Cost of Crypto Exchange Development

Cost Of Crypto Exchange Marketing Services

Crypto Exchange is basically an online platform where all the cryptocurrencies get listed and all the activities like buying, selling, and exchange or cryptocurrencies take place. Cryptocurrency marketing is actually online digital currencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, and so on.  It tends to offer different characters such as leverage and margin trading, fiat to crypto exchange, and P2P lending, which trading platforms are utilizing in a new revolution in investment. 

Later after, the information and selection of cryptocurrencies increased, enterprising platforms were required to adopt cryptocurrency Exchange Marketing Services. 

Meanwhile, Blockchain App Factory provides premium crypto Exchange Marketing Packages that aids trading platforms in drawing new users, enhancing trading volumes, and staying ahead of the race. 

Why are cryptocurrency exchange marketing services crucial? 

The Crypto Exchange Marketing process is the most crucial step to reach all the corners of the organization. As the crypto world has already reached its peak, to survive in a world where your exchange requires a specific and effective cryptocurrency marketing strategy

However, any startup will surely require a full-fledged promotion to let their product be more identical across a market that is more saturated by the day. Because as less amount of knowledge when someone gets with about these new projects, the less likely they will able to acquire trust and so they scare to invest in it. One can get your exchange promoted along with smart techniques to gaze more investors in no time. 

Cost of crypto exchange marketing service 

Actually, the overall cost varies upon the number of services and the type of service you are taking. The multiple services include  Content Marketing, Press Release,& Media, Email Marketing, Social Marketing, Community Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, and Pay Per – Click (PPC).

As these marketing services differ from each other, the service obviously took charge accordingly. 

Here are the factors which determine the cost of exchange marketing services –

  • Type of service
  • Timespan of the service 
  • Depending upon the trend 
  • Area of the target audience 
  • Package of services 
  • Paid Campaign
  • Project Goals

Most companies spot various packages and plans in their portfolio, but they are also good with adjusting things a bit for any specific project. But, to get an estimation you need to have a proper idea of what your project actually needs. Additionally, it also depends on the goals of your project plan.

That’s why here we are explaining all the bits and pieces of Crypto Exchange Marketing Services first. It will help you understand project requirements and what services will be beneficial for your project. 

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What a Cryptocurrency exchange marketing service includes

The cryptocurrency exchange marketing services involve many activities such as direct advertising and brand promotion, encouraging users’ activity, and redefining the exchange’s functionality. 

In short, if we have to elaborate then we can give you a brief introduction about each platform and how do we start working – 

  • Analysis and Focus 

Initially, the focus has been set as per the trends of the market and objectives have been analyzed. 

  • Market Insights 

It is very important to understand the target audience and also go through the detailed market trends to reach them directly via multiple digital platforms. 

  • Blog Marketing 

A blog is something which anyone reads to gain knowledge so, take the advantage to convince your target audience while reading them more blogs and articles to acquire sufficient traders related to the subject. 

  • Press release 

Nowadays, the press release is a short and instant messenger kind of medium. we can put the potential investors and among the community to make them updated about the latest happening through a press release. 

  • Telegram Marketing 

Telegram is another source to share updates to all the digital audience through this medium. Here, you can share any updates within minutes with your all target audience. 

  • Video & Multimedia 

Through this channel, you can create a short introductory video or the other video related to your updates in simple language. Also, you can make posters that clearly define the information you are intending to show.

  • Social Media 

Currently, social media has its other level of craze. You can ask your team to make different posters, flyers to normal posts on different social media platforms to attract their attention towards your post. You can also post the video here, other than youtube. 

  • Email Marketing 

Although this is an old form of marketing, it is also very effective these days. You can send newsletters and improvements through emails to your target audience. 

  • Influencer Marketing 

In no time this marketing has acquired the market. It has a process where a famous personality talks about your product. Either they will make a video or write something about your product and service on their platform. It is also very effective as per the latest buzz. 

  • Community Marketing 

This is the type of marketing where a community has been made, where every time new members are added who have the same interest. In this community, they all introduce and convey about the platform to the crypto community to enhance trust.                                                                                     

  • Bounty Campaigns 

You can also initiate the Bounty campaign as many organizations are practicing already. Here, you can launch bounty campaigns to encourage the users to come across the platform exchange and offer rewards to the participants. 

  • PPC Marketing 

At this marketing campaign, You can target only the potential and authentic investors via advertisements to acquire more traders easily. 

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Branding and Promotion 

The word itself clears the meaning of branding and promotion where it involves the set of multiple activities with the intention of attracting new users and enhancing their overall number. But there are some tasks that might be preceded by management, however, some of the work can be worked to specialist digital advertising and promotional campaigns. 

Things to start and prepare initially

This step is the first one where things to plans and objectives have been set up. Prior to launching any advertising campaign, you are required to elaborate its objectives, however, they are not always simply recognizable. These tasks hold on each and every shoulder of business owners and top-notch management. As per their position, they must understand the particulars of the market, the demands of customers, and the vision of the product’s last appearance. 

Awareness campaign 

This kind of campaign depicts the development and promotion of any applicable content for the crypto – exchange. 

