range of construction company SEO services & solutions, including both free and paid marketing options for construction companies.

    Keyword Research

    This stage involves researching keywords and phrases that are relevant to your business. We focus on identifying SEO keywords for construction that your target audience is using on Google Search to find your products or services.

    construction companies keyword research

    For example, if you are selling construction tools, your target SEO terms for construction might include “best construction tools,” “cheap construction tools,” etc.

    We use Keyword Research tools like Google Keyword Planner and Ahrefs to find your most relevant keywords based on actual search data, demand, and competition.

    In addition, we also find and use long-tail SEO tags for construction, which have less competition and are easier to rank for, in our construction business SEO strategy.

    These keywords are sorted based on average monthly visits and competition. We incorporate these keywords in our SEO strategy, which involves using your target keywords in your website and marketing content.

    We might also research your competitors to identify keywords they’re using or ranking for and include them in our SEO strategy. Using the right keywords to optimize and promote your business will help boost your search engine rankings and get you ahead of the competition.

    Construction Company Website Optimization

    As a modern-day construction company, you must have a website where your target audience can find information about your business, brand, and services and/or buy your products and services.

    If you want an SEO-optimized, mobile-responsive website for your construction business, hire expert web designers today from SAG IPL!

    Website Optimization

    At this stage, we optimize your website to make it more friendly to users and search engines.

    User-friendliness is a crucial factor considered by Google when ranking a web page. It means your website must be easy to use, helpful, and attractive to its users.

    We do this by first optimizing your website’s design for navigation, visibility, and speed. We ensure that your site is easy to use and navigate through but also fast, free from technical errors, and has high-quality content.

    Your key pages are linked to the homepage to ensure seamless navigation. Furthermore, we ensure accurate contact details are given on the website to allow people to easily contact you.

    When optimizing your site for SEO, we take a hard look at your content, optimize or refresh it if needed, and add relevant keywords within content, meta tags, titles, headings, etc. to make your content sound more natural.

    Using images on your construction website is a good way to attract and engage customers, but you need to optimize your media content. This includes adding unique & relevant alt tags to each image on your site.

    Lastly, we ensure that your website is mobile responsive, i.e. works seamlessly on all devices and screens. This is crucial because of Google’s mobile-first index, which prefers the mobile version of a site when ranking it in search results.

    In simple words, an optimized website for mobile can help you attract and retain more customers on mobile devices.

    Content Marketing for the Construction Industry

    Content marketing involves creating and using custom content to help your target audience.

    Sharing valuable content that helps your potential customers is a good way to build credibility. For example, a person searching for a construction company might need help selecting one. You can write a detailed article on “how to find the right construction company,” which might help that person and others like him.

    content marketing

    You can easily find topics that your target audience might need help with. Writing and sharing this type of content will not just help boost your credibility in your niche but also it will ensure your website is being regularly updated with fresh content to keep visitors engaged.

    There are many places where you can post your content. Start with your own blog. Add a blog on your construction business website and share news, updates, launches, and other content with a routine.

    Other than that, you can write for similar websites in your niche, which will help give more exposure to your content and might even get a backlink to your website. This is called Guest blogging and is a very effective content marketing technique.

    You can spread your content via social media, relevant online forums, directories, and more.

    In addition to text content, we create and share visual content like images, videos, short videos (reels), infographics, etc., which is a much more engaging way to attract and retain customers on your site.

    Local SEO for Construction Companies

    As a business with a brick-and-mortar presence, you must hire a local SEO Services company.

    Local SEO strategies for construction companies can help improve the search engine visibility of your local business to make it easy for potential customers near you to find, reach, and contact you when looking to buy your products or services.

    local seo for construction companies

    As you may know, a large number of consumers use Google to find information about a business, their location, contact details, address, opening hours, etc.

    By creating and maintaining a healthy business presence online, you can make sure potential customers can find you easily. To start with, claim your Google Business Listing, which is how your business will appear at the top of search results for queries relevant to you.

    We ensure your Google Business Listing is optimized with correct and up-to-date information. We also add photos of your business and details to boost engagement.

    When optimizing for local SEO, we also focus on your online reviews. Besides encouraging your existing customers to share reviews on Google, we handle any negative feedback in a timely and positive manner without it can cause any serious damage to your reputation.

    One of the best ways to boost the search engine presence of your local construction company is to optimize your website and content with location-specific keywords. Just add your location (city/country name) to your existing keywords, and you’re good to go.

    We also recommend creating dedicated pages for each location to allow different pages to rank for different location-specific searches and make it easier for people to find you to become a client.

    Link Building for Construction Companies

    Building high-quality backlinks from relevant sites or web pages is another good way to boost your organic search rankings.

    A backlink is a hyperlink coming to your web page from another website.

