The Proven Way To Promote Your Crypto Exchange

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The Proven Way To Promote Your Crypto Exchange

In case you want to buy or sell cryptocurrencies then allowing an account under a cryptocurrency exchange is the best way to begin. A marketing campaign is applied to encourage a crypto exchange that may indulge in various major activities, such as brand promotion, direct advertising promoting user activity, and enhancing the exchange’s functionality.

Since we talk about the functionalities of crypto then, it is similar to online brokerage platforms, offering you tools that you require to buy and sell virtual currencies and tokens such as Ethereum, Bitcoin, and Dogecoin.

During a selection of cryptocurrency exchanges, it is crucial to look over the factors like supported assets, Security, fees, and payment process. Let’s Understand it Better with More Details:

    Promotion and Branding

    It is for the one who doesn’t have much idea about online marketing strategies, here is the best alternative to hiring a paid marketing service.

    These services can be given by various online portals such as Google, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and other online platforms. Basically, it involves showing advertisements, banners, videos, and so on about your coin on already settled sites with the intention to obtain traffic from them. 

    This section involves varieties of activities intended to attract new users and enhance their total number. There have been some tasks that can be forwarded by the management, although some of this work can be outsourced to expert virtual promotion campaigns and advertisements. Let’s understand them separately

    Early Preparation and Objective Setting

    This is one of the initial and self-evident points. Prior to introducing any campaign, you are required to explain its objectives, however, they are not always absolutely recognizable.

    This process totally relied on the business owners and top management. As per their status, they must understand the varieties of the market, the requirements of customers, and the future perspectives of the product’s final appearance. From the actual facts, this task is idealistic to outsource. 

    Awareness Campaign

    This campaign indicates the promotion and expansion of any relevant content about the crypto exchange. This campaign is basically a paid form of advertising where you can advertise your own products/ services on other famous sites in similar localities via a number of various display items such as video, images, audio, text, and flash. There would be three activities that can be elaborated on in this segment. 

    Expansion of a Marketing Strategy

    This can be acquired through evaluating the performance of contending trade along with surveys of target customer groups, involving cryptocurrency holders and traders, and also potential ones.

    It is important to note that the procedure of assembling information may differ where no one regardless of the business holders themselves can understand it better than what is correct for their product. 

    Information Content Creation

    Normally, making content for any business begins with a semantic core, which is a systematic set of searches of words, their morphological forms, and the phrases that most exactly explain your trade.

    It might seem that it is not an easy task because while creating a core, you require to make sure that it involves sufficient keywords, however, the content on your pages doesn’t look over-filled. The further step is to write the content and publish it. 

    SEO Execution

    This point comes from the latest ones that indulge in making an indexable landing page and optimizing conversions from the last. Basically, this work relies on the outcomes of keywords analysis and user behavior. 

    Advertising and Publicity 

    In the case of advertising, it represents a couple of sets of paid activities to advertise information about your exchange via whatever platforms you feel suitable.

    • Working with media partners –  This involves writing and publishing articles along with press releases about the exchange of famous crypto news and analytical resources.
    • Cooperation with influencers –  Nowadays, influencers are important traders, and crypto bloggers ( consisting of video -bloggers, and YouTube) advertise the exchange. 
    • Native banner advertising –  This case might involve a/b testing, geo-targeted revolves for targeted users and contextual advertising. 
    • Affiliate programs – This might involve Cost Per Action ( CPA) networks, mediator advertising systems, and behavioral targeting. 

    Event-driven PR 

    You can utilize famous news and PR services to get a promotion about your upcoming digital coin. As you know there are numerous online Press Release websites, involving some of the dedicated cryptocurrency PR agencies, that enable users to publish news and updates about new coins.

    There are a lot of readers who are always on the hunt for some news related to new cryptocurrencies in the market. This can aid you to create a network of interested users and investors. 

    This section might involve any action merged with an event for which your exchange has offered a news hook. 

    Involvement in offline events – You can assign a team of exchange representatives to a conference, discussion platform, forum, or hackathon or sponsor an event yourself. 

    Posting the latest instrument records on the exchange ( Coinmarketcap and other platforms) – Every record included in an event platform can raise awareness of the exchange, however, this information should be published as soon as possible. 

    Technology partnerships development – Amalgam of payment services and systems, AML/KYC identity providers, cryptocurrencies, etc – These are the reasons for conversation. All fresh and settled partners increase the importance of your exchange. 

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    Warming up the User Base 

    Meanwhile, the users of your exchange can assist you during the PR campaign of your business. There are numerous ways to obtain this. 

    Directing the activity of Users 

    Despite popular thought, users can be arranged to forward several activities if the procedure is made mutually favorable. A competitive basis is best fitted to this : 

    Executing partnership projects 

    The best example of initiation in this platform is the reward program. This reward program offers the chance to acquire blockchain startup tokens without investing your own capital.

