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Move To Earn (M2E) Game App Marketing

Move to Earn (M2E) apps are mobile applications that let you earn money for moving or other physical activities. M2E game apps are becoming increasingly popular among gamers as a way to earn money while playing their favourite games.

If you are an M2E game owner or developer looking to promote your Move To Earn (M2E) Game App to get more downloads and boost reach on the App Store, here’s everything you need to know about building a successful Move To Earn game app marketing campaign.

If you’re new to the digital marketing space or don’t have hours to promote your app on your own, you can consider hiring a reliable app marketing agency like SAG IPL to benefit from our outstanding digital marketing skills and expertise.

    Why You Need M2E Game App Marketing

    The mobile gaming space is rapidly growing. There is massive competition in this industry. With thousands of game apps out there, making your new game popular or getting downloads for it can be extremely difficult. You must do something incredibly different if you want your M2E game app to stand out from the crowd.

    No matter how great your game (app) is, only through the right marketing strategy and team can you achieve the desired success for your app. Here’s why game app promotion matters:

    Promoting your M2E game app using the right channels will help it reach thousands of potential users across social media and other platforms that gamers frequent, increasing its popularity and downloads.

    M2E Games

    A high-quality M2E game app marketing strategy will also make it easy for users to find your app when they are looking for similar or better games in app stores.

    One of the major benefits of using an app marketing service is that it can help boost your app ranking and visibility in its respective app store to increase the number of downloads and active users.

    Lastly, the more downloads or active users your app has, the more revenue it will generate for you or your company. So, if your ultimate goal is to earn money from your app, hire a Move To Earn game app marketing agency today!

    In short, marketing your M2E mobile game involves finding and connecting with your target audience across different online platforms, telling them about your game and why it is special, and ultimately convincing them to download and play it.

    Of course, the success of a game marketing strategy will depend a lot on how good it is and how effectively it is implemented, which is why you need an extraordinary M2E game marketing company that has great experience in promoting apps to beat the competition.

    What is a Move To Earn Game App and How Does it Work?

    Before we start promoting your M2E gaming app, we’d like to learn a few details about it, starting with what it is and how it works.

    A Move to Earn Game app is a mobile game that lets you earn (rewards or digital assets) for engaging in different activities within the game. It’s kind of a variant of Play to Earn games, where players are rewarded for gaming.

    M2E games were most likely created to motivate gamers to be more active and also boost engagement by allowing players to earn rewards for their in-game activities.

    M2E game working

    M2E games reward players for a variety of activities, which may include engaging with other players, completing fitness goals, and more. The more active you are, the more you can earn.

    M2E games are often built on top of blockchain technology to ensure seamless and dispute-free tracking of rewards for players. These rewards are often in the form of digital assets like cryptocurrencies and NFTs (non-fungible tokens).

    SAG IPL Strategies for M2E Games Marketing

    There are many ways to promote a gaming app. However, an experienced app marketer knows that not all marketing methods work for all types of apps. This is why we at SAG IPL will build and implement a customized M2E game marketing strategy based on the particular requirements and goals of your game app.

    Our talented app marketers will spend hours researching your target market and audience to find out the best M2E game app marketing ideas that can give the most promising returns for your particular mobile game. While we use numerous app marketing techniques, we focus more on things that best suit your needs.

    The primary goal of our Move To Earn game app marketing is to enable your target audience to find and download your game, i.e. expand your app’s reach within and beyond app stores. Here’s how we do it:

    App Store Optimization (ASO) Services for M2E Games

    App Store Optimization or ASO is the best proven way to maximize organic installs for M2E Games. It involves optimizing the app store presence of your gaming app to boost its organic ranking and visibility. Here’s how.

    Strategic keyword selection is the first step in our ASO strategy for M2E games. This is followed by integrating relevant keywords in your app’s metadata, title, description, etc. to boost discoverability.

    ASO marketing

    When creating a compelling title and description for your game app, we cover essential details along with your primary keywords to make them relevant to your users.

    We also make sure to add high-quality images, including icons and screenshots to provide a visual edge to your app and entice potential users.

    Videos are another powerful tool that we use for optimizing your app store presence. We create a concise, engaging introductory video for your M2E game and add it to your app page to boost engagement and conversions.

    Other than that, we manage your app reviews proactively, encouraging your existing users to leave positive feedback on the app page and other app review sites.

    We also make use of various App Store features and promotions, including featured results to further boost your app market visibility.

    App Website and Off-site Marketing

    Another way to boost your app’s success and downloads is to build a robust online presence and strategic off-site marketing (SEO).

    To start with, we create an SEO-optimized website or landing page as a powerful sales funnel for potential users. This is where we provide crucial information about your app, user advantages, updates, offers and more to boost engagement and interest.

    We also create a website blog for your M2E game app to engage your audience through insights, updates, and relevant content that provide information to your users and drive traffic to your website and app page.

    Building backlinks is an important SEO strategy that can enhance your app’s credibility and search engine rankings. Many users also search Google for gaming apps, and they can find your game if your website or app is ranking high in search results.

    Email marketing is another tool that we use to broadcast crucial announcements like app releases and share offers with your audience to keep them informed and excited.

    Additionally, we might consider collaborating with game publishers and multiple gaming websites to expand your app’s reach using their networks.

    Ad Marketing for M2E App

    Yes, advertising works for mobile apps as well. In fact, you can drive significant user attention and acquisition for your M2E game app through powerful ad marketing strategies.

    To promote an iOS app, Apple Search Ads are your go-to advertising tool that can optimize your app’s visibility by placing it in the top (paid) results for relevant searches.