There are three types of activity that can be explained in this segment  –

  1. Marketing strategy and its development 

This job can be attained by analyzing the performance of competing businesses as well as outlines of target user groups, involving inherent ones. It is crucial to know that the process of assembling information differentiates where no one however the exact business holders themselves can know better than what is good for their product – an introductory survey or practical testing. 

  1. Informatic Content Creation 

Normally, creating content in terms of any business begins with a semantic core, that is, a set of finding words, their morphological forms, and phrases that most precisely elaborate your business. This is not an effortless task as it might seem at first look, as when making a core, you are required to assure that it involves sufficient keywords, however, that the content on your pages doesn’t seem oversaturated. 

The later step is to write the content and publish it. 

Writing – This work can be outsourced however, there someone inside the company can understand your product better. This is why they work more efficiently with contractors and can do the necessary changes wherever is required.

Publishing – While the selection of content also determines the selection of the site. Probably, you require to work with several platforms, which includes your blog, to enhance the likelihood of reaching the intended category of users. 

  1. SEO execution 

This point grows from the last one and indulges in creating an indexable landing page and optimizing conversions from the recent. The overall work relies upon the results of keyword analysis and user behavior. 

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Advertising and publicity 

In this segment, advertising indicates a set of paid activities to socialize the information about your exchange via any channels or mediums you deem relevant. 

Working with media partners – This medium where working with media involves writing and publishing articles and press releases about the exchange on famous crypto news and penetrating resources, such as Telegram channels. 

Collaboration with influencers – Since, last year, Influencers became notable traders, crypto bloggers ( Indulging YouTube video – bloggers) to raise exchange awareness.  

Inherent banner advertising: This category may indulge a/b testing, geo-targeted redirected for targeted users, and contextual advertising. 

Affiliate programs: This might indulge Cost Per Action ( CPA) networks, mediator advertising systems along behavioral targeting. 

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Event-driven PR 

This section may indulge any action attached to an event for which your exchange has supplied a news hook. 

Participation in offline events: You can hire a team of exchange representatives to a ring, forum discussion platform, or hackathon, or sponsor like you can event yourself. 

Posting new instrument listings on the exchange ( Cornmarket cap and other platforms):  Every listing included in an event platform can enhance the awareness of the exchange, however, such information should be posted at the earliest. 

Technology partnership development: Combination of payment services and systems, cryptocurrencies, AML /KYC identity providers, etc. – all these are the motive for discussion. Every newly settled partnership increases the prominence of your exchange. 

Warming up the user base 

The users of your exchange can also help you in the PR campaign of your business. There are several methods to achieve this – 

Shifting the activities of the users:  As opposed to the popular notion, users can be organized to take out multiple activities if the method is made respectively profitable. 

While a competing basis is well fitted to this : 

  • Performing on partnership projects 

One of the examples of a successful effort in this field is bounty programs. This program offers an opportunity to acquire blockchain startup tokens without spending your own money. A company that works for an ICO Development provides specific actions to advertise the startup and attract fresh users and awards like actions with tokens. 

  • Email newsletters 

It has been already introduced and experimented with before. However, there is one thing that needs to be understood that email newsletters do not come as abuse, as there is a thin line between informing and infuriating. From your perspective, you are required to set a clear perspective for your newsletters, you have to go through all do’s and don’t and the mailing frequency for various categories of users. 

Implementing the functionality of your exchange 

The requirement of a PR campaign depends upon your exchange and its abilities. Meanwhile, there needs to regularly check the drawbacks as well as continuously work and improve the features. Then, adopting new features as per the user’s requests and necessities of the market situation is the basis of the promotion of work. In case you neglect this method then all your effort is just wasted. 

This is the software that supplies the exchange and their capacity to counter to your requests immediately that comes to the fore. 

Intensify the trading experience 

The sections involve everything which can lead to your user’s trading toolkit and offers them enough options for building strategies – featuring fresh coins, new order types along trading tools ( e.g trading advisors). This could also take you to the extension of the investment opportunities with new formats, new indices, and future prospects.

Expanding deposit and withdrawal options 

 Implementing the pool of payment methods and crypto procedure services signifies the concern toward users. They will be grateful for the effort and innovation. 

Building the ICO skills

This section is smoothly elaborated with the example of utility tokens, which offer the user the ability to organize services or products later at a specific time span. 

Exchange Fee

Cryptocurrency market exchange fees vary on different types of user behavior such as Trading fees, Deposit /withdrawal fees, Interest / Borrowing/ Liquidation fees. However, there are also some discounts that depend on market makers & volume discounts as well as Exchange token discounts. 


Investing in the promotion and advertising for your exchanges can have a direct influence on the upcoming future return on investment and benefit of your project. But, initially, any PR campaign needs to observe the market needs and trends to target your customer and reach them in the most possible way by different strategies to different tools used in between for them.

Hire professionals for cryptocurrency marketing services from SAG IPL, which is India’s leading blockchain development & marketing organization. By getting multiple services as per the requirement you can give wings of success to your exchange platform service which it deserves. We have a team of professionals and by providing quality marketing services at a very inexpensive rate. So contact us now and experience the world class services.

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