    An organization that goes for an ICO offers to do specific actions to advertise the startup and engage new users and bounty such actions with tokens. 

    Email newsletters 

    This is another form of direct marketing. Relying upon the quality of email marketing campaigns can assist to produce amazing outcomes. This email marketing includes sending targeted marketing emails for your new product launch, offers, and so on to certain people.

    This could be really the best strategy to spread the word about your new coin. But you require to create an email list initially and later include only the users who might actually be interested in your product. And ultimately, you can hire email marketing services or software to get activated.

    It’s been tested and proved a way toward keeping your user base engaged, however, there is one catch – email newsletters should not be disturbing as there is a minor variation between informing and annoying.

    Make a list of all do’s and don’t and also make sure to drag a boundary for your newsletter, and mailing frequency for various categories of users. 

    Display Campaigns 

    A display campaign is referred to as paid advertising where you can advertise your products/services on other famous sites in a similar niche via several display items like videos, images, audio, text, and flash.

    Therefore, many cryptocurrency startups are actively using this technique to campaign their new coins to a number of interested users on suitable websites. 

    Affiliate Marketing 

    This is a kind of marketing where people or businesses are referred to as affiliates who forward traffic or visitors to your website/blog in exchange for a commission. 

    Now, in this marketing, firstly you require to begin an affiliate campaign on your cryptocurrency website. You will spend a commission on affiliates who call new signups ( or any other activity) via their own efforts of marketing. 

    The reason behind these professional affiliates is they know more people and have better networks than you do and so can assist you to produce more traffic to your site. 

    Reputation Management 

    The key role of an online reputation management organization is not only to create and manage a positive reputation for the target company but they are also liable for eliminating any negative promotion. 

    Meanwhile, you are in the process of creating a new crypto coin, your competitors might have been preparing to kill your brand reputation anyhow.

    So, by effective reputation management, you can create a certain kind of positiveness near public perception through your brand offerings. Likewise, many other online marketing techniques can assist you to promote your cryptocurrency and ICO in your target market. 

    Influence Marketing 

    This influencer marketing is another prime-centric strategy that has been accessed during cryptocurrency marketing. Marketing of this kind involves specifics in the blockchain community of cryptocurrency lovers, who have the possibilities and the value of cryptocurrencies & projects through their thoughts.

    Meanwhile, influencers in the cryptocurrency spectrum are the same as in any other Web community, using several social media platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube to stir the material that focuses on crypto projects including the web subculture that has emerged across. 

    Push Notification 

    Generally, this push notification is a way to send texts that can be straightly sent to the user’s mobile device. It can be visualized on the top section of the mobile device or maybe on the lock screen.

    But, an app publisher is only able to send a push notification only if the user has installed their app. For the procedure, if you have accessed push notifications, then, they can be sent via the app publisher at any time. 

    This could be termed another effective tool that puts the users involved with an app or re-engaging users that have certainly higher in-app conversion rates and lower acquisition costs than new users. 

    Emerging the Functionality of Your Exchange 

    The PR campaign focus is on your exchange and possibilities. Good promotion of work is based on timely up-gradation of present characteristics, involvement of new ones in line with user appeals, and the market situation. Therefore, if this basis is lapped, then it might take all your efforts in vain. 

    For your exchanges, it is the software provider and their capacity to respond to your appeal instantly that arises to the forefront. 

    Emerging the Trading Experience 

    This section involves anything that can grow your users’ trading toolkit and offer them various options for making strategies – representing new coins, new order types, and trading tools ( e.g. trading advisors).

    Also, this can involve the expansion of investment possibilities – new structures, new indices, and the future. 

    Extending Deposit and Withdrawal Options 

    Extending the bridge between payment systems and crypto processing services represents your care about your users. They will value this type of innovation. 

    Building the ICO capabilities 

    This section has been elaborated with the example of utility tokens, which allow the user to an organization’s services or products later within a certain time span. 

    Everything in a Nutshell

    Spending a good amount on the promotion and advertising of your exchanges can have a straight influence on the future return on investment and profitability of your project.

    But, there would be any PR campaign required that can look after the needs of your target audience and support through the massive possible range of services and tools. 

    There are many companies that are into crypto exchange development and marketing, and SAG IPL is one of the most promising ones among them. The organization is basically located in Jaipur, India, and has a client base from all over the world.

    The company has endless experience in the field of crypto development and marketing which is why the company is serving globally.

    Not only do they deliver the best results but also they deliver the assigned task in the given time span. The organization has highly – skilled experts with tremendous knowledge to fulfill all kinds of requirements of clients.

    If you too are on the hunt for the best marketing service provider for your exchange then you can contact us for a world-class experience and the most affordable services.

    Contacting us is also very easy, simply visit our website, call us, or send a mail and we will be right back to you with the best possible offers.

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