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Hire Figma Designers for Figma Design Services

Figma, which is an increasingly popular interface design tool, is now used by web designers and developers all over the world to build creative web interface designs in collaboration with each other. It is one of the most advanced collaborative web interface design applications equipped with many innovative features like cross-platform compatibility, built-in components, and supported by a creators’ community.

If you need a website design or web application for your business in Figma, contact SAG IPL to hire professional Figma Design Services or designers with the convenience of hiring dedicated resources at cost-effective prices as and when you need them.

Figma, among other things, allows multiple designers to work on the same design project at the same time, which is why it has become the #1 web design tool for collaboration and remote work in recent times.

    What is Figma and Why Should Web Designers Use it?

    Figma, globally recognized as an advanced UI/UX design tool for the web, has now become the top choice for designers engaged in collaborative and remote projects due to its unique collaboration features.

    Among other things, Figma allows multiple designers to work on the same project at the same time, providing feedback simultaneously, maintaining a clear understanding of design features, and ensuring a smooth design process that saves time.

    While there are other tools offering similar features, none come close to Figma’s reliability, its ability to work across devices, and its seamless interface, all of which make it a versatile application for various design tasks.

    Many web designers around the world use Figma as their preferred online tool for creating interactive interface designs with support for global collaboration on app development. Designers using Figma can easily share and receive feedback in real time as well as gain client approval without having to wait, saving significant time in the design process.

    Figma’s compatibility with different browsers and platforms makes it accessible globally on every device. The desktop app of Figma has all the features of the web application. The free version of Figma is perfect for beginners working on small projects and looking to learn.

    Web Design

    Figma’s cloud-based storage ensures effective project management, especially in remote projects, allowing users to access, update and manage files from anywhere. Changes are automatically saved, with version control allowing easy tracking of changes and maintaining efficient collaboration within design teams.

    Figma’s online sharing feature supports real-time collaboration, promoting efficient teamwork and ensuring that contributors are accredited properly. Overall, Figma’s collaborative features, global accessibility, and project management have earned it the trust and support of the global design community.

    Top Features & Benefits of Figma Design Tool

    Figma has evolved significantly from its inception, focusing primarily on improving the design process and experience by consistently introducing new features. Figma maximizes the utility of the web by bringing designers and developers together for more efficient collaboration with global access. Take a look at some top features and advantages of Figma for web designers:

    Speed and Agility

    Figma is fast and agile and offers a quick and smooth user experience. There are no delays or lag when using Figma for performing tasks such as file dragging, zooming, and scrolling.

    Cross-Platform Functionality

    Figma is a collaborative design platform that eliminates geographical barriers, allowing designers and developers to seamlessly collaborate on a project, sharing and working on different platforms.


    Figma supports the creation of design components that can be reused across applications, offering flexibility and efficiency.

    Real-Time Collaboration with Confluence

    Figma provides real-time collaboration when used with Confluence, a popular remote collaboration tool, ensuring changes made in Figma reflect immediately.

    Slack Integration

    Figma also supports Slack, a popular team communication tool, facilitating efficient communication by allowing comment notifications to be sent directly in Slack to keep team participants organized and informed.

    Prototype Sharing

    Figma also allows real-time sharing of prototypes with clients or other team members, ensuring individual design elements are examined during the process.


    FigJam is an online collaboration tool based on Figma that can be used by teams for collaboration when working on whiteboarding, drawing, and planning stages in a project.

    Design Review Feedback

    Figma supports instant commenting on designs and allows design tools to be combined with code editors and hosting for quick implementation and launch.

    Free to Start

    The free version of Figma can be used for up to 2 projects by a team of up to 5 members, which is a great place to start if you’re a design beginner looking to do more in less time.

    Creator’s Community

    Figma is backed by a strong, global community of designers, where you can meet fellow designers, share resources, collaborate, and find free learning materials or help with a design problem.

    Figma Design Services by SAG IPL

    If you’re looking for the best web design firms with proficiency in the use of the Figma web design application, contact SAG IPL or visit our website to explore our Figma web and UI design services. You can go with our curated packages or hire Figma designer per your needs.

    UI-UX Design

    Figma Wireframes & Mockups Design

    Before starting to really build the design, most designers prefer to build wireframes and mockups first. Figma is a great tool to build these. While Wireframes refer to a basic layout of the final design, mockups are a more sophisticated visual image of the product.

