12 Robust Strategies To Make NFT Games Viral

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Strategies to Make NFT Games Viral

NFTs are expanding in many sectors – and most importantly in the gaming industry. The reason behind the emerging number of gamers is they put money into their NFT games. Crypto gamification and financial advantages are some of the NFT games that can be experienced.

Suppose there is a market research organization that polled 1,500 members of their 5,000-strong NFT / crypto gaming panel. While the gamers on this panel show interest and are not interested.

And priorly, who have acquired or currently possess gaming NFT or cryptocurrency on Xbox, Switch, PlayStation, PC, and mobile. The main text from the report is above 56% of respondents show interest in earning NFTs through video games. 

The reports also claim that NFT would play a specific role in retention which is important for live-service games. Now, over 45% of respondents say that earning NFTs via gaming will enhance their existing levels of collaboration with games.

Now, the other 53% said that earning with NFTs is the most crucial point, possessed through the ability to sell/trade NFTs and the desire to set up an NFT collection. 

Gamers were highly impressed with the idea of NFT games. However, it is a learning stage for both gamers and the gaming industry as well. You required a strong promotional strategy that technically intends to educate and captivate these players. Therefore, we brought here 10 approaches you would choose to promote in your NFT games. 

1. Advertise Properly Prior to Launch  

When it comes to marketing, it keeps your customers in the loop on your recent or the product which is about to come. It is also an encouraging approach in order to communicate with target customers and understand their preferences. 

game launch

Moreover, the up-gradation of NFTs has made it more crucial to look unique. This is why owners should market their NFT to the public.

NFT marketing and its promotion can help companies in influencing their brand image by strengthening collaboration with their target audience.

Before starting the process far prior to your product reaching the shelves make sure that you have a list of players who are waiting and are keen to test it out.

2. Focus on Your Game’s Community 

This community is yet the most alluring approach to a fruitful NFT collection. There are some specific NFTs that act as a community pass or membership which allows holders exclusive permission to an online social club or superior conveniences such as limited-edition drops. 

game community

To send the specialized message in a well-organized way, this discord tool has been recognized as the best tool for pushing.

It enables users to access information through categories such as an RSS feed, therefore, consumers can obtain information whenever they require it.

Due to this, it becomes more user-friendly and decentralized. Comparatively, it is different from other typical social or email marketing pushes. 

Now there’s another method through which you will get your community off the ground to make a specific Facebook group.

Live streaming, powerful audience targeting, and advanced posting options are the benefits you can take on this platform. You can easily able to advertise your NFT game with a strong hook and a link to your social media platforms community.

3. Involve with Other Communities 

Gamers and crypto artists use Discord which is the place for them. There are various existing Discord groups where NFT collectors and fans assemble. However, there are a few groups that are closed to the public, also there is a number that you can get connected to for all the stuff for NFTs. 

reddit community

If you are not sure about Discord or are eager to get into several platforms? Reddit is a known community-driven and content-sharing website and application that enables users to elect on topics.

If some content gets elected with several votes, then it emerges in the Reddit rankings and obtains clarity. You can also show your work in the artist community threads on the site. 

4. Use Social Media Platforms  

Since you start your NFT games, you’re required to start them from your own backyard. If you have strong followers on social media then you can create a buzz. And that buzz includes regular fan interactions and exchanging of words with them. 

social media platform

And for regulating this you can create contests, AMA sessions, and freebies among other things. You can also look the promote your sponsored ads via famous pay-per-click channels such as Facebook and Twitter Ads. keep in mind that your SEO is optimized, and for making your ads convenient you can also use keyword tools. 

5. Influencer Marketing 

There would be no other way to engage NFT influencers is to involve them from the start in your NFT game promotions.

These NFT influencers seem to be often early adopters, and thus, most of them aren’t searching for only an instant buck, although, they would ask you for crypto payments.

NFT ventures have been showcased through the influencers and here these influencers are those who are indulged from the beginning. 

Traders are required to discuss the NFT roadmap along with influencers early and look for opinions and creativities. However, it is also an excellent idea to involve several influencers in several projects.

Such examples are – that you can ignite interest from the beginning stage of the project. It is done through NFT influencers and later launches and re-engages these influencers for recalling the brand.