    Backlink building techniques

    Google treats backlinks as votes when determining a web page’s ranking. The more good quality backlinks or votes a page has, the higher it might be ranked in search results.

    But remember that the focus while link building should be on quality and not quantity. One high-quality backlink from an authority site is way better than a hundred poor-quality or repetitive backlinks.

    Here are some top ways to build SEO backlinks to your construction company website:

    Guest blogging – write blogs for other websites in your niche and get a backlink in return. It helps boost your rankings and drive direct traffic to your site.

    Directories – Get your website listed in the top online directories in your niche.

    PR & News – Get your business featured in popular PR and media sites. This might not get you a backlink but will give you a lot of exposure and a good reputation.

    Forums – Join relevant online forums, participate in discussions, provide valuable content, and get backlinks.

    Other than that, you can try building backlinks through social media, competitor links replication, broken link building, and creating content that people would want to link to.

    Online Reviews

    Customers’ reviews and feedback have a great impact on your construction business’ market reputation, which is why we recommend promoting and encouraging positive reviews from your customers.

    customer review and feedback

    There are many ways your customers can share their feedback on your products or services, on social media, Google reviews, and other review sites. Make sure to always ask customers to share their feedback.

    Keep track of all your brand feedback and mentions online through tools such as Google Alerts. Take steps to optimize negative feedback as soon as you find out about it.

    Social Media Optimization for Construction Companies

    Lastly, we use social media to drive traffic to your website and boost your online credibility. We do this by creating and maintaining a strong image of your business on top social sites like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

    social media optimization for construction companies

    Thousands of potential customers are searching for and talking about construction companies on social media. We reach and engage with these people by sharing relevant content that might interest them.

    Tailored Construction Industry SEO Packages by SAG IPL

    Even though SEO is among the least expensive digital marketing techniques, many SEO companies charge hefty prices making it nearly impossible for businesses to get good SEO services on a budget. But, we are different.

    Here, at SAG IPL, you can find and buy the best value-for-money SEO services for construction companies at the most competitive rates in the market.

    To make it easy for different businesses to choose the right SEO service based on their particular needs, we offer 3 SEO service packages as follows:

    1. Basic – $499 per month – suitable for small businesses & startups

    2. Advanced – $999 per month – ideal for growing businesses & SMEs

    3. Premium – $1499 per month – perfect for large enterprises

    SEO services cost

    Industries We Serve

    Other than SEO for construction companies, SAG IPL also offers comprehensive Digital Marketing Services in many other industries, including but not limited to:

    SAG IPL provides SEO services for the following industries

    Customer Testimonials – SAG IPL SEO Company for the Construction Industry

    It is easier to find the right SEO company for your needs by reading customer reviews. We have a nearly 5-star rating on all the top online review platforms, including Google.

    You must read our reviews online before hiring construction company SEO services. Here are a couple of samples of our latest user reviews.

    “SAG IPL has been great. Their team is very professional and friendly and great at their work. They got my website on the first page of Google in just about five months. I’m very happy.”

    “I am fully satisfied with the work done by the SAG IPL SEO team. Their construction industry SEO is truly outstanding. They know what they’re doing. I recommend SAG IPL.”

    FAQ on SEO for Construction Business

    What Is SEO for Construction?

    SEO for Construction Companies refers to the practice of optimizing the online presence of a construction company or website through Search Engine Optimization methods such as content marketing, link building, and social media. SEO is a brilliant way to boost the search engine ranking and traffic of a business.

    How Do I Find an SEO Company for My Construction Business?

    The best SEO for the construction business is not easy to do. Unless you have experience and knowledge of SEO, you must outsource SEO services from a reputable company. You can hire our expert SEO team who has experience in SEO for the construction industry. Call us or visit our website to get your quote.

    What Are the Construction SEO Rates in 2024?

    The rate for construction business SEO services will depend on your particular needs and the SEO company you hire. Our SEO service rates start from $499 for the standard package, which includes basic SEO things to help kick-start your campaign and make your site visible in search results.

    Why Do I Need Construction Industry SEO?

    As a construction company, you might be looking for more customers and leads to your business. SEO is the most effective and affordable way to get you more customers and boost your business ROI. It can help you rank higher in search engine results for your target keywords so that you can get more leads and traffic from Google.

    Want to Hire Construction Company SEO Experts?
    Don’t Worry About It!

    Contact SAG IPL

    By Mohsin Qureshi SEO Strategy and Growth Leader

    Mohsin Qureshi is a seasoned digital marketer with over 12 years of experience, including 7 years working as a Team Leader in SAG IPL. His expertise lies in SEO, SMO, PPC, influencer marketing, and strategy building with a focus on driving impactful results and growth for businesses. With a keen eye for innovation and a commitment to excellence, Mohsin has been delivering tailored digital marketing strategies and solutions to help businesses excel online. LinkedIn

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