    With Figma’s built-in wireframe tools, we design high-quality and descriptive wireframes and mockups for your web or mobile design project.

    Figma UI Design

    One of the core uses of Figma is for designing interactive user interfaces. You can hire our expert Figma designers to create high-quality UIs for your web or mobile application with a focus on user experience. We make sure that your UI designs are mobile-friendly and built to impress your target users, delivering a great experience across all platforms.

    Figma Web Application Design

    Are you looking for a fast and featured web application design in Figma? Then, hire seasoned Figma web designers from SAG IPL on an hourly or project basis to help you build a high-end, scalable and robust web application using Figma’s advanced features and tools.

    Figma integrates design tools for creating web app designs based on Discord and Slack.

    Figma Native App Design

    When building an application for a particular platform, Figma can be a great choice due to its flexibility and support for both mobile and web apps. It is fast and efficient and builds superb designs quickly. Hire Figma designers at a low price from SAG IPL to build your customized native web or mobile app with the desired features.

    Figma Mobile App Design

    Figma is a great tool for mobile application design. Not only does it provide built-in tools for designers but also offers various free templates for fast mobile app design with advanced features. If you are looking for premium Figma mobile app design services at a competitive price, contact SAG IPL to hire professional Figma app designers and pay as you go.

    Figma Migration Services

    Seamlessly transfer your existing project or design to Figma and vice-versa with our professional Figma migration services. Whether you need to transfer your Figma project to a third-party platform or want to move your design to Figma for a better experience, just contact SAG IPL to hire for instant services and great after-support.

    Figma Integration Services

    Figma provides support for a number of design and collaboration tools, including Slack, and allows you to seamlessly connect and use your favorite tools when creating a design with your team. To know how, contact SAG IPL to hire or learn more about our Figma integration services. Our experts are just one call away to help you build a great design using Figma.

    Figma API Integration

    Figma supports API integration to allow designers to seamlessly export their design to other software and systems using the Figma API. Want to integrate Figma API into your existing systems? Contact SAG IPL for Figma API integration services to help boost your design capacity and efficiency.

    Figma Maintenance & Support

    Routine maintenance and support are crucial in ensuring the successful run of your Figma design or application. When you hire Figma design services from SAG IPL, you also get access to our brilliant support service, which covers 24×7 on-call support for you as well as routine maintenance and upgrades for your Figma application.

    Figma Design Process – How We Do It

    We follow the most efficient and results-driven web design process that is focused on building the perfect customized design for your project using Figma and other advanced design tools. Here are the steps in a standard Figma design project by SAG IPL.

    Figma Design Process

    1. Analyzing the Project Scope:

    • Discussing the project with the client
    • Reviewing available data and documents
    • Identifying the goals
    • Creating the design roadmap
    • Selecting the right Figma designers/team

    3. Wireframing

    • Creating the basic layout for the design project
    • Creating a mock-up of the final design

    4. UI/UX Design

    • Designing an interactive User Interface in Figma
    • Coordinating with back-end developers for design changes

    5. Testing & Deployment

    • Automated real-time testing to detect & remove bugs
    • Manual testing in real environments after the design is complete
    • Unit and end-to-end testing
    • Getting final approval from the client
    • Launching the design on the client’s server

    6. Routine Maintenance & Support

    Figma Design Service Packages by SAG IPL

    Different design projects have different needs, which is why we have multiple service options and packages for you to choose from. Based on your particular Figma web design requirements, choose the best package from the following options, or call us to discuss with an expert.

    We offer tailored Figma design services and packages designed to fit every type of business for different goals and budgets.

    Standard Figma Package (Fixed cost) – Covers all the standard design services in Figma. You can choose the service you want.

    Customized Figma Service Package (Variable cost) – If you have special requirements or want to build a completely fresh web or mobile design in Figma with unique features, this package is perfect for you.

    Hourly Figma Designers (Hourly cost) – Hire professional & experienced Figma web mobile designers on an hourly basis from SAG IPL.

    Hire Figma Application Design Service – A complete, all-in-one Figma application design package with a one-time fee.