    Ad Marketing

    If your M2E app is built for Android devices, you can promote it by setting up a Google app campaign, which is just another term for Google ads. This allows you to tap into the expansive Android user base to help extend your app’s reach and visibility.

    At SAG IPL, we provide mobile app advertising services for both iOS and Android apps on their respective app stores through Apple Search Ads and Google app campaigns. Contact us to book an appointment.

    Other than the app store itself, you can consider marketing your app by placing advertisements on other relevant sites and platforms with a focus on mobile users. Mobile advertising is a good place to start.

    Craft visually appealing and engaging ads with clear messaging to capture mobile users’ attention. Place your ads on websites that your target users frequently visit. Use Google ads and social media advertising to further boost your app’s reach.

    M2E Game Social Media Marketing

    Another way to increase your M2E Game app’s online presence and reach is through social media marketing. Various social networks entertain millions of users every day and can help enhance your brand awareness.

    You can use social platforms like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Reddit, Telegram, etc. to find and engage your audience. Start with creating your official profiles/ company pages on all leading social networks. Then, drive engagement by sharing regular updates, exclusive content, offers, competitions, and more to build a community around your game.

    Social Media Marketing

    A good way to get success on social media is to use visually appealing content like graphics, videos and other interactive posts to develop a memorable brand image.

    Other than social media, you also create video content for platforms like YouTube, where a lot of potential users might be interested in watching exciting videos of your game, like trailers, gameplay snippets, behind-the-scenes, and tutorials. Video content is a particularly great way to attract players to your mobile game. Make sure to optimize your video title and description with relevant keywords and terms and add a link back to your app page.

    Referral Marketing for M2E Game App

    Referral marketing is a great way of acquiring new users for your move-to-earn game app. It involves utilizing personal relationships (like friends and family) and structured incentives to get more downloads and reach for your app. Referral marketing is based on a community-driven growth model, where you offer rewards to people who join your community and refer others to join as well.

    Referral Marketing

    Contact SAG IPL to create a strategic referral marketing campaign for your M2E app marketing.

    You can start by leveraging the power of personal contacts, asking your friends and family to download and play the game and ask their friends and family to do the same. In exchange, you can offer exciting rewards like free points or digital assets to those who join your game through a referral link.

    This is beneficial because people usually trust their friends’ and families’ recommendations, which can get you many more new downloads and installs for your app in no time.

    Make sure to also include your existing app users in your referral program, asking them to bring new users to join the app for incentives like referral rewards, cryptocurrencies, etc. This user-generated promotion technique can do wonders for your app’s growth and marketing.

    Influencer Marketing for M2E Games

    Influencers are people who help, engage and influence users through their unique content and ideas. They are famous in their particular niche and are trusted by thousands of people for reliable and meaningful information.

    You can find influencers on social media, YouTube and other community websites. Make sure that the influencers you select have an edge in the gaming industry and a strong fanbase or following comprising an audience that aligns with your target demographic.

    influencer marketing

    An influencer marketing campaign for an M2E gaming app involves getting influencers to share high-quality content like gameplay videos, reviews, and personalized endorsements related to your game app on their personal platforms, websites, social media, YouTube channels, etc.

    Game recommendations coming from trusted sources/influencers will encourage potential players to trust the app and try it.

    Influencer marketing for M2E games is a great way to build a strong community around your game app, boosting trust and ultimately increasing the number of app downloads and active players.

    Move To Earn Game App Marketing Packages by SAG IPL

    SAG IPL is a full-service digital marketing and SEO company that provides comprehensive digital solutions for businesses, app owners, and startups to help them achieve their growth targets like higher rankings in search results and more downloads in app stores.

    We specialize in app store optimization and marketing services, which involves promoting a mobile app both within and beyond its app store to boost its rankings, visibility and reach to get more app downloads and installs. If you’re looking for Move To Earn game app marketing services, check out our customized packages and game app marketing solutions to choose the one that best fits your requirements and goals.

    Basic App Marketing – This service is perfect for startups and individual app developers looking to kickstart their app promotion campaigns and spread the word around.

    Advanced Marketing – This game app marketing package is suitable for apps that are at the second stage of marketing and already have some reach within a small community. This will take your app promotion campaign to the next level, further increasing the app’s reach and ranking.

    Premium Marketing –  Our best value-for-money M2E game app marketing services are perfect for every game owner or developer who wants quick results using the most effective app promotion techniques, including ad marketing. Contact us to get started.

    FAQs About Move To Earn (M2E) Game App Marketing


    How do I market my move-to-earn gaming app?

    We have shared here a complete guide to marketing your M2E game app on your own. Your Move To Earn game marketing strategy should be a combination of different app marketing techniques like app store optimization, paid advertising, social media marketing, link building, and others. If you need more help, just contact SAG IPL to discuss your app marketing campaign.

    What is game marketing?

    Game marketing refers to promoting a game or mobile game app to reach and engage its target audience to boost game downloads and enable more players to find and play the game. The ultimate aim of game marketing is to make the game more popular so that more people use it to boost revenue for app developers and/or owners.

    What is the benefit of an M2E game for players?

    A move-to-earn game app allows players to earn rewards and various in-game assets for their activities including interaction and engagement with other players, which helps boost the app’s revenue. A part of this revenue is shared with the active players based on their engagement and activities. Moreover, players can also earn through the game’s referral program, if there’s one.

    How is app marketing different from SEO?

    At SAG IPL, we provide both app marketing and SEO marketing services. Both are types of digital marketing. In app marketing, the target audience is mobile users, while in SEO, the target audience is both desktop and mobile users. Game app marketing involves the promotion of a game app both within its respective app store and on other digital platforms like social media to grow the app’s reach and credibility.

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