6. Apply Strategies of Bounty and Discount Codes 

You can apply presale social media marketing tactics for hosting an NFT giveaway as an upcoming collection. Different tricks like share/retweet, ‘follow tag’ or a fan art contest, are some of the giveaway items that cause excitement around the NFT game. This encourages involvement with your followers and emerges clarity near the new audience. 

coupon codes

You can collaborate your giveaway with the influencers. These influencers have been seen many times hosting giveaways in different manners like whoever follows them should have to go through formats.

And here the formats include tagging a friend in the comment section, sharing the post in your Instagram stories or retweeting them, and leaving a comment are some of the examples.

Discount code is also one of the trends that influencers are promoting on their platform. And that encourages their audiences to buy in the fear of stocking out. 

7. Unfolding the Launch 

You can create a buzz on social media before the launch. Build suspense near your audience which involves them with interest and builds expectations.

Try to make viral content and cross-promotions by making creative and interrupting material that drags the attention of the users and in return, they will share your posts and take part in conversations.

Unfolding the launch

On the other side, you can also convenience your target customers to enroll themself in your community. And you can do this by providing them VIP offerings and VIP access to NFTs prior to the game being launched or officially introduced. 

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8. In-Game Advertisement

With the monetization process, there are more offerings in in-game advertising with an ad space under mobile games. This in-game seems an engaging and highly indulging method for advertisers to interact with players.

These campaigns might be involved in the game directly by offering players for watching the video advertisements or can be seen at the end of the game such as authentic banner ads.


While in-game is effectively approached by merging a positive user experience under a bounty method. Now you want to hold your user then offering them with a high – value rewards will definitely work out. As a result, they will stick for a longer duration which can motivate them to return and continue playing your game. 

9. Newsletters and Email Marketing is also a Good Option 

This is also one of the best ways to remain in touch with customers, buyers, target audiences, and sponsors. In order to build trust and brand credibility, you can send relevant announcements, newsletters, and press releases. 

email marketing

For the best result, firstly identify your target audience and get details about the spare time they spend. Later, you can collect their email addresses by organizing contests, campaigns, and more.

Meanwhile, get assured that your audience is allowed to reveal their email id and is ready to receive marketing material. After receiving the mail id create an informative and attractive newsletter and try to send them on regular basis.

Subscribers will receive exact communication as per their preferences and tastes. Also, you can consult well-known NFT publications and receive your newsletters on their mailing lists. 

10. PR and Comms

There are several media houses that play an important role to get into the eyes of your NFT game. If you can deliver the press release on several social media platforms can aid you to acquire credibility and share the benefits and advantages of your NFTs.

press realese

Therefore, PR seems one of the most admired and highly applied methods, and this is why people are adopting this process for a long. 

11. Build Your Website 

In the virtual world, when anybody gets to know about any buzz, they start searching their website. The reason why they wanted to know everything from this source is.

Therefore building a website to represent your work is ultimate. This platform works as a hub of attention and the right place where viewers can get to understand an artist better. 

website development

While establishing website results in credibility, and is important for proper Search Engine Optimization (SEO). However, crafting content totally relies upon you.

SEO enables Google and other social engines to classify your website based on a myriad of criteria and rank it in the search query outcomes that the target audience and other potential new users type in their search bars. 

12. Arrange an AMA / Livestream

Sometimes try to involve your target audience directly through AMAs or live-stream broadcasts. This comes as a great way in order to publicize and get connected to more customers directly.

In this section, you can directly take feedback and can reply to their queries and concerns. Also, this platform can be utilized for sharing background stories and promoting the projects in your way. 

live stream

While making a community family on the social platform is very authentic and personal since customers love you as an individual but not as faceless or nameless users. 

Why Do You Need a Professional to Promote NFTs?

In the current scenario, there are many people yet who couldn’t understand the NFTs and these kinds of things. The reason why it is important to make them understand is through several promotional tactics.

In marketing also there are various ways to reach out to your target audience, Customers, and others who are still unaware of this. Also, promoting the NFT is way more important in a lot of ways instead of advertising any other product.

There are many cryptocurrencies or some investment options, and the value of your NFT relies upon how many are there who talk about it or want to invest in it.

Expanding buzz is the process of how transforming your NFT from just another piece of virtual art into a proper-blown money-making machine. So, we suggest that you can also promote your tokens via the best marketing companies of NFT (non-fungible tokens).

Reasons you need professionals for promotion – 

  • Make hype of your NFTs, which results in increased demand. 
  •  Use higher demand to appeal to higher prices for your tokens 
  • Empower your image as an NFT artist

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