    The Cost to Hire Figma Designers in India

    Despite being around for over a decade, Figma is still relatively new for many designers, who continue to adapt and learn the new aspects of the Figma design tool. Here at SAG IPL, we have seasoned Figma designers with many years of experience, whom you can hire at an affordable price starting at just $20 per hour.

    Figma Design Cost

    $20 per hour is the fee for an expert Figma designer with experience in both web and mobile app designing in Figma. Whether you need just one or more Figma designers, you can hire them on an hourly or project basis by paying by the hour. It’s simple and cost-effective.

    Depending on the package you choose, here’s the estimated cost of Figma web designing service in India:

    Standard Figma Service – $200-$1,000 depending on the particular service you need.

    Customized Figma Service Package – $500 or more, depending on the type of app and features to include.

    Hourly Figma Designer or Service – Starting from $20 per hour per designer.

    Dedicated Figma Designers – $500-$1000 for a dedicated designer per application development.

    All Industries We Serve

    As a versatile and scalable web and mobile app design platform, Figma is used by our team for building innovative web and mobile app designs and user interfaces for businesses in various industries, such as:

    • Healthcare
    • Education
    • Banking & Finance
    • Real Estate
    • Oil & Gas
    • E-commerce & Retail
    • Media & Entertainment
    • Wellness & Fitness
    • Transportation
    • Logistics
    • Travel & Hospitality
    • Manufacturing
    • Fashion E-commerce
    • Automotive
    • Events
    • Retail
    • Hotel & Restaurants
    • Cleaning

    Why Choose SAG IPL Figma Design Company

    Figma is still a relatively new topic in the web design space and not a lot of designers are fully familiar with it. Therefore, finding a web designer with expertise in Figma can be challenging. You should not trust any inexperienced or third-level designer with your precious design project, especially when you can’t afford mistakes.

    SAG IPL is a top-level Figma design company with over 10 years of experience in web and mobile application designing on the Figma platform. We have successfully completed and delivered multiple creative Figma design solutions to our clients in many industries.

    Our talented team of skilled & experienced Figma designers is available for hire and is just one call away. Here’s what makes SAG IPL the best Figma design services company in India:

    • Full-time Figma UI design specialists
    • 10+ years of Figma experience
    • Tailored services & solutions built to add value to your business
    • Highly credible & dependable design company in India
    • Flexible designer hiring models & packages
    • Competitive cost
    • End-to-end Figma design services
    • Outstanding support and maintenance

    Hear From Our Clients…

    When looking to hire a Figma design company in India, always read their reviews and customer testimonials to get an idea of the kind of people you might deal with.

    Here are a couple of reviews from our happy clients. You can find more on our Testimonial Page.

    “I was looking to revamp the UI of my business website, and SAG IPL did an outstanding job. The new interface is quite impressive, user-friendly and very smooth. Their team is wonderful to work with and always friendly. Looking forward to working with you again.”

    “Thanks to SAG IPL’s incredible web design team, we got a great design for our mobile application in just about a month. The UI is impressive and makes it easy to use all the sections in the app. It’s the best place to find high-quality designers at a competitive price.”



    How much does it cost to hire a Figma Designer from SAG IPL?

    The cost to hire a professional Figma designer from SAG IPL starts at $20 per hour. You can also hire our designers on a project basis, where you’ll pay a fixed price for the entire project. The cost will depend on the project scope, features, the designer’s experience, etc. We guarantee the best web design services at the most competitive prices in the industry.

    Will I have complete ownership of my design project?

    Once the project is completed from our side and we have received complete payment from you, we’ll transfer the final product, design and all related material, including the source code to you. You’ll be the sole owner of the project and are free to use and change the design in any way you like.

    How do I hire a Figma Designer from SAG IPL?

    To hire Figma designers, you can call or WhatsApp us at +91 7023472073 or send an email to with your requirements and project details. We offer multiple & flexible designer hiring options, including hourly and dedicated professional hiring. So, you can select the best Figma design services at a competitive price that fits your particular requirements and budget.

    How do I check my project status?

    All web design projects at SAG IPL are managed by a dedicated project manager, whom you can approach to know the status of your query, ask a question or provide a suggestion or feedback. We’ll also regularly share important project updates with you and might send designs for your approval.

    By Amit Gupta Founder and CEO of SAG IPL

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